クルティ Curti
Trista Masters model.png
Model from Pokémon Masters EX
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Pink
Hometown Centra City
Region Pasio
Relatives Tricia and Trinnia (sisters)
Generation VII
Games Masters EX
English voice actor Faye Mata[1]
Japanese voice actor Manami Numakura

Trista (Japanese: クルティ Curti) is a character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX. She is one of the three receptionists at the Pokémon Center in Centra City, along with Tricia and Trinnia.

In the games

Trista staffs the reception desk at the Pokémon Center. Talking with her gives the player quick access to things they might need to use frequently:

  • The Tips menu gives in-depth information about all the mechanics of Pokémon Masters EX.
  • Trista's Guide is a short guide designed to ease new players into the game by introducing them to some important features the game has to offer.
  • Event Info highlights three currently ongoing events with an image and a short blurb. Tapping on the image for any of these events will immediately take the player to the area info for that event.

During the story, Trista passes on warnings to the player when potentially dangerous activity occurs. She also occasionally serves a role similar to that of traditional Pokémon Center nurses, helping to treat injured Pokémon and being consulted about health issues of Pokémon.


Pokémon Center (voice clips)
  • During conversation
"Pardon me!"
"I'd appreciate your help."
"Thank you very much!"
  • When spoken to
"Welcome! I can assist you with anything related to Pokémon battles."
  • When leaving
"Thank you very much!"
Pokémon Center
  • Random blurbs
"Does anyone want to go exploring?"
"Today is a perfect day for an adventure."
"Maybe I should do some exploring, too..."
"That area info was intriguing!"
"When it comes to area info, I'm your girl!"
"Today's area info is..."
"Aw... I wish I had a partner Pokémon, too..."
  • Special blurb after a new event begins*
"The event info has been updated!"
  • When spoken to
"Welcome! How can I help you today?"
  • When leaving
"We hope to serve you again!"
  • When the player achieves a Bingo Blackout
"Congratulations! Keep up the good work!"
  • Special Battle Villa intro
"I've got some exciting news for you—the Battle Villa just had its grand opening! You can check it out anytime you like now."
"The Pokémon Center is already buzzing with rumors about it. From what I hear, it sounds like a totally new kind of challenge!"
"Apparently, if you do well in the Battle Villa, you can earn amazing rewards that'll help you and your Pokémon grow even stronger!"
"You should give it a try, <player>!"
"Oh! <player>! There's something you need to know."
"We got news that a Legendary Pokémon suddenly appeared in a certain area of Pasio."
"What's more, they say it has a frighteningly intimidating air about it and attacks any sync pairs that come close."
"Where could it have come from? The Pokémon may be on edge after coming to an unfamiliar place."
"Be careful if you go near it!"
Main Story Villain Arc - Unova - Team Plasma & Two Heroes
  • For the Kind People
"Please help us catch it! As soon as we finished treatment–"
"Come on back."
"The treatment is over, but you should stay still for a–"
"If that's the case, I'll leave it with you for now."
"But please don't push it too much."
Legendary Adventures - Lurking Shadow
  • A New Plot
"Ah! <player>! Are you on your way out to do some exploring?"
"If you were thinking of heading to the beach, please be careful. I just got a concerning report from the tournament staff."
"It sounds like an incredibly powerful sync pair is stirring up trouble around there."
"When the staff went to investigate, they were totally overwhelmed."
"Be on the lookout for trouble, OK?"
Legendary Adventures - The Dragon That Rules the Sky
  • Starry Nights, Dragon Flights
"Oh! Pardon me, <player>! Do you have a moment?"
"So sorry to bother you! I just wanted to pass on a warning."
"An unidentified dragon Pokémon seems to have appeared near the glaciers recently."
"No one has been able to spot its Trainer yet, and it seems to be quite on edge."
"It's been attacking anyone that comes near it, injuring one sync pair after another."
"If you were planning on visiting the glaciers anytime soon, please be extra careful! All right, <player>?"
Legendary Adventures - Howling Shield of Eternity
  • A New Visitor
"Hello, <player>! I have something to tell you."
"We have some reports of a meteor falling into the ruins last night."
"Luckily, nobody was injured, but we're asking everyone to stay away from it as a safety precaution."
Special Event - Happy Team Break Day!
  • Blurb
"That's it, Trista... Just act like everything is normal, no matter what happens!"
  • When spoken to
"Oh! You're here! I'm so relieved."
"I'm still carrying out my duties as the receptionist, of course. So, without further ado..."
"Welcome! How can I help you today?"
  • When leaving
"We hope to serve you again!"
Special Event - Weather Alert
"Oh, <player>! I have something I need to tell you!"
"We've received reports of extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain and severe drought, in certain areas of Pasio."
"I've been asking the sync pairs here to help investigate."
"Would you be so kind as to help with the investigation, <player>?"
"There are rewards involved as well, of course! Please help out!"
"Also, there's something I need to warn you about before you head out to investigate."
"It seems Team Break is trying to take advantage of this situation to get up to no good once again."
"We've even received reports that they've been interfering with the investigation itself."
"So please be careful out there, <player>!"
"Anyway, I wonder what's causing all this."
"I hope this isn't a sign that something even more unusual is about to happen..."
Story Event - Masters of Land and Sea
  • Super-Ancient Pokémon Spotted!
"Hello! I've just received some important information from May and Brendan."
"We're not sure what caused these two Legendary Pokémon to appear, so we're requesting an official survey of where they were spotted."
"We'd like to confirm what's going on and make sure those areas are safe."
"I apologize for the inconvenience, but as a safety precaution, please avoid visiting the beach and volcano areas."
Villain Event Prelude - Looming Shadow of Kanto
  • Attention All Sync Pairs!
"Hello, <player>!"
"Today we have an announcement for all sync pairs."
"Apparently, Team Rocket is resuming its operations—and this time on Pasio."
"I'm sure you already know this, but Team Rocket is an organization that operated mainly in the Kanto and Johto regions."
"They cause all sorts of trouble by using Pokémon to steal things and carry out their awful plans."
"In light of safety, please be sure to keep an eye on your Pokémon and personal belongings."
"Also, please try to travel in groups as much as possible."
"*sigh* Just as we got Team Break under control, now this happens."
"I hope it's taken care of soon so everyone can finally be at ease."
Story Event - Shine a Gentle Light
  • Sad Ampharos
"I've looked her over, but it doesn't seem like there are any health issues."
"If there is a reason, it might be related to her feelings."
"To me, it seems she might be feeling a little isolated and sad because Pasio is a new environment for her."
"Maybe we need to lighten her mood?"
"Oh, a party! I think that's a wonderful idea."
"Yes! I'll be looking forward to it."
  • The Party Begins?
"How is Ampharos?"
  • Guide through the Darkness
"... ... ..."
"You must've been very tired."
"And when you felt relieved, the tiredness came out all at once."
Trista's Guide
"This large, artificial island known as Pasio features thrilling 3-vs-3 battles between teams comprised of Trainers and Pokémon known as Sync Pairs. Befriend and team up with Sync Pairs to experience thrilling battles on Pasio! Use the items you obtain to make them even more powerful!"
"Powerful Trainers from various regions, known as the Elite Four and Champions, have gathered on Pasio. Take an ultimate team that you believe in into battle and pit them against tough opponents! Aim for the Pasio Hall of Fame!"
"You can start by checking out the Main Story's PML Arc, where you can recruit allies! There are many kind Trainers on Pasio who'll be happy to join you! Once you've made some allies, get to work on building your teams!"
"By the way, I heard you'll need to go through the PML Arc in order to take on the Champion Stadium..."
"You can enjoy Sync Pair stories and special battles that are only available in the limited time events. You can also obtain amazing rewards along the way!"
"Enjoy the various Sync Pair stories you encounter!"
"Legendary Adventures features Legendary Pokémon and their Trainers. Progress through the story to team up with them!"
"Take on powerful Legendary Pokémon in order to team up with them!"
"You need to complete Chapter 10: A Reason to Battle in the PML Arc of the Main Story (Normal) to unlock the Champion Stadium (Normal)."
"Once you complete Champion Stadium on Normal difficulty, you get to challenge Victory Road and Champion Stadium on Hard mode. Victory Road lets you earn amazing completion rewards and teaches you various things you should know about battling, so be sure to check it out!"
"Try the Champion Stadium on Hard mode to face even more powerful Elite Four members and Champions!"
"The Champion Stadium Hard mode refreshes each week, so definitely do your best to enter the Hall of Fame every week!"
"Progressing through various activities by completing battles and Missions will earn you Gems. Mission Bingo: Beginner and Special Completion Rewards from the Main Story and Champion Stadium in particular will earn you large amounts of Gems, so work on getting those first!"
"You can use Gems in the Sync Pair Scout to team up with Sync Pairs. Collecting as many Gems as possible will help you meet all sorts of new Sync Pairs."
"This special facility known as the Trainer Lodge lets you interact with other Trainers. This includes actions such as giving presents to Trainers and talking to them in order to boost your Friendship Level with them. Interacting with the other Trainers will boost your Friendship Levels, enabling you to unlock special stories and earn fabulous rewards!"
"Go and see what the Trainer Lodge has to offer!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese クルティ Curti From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
English Trista From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
German Courtney Similar to her Japanese name
Spanish Tris From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
French Thalie From Thalie (Thalia, one of the three Charites in Greek mythology)
Italian Tish From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
Korean 커티 Curti From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
Chinese (Mandarin) 紅菫 Hóngjǐn From 紅 hóng / hùhng (red) and 三色堇 sānsèjǐn / sāamsīkgán (Viola tricolor)
Chinese (Cantonese) 紅菫 Hùhnggán


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