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A Max Move (Japanese: ダイマックスわざ Daimax Move) is a special type of move introduced in Generation VIII. While Dynamaxed, all of a Dynamax Pokémon's moves are replaced by their corresponding Max Moves. Max Moves are often more powerful than regular moves and all have secondary effects.



Similar to Z-Moves, the type, damage category and base power of Max Moves that a Dynamax Pokémon knows depend on the moves it knew before Dynamaxing. The exception to this are status moves, which instead all become the Normal-type Max Guard. If the base move's type is changed either by a move's effect or an Ability (e.g. Pixilate, Electrify, or Weather Ball), then the Max Move will also be converted to that of the new type with the same power; however, the move selection screen will still display the Max Move of the original type. For instance, if a Fighting-type Silvally knows Multi-Attack, the Max Move will still display as Max Strike, but when executed it becomes Max Knuckle.

Damaging Max Moves deal 25% of their total damage against targets that use protection moves (such as Protect and Spiky Shield), and secondary effects are still applied. Only the Max Move Max Guard fully protects against Max Moves. Secondary effects of Max Moves may also affect targets and their allies behind a Substitute. Max Moves also never miss, unless the target is semi-invulnerable.

For Gigantamax Pokémon, damaging moves of a certain type become its exclusive G-Max Move instead of the normal corresponding Max Move; the type of moves affected depends on the Gigantamax Pokémon's species. Eternamax Eternatus can also use Max Moves, but this form cannot be obtained by the player.

List of Max Moves

Max Move Type Additional effect Image
Max Strike Normal Decreases the Speed of the target and its allies by one stage Max Strike VIII 2.png
Max Knuckle Fighting Increases the Attack of the user and its allies by one stage Max Knuckle VIII 2.png
Max Airstream Flying Increases the Speed of the user and its allies by one stage Max Airstream VIII.png
Max Ooze Poison Increases the Special Attack of the user and its allies by one stage Max Ooze VIII 2.png
Max Quake Ground Increases the Special Defense of the user and its allies by one stage Max Quake VIII.png
Max Rockfall Rock Creates a sandstorm for five turns. Max Rockfall VIII 2.png
Max Flutterby Bug Decreases the Special Attack of the target and its allies by one stage Max Flutterby VIII 2.png
Max Phantasm Ghost Decreases the Defense of the target and its allies by one stage Max Phantasm VIII.png
Max Steelspike Steel Increases the Defense of the user and its allies by one stage Max Steelspike VIII.png
Max Flare Fire Creates harsh sunlight for five turns. Max Flare VIII.png
Max Geyser Water Creates rain for five turns. Max Geyser VIII.png
Max Overgrowth Grass Creates Grassy Terrain for five turns. Max Overgrowth VIII 2.png
Max Lightning Electric Creates Electric Terrain for five turns. Max Lighting VIII 2.png
Max Mindstorm Psychic Creates Psychic Terrain for five turns. Max Mindstorm VIII.png
Max Hailstorm Ice Creates hail for five turns. Max Hailstorm VIII 2.png
Max Wyrmwind Dragon Decreases the Attack of the target and its allies by one stage Max Wyrmwind VIII 2.png
Max Darkness Dark Decreases the Special Defense of the target and its allies by one stage Max Darkness VIII.png
Max Starfall Fairy Creates Misty Terrain for five turns. Max Starfall VIII.png
Max Guard Normal Protects from all moves, including Max Moves Max Guard VIII.png


The following table shows the power of a Max Move based on its respective base move. The same power values are also used for most G-Max Moves.

In the anime

In the manga

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 極巨招式 Gihkgeuih Jīusīk
Mandarin 極巨招式 / 极巨招式 Jíjù Zhāoshì
France Flag.png French Capacité Dynamax
Germany Flag.png German Dynamax-Attacke
Italy Flag.png Italian Mossa Dynamax
South Korea Flag.png Korean 다이맥스기술 Daimax Gisul
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Movimento Max
Russia Flag.png Russian Максимальные атака Maksimal'nyye ataka
Spain Flag.png Spanish Movimiento Dinamax

Max Moves
Max StrikeMax KnuckleMax AirstreamMax OozeMax Quake
Max RockfallMax FlutterbyMax PhantasmMax Steelspike
Max FlareMax GeyserMax OvergrowthMax LightningMax Mindstorm
Max HailstormMax WyrmwindMax DarknessMax StarfallMax Guard
G-Max Moves
G-Max Vine LashG-Max WildfireG-Max CannonadeG-Max Befuddle
G-Max Volt CrashG-Max Gold RushG-Max Chi StrikeG-Max Terror
G-Max Foam BurstG-Max ResonanceG-Max CuddleG-Max Replenish
G-Max MalodorG-Max MeltdownG-Max Drum SoloG-Max Fireball
G-Max HydrosnipeG-Max Wind RageG-Max GravitasG-Max Stonesurge
G-Max VolcalithG-Max TartnessG-Max SweetnessG-Max Sandblast
G-Max Stun ShockG-Max CentifernoG-Max SmiteG-Max SnoozeG-Max Finale
G-Max SteelsurgeG-Max DepletionG-Max One BlowG-Max Rapid Flow

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