Branch Poke (move)

Branch Poke
えだづき Branch Poke
SwSh Prerelease Branch Poke.png
Type  Grass
Category  Physical
PP  40 (max. 64)
Power  40
Accuracy  100%
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Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
May affect anyone adjacent to the user
Introduced  Generation VIII
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Appeal  0  
Jam  0  
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Branch Poke (Japanese: えだづき Branch Poke) is a damage-dealing Grass-type move introduced in Generation VIII. In Generation IX, it is the signature move of Grookey's evolutionary line.


Branch Poke deals damage and has no secondary effect.

Generation VIII

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Branch Poke cannot be selected in a battle.


Games Description
The user attacks the target by poking it with a sharply pointed branch.
BDSP This move can’t be used. It’s recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move can’t be remembered.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Types Egg Groups Level
708   Phantump
Grass Amorphous 4SwSh
709   Trevenant
Grass Amorphous 1SwSh
810   Grookey
  Field Grass 6SwSh 6
811   Thwackey
  Field Grass 1SwSh 1
812   Rillaboom
  Field Grass 1SwSh 1
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

In other games

Pokémon UNITE

In Pokémon UNITE, Branch Poke is Trevenant's second move. The user jabs in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies and decreases their movement speed by 30% for 2s when it hits. At level 7, this move is replaced by either Horn Leech or Pain Split.

In the anime

The user attacks the target by poking it with a sharply pointed branch.
Pokémon Method
User First Used In Notes
  Grookey Grookey hits the opponent with its stick. The target becomes outlined in light green energy when the move makes contact.
Goh's Grookey Out of Their Elements! Debut

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 木枝突刺 Muhkjī Dahtchi
Mandarin 木枝突刺 Mùzhī Túcì / Mùzhī Tūcì
  Czech Šťouchnutí Větví
  French Tapotige
  German Zweigstoß
  Italian Ramostoccata
  Korean 가지찌르기 Gaji Jjireugi
  Polish Rzut Gałązką
  Brazilian Portuguese Cutucada com Galho
  Spanish Punzada Rama

Variations of the move Gust
  PoundScratchTackleLeafageBranch Poke
  GustFairy Wind

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