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Status Active
Run December 10, 2010 - Present
Date opened May 12, 2010
Creator Archaic
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Number of Articles 2,348+
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NintendoWiki, also known as N-Wiki, is a collaborative project by the NIWA team to create an encyclopedia dedicated to Nintendo, being the organization around which all other NIWA content is focused. It ranges from mainstream information such as the games and people who work for the company, to the most obscure info like patents and interesting trivia.


On May 12, 2010, several months after the idea was pitched, Archaic finally set up the servers and opened up NintendoWiki. However, it was kept secret from the public to ensure a peaceful development before launch. The first articles were slowly created, with information coming from the three founding wikis of NIWA.

After the wiki had many days of little to no editing, TTEchidna joined and essentially became RAP's second in command. This brought new ideas and changes that helped to stabilize the wiki and increased the speed of the wiki's development.

On December 10, 2010 the wiki was officially revealed to the public and joined NIWA.

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