Pokémon in Romania

Pokémon in Romania
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Flag of Romania
Language Romanian
Continent Europe
Original anime airdates
EP001 2001
AG001 Never aired
DP001 September 2008
BW001 Never aired
XY001 Never aired
SM001 April 1, 2018
JN001 July 1, 2021

The Pokémon franchise first reached Romania with the airing of Pokémon Te Aleg Pe Tine!.

Pokémon video games

The Pokémon games are sold in Romania in English. Between 2001 and 2003, the distributor was SKIN Media. Since 2004, TNT Games, which went bankrupt in 2012, started to sell the games.[1] CD Media has been a distributor of Nintendo in Romania since 2016.[2] The subsidiary company Best Distribution deals with the sale of products in this country.

Pokémon merchandise

In 2000, it was available for Romanian fans to get Pokémon stickers by buying Chipicao (a croissant brand). They included the first 151 Pokémon.

Pokémon anime

The anime has been dubbed from the first season to the fifth. The other seasons have been skipped for unclear reasons, and from Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, only the thirteenth never aired.

The series first aired in the 2000s, with the first four seasons airing on ProTV before moving to TVR1. The fifth season premiered on Animax. The entire Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire was skipped due to unknown reasons. The anime resumed with the airing of the tenth season on Jetix in September 2008 but with entriely different voice actors. The eleventh season premiered in January 2009. Jetix became Disney Channel Romania on September 19, 2009 and it started airing the twelfth season in the same year. The anime stopped airing after the twelfth season for unknown reasons.

After a very long hiatus, the anime finally returned on April 1, 2018 with the release of Pokemon: Serialul - Soarele și Luna on Netflix. The twenty-first season was also released on April 1, 2019. Only the voice actors for Ash and James, Cristian Niculescu and Dan Lupu respectively, returned for those two seasons.

All of the English theme songs of these seasons have been dubbed into Romanian, except the tenth.

Pokémon movies

M11 was released under the title Giratina și Războinicul Văzduhului and aired on Jetix. M21 was released in 2018 under the title Pokémon – Filmul: Puterea e în noi. A Romanian dubbed version of M22 was released on Netflix on February 27, 2020 under the title Pokémon: Mew 2 contraatacă – Evoluție.

Cast and crew

The dub of the original series is by Zone Studio Oradea. Fast Production Film dubbed the tenth and eleventh seasons. The twelfth season is dubbed by Ager Film. When the anime returned for its hiatus, Fast Production Film returned to dub the twentieth and twenty-first seasons.

S01 - S05 (Zone Studio Oradea)

S10 - S12 (Fast Production Film and Ager Film)

S20 - S22 (Fast Production Film)

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