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"Polska encyklopedia Pokémon, o wolnej treści."
Wikinezka's logo, a simple Poké Ball with the names of several Pokémon surrounding it.
Language Polish
Status Active
Run 2007 - 2017
Date opened January 1st, 2007
Date closed June 2017
Creator Jerzy232
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Number of Articles 4,478+
Forum Forum Pokemon Polska (archived)
Mascot None
Website Main page (Archived)

Wikinezka ([vikiˈnɛska][1]) was a Polish language community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. The project included Fan Area sections, information about Polish and global Pokémon Arena in the internet.



Wikinezka was originally set up by Jerzy232 on January 1, 2007 as a subproject of Ultimate Teams PBF, but was then separated. Its aim was integrating Polish Pokémon fans by creating the biggest Polish Pokémon wiki.

On April 6, 2007, it joined the Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis, a group of multinational wikis focused on the Pokémon franchise. It was the fourth member of the group.

Wikinezka shut down sometime after May of 2017 and was removed as members of the Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis a year later due to this.


At the time of its demise, Wikinezka had six administrators.[2]

  • Jerzy232 (founder)
  • Czaks
  • Daru
  • Pawel10s
  • Smiesznota
  • Zukori


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