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Welcome to Project Games!
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Welcome to Project Games! Since 2008, Project Games has been a driving force in the effort to create and improve all articles relating to the core series Pokémon games. If you have any questions about how to contribute, make sure to drop a line on the Project talk page and we'll help you out!

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Scope and aims

Project Games covers all articles about the Pokémon games.


  • To make comprehensive articles about everything related to all the Pokémon games.
  • To improve all articles related to the core series games.
  • To add sufficient information about all the spin-off games.
  • To take the articles about the core series games to a featured articles level.

Goals for March
IconBPEditorialBoardSm.png abcboy Head of Games
IconBPEditorialBoardSm.png SnorlaxMonster Editorial Board
IconBPBureaucratSm.png Force Fire Bureaucrat
Ongoing tasks


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