Bulbapedia:Unreleased materials policy

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This article is an official policy on Bulbapedia.

Its contents are strongly binding and can be considered law on Bulbapedia.

This policy covers the treatment of "leaks" and similar unreleased materials that may concern subjects covered by Bulbapedia. This page currently addresses game media. In the future, it may be expanded to cover other media.

Handling new leaks

In the event of any new leak of materials, it may be wise to check with a staff member before adding any info that might otherwise be eligible for coverage. Depending on the circumstances of the leak, Bulbapedia may wish to remain hands-off for some months to assess the risk of any coverage.

Upcoming games

For upcoming games, only information from officially sanctioned sources should be added to Bulbapedia. Please do not add leaked information, whether from unsanctioned third parties or your own play of a leaked game (whether digital or physical, if obtained before official release).

Pre-release builds

A leaked pre-release build of a Pokémon game may not be covered on Bulbapedia. Since they were not in wide public knowledge before being leaked and were not intended for consumption, Bulbapedia does not consider them to be part of its mission.


A leaked demo that was playable at a public event may be covered in full (to the same extent as any other game). Since public knowledge already exposes some of its content, covering a leaked demo can enhance accuracy without relying on limited and imperfect first-hand accounts.

Canceled games

If a canceled game is leaked, its latest endpoint may be covered like any other game.

Source code

If source code has been leaked for a game, it may never be referenced on Bulbapedia. (Note that disassembly and decompilation projects are not the same thing and can be used as valid references.)

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