トリカ Trica
Tricia Masters model.png
Model from Pokémon Masters EX
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Hometown Centra City
Region Pasio
Relatives Trista and Trinnia (sisters)
Generation VII
Games Masters EX
English voice actor Faye Mata[1]
Japanese voice actor Manami Numakura

Tricia (Japanese: トリカ Trica) is a character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX. She is one of the three receptionists at the Pokémon Center in Centra City, along with Trista and Trinnia.

In the games

Tricia staffs the shop at the Pokémon Center. Talking with her opens the Shop menu, allowing the player to scout sync pairs, purchase Gems, and exchange items.


Pokémon Center (voice clips)
  • When spoken to
  • When leaving (option 1)
"Hope I see you again!"
  • When leaving (option 2)
Pokémon Center
  • Random blurbs
"Where are the customers? We have some nice stuff."
"I wonder when that person will come again..."
"Perhaps I should change the layout of the products."
"I would definitely buy this!"
"It's about time for me to replenish stock."
"I sell smiles for free!"
"I get excited when I make a ton of sales!"
  • When spoken to (option 1)
"Welcome! Here are the current products!"
  • When spoken to (option 2)
"Welcome! We have an assortment of sorts, so please take your time looking around!"
  • When leaving (option 1)
"Thank you! Please come again soon!"
  • When leaving (option 2)
"Thank you! We look forward to your next visit!"
  • When the player receives a log-in bonus from a daily bundle
"I just sent something to your Present Box! Don't forget to pick it up!"
Prestige Event - Battle Buffet Bash
  • Bon Appétit!
"Welcome! Hello! I've got some tasty news for you today!"
"I hope you're hungry, because we've got a giant buffet set up downtown right now!"
"For a limited time only, come and celebrate the Battle Buffet Bash!"
"It's an event inspired by the Alola region's famous Battle Buffet."
"As you know, Pasio is host to oodles of Trainers from all over the world, and some of those Trainers also happen to be amazing cooks!"
"If you visit the buffet now, you can sample all of their tastiest recipes! And it's all-you-can-eat!"
"There's just one catch—if you choose the same dish as another Trainer, you'll have to battle it out to see who gets the grub!"
Special Event - Happy Team Break Day!
  • Blurb
"How could this happen?!"
  • When spoken to
"Oh? You're here? All right! I guess I've got to do my best now!"
"Ahem... Welcome! We have an assortment of sorts, so please take your time looking around!"
  • When leaving
"Thank you! We look forward to your next visit! You...will visit again, won't you?"


Language Name Origin
Japanese トリカ Trica From Viola tricolor subsp. tricolor (wild pansy)
English, Spanish, Italian Tricia From Viola tricolor subsp. tricolor (wild pansy)
German Trixi From Viola tricolor subsp. tricolor (wild pansy)
French Aglaé From Aglaé (Aglaea, one of the three Charites in Greek mythology)
Korean 트리커 Trico From Viola tricolor subsp. tricolor (wild pansy)
Chinese (Mandarin) 藍菫 Lánjǐn From 藍 lán / làahm (blue) and 三色堇 sānsèjǐn / sāamsīkgán (Viola tricolor)
Chinese (Cantonese) 藍菫 Làahmgán


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