Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket

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Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket (Japanese: Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket(ポケモントレーディングカードゲームポケット)), abbreviated as Pokémon TCG Pocket (Japanese: ポケポケ Poképocke) is a free-to-play digital adaptation of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It will be released for iOS, iPadOS, and Android in 2024. The app supports Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket
Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket
Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket logo.png
Logo of Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket
Basic info
Platform: iOS, iPadOS, Android
Category: Card game
Players: 1
Connectivity: N/A
Developer: Creatures, Inc., DeNA Co., Ltd.
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Part of: Generation IX spin-off
Release dates
Japan: 2024
North America: 2024
Australia: 2024
Europe: 2024
South Korea: 2024
Hong Kong: 2024
Taiwan: 2024
Japanese: Pokémon.co.jp
English: Official site

The game was announced worldwide on Pokémon Day 2024 (February 27) at 14:00 UTC in an edition of Pokémon Presents.


Back of a card in Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket

Players collect digital cards, which may feature past artwork from the Pokémon TCG or be exclusive to the app. Two booster packs can be opened for free each day. "Immersive cards" allow players to experience the world inside the card's illustration. Players can also participate in quick battles using a simplified version of the traditional Pokémon TCG rules.

To achieve simpler rules, this game abandons certain TCG concepts and introduces new ones. Energy Zone replaces Energy cards in the deck. Points replace Prize cards. Resistance is absent, and Weakness only increases damage by 20.

Card rarity is indicated by a number of diamonds from 1 to 4, or a number of stars from 1 to 2. Cards with a star rarity are rarer than cards with a diamond rarity and are Full Art cards. All cards are unnumbered, and a lot of them reuse artwork from real-life cards, such as Pikachu or Psyduck. Cards use the Sun & Moon Series card template, but Energy icons on cards have a white outline, like on Sword & Shield Series cards.




In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket
Chinese Cantonese Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket
Mandarin Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket
  French Jeu de Cartes à Collectionner Pokémon Pocket
  German Pokémon‑Sammelkartenspiel‑Pocket
  Italian Gioco di Carte Collezionabili Pokémon Pocket
  Korean 포켓몬 카드 게임 Pocket Pokémon Card Game Pocket
  Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon Estampas Ilustradas Pocket
  Spanish Juego de Cartas Coleccionables Pokémon Pocket

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