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Southern Islands
SetSymbolSouthern Islands.png
Cards in set English: 18
Japanese: 18
Release date English: July 31, 2001
Japanese: July 17, 1999

The Southern Islands Collection (Japanese: サザンアイランド Southern Islands) is the name given to a special set of cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


In Japan, the Southern Islands set was initially released with the second Pokémon movie in two promo folders, each with 9 cards per set (Rainbow and Tropical Island) and decorated artwork. The collection was also released as 3-card box sets. These box sets focused on a particular region from one of the two Southern Islands: Tropical Island and Rainbow Island. The English version came as a decorated folder and included the cards, postcards and 3 booster packs. Even though Wizards compiled the collection into one set, all of the original artwork including the islands and the full picture of each region (which was split into three to provide the card art) were featured on the folder.


    The English set symbol
    While in the Japanese version the cards have the old Base-Rocket design, the English release saw them in a Neo series design. Interestingly, this made the Generation II Pokémon featured in the set the only ones of their generation to have Base-Rocket-styled cards, and Slowking the only non-Generation I evolved Pokémon to have had a square evolution box. Later card releases would retain the circular evolution box, with the exception of another Slowking card - Hama-chan's Slowking - which was released about a month later.
  • This was a very desired collection when it first came out in Japan. Its English release is a rare example of a promotional TCG product that has retained everything, including its original artwork, after localization.
  • None of the cards have rarity symbols, as they are part of a fixed set. The English cards were numbered in the same fashion as Wizards Black Star Promos, while the Japanese cards remained unnumbered.
  • The set symbols of the Japanese and English releases are different, with the Japanese symbol as one block colour, while the English symbol is striped along the trunk of the tree.






Tropical Island set, illustrated by Naoyo Kimura Jungle postcard Beach postcard Sea postcard





Rainbow Island set, illustrated by Keiko Fukuyama Sky postcard Riverside postcard Fields of Flowers postcard

Card lists

Southern Islands
No. Image Card name Type
1/18   Mew   Promotion
2/18   Pidgeot   Promotion
3/18   Onix   Promotion
4/18   Togepi   Promotion
5/18   Ivysaur   Promotion
6/18   Raticate   Promotion
7/18   Ledyba   Promotion
8/18   Jigglypuff   Promotion
9/18   Butterfree   Promotion
10/18   Tentacruel   Promotion
11/18   Marill   Promotion
12/18   Lapras   Promotion
13/18   Exeggutor   Promotion
14/18   Slowking   Promotion
15/18   Wartortle   Promotion
16/18   Lickitung   Promotion
17/18   Vileplume   Promotion
18/18   Primeape   Promotion

Tropical Island
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
  Vileplume   Jungle
  Lickitung   Jungle
  Primeape   Jungle
  Exeggutor   Beach
  Slowking   Beach
  Wartortle   Beach
  Tentacruel   Sea
  Marill   Sea
  Lapras   Sea

Rainbow Island
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
  Mew   Sky
  Pidgeot   Sky
  Onix   Sky
  Togepi   Riverside
  Ivysaur   Riverside
  Raticate   Riverside
  Ledyba   Field of Flowers
  Jigglypuff   Field of Flowers
  Butterfree   Field of Flowers






Complete English set Set insert Tropical Island insert Rainbow Island insert





An opened Tropical Island set Japanese Jungle set Japanese Beach set Japanese Sea set





An opened Rainbow Island set Japanese Sky set Japanese Riverside set Japanese Fields of Flowers set

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Languages this set is released in

The Tropical Island and Rainbow Island sets are exclusively released in Japanese, only available in unlimited edition. The Southern Island set was only released in English.

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