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If you were looking for the anime-exclusive location, see Pokémon Land.
If you were looking for the mobile game formerly known as Pokéland, see Pokémon Rumble Rush.
Pokémon LAND
"No princípio, agora e para sempre"
Pokémon LAND logo.png
Language Portuguese
Status Active
Run 1999 - Present
Date opened October 26, 1999
Creator JoJo and Armageddon ®
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum LAND community
Mascot None
Website Main Page

Pokémon LAND is a Brazilian Portuguese-language Pokémon fansite that was established in 1999. While its initial purpose was to be merely a news site, it quickly broadened its horizons, and even had a wiki that was affiliated with Bulbapedia. Its forums and main page are the only parts currently working.



Pokémon LAND was founded by JoJo and Armageddon® on October 26, 1999, but was not released to the public until December 9 of the same year.

The domain it was under changed many times, however, it has been stably at for several years. The ".net" top-level domain, however, was only reserved as Nintendo itself had already registered[1]

There has been no updates to the site since 2010 and scarce activity on the forums since the aproximatelly the same time.


LAND is short for LAND of ANimated Dreams


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