Paldea パルデア地方
Paldea region
Paldea artwork.png
Artwork of the Paldea region from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Introduction Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Professor Professor SadaS
Professor TuroV
Starter Pokémon Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly
Regional Villains Team Star (game)
Explorers (anime)
Pokémon League Paldea League
League Location Pokémon League
Pokédex List Paldea Pokédex
Series Team Rocket Expedition which stands by the evils of love and truth
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Pokémon: Paldean Winds
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Adventures Debut

The Paldea region (Japanese: パルデア地方 Paldea region) is a region of the Pokémon world, and the ninth core series region to be introduced. It is the setting of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Etymology and design concept


Paldea may be derived from pal (friend or ally) or paideia (education or learning) and aldea, the Spanish word for village or hamlet.

Design concept

Main article: Pokémon world in relation to the real world → Paldea

Paldea is based on the Iberian Peninsula — which comprises Spain, Portugal, and Andorra — and its shared culture and fauna. It draws inspiration primarily from the culture of Spain, as can be seen in its architecture, gastronomy, musical influences, Pokémon nomenclature, as well as the sporadic use of the Spanish language by the locals of Paldea. Specific references to Portugal, its architecture, and language can also be found mainly on western locations of Paldea.


Dated history

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.
  • c. 1,000,000 years prior: The Great Crater of Paldea was formed.
  • c. 2,000 years prior:
    • The Paldean Empire began to rule Paldea.
    • The emperor ushered in the Great Age of Exploration by sending expeditions into the Great Crater of Paldea to find the treasure rumored to lie inside Area Zero.
  • c. 1,000 years prior: The Paldean Empire fell into decline due to the expense of supporting countless failed Area Zero expeditions.
  • 805 years prior: Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV was founded in Mesagoza.
  • c. 800 years prior: The Paldean Empire unified with its neighboring countries, establishing the modern Paldea region.
  • 200 years prior:
    • The Area Zero Expedition claimed to have become the first exploration team to reach the bottom of Area Zero. Team member Heath, a famed author and natural historian, published his account of the expedition as the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV. The book's contents proved to be so fantastical that Heath and the rest of the Area Zero Expedition were accused of lying and widely discredited.
    • The Area Zero Expedition planted Herba Mystica, a plant they discovered in Area Zero, in five sites around Paldea in an attempt to cultivate it. They abandoned the project when local Pokémon consumed the Herba Mystica and grew into fearsome Titans.
  • c. 140 years prior: Terastallized Pokémon were discovered for the first time in Area Zero.
  • 87 years prior: A research facility was constructed in Area Zero.
  • c. 10 years prior: Professor SadaS/Professor TuroV discovered that the energy emitted by the crystals in Area Zero causes the Terastal phenomenon. The Professor proceeded to invent the Tera Orb technology, sharing it with the Pokémon League and the Academy.
  • c. One and a half years prior:
    • Nemona passed the Paldea League's Champion Assessment and became the youngest person in Paldean history to achieve Champion Rank.
    • Team Star confronted their bullies at Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV in a clash that caused a scandal for the school. Team Star's leader, Cassiopeia, secretly came forward and accepted full blame for the incident. Recognizing the bullying problem as a failure of his administration, Director Harrington gave Cassiopeia a lenient punishment and then resigned along with all other teaching staff at the time. Cassiopeia temporarily returned to their homeland to continue their studies. The other members of Team Star, unaware of why their boss ceased communicating with them, stopped attending classes and maintained the organization while they waited for their boss's return.
    • Clavell and his assistant Jacq left their jobs as researchers to work for Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV. Clavell became the academy's director, and Jacq became a biology teacher.
    • Tyme retired as the Rock-type Gym Leader of Montenevera to work as a mathematics teacher at Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV. Ghost-type specialist Ryme succeeded her sister as Montenevera's Gym Leader.
  • c. One year prior: Professor SadaS/Professor TuroV, along with an AI-operated android made in their likeness, created a fully functioning time machine with the intention of bringing Pokémon from the pastS/futureV to Area Zero with the intent of creating a special ecosystem there. However, an incident occurred when two of the retrieved Pokémon, a pair of KoraidonS/MiraidonV, got into a territorial struggle that resulted in the Professor's death. This led the robot duplicate to realize that, should the now dubbed Paradox Pokémon escape into the outside world, they would pose a threat to everything around them and began searching for potential candidates from Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV, including the Professor's estranged son Arven, to take part in a hasty mission to shut down the time machine before more dangerous Paradox Pokémon come through.


Notable locations

Paldea has 12 cities and towns. Instead of routes, Paldea is divided into four provinces, each with three areas (except for the South Province, which has six). At the center of the region is the Great Crater of Paldea, which houses Area Zero.

Unlike previous games, none of the cities and towns in Paldea have slogans.

South Province

Located in the southern region of Paldea is the hometown of the player and their rival, three other settlements, and Paldea's largest city. The city is surrounded by a large river basin that splits into three smaller rivers that head out to Paldea's seas. The region is mostly grassy with several small ponds and beaches, as well as a cave. To the southwest is an an agricultural zone with a large olive orchard, and an elevated area, accessible via a large cavern, containing the top of a large waterfall and a leaning watchtower that stands in a pond. To the southeast is an area with rocky terrain, a small region covered in wetlands, and a hidden beach. The southern sea is mostly empty aside from a sandbar and a couple tiny islets.

Map Name Population
  Cabo Poco 9
  Los Platos 24
  Mesagoza 756

East Province

Located in the eastern region of Paldea are two towns and a major city known for its striking skyline. The region contains several small rivers and a few ponds and beaches, and is divided between a grassy plains, a rocky mining zone, and a small forest. The eastern sea is mostly empty aside from a sandbar and two small islands.

Map Name Population

West Province

Located in the western region of Paldea is a city, a town, and a port. The region is mostly hilly and contains a few small rivers as well as a couple ponds and beaches. In the center of the region is a large desert located just south of a cavernous overhanging rock formation supported by massive natural pillars. The western sea contains a few areas with large outcrops and protrusions as well as smaller rocky islets.

Map Name Population
  Porto Marinada

North Province

Located in the northern region of Paldea is a single town located on a snowy mountain. The mountain is the tallest in the Paldea region and features a hand-shaped cliff. South of the mountain is a route connecting the east to the west that cuts through caves in the mountain range. To the west is a large lake known for its massive waterfalls, and a sparsely wooded nature trail. To the east is a rugged region containing a bamboo grove, some notable waterfalls, and several ponds, including a large pond marked by three watchtowers. The northern sea is known for its rock pillars in the northwest, and also contains some sandbars and rocky islets in the north and northeast.

Map Name Population

Great Crater of Paldea

Located in the center of Paldea is a massive crater covered in clouds surrounded by a ring of mountains. Located inside the crater is Area Zero.



Picture Location Description
  Arboliva Forest A forest located near Artazon. It is home to a giant Arboliva, who protects Pokémon who live in the forest.

Paldea League

Main article: Paldea League

The Paldea League is the regional Pokémon League of the Paldea region. It can be challenged as part of the Victory Road storyline. Unlike in previous regions, there are no restrictions regarding the order in which each Gym needs to be challenged. After obtaining the eight Gym Badges of the region, a Trainer may participate in the Champion Assessment at the Pokémon League headquarters, and earn the Champion Rank.

Gym Leaders

The Gym Leaders are listed in order of lowest level to highest.

Paldea League
Generation IX Region: Paldea
Gym Leader
Type Badge
カエデ Kaede
Cercle Town
Bug Badge
コルサ Colza
Bowl Town
Grass Badge
ナンジャモ Nanjyamo
Hakkō City
Electric Badge
ハイダイ Haidai
Carafe City
Water Badge
アオキ Aoki
Chanpuru Town
Normal Badge
ライム Lime
Fridge Town
Ghost Badge
リップ Lip
Bake Town
Psychic Badge
グルーシャ Grusha
Glaseado Mountain
Mount Napper
Ice Badge

Elite Four and Top Champion

Paldea League
Generation IX
チリ Chili
ポピー Poppy
アオキ Aoki
ハッサク Hassaku
オモダカ Omodaka

Team Star

Main article: Team Star

The player battles these Team Star Bosses as part of the ★ Starfall Street ★ storyline. Each of them awards the player with a Star Badge upon being defeated.

Team Star
Generation IX Region: Paldea
Squad Boss
Type Badge
ピーニャ Piña
Segin Squad's Base
Team Segin's Hideout
Dark Badge
メロコ Meloco
Schedar Squad's Base
Team Schedar's Hideout
Fire Badge
シュウメイ Shūmei
Navi Squad's Base
Team Tsih's Hideout
Poison Badge
オルティガ Ortiga
Ruchbah Squad's Base
Team Ruchbah's Hideout
Fairy Badge
ビワ Biwa
Caph Squad's Base
Team Caph's Hideout
Fighting Badge

Titan Pokémon

Main article: Titan Pokémon

The player battles these Titan Pokémon as part of the Path of Legends storyline in order to obtain each of their respective Herba Mystica alongside Arven. He rewards the player with a Titan Badge for each victory. Each obtained Herba Mystica unlocks a new ability for the player's KoraidonS/MiraidonV.

Location Titan Pokémon Herba Mystica Badge Unlocked upgrade
South Province
(Area Three)
Stony Cliff Titan
Sweet Herba Mystica
Rock Badge
West Province
(Area One)
Open Sky Titan
 Flying  Dark 
Bitter Herba Mystica
Flying Badge
East Province
(Area Three)
Lurking Steel Titan
Salty Herba Mystica
Steel Badge
High Jumping
Asado Desert Quaking Earth TitanS
Great Tusk
 Ground  Fighting 
Quaking Earth TitanV
Iron Treads
 Ground  Steel 
Sour Herba Mystica
Ground Badge
Casseroya Lake False Dragon Titan
False Dragon Titan
 Dragon  Water 
Spicy Herba Mystica
Dragon Badge


  • All settlements in Paldea, along with a few notable landmarks (i.e. Asado Desert, Socarrat Trail, Glaseado Mountain, and Casseroya Lake), are named after various food and kitchen-related terminology.
  • The adjectival form of Paldea is "Paldean", as seen in the term "Paldean form".
  • Paldea is the first region since Kanto to lack a battle facility.
  • Paldea is the only region to have introduced at least one notable type expert for every type.
    • It is also the only region to have a Badge for every single type.
  • Not counting Hisui, which is the former name of a region with numbered routes, Paldea is the first region not to have any traditionally numbered routes.
  • Paldea has the largest known school in the Pokémon world.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
German, Spanish,
French, Italian,
Indonesian, Polish,
Portuguese, Turkish
Paldea From its Japanese and English name
Korean 팔데아 Paldea Transcription of its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 帕底亞 / 帕底亚 Pàdǐyǎ / Pàdǐyà Transcription of its Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 帕底亞 Paakdáia Mandarin-based transcription of its Japanese name
Hebrew פלדאה Palde'ah Transcription of its English name
Russian Палдея Paldeya
Пальдея Pal'deya
Transcription of its English name
Thai พัลเดีย Paldea Transcription of its Japanese name

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