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5ban Graphics is a group of artists within Creatures, Inc. who have illustrated many cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game from Black & White onward. The group has designed many Trainer Cards, as well as many Full Art cards and Pokémon cards for the Black and White, XY, Sun & Moon, Sword & Shield, and Scarlet & Violet TCG Series.

An early example of 5ban Graphics' work

In 2012, a brief interview about the creation of card artwork was posted on the Creatures, Inc. PTCG blog in which they state they like to make the Pokémon look 3D along with exemplifying the best qualities of the Pokémon when possible so they stand out on their own. The group's name is a reference to Creatures' former address at 10 Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.[citation needed]


This is a collection of official Pokémon artwork drawn by 5ban Graphics.


This is a collection of official Pokémon merchandise that 5ban Graphics have contributed artwork to.

There are 916 cards illustrated by the group. For a list of cards they have illustrated, go here.

Cyber Judge booster art[1]
Wild Force booster art[2]

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