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52Poké Wiki
52Poké Wiki's logo
Language Chinese
Status Active
Run 2006 - Present
Date opened Summer 2006
Creator Mudkip
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Number of Articles 24,098+
Forum Pokémon Zone
Mascot None
Website Main page
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52Poké Wiki (Simplified Chinese: 神奇宝贝百科, Traditional Chinese: 神奇寶貝百科, pinyin: Shénqí bǎobèi bǎikē, Yale: Sàhnkèih Bóubui Baakfō, literally Pokémon Encyclopedia) is a Chinese language community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.

In April 2013, 52Poké Wiki became the ninth member of Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis.



52Poké Wiki was originally created by its parent site Pokémon Zone in summer 2006, consisting of a few articles about aspects like Hoenn locations and anime characters. In 2008, it moved into a homebrew wiki system and created over 1,000 articles about Pokémon, moves, abilities, CDs and more.

In August 2010, 52Poké Wiki began its work to switch to MediaWiki system, and the wiki was fully transformed into a MediaWiki installation on September 1, 2010 with its current logo. Since then, 52Poké Wiki grows fast. It introduced its first project Project TCG on July 26, 2011.


52Poké is from a wordplay of 我爱 and Pokémon. Its Chinese name is from 神奇宝贝, the official translation for Pokémon in Taiwan and mainland China (before 2010), and 百科, which means encyclopedia.


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