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キリヤ Kiriya
Masters Paulo.png
Art from Pokémon Masters
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Unknown
Region Pasio (original region unknown)
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Generation VII - IX
Games Masters EX
Member of Team Break (former)
International Police (informally)
Rank Boss
Game animation debut Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
English voice actor Khoi Dao[1]
Japanese voice actor Ryōhei Kimura[2]
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Paulo (Japanese: キリヤ Kiriya) is one of the player's friends and rivals in Pokémon Masters EX, forming his own team to take on the Pokémon Masters League in the PML Arc. He appears frequently in the Villain Arc, where he assists with taking down evil organizations and searches for the power to protect everything he cares about. During this arc, he temporarily becomes one of the primary antagonists as the leader of Team Break.

Paulo forms a sync pair with Dusk Form Lycanroc, which is capable of Dynamaxing. This pair was made available through a Poké Fair sync pair scout beginning on September 4, 2023. This pair can be raised to Masters EX star.png 6★ EX since it first released.

In the games


Described as an exceptional student, Paulo is thoughtful and studious, though his pursuit of strength often gets the best of him and causes him to make hasty decisions. He exhibits a strong sense of justice, often being seen battling against Team Break and other organizations. Paulo puts immense pressure on himself; he consistently expresses frustration towards his lack of strength and often stubbornly insists on taking on difficult tasks, even after being told they're dangerous. He occasionally demonstrates a lack of self-confidence, tending to downplay his accomplishments and focusing on his weaknesses. However, he shows great perseverance and bravery in his pursuit of strength and taking down villainous organizations and he is open to trying different approaches towards Pokémon training.

Paulo grows increasingly self-reliant over the course of his journey, eventually rejecting outright the notion that relying on others can help him grow stronger. He is determined to become stronger on his own so that he can protect himself and everyone he cares about, no matter what it takes. Ultimately, he determines that the only way for him to accomplish this is by wiping out all the evil organizations on Pasio.


Paulo is a Trainer who grew up in the same town as his friend Tina. When they were young, he and Tina found a wild Dratini that they started taking care of in secret. However, one day, a Collector chanced upon them and caught the Dratini. When he found out that the Collector only caught it for the money, Paulo grew furious, but because he wasn't a Trainer yet, he couldn't do anything to stop the Collector from taking Dratini. From then on, he vowed to get stronger so that he would never have to lose anything important to him again.

In the present day, Paulo comes to Pasio to challenge the Pokémon Masters League. He initially forms a sync pair with his Rockruff, but after an encounter with Team Rocket where he and Tina nearly have their Pokémon stolen, he stops battling with Rockruff in favor of using other, stronger Pokémon.


The player first encounters Paulo near the end of Chapter 2, where their team runs into him in a cave. After being mistaken for a Team Break member by Barry, he introduces himself and helps the player's team fight off some actual members of Team Break. He thanks the player for their help and is invited to join their team for the Pokémon Masters League, to which he denies, revealing his plan to form his own team. He then advises the player to search for more teammates in the volcano area.

Paulo is next seen in Chapter 7, having lost to Norman in an attempt to earn the Patience Badge. Upon finding out Team Break is in the area, he assists in fighting them off again. Afterwards, Norman gives him the Badge despite his loss, and Paulo vows to grow stronger before leaving.

In Chapter 10, the player once again encounters Paulo, this time having lost to Hapu. Team Break is in the area once again, and Paulo runs off to defeat them in hopes of getting permission to battle Hapu again. He is defeated instead, and the player comes to his rescue. Once Hapu leaves, he explains he needs to figure out his issues, wishes the player luck in their next battle, and walks off.

In Interlude 1, Paulo is seen at the opening ceremony for the PML tournament, revealing that he had formed a team and obtained every Badge to qualify for the tournament. He promises to see the player in the finals.

Paulo is briefly seen in Chapter 21. Brock and Rosa comment on him having made it to the finals.

At the beginning of Chapter 22, Paulo is defending a Youngster from having his Pokémon stolen by some Team Break thugs, but they manage to corner him. Fortunately, Wikstrom and Wulfric show up to drive them off. After thanking them for their help, Paulo asks them to join his team for the PML tournament. In the present, Paulo makes good on his promise to the player by battling them in the second round of the finals. To his dismay, he loses the battle. He forces a smile before walking off to the beach. With no tournament to continue in, he disbands his team. After Wikstrom and Wulfric leave, Paulo breaks down, expressing his frustration and inability to understand why he lost, and walks into a cave.

Paulo appears in Chapter 24 alongside other reinforcements to allow the player to battle Elesa as he helps to fight off Team Break.

Paulo briefly appears in Chapter 29, where he walks past Lear. Lear notices a weird look in his eyes, but doesn't say anything to him about it.

Paulo's final appearance in the PML arc has him overhearing some former Team Break members talking about forging their own path in Chapter 30. He mentions seeing a path of his own and leaves once again. He then appears a few times in the ending montage.

Villain Arc

Paulo appears in most chapters of the Villain Arc, usually helping to take down whatever evil organizations are causing trouble. He is the titular character of the Paulo chapter, in which he reflects on the things he's learned and decides what the path forward will be for him now that the PML is over.

Kanto - Team Rocket Returns

Paulo teams up with the player character (Scottie or Bettie), Lillie, and Blue to search for Red, who went missing after going to investigate Team Rocket. Along the way, while separated from the rest of the group, Paulo is approached by a Team Rocket Grunt who senses his desire for power and invites him to join Team Rocket.

Later, Paulo is walking outside alone, where he's approached by Lillie. She asks him what's bothering him, and he says that what he's doing now isn't enough, and he needs to change his approach if he wants to get stronger. Lillie tells him that she's still trying to get stronger, too, and from her experience, it's easier to get stronger when you work together with others. Paulo assures her he knows that, but privately he thinks that relying on others to get stronger isn't going to work for him.

The next morning, Paulo travels with the group to Team Rocket's hideout, where they confront Giovanni. However, he manages to escape. Paulo wants to join Red and Blue in going after him, but Misty and Erika tell him that he and Rockruff need some time to rest. After resting, Paulo sets out with Misty, Erika, Lillie, and the player to find Giovanni again. They find him just in time to see Mewtwo go out of control from the power drawn out by Giovanni's sync stone, which their group soon discovers is causing Pokémon all over Pasio to go out of control as well. Paulo marvels at the power they have, even knowing that it comes at a price.

Misty and Erika decide to go after Mewtwo, and they ask Paulo, Lillie, and the player to stay behind and help calm down the raging Pokémon. However, Paulo insists on coming with them, assuring them that he and Rockruff can protect themselves and won't be a burden. Misty and Erika agree to let him come and invite Lillie and the player along as well, and the group heads into a forest in search of Mewtwo. They find Giovanni with a large group of Team Rocket Grunts, and he claims that they don't have the tower to stop Mewtwo. Misty asks him if the "power" he's talking about is the power gained from hurting Pokémon and using Pokémon like puppets, and he says that children like them wouldn't understand - though, while looking at Paulo, he says some of them might understand one day.

After they catch up to Mewtwo, Giovanni approaches it and invites it to form a sync pair with him. It stops rampaging, as they've formed a bond strong enough to keep Mewtwo under control. Paulo is in awe of this power - the "true power of sync stones", as Giovanni calls it - that can be drawn out by a strong bond and a sync stone, regardless of whether the bond is good or evil.

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Paulo - The Path Forward

He is eventually tricked by Ghetsis into bringing Lear's Hoopa to Team Plasma's base, only for Ghetsis to seemingly kill his Rockruff when he attempts to stop Team Plasma from taking Hoopa. This causes Paulo to snap, and he induces Hoopa's transformation into Hoopa Unbound using his sync stone, forcing Ghetsis and the Shadow Triad to retreat. Paulo then declares that he shall become the "last evil," wiping out all who use Pokémon for selfish purposes.

To this end, Paulo takes over the remnants of Team Break, providing them with a new purpose after their failure to disrupt the PML. He uses Hoopa's power to summon numerous Legendary Pokémon, which he gives to Team Break's members for use in attacking the members of other organizations, including Team Plasma, the Aether Foundation, and Team Skull. Team Break's rapid rise to power troubles the other teams, prompting them to begin taking countermeasures. At Team Break's hideout, as the group's members celebrate their success, Paulo muses that they do not realize he is manipulating them to eliminate the other teams so they will be the last evil team remaining, meaning his and Team Break's eventual downfall will bring about peace.

Final Chapter - Where Ideals Cross Paths

When the other villainous teams go into hiding during Team Break's campaign, Paulo leads a pair of members to confront Giovanni at Team Rocket's base. However, while they are able to easily defeat Archer and Ariana, Giovanni surprises Paulo by seizing control of Hoopa from him. Giovanni explains that, similarly to Mewtwo, Hoopa's rampaging leaves it in need of a partner who can help it focus its power with a clear mind free of doubt, which Paulo lacks. As he has lost control of Hoopa and the legendary Pokémon it summoned, Team Break abandons Paulo and joins Giovanni, who leaves to launch Team Rocket's conquest of Pasio. Later, while expressing regret for his actions at the Pokémon Center, Paulo learns from Tina, Tricia, Trinnia, and Trista that Rockruff is alive. Prior to its transformation, Hoopa teleported the badly injured Rockruff away before Ghetsis and Kyurem could strike it down. Tina found Rockruff and brought it to the Pokémon Center, where Tricia, Trinnia and Trista helped it recover. This reunion motivates Paulo to seek redemption for his mistakes, and he joins Tina and the others in their plan to stop Giovanni and save Hoopa by reverting it back to its Confined Form.

Paulo heads out with the player and Tina to find Giovanni. The three are approached by Red, Blue and Leaf, who turn out to be Petrel and two Team Rocket Grunts in disguise. Proton joins the confrontation, but Archie and Maxie appear to intervene, telling Paulo that they want to help because they too once held strong convictions that led them down the wrong path. Paulo, the player and Tina press onward toward the stadium, with the bosses of the other teams appearing every step of the way to keep Team Rocket from impeding their progress.

Finally, the group confronts Giovanni, who calls forth his Mewtwo and Nidoking to fight them alongside Hoopa. As the battle wears on, Giovanni attempts to make Paulo doubt himself again, but Paulo responds that while he acknowledges everyone has some evil in them, he now believes in the support he receives from his friends. With this newfound resolve, Rockruff evolves into a Dusk Form Lycanroc, and Paulo is able to Dynamax it to counter Giovanni's Dynamax Nidoking. The group at last manages to break through to Hoopa, reverting it to its Confined Form and freeing it from Giovanni's influence. With his plans in ruins, Giovanni admits defeat and uses Mewtwo to escape.

Some time later, Paulo reveals that he is now working with the International Police as part of his probation for his actions as the leader of Team Break, an arrangement that Looker, Anabel, Emma and Nanu argued for with their superiors.

Lycanroc (Dusk Form)

Raising this sync pair to 6★ EX will unlock Song Key 00046, which allows "Battle! (Paulo)" to be played in the Jukebox.

キリヤ Kiriya
No. 175
Description This Trainer came to Pasio from another region. Due to past experiences, he despises anything evil and once went down the wrong path in pursuit of strength. Currently, his goal is to combat evil with the heart.
    Type   Rock
Move type   Rock
Role   Sprint
EX Role   Support
Base Potential ★★★★★☆EX
Lycanroc Weakness   Ground
Bathed in the setting sun of evening, Lycanroc has undergone a special kind of evolution. An intense fighting spirit underlies its calmness.
Stats HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
Lv. 140, Base Potential 650 424 190 268 190 463
Lv. 140, Max Potential 810 464 270 308 270 503
Mega Lycanroc
Lv. 140, Base Potential
Lv. 140, Max Potential


Paulo is exclusive to Poké Fair scouts. His offering rate was increased in the following sync pair scouts:

Banner Dates Notes
Double Feature Poké Fair Scout September 4 to October 4, 2023 Debut
All banners lasted from 06:00 UTC on the start date to 05:59 UTC on the end date unless noted otherwise.

He was also available in the following sync pair scouts:

Banner Dates Notes
Red Mix Scout November 1, 2023 to May 1, 2024 Available using paid gems only
10-Pair Scout (Max 100 Pairs) February 19 to March 25, 2024 Players could obtain up to 10 tickets for this scout
Blue Mix Scout May 1 to September 1, 2024 Available using paid gems only
All banners lasted from 06:00 UTC on the start date to 05:59 UTC on the end date unless noted otherwise.


Name Type Category Move gauge Base Power Max Power Accuracy Target Description
Stone Edge Rock
Physical 3 100 120 80% An opponent Critical hits land more easily.
Accelerock Rock
Physical 0
(3 uses)
75 90 100% An opponent No additional effect.
Willful Howl Normal
Status 0
(1 use)
All allies Activation Condition: When the user uses a sync move once. Deactivation Condition: Cannot be deactivated.
Uses a maximum of three slots of the user's move gauge. The more amount used, the more it raises the Attack, Defense, Sp. Def, and Speed of all allied sync pairs (can be raised by up to four stat ranks maximum). Increases the Physical Moves ↑ Next effect of all allied sync pairs by two ranks.
Gotta Think! None Status 0
(1 use)
Self Reduces the user's sync move countdown by one. Raises the user's Attack by four stat ranks. Raises the user's critical-hit rate by two stat ranks.
Sync moves
On the Path Together Rock Impact Rock
Physical 200 240 An opponent This attack's power increases during a sandstorm.
(6★ EX effect: The first time the user's sync move is used each battle, the sync move countdown is reduced by three.)
(EX role effect: The sync buff is doubled the first time a sync move is used.)
Max moves
Max Rockfall* Rock
Physical 0
(1 use)
400 480 An opponent Causes a sandstorm.
Max Rockfall* Rock
Physical 0
(1 use)
400 480 An opponent Causes a sandstorm.
Max Guard Normal
Status 0
(1 use)
An ally Applies the Damage Guard Next effect to an ally.


Name Description
Passive Skills
Paulo’s Resolve Reduces the user’s sync move countdown by 1 after using its max move. Extends the duration of a sandstorm when a sandstorm is caused while the user is on the field. Protects all allied sync pairs from damage from a sandstorm.
“Quick Move”: Sync CD ↓ 9 Reduces the user’s sync move countdown by 1 when it uses a move that has the quick move effect tag.
“Quick Move”: Physical Boost ↑1 9 Increases the user’s Physical Moves ↑ Next effect by 1 rank when it uses a move that has the quick move effect tag.
Theme Skills
  Rock Sprint Raises allies' Attack and Sp. Atk by 12 when using Rock-type attacks.
Raises the Speed of all allied sync pairs by 12.
  Rival Sprint Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 1.
Raises the Speed of all allied sync pairs by 1.
  Knowledgeable Sprint Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 2.
Raises the Speed of all allied sync pairs by 2.
Expedition Skills
 Rare ↑ 2  Soothing ↓ 1  Wistful ↓ 1 Raises the following discovery level by 2:
 Rare Cache
Lowers the following discovery levels by 1:
 Soothing Crystal
 Wistful Crystal

Sync grid

Paulo & Lycanroc's sync grid is an expanded grid, made available when the sync pair was first released.

Name Effect Energy required Sync orb required Move level required
HP +10 HP +10 0 5 1
HP +10 HP +10 2 24 1
Attack +5 Attack +5 0 5 1
Attack +5 Attack +5 0 5 1
Attack +5 Attack +5 2 24 1
Attack +5 Attack +5 2 24 1
Attack +5 Attack +5 2 24 1
Attack +5 Attack +5 2 24 1
Attack +10 Attack +10 4 48 2
Defense +5 Defense +5 0 5 1
Defense +5 Defense +5 2 24 1
Defense +5 Defense +5 2 24 1
Defense +5 Defense +5 2 24 1
Sp. Def +5 Sp. Def +5 0 5 1
Sp. Def +5 Sp. Def +5 2 24 1
Sp. Def +5 Sp. Def +5 2 24 1
Sp. Def +5 Sp. Def +5 2 24 1
Speed +5 Speed +5 0 5 1
Speed +5 Speed +5 2 24 1
Stone Edge: Power +3 Stone Edge: Power ↑ +3 3 36 1
Stone Edge: Power +3 Stone Edge: Power ↑ +3 3 36 1
Stone Edge: Power +3 Stone Edge: Power ↑ +3 3 36 1
Stone Edge: Power +3 Stone Edge: Power ↑ +3 3 36 1
Stone Edge: Power +3 Stone Edge: Power ↑ +3 3 36 2
Stone Edge: Accuracy +10 Stone Edge: Accuracy ↑ +10 5 60 1
Stone Edge: Accuracy +10 Stone Edge: Accuracy ↑ +10 5 60 2
Stone Edge: Move Gauge Refresh 3 Has a chance (40%) of charging the user’s move gauge by one when a move is successful. 7 84 2
Accelerock: Power +3 Accelerock: Power ↑ +3 3 36 1
Accelerock: Power +3 Accelerock: Power ↑ +3 3 36 1
Accelerock: Power +3 Accelerock: Power ↑ +3 3 36 2
Accelerock: Power +3 Accelerock: Power ↑ +3 3 36 2
Accelerock: Power +3 Accelerock: Power ↑ +3 3 36 2
Accelerock: BOGO 9 Applies the Free Move Next effect to the user when its move is successful. 10 120 4
Accelerock: Defense Destroyer 9 Lowers the target’s Defense by 2 stat ranks when the user’s attack move against the target is successful. 10 120 5
Gotta Think!: MP Refresh 2 Has a chance (30%) of restoring one MP of the user’s move when that move is successful. 7 84 2
Gotta Think!: Pep Rally 2 Raises the Speed of all allied sync pairs by 2 stat ranks when the user’s move is successful. 10 120 3
Unflappable Prevents the user from flinching. 5 60 1
Headstrong Attack cannot be lowered. 5 60 2
Natural Remedy Removes all status conditions from the user the first time it is inflicted by any status condition each battle. 7 84 2
Surging Sand 2 Powers up the user’s moves during a sandstorm. 8 96 2
Surging Sand 5 Powers up the user’s moves during a sandstorm. 10 120 3
Soothing Sand 1 Restores the user’s HP whenever its Pokémon takes an action during a sandstorm. 8 96 2
Sands of Time 2 Quickly charges the move gauge during a sandstorm. 9 108 2
Catalyst Applies the Move Gauge Acceleration effect to the allied field of play the first time the user’s sync move is used each battle. 10 120 2
Sand Blaster 9 Powers up the user’s sync move during a sandstorm. 10 120 3
Brawn Sync 5 Powers up the user’s sync move when its Attack is raised. 10 120 3
1st S-Move: Restore “Quick Move” MP 1 Restores 1 MP of the user’s moves that have the quick move effect tag the first time its sync move is used each battle. 10 120 3
Sharp Entry 1 Raises the user’s critical-hit rate by 1 stat rank when it enters a battle. 10 120 3
Fierce Entry 2 Raises the user’s Attack by 2 stat ranks when it enters a battle. 10 120 3
Head Start 1 Reduces the user’s sync move countdown by 1 the first time it enters a battle each battle. 10 120 4
Max Move: Team Free Move Next Applies the Free Move Next effect to all allied sync pairs after using the user’s max move. 10 120 5
Max Rockfall: Power +100 Max Rockfall: Power ↑ +100 8 96 3
On the Path Together Rock Impact: Power +25 On the Path Together Rock Impact: Power ↑ +25 5 60 3
On the Path Together Rock Impact: Power +25 On the Path Together Rock Impact: Power ↑ +25 5 60 3



Paulo had a Rockruff before it evolved into Dusk Form Lycanroc.



These Pokémon were all loaned to Paulo by Lear as part of an experiment to explore the potential of sync pairs.


Controlled via sync stone

During the Paulo chapter of the Villain Arc, Paulo uses his sync stone to transform Lear's Hoopa into its Unbound form. He gains temporary control of Hoopa until Giovanni takes it away from him in the Final Chapter of the Villain Arc.

Hoopa (Hoopa Unbound)


Battle appearances

Paulo has also been shown to pair alongside Rockruff and can be battled against in:

Story appearances

Paulo appears in the following story areas:

Sync pair stories

  • A Day with Paulo


Main article: Paulo/Quotes


Paulo's sync move mindscape Artwork from the Paulo
chapter of the Villain Arc
Villain Arc Memories Paulo chapter artwork
by 【LIRAN】[3]
VS model
(Normal colors)
6★ model
(Normal colors)
VS model
(EX colors)
6★ model
(EX colors)
Trainer emote
Trainer emote
Watch out!
Trainer emote
Let's do this!
Trainer emote
Artwork from the Final Chapter of the Villain Arc

In the anime

Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer

Paulo briefly appeared in the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer in a montage alongside his Rockruff.


Rockruff is Paulo's only known Pokémon.

None of Rockruff's moves are known.

Debut Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer


  • Paulo has the longest gap between his debut as an NPC and his release as a playable character of anyone in Pokémon Masters EX at 1468 days. He first appeared as an NPC when the game was released (on August 29, 2019), and he became playable on September 4, 2023.
    • This more than doubles the previous record held by Lear, Sawyer, and Rachel, at 702 days.
  • Paulo is the only character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX who has never appeared in an event.
  • All versions of Paulo use special voice-over lines upon entering a team that contains certain Trainers (regardless of their partner Pokémon). Those Trainers include Scottie, Bettie, and Tina.
    • Paulo also uses special voice-over lines upon winning a battle with Tina in the same team.


Dusk Form Lycanroc's Dex entry comes from Pokémon Ultra Sun.


Language Name Origin
Japanese キリヤ Kiriya From 桐 kiri (princesstree)
English Paulo From Paulownia, the genus that contains the princesstree
German Kilian From Kiribaum (princesstree)
Spanish Paolo From Paulownia
French Kyrill From kiri (Japanese for princesstree)
Italian Owen From Paulownia
Korean 고상 Gosang From 고상 (高尚) gosang (noble, refined), referring to the symbolic meaning of the princesstree in the language of flowers
Chinese (Mandarin) 梧桐 Wútóng From 梧桐 wútóng / ǹgh-tùhng (Chinese parasol tree)
Chinese (Cantonese) 梧桐 Ǹgh-tùhng

Willful Howl

Language Title
  Japanese 決意のとおぼえ Ketsui no Tooboe
Mandarin Chinese 決心之長嚎 Juéxīn zhī Chángháo
  French Grondement de la résolution
Grondement S
  German Jauler der inneren Stärke
  Italian Gridodilotta deciso
  Korean 결의의멀리짖음 Gyeor-ui-ui Meollijijeum
  Spanish Aullido del Corazón

Gotta Think!

Language Title
  Japanese 考えるんだ……! Kangaerunda...!
Mandarin Chinese 動腦思考……! Dòngnǎo Sīkǎo!
  French Voici ma théorie !
  German Reflektieren wir darüber!
  Italian Devo pensare...!
  Korean 생각하는거야...! Saeng-gakhaneungeoya!
  Spanish ¡Tengo que reflexionar!

On the Path Together Rock Impact

Language Title
  Japanese 進むべき道を共に歩む ロックインパクト Susumubeki Michi o Tomo ni Ayumu Rokku Inpakuto
Mandarin Chinese 共同邁步該走的路途之 岩石衝擊 Gòngtóng Màibù Gāi Zǒu de Lùtú zhī Yánshí Chōngjí
  French Ensemble sur le droit chemin ! Impact Roche !
  German Gesteinsstoß des Pfades der Besserung
  Italian Impatto Roccia: la via da seguire insieme
  Korean 나아가야 할 길을 함께 걷는 록임팩트 Naagaya Hal Gir-eul Hamkke Geonneun Rok Impaekteu
  Spanish Impacto Roca del Camino que Seguir


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