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Language English
Status Active
Run 2018 - present
Date opened May 4, 2018
Creator Elaeagnifolia
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Number of Articles 15,527+
Mascot None
Website Dragalia Lost Wiki

Dragalia Lost Wiki is an independent wiki hosted by Elaeagnifolia and serves as the wiki for the 2018 mobile game Dragalia Lost, published by Nintendo.


The wiki was originally founded on the wikifarm Gamepedia in May 4, 2018, in preparation for the release of Dragalia Lost on September 27 that same year. The wiki became integrated into the subreddit r/DragaliaLost, with its main Discord server being officially partnered as of result.

On December 12, 2018, Fandom acquired Gamepedia from Twitch, placing ownership of Dragalia Lost Wiki under Fandom.[1] Many of the community members had growing concerns over Fandom's ownership of the wiki, and after Fandom announced a domain change for all Gamepedia wikis to Fandom domains, Dragalia Lost Wiki members began looking to move out of Gamepedia.[2][3] After voting to move to an independent host, Dragalia Lost Wiki became independent on January 29, 2021.[4] On April 28, 2021, it became the 26th member of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance.


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