Help:Custom CSS


Users can customize the appearance of Bulbapedia, including fonts, colors, positions of links in the margins, and many other things, through custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) stored in subpages of the user's "User" page.

Adding custom CSS

Custom CSS can be added to affect specific or all skins:

Previewing CSS on these pages works in a special way; it allows viewing of the margins of the page (not the contents) on the basis of the style info in the page, provided that the skin used is the skin for which the page applies. This has limitations. You can preview how links in the margin will look, but these may not be of all the types you would want to check. After saving, while still on the page or while on any other page, do a forced reload (Ctrl-F5, Ctrl-Shift-R, ⌘-R or ⌘-Shift-R, depending on browser and operating system) to get the new files.

Deactivating custom CSS

If you accidently add CSS that breaks the site, add the safemode=1 query string to the page URL to temporarily deactivate the custom CSS.

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