Cheren (Masters)

チェレン Cheren
Spr Masters Cheren.png
Cheren's model
No. 64
English voice actor Landon McDonald[1]
Japanese voice actor Atsushi Abe[2]
Description A talented Trainer who is both a Gym Leader and a teacher in the Unova region, he is committed to fulfilling both roles—even though he's just starting out.

Cheren (Japanese:チェレン Cheren) is a Pokémon Trainer in Pokémon Masters EX, based on the character of the same name in the core series games. He forms a sync pair with Stoutland. The sync pair is obtained during the events of Chapter 18 of the Main Story.


  Type   Normal
Move types   Normal /   Dark
Role Support
Base Potential ★★★★★
Stoutland Weakness   Fighting
Its fur is long and thick. A long time ago in cold regions, every household kept a Stoutland.
Stats HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
Lv. 140, Base Potential 708 227 231 51 164 251
Lv. 140, Max Potential 808 267 271 91 204 291
Lv. 140, Base Potential
Lv. 140, Max Potential


Name Type Category Move gauge Base Power Max Power Accuracy Target Description
Facade Normal
Physical 2 17 56 100% An opponent Its power is doubles when the user is poisoned, badly poisoned, paralyzed, or burned. Ignores lowered Attack from burns.
Full Heal None Status 0
(2 uses)
Self Removes all status conditions from an ally.
Apply Yourself! None Status 0
(2 uses)
Self Increases the move gauges of all allied sync pairs by two. Makes all allied sync pairs gradually heal themselves.
Crunch Dark
Physical 3 99 118 100% An opponent Has a small chance of lowering the target's defense.
Sync moves
Fundamental Takedown Normal
Physical 250 300 An opponent Its power increases if the user is affected by a status condition.


Name Description
Passive Skills
Outrun 4 Quickly charges the move gauge when the Pokémon is affected by a status condition.
Theme Skills
Normal Support Raises the maximum HP of all allied sync pairs by 60.
Unova Support Raises the maximum HP of all allied sync pairs by 4.
Gym Leader Support Raises the maximum HP of all allied sync pairs by 4.
Rival Support Raises the maximum HP of all allied sync pairs by 4.
Unova Adventurer Support Raises the maximum HP of all allied sync pairs by 6.

Sync Grid

The sync grid for Cheren and Stoutland is a basic grid which has not yet been expanded.

Name Effect Energy required Sync orb required Move level required
HP +10 HP +10 0 5 1
Attack +5 Attack +5 0 5 1
Attack +5 Attack +5 0 5 1
Defense +5 Defense +5 0 5 1
Sp. Def +5 Sp. Def +5 0 5 1
Speed +5 Speed +5 0 5 1


Cheren and Stoutland can be battled against in:

  • Main Story Chapter 18: Team Unova
  • Main Story (Co-op) Chapter 18: Team Unova

Sync Pair Stories

  • A Day with Cheren


Main article: Cheren/Quotes → Pokémon Masters EX

In the anime

Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer

In the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer, Cheren teamed up with Korrina and Misty to battle Pokémon Champions Cynthia, Steven Stone, and Lance at a stadium in Pasio. He ordered Stoutland to attack with Giga Impact, but it was knocked back by Cynthia's Garchomp's Dragon Claw.


Stoutland is Cheren's only known Pokémon. Alongside Korrina's Lucario and Misty's Starmie, it battled Cynthia's Garchomp, Steven's Metagross, and Lance's Dragonite. Stoutland tried to hit Garchomp with Giga Impact, but Garchomp defended itself with Dragon Claw and knocked it back, forcing Lucario to try and catch it, but this backfired and both Pokémon were incapacitated. After Starmie protected it and Lucario from Dragonite's Hyper Beam, Stoutland defended itself from Metagross's Flash Cannon with Crunch.

Stoutland's known moves are Giga Impact and Crunch.

Debut Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 阿部敦 Atsushi Abe


VS model from
Pokémon Masters EX
Cheren and Stoutland on
Pokémon Masters EX Dream Team Maker
Cheren's sync move mindscape
(Aspertia Trainers' School)
Artwork of Chapter 18: Team Unova
Trainer emote
Trainer emote
Watch out!
Trainer emote
Let's do this!
Trainer emote



Cheren's design is based on his appearance in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Stoutland is Cheren's signature Pokémon in Black 2 and White 2. Stoutland's Dex entry comes from Pokémon Ultra Moon.

In other languages

Apply Yourself!

Language Title
  Japanese ベストをつくそう Besuto o Tsukusō
Mandarin Chinese 做到最好 Zuò dào Zuìhǎo
  French Faisons de notre mieux.
  German Geben wir unser Bestes!
  Italian Mettiamocela tutta!
  Korean 최선을다하자 Choeseoneul Dahaja
  Spanish ¡Vamos a darlo todo!

Fundamental Takedown

Language Title
  Japanese 真理をもとめる とっしん Shinri o Motomeru Tosshin
Mandarin Chinese 追求真理之 猛撞 Zhuīqiú Zhēnlǐ zhī Měngzhuàng
  French Toujours en quête de vérité ! Bélier !
  German Bodycheck der Wahrheitssuche
  Italian Riduttore: in cerca della verità interiore
  Korean 진리를 추구하는 돌진 Jinnireul Chuguhaneun DoljinPursuit of Truth - Takedown
  Spanish Derribo Revelador


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