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ハプウ Hapu'u
Spr Masters Hapu.png
Hapu's model
No. 58
English voice actor
Japanese voice actor
Description A kahuna who wanders the islands of Alola and has been accepted by its guardian deities, she inherited her title and speaking style from her greatly respected grandfather.

Hapu (Japanese: ハプウ Hapu'u) is a Pokémon Trainer in Pokémon Masters EX, based on the character of the same name in the core series. She forms a sync pair with Mudsdale, and is one of the Pokémon Masters League leaders in Pasio. She hands out the Pride Badge to Trainers who defeat her.



Masters750.png Type GroundIC Masters.png Ground
Move type GroundIC Masters.png Ground
Role Strike (Physical)
Base Potential ★★★
Mudsdale Weakness GrassIC Masters.png Grass
It remains calm and unmoving no matter the situation. It mixes dirt with the saliva in its mouth to make a special kind of mud.
Stats HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
Lv. 125, Base Potential 510 257 189 251 85 164
Lv. 125, Max Potential 630 317 249 311 145 224
Lv. 125, Base Potential
Lv. 125, Max Potential


Name Type Category Move gauge Base Power Max Power Accuracy Target Description
Mud-Slap Ground
GroundIC Masters.png
Special 1 13 15 90% An opponent Lowers the target's accuracy.
X Accuracy None Status 0
(2 uses)
Self Sharply raises the user's accuracy.
High Horsepower Ground
GroundIC Masters.png
Physical 2 106 127 95% An opponent No additional effect.
Stand Strong! None Status 0
(2 uses)
Self Raises the user's Attack. Drastically raises the user's Defense.
Sync moves
Ultimately Worthy Tectonic Rage Ground
GroundIC Masters.png
Physical 250 300 An opponent No additional effect.


Name Description
Passive Skills
Clearheaded Prevents the Pokémon from becoming confused.
Theme Skills
Ground Strike Raises allies' Attack and Sp. Atk by 15 when using Ground-type attacks.
Alola Strike Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 2.
Trial Giver Strike Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 2.
Pigtails Strike Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 3.
Nature Lover Strike Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 3.

Sync Grid

Hapu and Mudsdale's sync grid is a basic grid which has yet to be expanded.

Name Effect Energy required Sync orb required Move level required
HP +10 HP +10 0 5 1
Attack +5 Attack +5 0 5 1
Defense +5 Defense +5 0 5 1
Sp. Atk +5 Sp. Atk +5 0 5 1
Sp. Def +5 Sp. Def +5 0 5 1
Speed +5 Speed +5 0 5 1


Hapu and Mudsdale can be battled against in:

  • Main Story Chapter 10: A Matter of Pride
  • Sync Pair Story: Palpitoad's Evolution

Sync Pair Stories

  • A Day with Hapu



VSHapu Masters.png Masters Dream Team Maker Hapu and Mudsdale.png Hapu Mindscape.png
VS model from
Pokémon Masters EX
Hapu and Mudsdale on
Pokémon Masters EX Dream Team Maker
Hapu's sync move mindscape
(Ruins of Hope)
Hapu Emote 1 Masters.png Hapu Emote 2 Masters.png Hapu Emote 3 Masters.png Hapu Emote 4 Masters.png
Trainer emote
Trainer emote
Watch out!
Trainer emote
Let's do this!
Trainer emote


  • Hapu is the only PML Leader who is not a Gym Leader.

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