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This is our central hub for all things TCG! Established in 2006, Project TCG runs the largest quantity of pages of any project on our ever-growing encyclopedia. Our goal is simple: have something intelligent written about every aspect of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Whether your interests are collecting, playing, or something completely different, Project TCG could certainly use your help! If none of our goals of the month strike your fancy, feel free to drop a line on our talk page, and we'll set you off in the right direction! Enjoy your stay at Project TCG, and we hope the coins flip in your favor!

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Scope and aims

Project TCG covers all aspects of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which includes cards, expansions, promotional merchandise, TCG side games, TCG manga, competitive play, and much much more.

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Ongoing tasks
Goals for December
Key templates

When entering information into any of the infoboxes, ensure that you preview before saving the page, as minor mistakes in spelling may make portions of them not work. Instructions on how each of the infoboxes work can be found on their respective discussion pages. As the TCG is a constantly evolving game, new parameters may be added to accommodate new game mechanics. Refer to these pages, or inspect the templates themselves to see new changes.

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