Wikicode is a type of markup used on wiki sites such as Bulbapedia and Wikipedia. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this style before editing on Bulbapedia: it might save you a lot of headdesking and/or facepalming.

Text formatting

There is a range of text formatting options available in wikicode. Some of these are based on HTML code. Some types of HTML code can be used on Bulbapedia, but wikicode is preferred.

Formatting type Input Output
Bold Three apostrophes This text is bold
'''This text is bold'''
Italics Two apostrophes This text is italicized
''This text is italicized''
Adding colored text Use HTML coding Red text
<span style="color:#AB0047">Red text</span>
Adding a colored background Use HTML coding Green background
<span style="background:#47AB00">Green background</span>
Make a section heading Two, three, four, five, or six equals signs Section heading
==Section heading==
Add bulletpoints Add more asterisks for more bullets
  • Bulbasaur
    • Charmander
      • Squirtle
* Bulbasaur
** Charmander
*** Squirtle
Add indents Add more colons for more indents
: Bulbasaur
:: Charmander
::: Squirtle
Add mouseover text Use a link template


{{tt|Bulbapedia|is cool}}


Linking helps connect different articles together. On Bulbapedia, there are several linking options. You can also link to websites outside of Bulbapedia. For more ways to link both internally and externally, see the list of link templates.

Formatting type Input Output
Linking to Bulbapedia articles Put the page title inside double square brackets Pikachu (Pokémon)
[[Pikachu (Pokémon)]]
Linking to Bulbapedia articles with an altered display As above, with a pipe separating the page title and the display text Yellow electric mouse
[[Pikachu (Pokémon)|Yellow electric mouse]]
Shortlinks using link templates Put the template name and variables inside braces or curly brackets Pikachu
Adding external links Put the URL inside single square brackets Bulbagarden homepage
[http://www.bulbagarden.net Bulbagarden homepage]
Calling a template Put the template name without a prefix inside braces or curly brackets
  This user loves the manual of style.
{{User Manual}}
Categorize a page Use square brackets as if you were linking The category will show up at the bottom of the page
[[Category:Articles needing improvement]]
Link to a category Put a colon and the category title inside double square brackets Category:Articles needing improvement
[[:Category:Articles needing improvement]]
Put an image on a page Use square brackets as if you were linking  


Bulbapedia uses tables to store and present data. All wikicode textformatting can be used in tables. To learn more about table coding, find a page with a table and click "edit" to see what different styles and formats can be used.

Formatting type Input Output
Open a table
Start a new cell (beside the previous cell)
| Cell 1
| Cell 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Start a new line
| Cell 1
| Cell 2 
Cell 1
Cell 2
Close or end a table
Create roundy tables Add class="roundy" to the opening statement of the table or cell, or use Template:Roundy.
Create colorful or formatted tables Use style="..." to add different styles to the table or cells in the table.

More information

For further information and help, ask a staff member. You may also want to consider clicking the edit tab to view code, experimenting with coding and then clicking "preview" to see what you've changed without saving the change.

See also: Bulbapedia:Manual of style, Bulbapedia:Style primer

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