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Pokémon Rumble Rush
Pokémon Rumble Rush logo.png
Pokémon Rumble Rush logo
Basic info
Platform: iOS, Android
Category: Action RPG
Players: 1
Connectivity: N/A
Developer: Ambrella
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Part of: Generation VII side series
Release dates
Japan: May 22, 2019 (Android)
July 23, 2019 (iOS)
North America: May 22, 2019 (Android)
July 23, 2019 (iOS)
Australia: May 15, 2019 (Android)
July 23, 2019 (iOS)
Europe: May 22, 2019 (Android)
July 23, 2019 (iOS)
South Korea: May 22, 2019 (Android)
July 23, 2019 (iOS)
Hong Kong: May 22, 2019 (Android)
July 23, 2019 (iOS)
Taiwan: May 22, 2019 (Android)
July 23, 2019 (iOS)
Japanese: Official site
English: Official site
Pokemon Scramble SP logo.png
Pokémon Scramble SP logo

Pokémon Rumble Rush (Japanese: ポケモンスクランブルSP Pokémon Scramble SP) is a spin-off Pokémon game for iOS and Android. It is the fifth entry in the Pokémon Rumble series. It was released for in Australia for Android devices on May 15, 2019, in the rest of the world for Android devices on May 22, 2019, and for iOS devices on July 23, 2019.

Prior to release, two alpha tests for the game occurred in Japan under the name Pokéland (Japanese: ポケランド Pokéland). On Android, the first alpha test for the game was held from May 31 to June 9, 2017, while the second was held from October 17 to 27, 2017. An alpha test for iOS was scheduled to be held in the first half of 2018, but did not occur.



A world full of uncharted islands! Aided by strong Pokémon and a spirit of discovery, journey through uncharted islands that have many Pokémon!
• Enjoy fast-paced gameplay on the go
It's easy to control your Pokémon with one hand. Clear stages by controlling your Pokémon as it moves forward. If you see enemy Pokémon, you can attack by just tapping the screen. Tap to engage in exciting gameplay action!

• The islands and seas explored during your adventures change every two weeks
You may find unfamiliar and stronger Pokémon on new islands. So, journey through various islands and seas and collect more and more Pokémon!

• Upgrade Pokémon of your choice
You'll sometimes receive ore when you clear a stage. Refine ore to get power gears that you can use to make your Pokémon stronger. You may even be able to refine ore into a summon gear that calls forth a Pokémon to use a powerful move. Use power gears and summon gears to help your favorite Pokémon do well!

• Test your strength using the Pokémon you've collected
Occasionally, you can earn rewards by working your way through the Super Boss Rush. You'll need many different types of strong Pokémon to win each Super Boss Rush. Harness the power of the Pokémon you've collected from various islands and seas to defeat the powerful Super Bosses.


Example of gameplay

In Pokémon Rumble Rush, the player is an adventurer helping the Adventurers Club in researching new islands and the Pokémon that live there. Callie from the Adventurers Club assists the player throughout the game.

Gameplay involves the player controlling a Pokémon to explore various stages filled with wild Pokémon. To clear the stage, the player must successfully defeat the Boss Pokémon at the end of the stage. The player's Pokémon will move automatically towards the nearest wild Pokémon, although the player can swipe the screen to change direction or dodge attacks. The player can tap the screen to initiate an attack. After the Tutorial, the Pokémon will also attack on its own. Holding down before releasing will unleash a Charged Attack, which has a larger hitbox and deals almost three times more damage.


When a wild Pokémon is defeated, there is a chance of catching that Pokémon. Pokémon with sparkles will always be caught when defeated. In addition, Pokémon that become dazed after being attacked will also be guaranteed to join once defeated. Dazed Pokémon do not move or attack, and are represented by yellow stars on top of them. The rarity of the Pokémon is reflected in the color of the capsule they are caught in. Pokémon caught in red capsules will have a 1 or 2 star move, Pokémon caught in blue capsules will have a 3 star move, and Pokémon caught in gold capsules will know a 4 or 5 star move. Rarer Pokémon are also more likely to have a higher CP.

The Pokémon have various stats: HP, CP, Defense and Critical Rate. Unlike CP from other games, CP represents the Pokémon's Attack stat rather than their overall potential.

Guide Feather

As the player collects more of the same species, the Catch Rank of the Pokémon will increase. A higher Catch Rank will provide a CP boost to all Pokémon caught of that species.

To discover stages, the player can tap any location on the map. Reported sightings show what Pokémon other adventurers have found to assist the player in finding the Pokémon they are looking for. To search for a stage, the player must use a Guide Feather. Guide Feathers can be dropped by Bosses and Super Bosses, and a maximum of five can be held by the player at one time. Since update 1.3.1, if a player runs out of Guide Feathers, they will be able to use 10 Poké Diamonds to search. Players can also access stages by tapping on other adventurers' balloons on the map. These stages do not use up a Guide Feather and can only be accessed once for 60 minutes. The Buddy Pokémon of the other player will assist in that stage.

Once a stage is discovered, the player has access to the last three stages that were found. One of these stages can be saved so that the stage is not replaced when a new stage is found.

Daily Stages were introduced in update 1.3.0, which provide players with access to four set stages at a cost of Poké Diamonds. Unlike stages discovered by an adventurer's balloon, these stages can be accessed as many times. They also usually contain Pokémon that are difficult to find, with stages containing rarer Pokémon requiring a higher Poké Diamond cost. The first of the four set stages can be accessed once a day for free, and requires a cost for entry thereafter.



Ores can be discovered when the player defeats a Boss or Super Boss. They can be refined into gears and coins at the refinery managed by a Magnemite. The refinery can hold up to six ores (three prior to version 1.2.0). Only one ore can be refined at a time unless the player buys additional refining slots from the shop.

There are three types of ores according to their rarity. More gears can be obtained with rarer ores.

Ores have a specific move type associated with it depending on the stage from which it was obtained. Ores are guaranteed to have 1 Move Plus Gear of the same type as the ore, while the rest of the Power Gears obtained will vary. Summon Gears may also be obtained from ores. The availability and rarity of Power and Summon Gears differ depending on the current event.

Prior to version 1.2.0, the number of gears obtained depended on the current area rank - as the area rank increased, the number of gears obtained also increased. Currently, the number of gears obtained is fixed for each ore.

Name Refining time Contents
Ore Rumble Rush.png Ore 30 minutes 0-1 Summon Gears, 1 Power Gears, Coin Rumble Rush.png500
Unusual Ore Rumble Rush.png Unusual Ore 3 hours 0-1 Summon Gears, 12 Power Gears, Coin Rumble Rush.png2,500
Rare Ore Rumble Rush.png Rare Ore 10 hours 2 Summon Gears, 44 Power Gears, Coin Rumble Rush.png7,500

Refining Tickets can be used to speed up the process of refining by one hour. They can be obtained as a daily login bonus. A maximum of 10 can be held at one time. Poké Diamonds can also be used to speed up refining time, at a cost of 1 Poké Diamond for 2 minutes.


A Dazzling Gleam Gear (Cutiefly)
Main article: Gears

Gears are that can be equipped to a Pokémon to provide certain useful boosts. There are two types of Gears - Power Gears and Summon Gears. Power Gears provide boosts to the Pokémon's stats, while Summon Gears allow the player to summon an ally Pokémon to unleash a powerful attack.

Gears start at Lv. 1, and can be upgraded using the corresponding Upgrade Kit for the respective Gear. Upgrade Kits can be obtained by refining Ores and by sending Gears to the club.

Adventurer Rank

The Adventurer Rank increases as the player catches more Pokémon. Increasing the Adventurer Rank provides more storage capacity for Pokémon and Gears.

Since update 1.3.1, the player also has the option to spend 100 Poké Diamonds to increase Pokémon or Gear storage capacity by 20.

Rank Pokémon storage Power Gear storage Summon Gear storage
1 100 100 50
2 110 100 50
3 110 110 50
4 120 110 50
5 120 120 50
6 130 120 50
7 130 130 50
8 140 130 50
9 140 140 50
10 150 140 100
11 150 150 100
12 160 150 100
13 160 160 100
14 170 160 100
15 170 170 100
16 180 170 100
17 180 180 100
18 190 180 100
19 190 190 100
20 200 190 150
21 200 200 150
22 210 200 150
23 210 210 150
24 220 210 150
25 220 220 150
26 230 220 150
27 230 230 150
28 240 230 150
29 240 240 150
30 250 240 200
31 250 250 200
32 260 250 200
33 260 260 200
34 270 260 200
35 270 270 200
36 280 270 200
37 280 280 200
38 290 280 200
39 290 290 200
40 300 290 250
41 300 300 250
42 310 300 250
43 310 310 250
44 320 310 250
45 320 320 250
46 330 320 250
47 330 330 250
48 340 330 250
49 340 340 250
50 350 340 300


Challenges are goals which the player can accomplish to earn Poké Diamonds. Challenges can be daily, limited-time (bi-weekly with events), or permanent Adventurer challenges. All challenges each reward the player 3 Poké Diamonds.

Current daily challenges are:

  • Try Coin Rumble Rush.png (Coin) Rush
  • Catch 3 Pokémon
  • Obtain 1 ore
  • Tap another adventurer's balloon

Prior to version 1.2.0, the daily challenges were:

  • Catch 3 Pokémon
  • Obtain 1 ore
  • Refine ore


Tournament is a feature where players battle multiple Super Bosses in a row within a certain period of time. The next stage will be unlocked if the player defeats all Bosses in the stage.

Super Boss Rush

Super Boss Rush was available until version 1.2.0.

Stage Bosses Time limit (s) Target CP Reward
Prelims: First Round Psyduck, Starmie 60 300 Coin Rumble Rush.png1,000
Prelims: Finals Hitmonlee, Onix, Machamp 90 800 Coin Rumble Rush.png10,000
Normal Class Weezing, Marowak, Gengar 90 1,900 Coin Rumble Rush.png15,000
Great Class Seadra, Charizard, Dragonite 90 3,000 Coin Rumble Rush.png20,000

Coin Rush

Coin Rush replaced Super Boss Rush from version 1.2.0. Each stage has a time limit of 60 seconds.

Stage Bosses Target CP Reward
Trainee Psyduck, Starmie 300 Coin Rumble Rush.png500
Great Trainee Victreebel, Tangela, Vileplume 1100 Coin Rumble Rush.png1,000
Ultra Trainee Persian, Nidoqueen, Rhydon 1600 Coin Rumble Rush.png2,000
Premier Trainee Pidgeot, Gyarados, Charizard 2100 Coin Rumble Rush.png5,000
Employee Magnemite, Steelix, Ampharos 2500 Coin Rumble Rush.png10,000
Great Employee Sneasel, Crobat, Feraligatr 2900 Coin Rumble Rush.png15,000
Ultra Employee Umbreon, Gengar, Houndoom 3300 Coin Rumble Rush.png20,000
Premier Employee Gyarados, Aerodactyl, Dragonite 3700 Coin Rumble Rush.png30,000
Manager Delcatty, Roselia, Gardevoir 4100 Coin Rumble Rush.png50,000
Great Manager Mightyena, Camerupt, Sharpedo 4500 Coin Rumble Rush.png60,000
Ultra Manager Tyrantrum, Altaria, Salamence 5000 Coin Rumble Rush.png70,000
Premier Manager Skarmory, Cradily, Metagross 5500 Coin Rumble Rush.png80,000
Executive Staraptor, Roserade, Empoleon 6000 Coin Rumble Rush.png100,000
Great Executive Honchkrow, Crobat, Weavile 6500 Coin Rumble Rush.png120,000
Ultra Executive Milotic, Dragonite, Rhyperior 7000 Coin Rumble Rush.png140,000
Premier Executive Spiritomb, Lucario, Garchomp 7500 Coin Rumble Rush.png160,000
President Musharna, Mienshao, Emboar 8000 Coin Rumble Rush.png200,000
Great President Klinklang, Archeops, Zoroark, Virizion 8500 Coin Rumble Rush.png250,000
Ultra President Cofagrigus, Bisharp, Hydreigon, Cobalion 9000 Coin Rumble Rush.png300,000
Premier President Accelgor, Escavalier, Volcarona Coin Rumble Rush.png350,000


Certain items can be purchased with real money at the following rates.

Items Cost
Starter Set:
400Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png, Spark Gear (Pikachu), 1 additional refining slot for 24 hours
Poké Diamond 300 Rumble Rush.png + Ore Rumble Rush.png + Gear Pikachu Rumble Rush.png $3.99
Plenty of Pokémon Set:
400Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png, 2 additional Pokémon slots for three days
(one guaranteed to be a Boss Pokémon*)
Poké Diamond 300 Rumble Rush.png + Catch Boost $3.99
Really Refining Set:
600Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png, 1 additional refining slot for three days
Poké Diamond 300 Rumble Rush.png + Ore Rumble Rush.png $5.99
Poké Diamond Deal Set:
800Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png, 80 Poké Diamonds each day for 30 days,
increased Pokémon movement speed by 20% for 30 days
Poké Diamond 300 Rumble Rush.png + Poké Diamond 100 Rumble Rush.png $7.99
100Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png Poké Diamond 100 Rumble Rush.png $0.99
300Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png Poké Diamond 300 Rumble Rush.png $2.99
1,000Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png Poké Diamond 1000 Rumble Rush.png $9.99
2,500Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png Poké Diamond 2500 Rumble Rush.png $24.99

My Nintendo

Players can connect the game to their My Nintendo account, enabling the player to use their Mii in the game profile. Additionally, players can earn Pokémon Rumble Rush Platinum Points in their My Nintendo account by completing certain objectives in game.

Mission Reward (Platinum Points)
Link Pokémon Rumble Rush with your Nintendo Account 300
Refine 5 ore in a week in Pokémon Rumble Rush 50
Refine 10 ore in a week in Pokémon Rumble Rush 100
Refine 30 ore in a week in Pokémon Rumble Rush 150

The Pokémon Rumble Rush Platinum Points, along with the regular Platinum Points, can be used to purchase items for the game.

Item Cost (Platinum Points)
Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png100 300
Gear Grass Rumble Rush.png 50
Gear Fire Rumble Rush.png 50
Gear Water Rumble Rush.png 50
Coin Rumble Rush.png1,000 100
Refining Ticket Rumble Rush.png 100


Super Boss Zoroark

The game involves defeating a range of Super Boss Pokémon with each Boss becoming progressively stronger. Super Bosses are powerful Boss Pokémon that must be defeated within a time limit. In order to battle a Super Boss, certain requirements must be met. Once a Super Boss Pokémon is defeated, more Pokémon will become available to catch in the wild, and the next Super Boss will be unlocked. The area rank increases by one each time a Super Boss Pokémon is defeated.

Since update 1.3.1, Super Bosses can be rebattled. The update also introduced Goals which are optional tasks the player can complete while defeating the Super Boss. Clearing each goal rewards the player 3 Poké Diamonds.


Map of Tutorial

Before accessing the main game, a Tutorial must be completed. The tutorial introduces the player to various elements of gameplay. It is also currently the only location where the Move Gear can be found.

The following is a list of Super Bosses encountered in the tutorial.

Super Boss Target CP Unlock requirements Time limit Pokémon unlocked
Raticate 100 Catch a Pokémon with CP 100 or higher 45 seconds Butterfree, Raticate
Ivysaur 130 Catch a Pokémon with CP 130 or higher
Catch 1 or more Butterfree
50 seconds Ivysaur, Gloom
Wartortle 180 Use a power gear to prepare a Pokémon with CP 180 or higher
Catch 8 or more kinds of Pokémon
Catch 1 or more Gloom
55 seconds Wartortle, Poliwhirl
Charmeleon 230 Use an upgraded power gear to prepare a Pokémon with CP 230 or higher
Catch 11 or more kinds of Pokémon
Catch 1 or more Poliwhirl
60 seconds Charmeleon, Graveler
Raichu 300 Use an upgraded power gear to prepare a Pokémon with CP 300 or higher
Catch 14 or more kinds of Pokémon
Catch 1 or more Graveler
70 seconds None
Highlighted rows indicate higher difficulty bosses marked by a red background in game.


The main game currently runs as bi-weekly events, providing a new island to explore and Super Bosses to defeat. Prior to update 1.3.1, Pokémon obtained from previous islands were not able to be used.

Event Location Duration Starter Pokémon
Charizard Island's Home Charizard Sea May 15 to June 5, 2019 Eevee
Dragonite's Stormy Island Dragonite Sea June 5 to June 19, 2019 Eevee
Snorlax Eats Everything Snorlax Sea June 19 to July 3, 2019 Munchlax
Caught in Pinsir's Grip Pinsir Sea July 3, 2019 to July 17, 2019 Pinsir
Zapdos Takes Flight! Zapdos Sea July 17 to August 7, 2019 Pichu
Jirachi and the Starry Sky Jirachi Sea August 7, 2019 to August 21, 2019 Magnemite
Gengar's Cavernous Hideout Gengar Sea August 21, 2019 to September 4, 2019 Slowpoke
Celebi's Forest Celebi Sea September 4, 2019 to September 18, 2019 Treecko
Castform and the Legendary Islands Castform Sea September 18, 2019 to October 2, 2019 Castform
Garchomp's Sonic Showdown Garchomp Sea October 2, 2019 to October 16, 2019 None

During the event, players are ranked according to the sum of the CP of their three most powerful Pokémon of different species. Players are rewarded Poké Diamonds at the end of the event depending on their rank. The rank is refreshed with each event.

Rank Reward
1 250Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png
2 200Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png
3 150Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png
4-10 100Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png
11-100 50Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png
101-1000 30Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png
1001-10000 20Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png
10001- 10Poké Diamond Rumble Rush.png

Differences from Pokémon Rumble World

  • Pokémon Rumble Rush changed the mechanic used for Areas. Now different areas are searched to find new Pokémon. Searching requires feathers, which regenerate by beating Super Bosses. However, the available areas change every two weeks and are themed with a pattern of 4-6 types with 2-3 out of the available types being the focus. This differs from Pokémon Rumble World, which use a balloon system for different Generations and a spinner to determine the area you'd visit.
  • Pokémon Rumble World kept the use of facilities that allowed you to do things like change moves, enter passwords for new Toy Pokémon, or any other things you might need. Pokémon Rumble Rush takes that away entirely without any form of replacement.
  • Pokémon Rumble Rush introduced Gears that allow you to further modify your Pokémon's CP Value beyond it's determined value, providing more use of the Toy Pokémon than previously given.
  • In Pokémon Rumble Rush, Miis return to the backseat. In Pokémon Rumble World, they traveled along with your Pokémon and gave the Pokémon bonuses, however they once again take a more subtle role in Pokémon Rumble Rush
    • Beyond your Mii in the balloon and other's Miis as their profile picture, Miis are essentially just an avatar. They provide no other obvious purpose.
  • Tasks and tournaments in Pokémon Rumble Rush are given to you by the Adventurer's Club, rather than the King of a Kingdom like in Pokémon Rumble World.
  • The Super Bosses in Pokémon Rumble World do not use the key cranking animation used in all previous Pokémon Rumble entries to grow in size. Instead, bosses start off big, and turn around when the active Pokémon encounters it.
    • Swapping Pokémon is no longer an event that happens in real time, and instead happens instantaneously. This provides a better way to swap Pokémon without the swap animation being cancelled by a foe's attack mid-way. Swapping Pokémon in a Super Boss battle stops the timer. However, if a Pokémon is swapped in a tournament battle once the timer for that round has started, swapping does not pause the timer.


Version history


Version Release date Official note
1.0.2 May 15, 2019 Fixed minor bugs.
1.0.3 May 22, 2019 Fixed minor bugs. (New bug with the Refinery detected by The Pokémon Company)
1.0.4 May 23, 2019 Refinery bug solved.
1.0.5 May 31, 2019 Fixed minor bugs.
1.1.0 June 19, 2019 Adjustment for items in Item Shop. (For items with "Set" in their title, you can choose when to activate them after purchasing them.)
1.1.1 June 27, 2019 Fixed minor bugs.
1.2.0 July 17, 2019
  • Super Boss Rush has become Coin Rush
  • The base numbers for gears and their numbers after being upgraded have been buffed.
  • The number of slots in the refinery has been increased from three to six.
  • Fixes to address the app force-quitting during gameplay
  • Implemented processing to address cases in which the game couldn't be started when there was a discrepancy with the time settings of the device.
1.3.0 September 5, 2019
  • Implemented daily stages
  • Updated contents of the Plenty of Pokémon Set
  • Bug fixes
1.3.1 October 2, 2019
  • Implemented Goals (optional Super Boss-related tasks)
  • Now you can use Poké Diamonds to search for a stage when you don’t have any Guide Feathers
  • Now you can use Poké Diamonds to increase the number of slots you have for Pokémon
  • The contents of the Really Refining Set have been updated
  • Bug fixes


Version Release date Official note
1.2.0 July 23, 2019 N/A
1.3.0 September 4, 2019
  • Implemented daily stages
  • Updated contents of the Plenty of Pokémon Set
  • Bug fixes
1.3.1 October 2, 2019
  • Implemented Goals (optional Super Boss-related tasks)
  • Now you can use Poké Diamonds to search for a stage when you don’t have any Guide Feathers
  • Now you can use Poké Diamonds to increase the number of slots you have for Pokémon
  • The contents of the Really Refining Set have been updated
  • Bug fixes


Pokémon Rumble Rush requires an internet connection. The game can be played on:

  • iOS devices: requires Apple iOS 9 or higher.
  • Android devices: requires Android 4.4 or higher, Snapdragon 410 or higher.



Alpha test

The first alpha test featured six Poké islands, 52 different stages, 35 Pokémon, and 15 floors of the Champion Tower.


  • Prior to the game's release, trademarks were filed for Chinese and Korean localizations of the Pokéland name as 寶可樂樂島 Poké Lèlèdǎo / Poké Lohklohkdóu and 포켓몬랜드 Pokémon Land, respectively.
  • This is the first Pokémon game to be released in the Reiwa period.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢大亂戰SP Pokémon Daaihlyuhnjin SP
Mandarin 寶可夢大亂戰SP Pokémon Dàluànzhàn SP
France Flag.png French Pokémon Rumble Rush
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon Rumble Rush
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémon Rumble Rush
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬 대격돌SP Pokémon Daegyeokdol SP
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokémon Rumble Rush

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