Stadium card (TCG)

A Stadium card (Japanese: スタジアム Stadium) is a subtype of Trainer cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, representing the venue in which the game is being played. They were first introduced in the Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge expansions. Between Diamond & Pearl and Call of Legends, Stadium cards were instead a distinct card type. From Black & White onward, Stadium returned to being a subtype of Trainer cards.

Stadium cards as of the Scarlet & Violet Series

Stadium cards have effects that apply to both players during a game. When a Stadium card is played, it is placed next to the Active Spot and stays in play, unless removed by the play of a new Stadium card or the effect of certain non-Stadium cards. A player may play only 1 Stadium card during their turn, and if a Stadium card is already in play, any Stadium card with the same name cannot be played.


During their introduction in Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge, Stadium cards were specifically based on the Gyms presided over by Kanto's Gym Leaders. However, later sets have increased the range of locations Stadium cards feature. Other locations from the core series games, ranging from recurring concepts like Pokémon Centers to specific dungeons like Mt. Coronet and towns like Spikemuth receive dedicated cards. Some Stadium cards even focus on locations original to the Trading Card Game, such as Holon Research Tower, Fighting Stadium, and Giant Hearth.

When a Stadium card is played, the card does not have an immediate effect before being discarded like Item and Supporter cards. Instead, a Stadium card stays in play, placed next to the Active Spot of the player. While a Stadium card is in play, the contents of its text box have an effect on the game state.

Stadiums can have a wide variety of effects:

Lysandre Labs demonstrates the effects of Stadiums are not limited to Pokémon and players.
Rocket's Tricky Gym shows the underused attack providing effect.
  • Some Stadiums affect properties that players have. For example, Collapsed Stadium reduces the number of Benched Pokémon a player can have from five to four. In comparison, Sky Field increases the number of allowed Benched Pokémon to eight.
  • Some Stadiums cause new events to happen. For example, while Frozen City is in play, either player attaching an Energy from their hand to a Pokémon causes two damage counters to be put on that Pokémon, unless its a Team Plasma Pokémon. Shrine of Punishment is another example, as it adds a new part to Pokémon Checkup where all Pokémon-EX and Pokémon-GX receive a damage counter.
  • Some Stadiums allow players to take an additional action, akin to activating an Ability or Pokémon Power. Examples of this include Cycling Road allowing each player to discard a Basic Energy from their hand to draw a card, Rough Seas allowing each player to heal 30 damage from their Water-type and Lightning-type Pokémon, and Rose Tower giving each player the option to draw cards until they have three cards in their hand. Usually, the action provided has a once per turn restriction, which is true of all of these examples.

Primordial Altar gives each player a new action they can do, but only once per turn.
Chaotic Swell has no effect of its own, but prevents the next Stadium played from having any effect either.

Stadium cards have some limitations. Only one Stadium card may be in play at any time, so if either player plays a Stadium card while another Stadium is in play, the Stadium that is currently in play is discarded to make room for the newer Stadium. Some non-Stadium card effects can remove Stadiums from play as well. Each player can only play one Stadium card per turn. Players cannot play a Stadium card that has the same name as the one currently in play, which prevents players from using a Stadium with a once per turn activation twice in the same turn. (There is one caveat to this. Should such a Stadium be removed from play through a means other than playing a Stadium, then a Stadium of that name can be played again. As the second stadium is a different object, its action would not be prevented by having used the action of the first Stadium.)

Some cards care about if there is any Stadium in play, while other cards care about if a Stadium with a specific name or specific phrase in their name is in play. Some cards even check if their owner has a Stadium in play, ignoring the presence of a Stadium played by the opponent.

The Stadium Chaotic Swell is particularly odd, as it has no effect while it is in play. Rather, its effect is to discard a Stadium card played that discarded Chaotic Swell, preventing the that Stadium from having any effect.

Prism Star Stadium

A Prism Star Stadium

In Lost Thunder, Prism Star Stadium cards were introduced. Only five of these cards were printed. Lost Thunder contains Thunder Mountain ♢, Life Forest ♢, and Heat Factory ♢. Team Up has the latter two: Black Market ♢ and Wondrous Labyrinth ♢. These cards have a shared effect which protects them from the effects of Item cards and Supporter cards. As such, the only way to remove these Stadium cards from play is through playing a different Stadium card or using the effect of an attack, Pokémon Power, or Ability.

As with Prism Star cards in general, these cards have black borders and various areas of the design have rainbow tinges added to them, such as the art box. The background of the card text area also features the   symbol. The artwork for these Prism Star cards always shows the subject with a fire-like glow.

Stadiums with two effects

Parallel City. the first of this odd group of Stadium cards.

In BREAKthrough, the card Parallel City was printed. It was followed by Reverse Valley in BREAKpoint and Chaos Tower in Fates Collide. These Stadium cards all have two effects, but have unique templating where one effect is written in upside down text. This is because when playing these cards, the direction the card is being played in is specified. Each effect's text will only face one player, and only the effect facing a player is applied to that player and/or their Pokémon.

Parallel City has two negative effects. The other two cards have two positive effects.

The rule preventing players from playing a Stadium with the same name as the Stadium that is in play still applies to these cards, even if they are in an unfavorable direction. [1]

These cards have artwork spanning the entire card, with the text for one effect being paired with a section using cool colors and the text for the other effect being paired with a section using warm colors. The art is done such that the upside down portion of the text is accompanied by an upside down portion of artwork.

List of Stadium cards

English cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Lucky Stadium - Wizards Black Star Promos 41
Pokémon Tower - Wizards Black Star Promos 42
No Removal Gym   Gym Heroes 103/132
The Rocket's Training Gym   Gym Heroes 104/132
Celadon City Gym   Gym Heroes 107/132
Cerulean City Gym   Gym Heroes 108/132
Pewter City Gym   Gym Heroes 115/132
Vermilion City Gym   Gym Heroes 120/132
Narrow Gym   Gym Heroes 124/132
Chaos Gym   Gym Challenge 102/132
Resistance Gym   Gym Challenge 109/132
Cinnabar City Gym   Gym Challenge 113/132
Fuchsia City Gym   Gym Challenge 114/132
Rocket's Minefield Gym   Gym Challenge 119/132
Saffron City Gym   Gym Challenge 122/132
Viridian City Gym   Gym Challenge 123/132
Ecogym   Neo Genesis 84/111
Sprout Tower   Neo Genesis 97/111
Healing Field   Neo Revelation 61/64
Rocket's Hideout   Neo Revelation 63/64
Broken Ground Gym   Neo Destiny 92/105
Radio Tower   Neo Destiny 95/105
Energy Stadium   Neo Destiny 99/105
Lucky Stadium   Neo Destiny 100/105
Apricorn Forest   Aquapolis 118/147
Pokémon Park   Aquapolis 131/147
Undersea Ruins   Aquapolis 138/147
Power Plant   Aquapolis 139/147
Ancient Ruins   Skyridge 119/144
Mirage Stadium   Skyridge 132/144
Mystery Zone   Skyridge 137/144
Underground Lake   Skyridge 141/144
Championship Arena - Nintendo Black Star Promos 028
High Pressure System   EX Dragon 85/97
Low Pressure System   EX Dragon 86/97
Team Aqua Hideout   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 78/95
Team Magma Hideout   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 83/95
Ancient Tomb   EX Hidden Legends 87/101
Desert Ruins   EX Hidden Legends 88/101
Island Cave   EX Hidden Legends 89/101
Magnetic Storm   EX Hidden Legends 91/101
Mt. Moon   EX FireRed & LeafGreen 94/112
Rocket's Hideout   EX Team Rocket Returns 87/109
Rocket's Tricky Gym   EX Team Rocket Returns 90/109
Meteor Falls   EX Deoxys 89/107
Space Center   EX Deoxys 91/107
Battle Frontier   EX Emerald 75/106
Pokémon Park   POP Series 2 10/17
Holon Research Tower   EX Delta Species 94/113
Holon Ruins   EX Delta Species 96/113
Cursed Stone   EX Legend Maker 72/92
Full Flame   EX Legend Maker 74/92
Giant Stump   EX Legend Maker 75/92
Power Tree   EX Legend Maker 76/92
Strange Cave   EX Legend Maker 77/92
High Pressure System   POP Series 3 10/17
Low Pressure System   POP Series 3 11/17
Holon Lake   EX Holon Phantoms 87/110
Crystal Beach   EX Crystal Guardians 75/100
Holon Circle   EX Crystal Guardians 79/100
Holon Legacy   EX Dragon Frontiers 74/101
Battle Frontier   EX Power Keepers 71/108
Drake's Stadium   EX Power Keepers 72/108
Glacia's Stadium   EX Power Keepers 76/108
Phoebe's Stadium   EX Power Keepers 79/108
Sidney's Stadium   EX Power Keepers 82/108
Ultimate Zone - DP Black Star Promos DP55
Speed Stadium   Diamond & Pearl 114/130
Lake Boundary   Mysterious Treasures 112/123
Moonlight Stadium   Great Encounters 100/106
Dawn Stadium   Majestic Dawn 79/100
Snowpoint Temple   Legends Awakened 134/146
Stark Mountain   Legends Awakened 135/146
Conductive Quarry   Stormfront 82/100
Broken Time-Space   Platinum 104/127
Galactic HQ   Platinum 106/127
Miasma Valley   Platinum 111/127
Pokémon Contest Hall   Rising Rivals 93/111
Sunyshore City Gym   Rising Rivals 94/111
Battle Tower   Supreme Victors 134/147
Champion's Room   Supreme Victors 135/147
Ultimate Zone   Platinum: Arceus 91/99
Burned Tower   Undaunted 71/90
Ruins of Alph   Undaunted 76/90
Indigo Plateau   Triumphant 86/102
Lost World   Call of Legends 81/95
Tropical Beach - BW Black Star Promos BW28
Battle City - BW Black Star Promos BW39
Tropical Beach - BW Black Star Promos BW50
Champion's Festival - BW Black Star Promos BW95
Pokémon Center   Next Destinies 90/99
Skyarrow Bridge   Next Destinies 91/99
Twist Mountain   Dark Explorers 101/108
Aspertia City Gym   Boundaries Crossed 127/149
Plasma Frigate   Plasma Storm 124/135
Virbank City Gym   Plasma Storm 126/135
Frozen City   Plasma Freeze 100/116
Champions Festival - XY Black Star Promos XY27
Champions Festival - XY Black Star Promos XY91
Champions Festival - XY Black Star Promos XY176
Fairy Garden   XY 117/146
Shadow Circle   XY 126/146
Magnetic Storm   Flashfire 91/106
Fighting Stadium   Furious Fists 90/111
Mountain Ring   Furious Fists 97/111
Training Center   Furious Fists 102/111
Dimension Valley   Phantom Forces 93/119
Steel Shelter   Phantom Forces 105/119
Rough Seas   Primal Clash 137/160
Scorched Earth   Primal Clash 138/160
Shrine of Memories   Primal Clash 139/160
Silent Lab   Primal Clash 140/160
Team Aqua's Secret Base   Double Crisis 28/34
Team Magma's Secret Base   Double Crisis 32/34
Sky Field   Roaring Skies 89/108
Faded Town   Ancient Origins 73/98
Forest of Giant Plants   Ancient Origins 74/98
Parallel City   BREAKthrough 145/162
All-Night Party   BREAKpoint 96/122
Reverse Valley   BREAKpoint 110/122
Chaos Tower   Fates Collide 94/124
Fairy Garden   Fates Collide 100/124
Scorched Earth   Fates Collide 110/124
Champions Festival - SM Black Star Promos SM78
Champions Festival - SM Black Star Promos SM148
Champions Festival - SM Black Star Promos SM231
Aether Paradise Conservation Area   Guardians Rising 116/145
Altar of the Moone   Guardians Rising 117/145
Altar of the Sunne   Guardians Rising 118/145
Brooklet Hill   Guardians Rising 120/145
Mount Lanakila   Burning Shadows 118/147
Po Town   Burning Shadows 121/147
Devoured Field   Crimson Invasion 93/111
Sea of Nothingness   Crimson Invasion 99/111
Mt. Coronet   Ultra Prism 130/156
Lysandre Labs   Forbidden Light 111/131
Ultra Space   Forbidden Light 115/131
Shrine of Punishment   Celestial Storm 143/168
Sky Pillar   Celestial Storm 144/168
Wela Volcano Park   Dragon Majesty 63/70
Heat Factory ♢   Lost Thunder 178/214
Life Forest ♢   Lost Thunder 180/214
Thunder Mountain ♢   Lost Thunder 191/214
Black Market ♢   Team Up 134/181
Lavender Town   Team Up 147/181
Viridian Forest   Team Up 156/181
Wondrous Labyrinth ♢   Team Up 158/181
Dust Island   Unbroken Bonds 168/214
Martial Arts Dojo   Unbroken Bonds 179/214
Power Plant   Unbroken Bonds 183/214
Blizzard Town   Unified Minds 187/236
Dark City   Unified Minds 193/236
Giant Hearth   Unified Minds 197/236
Pokémon Research Lab   Unified Minds 205/236
Slumbering Forest   Unified Minds 207/236
Viridian Forest   Unified Minds 256/236
Brock's Pewter City Gym   Hidden Fates 54/68
Misty's Cerulean City Gym   Hidden Fates 61/68
Aether Paradise Conservation Area   Hidden Fates SV87/SV94
Brooklet Hill   Hidden Fates SV88/SV94
Mt. Coronet   Hidden Fates SV89/SV94
Shrine of Punishment   Hidden Fates SV90/SV94
Chaotic Swell   Cosmic Eclipse 187/236
Giant Hearth   Cosmic Eclipse 263/236
Martial Arts Dojo   Cosmic Eclipse 268/236
Power Plant   Cosmic Eclipse 269/236
Galar Mine   Rebel Clash 160/192
Training Court   Rebel Clash 169/192
Turffield Stadium   Rebel Clash 170/192
Glimwood Tangle   Darkness Ablaze 162/189
Rose Tower   Darkness Ablaze 169/189
Spikemuth   Darkness Ablaze 170/189
Turffield Stadium   Champion's Path 068/073
Circhester Bath   Vivid Voltage 150/185
Wyndon Stadium   Vivid Voltage 161/185
Tower of Darkness   Battle Styles 137/163
Tower of Waters   Battle Styles 138/163
Dyna Tree Hill   Chilling Reign 135/198
Old Cemetery   Chilling Reign 147/198
Path to the Peak   Chilling Reign 148/198
Crystal Cave   Evolving Skies 144/203
Shopping Center   Evolving Skies 157/203
Stormy Mountains   Evolving Skies 161/203
Crystal Cave   Evolving Skies 230/203
Stormy Mountains   Evolving Skies 232/203
Turffield Stadium   Evolving Skies 234/230
Skater's Park   Fusion Strike 242/264
Training Court   Fusion Strike 282/264
Collapsed Stadium   Brilliant Stars 137/172
Magma Basin   Brilliant Stars 144/172
Magma Basin   Brilliant Stars 185/172
Gapejaw Bog   Astral Radiance 142/189
Jubilife Village   Astral Radiance 148/189
Temple of Sinnoh   Astral Radiance 155/189
Jubilife Village   Astral Radiance 212/189
Path to the Peak   Astral Radiance 213/189
Temple of Sinnoh   Astral Radiance 214/189
PokéStop   Pokémon GO 068/078
Lake Acuity   Lost Origin 160/196
Lost City   Lost Origin 161/196
Collapsed Stadium   Lost Origin 215/196
Primordial Altar   Silver Tempest 161/195
Gapejaw Bog   Silver Tempest 213/195
Beach Court   Scarlet & Violet 167/198
Mesagoza   Scarlet & Violet 178/198
Artazon   Paldea Evolved 171/193
Calamitous Snowy Mountain   Paldea Evolved 174/193
Calamitous Wasteland   Paldea Evolved 175/193
Practice Studio   Paldea Evolved 186/193
Pokémon League Headquarters   Obsidian Flames 192/197
Town Store   Obsidian Flames 196/197
Artazon   Obsidian Flames 229/197
Beach Court   Paradox Rift 263/182
Artazon   Paldean Fates 076/091
Moonlit Hill   Paldean Fates 081/091
Full Metal Lab   Temporal Forces 148/162
Perilous Jungle   Temporal Forces 156/162

Japanese cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Pewter City Gym - Nivi City Gym
Cerulean City Gym - Hanada City Gym
Vermilion City Gym - Kuchiba City Gym
Celadon City Gym - Tamamushi City Gym
Pokémon Plaza - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Narrow Gym   Leaders' Stadium
Vermilion City Gym   Leaders' Stadium
Celadon City Gym   Leaders' Stadium
Pewter City Gym   Leaders' Stadium
Cerulean City Gym   Leaders' Stadium
Chaos Gym   Leaders' Stadium
Resistance Gym   Leaders' Stadium
No Removal Gym   Leaders' Stadium
The Rocket's Training Gym   Leaders' Stadium
Saffron City Gym - Yamabuki City Gym
Cinnabar City Gym - Guren Town Gym
Cinnabar City Gym   Challenge from the Darkness
Fuchsia City Gym   Challenge from the Darkness
Saffron City Gym   Challenge from the Darkness
Rocket's Minefield Gym   Challenge from the Darkness
Viridian City Gym   Challenge from the Darkness
Koga's Ninja Gym - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Pokémon Valley - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Sprout Tower   Gold, Silver, to a New World...
Ecogym   Gold, Silver, to a New World...
Healing Field   Awakening Legends
Rocket's Hideout   Awakening Legends
Lucky Stadium - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Energy Stadium   Darkness, and to Light...
Lucky Stadium   Darkness, and to Light...
Broken Ground Gym   Darkness, and to Light...
Radio Tower   Darkness, and to Light...
Energy Stadium - Chikorita Side Deck
Lucky Stadium - Totodile Side Deck
Pokémon Park   The Town on No Map 088/092
Power Plant   The Town on No Map 089/092
Undersea Ruins   Wind from the Sea 083/087
Apricorn Forest   Wind from the Sea 084/087
Underground Lake   Split Earth 087/088
Mirage Stadium   Split Earth 088/088
Ancient Ruins   Mysterious Mountains 084/088
Mystery Zone   Mysterious Mountains 085/088
Low Pressure System - Flygon Constructed Starter Deck 019/019
High Pressure System - Salamence Constructed Starter Deck 019/019
Team Magma Hideout - Magma Deck Kit 032/033
Team Aqua Hideout - Aqua Deck Kit 032/033
Island Cave   Undone Seal 078/083
Ancient Tomb   Undone Seal 079/083
Desert Ruins   Undone Seal 080/083
High Pressure System   Undone Seal 081/083
Low Pressure System   Undone Seal 082/083
Magnetic Storm   Undone Seal 083/083
Magnetic Storm - Metagross Constructed Starter Deck 019/019
Pokémon Card Laboratory - PCG-P Promotional cards 024/PCG-P
Championship Arena - PCG-P Promotional cards 117/PCG-P
Mt. Moon   Flight of Legends 082/082
Space Center   Clash of the Blue Sky 078/082
Meteor Falls   Clash of the Blue Sky 079/082
Magnetic Storm - Movie Commemoration VS Pack: Sky-Splitting Deoxys 019/019
Rocket's Hideout   Rocket Gang Strikes Back 081/084
Rocket's Tricky Gym   Rocket Gang Strikes Back 082/084
Strange Cave   Mirage Forest 081/086
Full Flame   Mirage Forest 082/086
Giant Stump   Mirage Forest 083/086
Cursed Stone   Mirage Forest 084/086
Power Tree   Mirage Forest 085/086
Battle Frontier - Mirage's Mew Constructed Starter Deck 016/016
Pokémon Park - Master Kit 010/012
Holon Research Tower   Holon Research Tower 082/086
Holon Ruins   Holon Research Tower 083/086
Champion's League - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Championship Arena - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Holon Lake   Holon Phantom 051/052
Crystal Beach   Miracle Crystal 073/075
Holon Circle   Miracle Crystal 074/075
Holon Legacy   Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends 067/068
Speed Stadium   Space-Time Creation
Speed Stadium   Space-Time Creation
Championship Arena - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Lake Boundary   Secret of the Lakes
Battle Frontier   World Champions Pack 093/108
Sidney's Stadium   World Champions Pack 094/108
Drake's Stadium   World Champions Pack 095/108
Phoebe's Stadium   World Champions Pack 096/108
Glacia's Stadium   World Champions Pack 097/108
Moonlight Stadium   Moonlit Pursuit
Dawn Stadium   Dawn Dash
Champion's League - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Pokémon Pal City - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Champion's League - Unnumbered Promotional cards
Stark Mountain   Cry from the Mysterious
Snowpoint Temple   Temple of Anger
Miasma Valley - Giratina vs Dialga Deck Kit 014/014
Conductive Valley - Giratina vs Dialga Deck Kit 014/014
Battle Tower - DPt-P Promotional cards 019/DPt-P
Michina Temple - DPt-P Promotional cards 044/DPt-P
Ultimate Zone - DPt-P Promotional cards 048/DPt-P
Galatic HQ   Galactic's Conquest 091/096
Broken Time-Space   Galactic's Conquest 092/096
Sunyshore City Gym   Bonds to the End of Time 082/090
Pokémon Contest Hall   Bonds to the End of Time 083/090
Champion's Room   Beat of the Frontier 093/100
Battle Tower   Beat of the Frontier 094/100
Ultimate Zone   Advent of Arceus 090/090
Burned Tower - L-P Promotional cards 052/L-P
Indigo Plateau - L-P Promotional cards 054/L-P
Ruins of Alph   Reviving Legends 077/080
Burned Tower   Reviving Legends 078/080
Lost World   Lost Link 040/040
Indigo Plateau   Clash at the Summit 079/080
Battle City - BW-P Promotional cards 107/BW-P
Pokémon Center - BW-P Promotional cards 190/BW-P
Skyarrow Bridge   Psycho Drive 051/052
Pokémon Center   Hail Blizzard 051/052
Twist Mountain   Dark Rush 069/069
Virbank City Gym   Freeze Bolt 057/059
Aspertia City Gym   Cold Flare 057/059
Plasma Frigate   Plasma Gale 066/070
Plasma Frigate - Team Plasma's Powered Half Deck 016/017
Plasma Frigate - Team Plasma Battle Gift Set 015/016
Forzen City   Spiral Force 049/051
All-Night Party - XY-P Promotional cards 139/XY-P
Champions Festival - XY-P Promotional cards XY-P
Fairy Garden - Xerneas Half Deck 014/014
Shadow Circle - Yveltal Half Deck 014/014
Magnetic Storm   Wild Blaze 080/080
Training Center   Rising Fist 092/096
Fighting Stadium   Rising Fist 093/096
Mountain Ring   Rising Fist 094/096
Dimension Valley   Phantom Gate 087/088
Steel Shelter - Hyper Metal Chain Deck 017/018
Shadow Circle - Super Legend Set: Xerneas-EX & Yveltal-EX 021/023
Fairy Garden - Super Legend Set: Xerneas-EX & Yveltal-EX 022/023
Shrine of Memories   Gaia Volcano 068/070
Scorched Earth   Gaia Volcano 069/070
Rough Seas   Tidal Storm 068/070
Silent Lab   Tidal Storm 069/070
Team Aqua Secret Base   Magma Gang VS Aqua Gang: Double Crisis 031/034
Team Magma Secret Base   Magma Gang VS Aqua Gang: Double Crisis 032/034
Sky Field   Emerald Break 077/078
Faded Town   Bandit Ring 078/081
Forest of Giant Plants   Bandit Ring 079/081
Scorched Earth - M Master Deck Build Box Power Style 046/049
Fairy Garden - M Master Deck Build Box Power Style 047/049
Rough Seas - M Master Deck Build Box Power Style 046/049
Shadow Circle - M Master Deck Build Box Speed Style 047/049
Parallel City   Blue Shock 058/059
Reverse Valley   Rage of the Broken Heavens 079/080
Forest of Giant Plants - Grass/Fighting Battle Strength Set 079/081
Fighting Stadium - Grass/Fighting Battle Strength Set 093/096
Scorched Earth - Fire/Lightning Battle Strength Set 069/070
Rough Seas - Fire/Lightning Battle Strength Set 068/070
Rough Seas - Water/Psychic Battle Strength Set 068/070
Dimension Valley - Water/Psychic Battle Strength Set 087/088
Chaos Tower   Awakening Psychic King 078/078
Scorched Earth - Zygarde-EX Perfect Battle Deck 018/019
Fairy Garden - M Audino-EX Mega Battle Deck 025/026
Forest of Giant Plants - Premium Champion Pack 127/131
Dimension Valley - Premium Champion Pack 128/131
Sky Field - Premium Champion Pack 129/131
Fighting Stadium - Premium Champion Pack 130/131
Player's Ceremony - SM-P Promotional cards 248/SM-P
Player's Ceremony - SM-P Promotional cards 398/SM-P
Champions Festival - SM-P Promotional cards SM-P
Rough Seas - Premium Trainer Box 015/018
Forest of Giant Plants - Premium Trainer Box 016/018
Altar of the Moone - Enhanced Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 050/051
Altar of the Sunne - Enhanced Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 051/051
Aether Paradise Conservation Area   Islands Await You 050/050
Brooklet Hill   Alolan Moonlight 050/050
Rough Seas - The Best of XY 153/171
Forest of Giant Plants - The Best of XY 154/171
Silent Lab - The Best of XY 155/171
Dimension Valley - The Best of XY 156/171
Scorched Earth - The Best of XY 157/171
Sky Field - The Best of XY 158/171
Parallel City - The Best of XY 159/171
Fairy Garden - The Best of XY 160/171
Reverse Valley - The Best of XY 161/171
Mount Lanakila   To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow 051/051
Po Town   Darkness that Consumes Light 051/051
Sea of Nothingness   Ultradimensional Beasts 048/050
Devoured Field   Ultradimensional Beasts 049/050
Aether Paradise Conservation Area - GX Battle Boost 110/114
Altar of the Moone - GX Battle Boost 111/114
Brooklet Hill - GX Battle Boost 112/114
Altar of the Sunne - GX Battle Boost 113/114
Mt. Coronet   Ultra Sun 064/066
Aether Paradise Conservation Area - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Premium Trainer Box 009/020
Altar of the Moone - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Premium Trainer Box 010/020
Brooklet Hill - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Premium Trainer Box 011/020
Ultra Space - Ultra Force 047/050
Rough Seas - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Deck Build Boxes 037/041
Forest of Giant Plants - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Deck Build Boxes 038/041
Dimension Valley - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Deck Build Boxes 039/041
Sky Field - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Deck Build Boxes 040/041
Lysandre Labs   Forbidden Light 092/094
Wela Volcano Park   Dragon Storm 051/053
Devoured Field   Dragon Storm 052/053
Brooklet Hill   Dragon Storm 053/053
Shrine of Punishment   Sky-Splitting Charisma 094/096
Sky Pillar   Sky-Splitting Charisma 095/096
Thunder Mountain ♢   Thunderclap Spark 058/060
Altar of the Moone - GX Starter Decks 127/131
Devoured Field - GX Starter Decks 128/131
Brooklet Hill - GX Starter Decks 129/131
Mt. Coronet - GX Starter Decks 130/131
Life Forest ♢   Fairy Rise 050/050
Heat Factory ♢   Super-Burst Impact 093/095
Black Market ♢   Dark Order 052/052
Shrine of Punishment - GX Ultra Shiny 141/150
Wela Volcano Park - GX Ultra Shiny 142/150
Ultra Space - GX Ultra Shiny 143/150
Mt. Coronet - GX Ultra Shiny 144/150
Wondrous Labyrinth ♢   GX Ultra Shiny 145/150
Lavender Town   Tag Bolt 090/095
Viridian Forest   Tag Bolt 091/095
Brooklet Hill   Tag Bolt 118/095
Aether Paradise Conservation Area - Tag Team GX Premium Trainer Box 033/035
Brooklet Hill - Tag Team GX Premium Trainer Box 034/035
Aether Paradise Conservation Area   Night Unison 070/055
Misty's Cerulean City Gym - Trainer Battle Decks 029/031
Brock's Pewter City Gym - Trainer Battle Decks 030/031
Power Plant   Full Metal Wall 050/054
Mt. Coronet   Full Metal Wall 069/054
Martial Arts Dojo   Double Blaze 089/095
Dust Island   Double Blaze 090/095
Shrine of Punishment   Double Blaze 115/095
Giant Hearth   GG End 050/054
Blizzard Town   Sky Legend 049/054
Viridian Forest   Sky Legend 068/054
Slumbering Forest   Miracle Twin 088/094
Pokémon Research Lab   Miracle Twin 089/094
Dark City - Tag Team GX Starter Sets 030/031
Martial Arts Dojo   Remix Bout 079/064
Power Plant   Dream League 075/049
Chaotic Swell   Alter Genesis 091/095
Giant Hearth   Alter Genesis 117/095
Shrine of Punishment - Tag All Stars 160/173
Martial Arts Dojo - Tag All Stars 161/173
Giant Hearth - Tag All Stars 162/173
Thunder Mountain ♢   Tag All Stars 163/173
Mt. Coronet - Tag All Stars 164/173
Viridian Forest - Tag All Stars 165/173
Heat Factory ♢   Tag All Stars 166/173
Black Market ♢   Tag All Stars 167/173
Life Forest ♢   Tag All Stars 168/173
Wondrous Labyrinth ♢   Tag All Stars 169/173
Dimension Valley - Extra Regulation Box 041/048
Sky Field - Extra Regulation Box 042/048
Fairy Garden - Extra Regulation Box 043/048
Player's Ceremony - S-P Promotional cards 127/S-P
Martial Arts Dojo - Sword & Shield Premium Trainer Box 023/024
Turffield Stadium   VMAX Rising 069/070
Training Court   VMAX Rising 069/070
Galar Mine   Rebellion Crash 093/096
Glimwood Tangle   Explosive Walker 069/070
Spikemuth   Infinity Zone 097/100
Rose Tower   Infinity Zone 098/100
Martial Arts Dojo - V Starter Decks 125/127
Turffield Stadium - V Starter Decks 126/127
Circhester Bath   Amazing Volt Tackle 097/100
Wyndon Stadium   Amazing Volt Tackle 098/100
Turffield Stadium - Shiny Star V 179/190
Training Court - Shiny Star V 180/190
Glimwood Tangle - Shiny Star V 181/190
Rose Tower - Shiny Star V 182/190
Tower of Darkness   Single Strike Master 069/070
Tower of Waters   Rapid Strike Master 069/070
Martial Arts Dojo - Single Strike & Rapid Strike Premium Trainer Boxes 024/033
Turffield Stadium - Single Strike & Rapid Strike Premium Trainer Boxes 025/033
Training Court - Single Strike & Rapid Strike Premium Trainer Boxes 026/033
Dyna Tree Hill   Peerless Fighters 070/070
Path to the Peak   Silver Lance 069/070
Old Cemetery   Jet-Black Spirit 068/070
Shopping Center   Eevee Heroes 068/069
Tower of Darkness - Gengar VMAX High-Class Deck 018/019
Tower of Waters - Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck 021/022
Crystal Cave   Skyscraping Perfection 066/067
Crystal Cave   Skyscraping Perfection 089/067
Stormy Mountains   Blue Sky Stream 066/067
Stormy Mountains   Blue Sky Stream 089/067
Skaters' Park   Fusion Arts 099/100
Tower of Darkness - VMAX Climax 166/184
Path to the Peak - VMAX Climax 167/184
Old Cemetery - VMAX Climax 168/184
Turffield Stadium - VMAX Climax 169/184
Tower of Waters - VMAX Climax 170/184
Collapsed Stadium   Star Birth 098/100
Magma Basin   Star Birth 099/100
Magma Basin   Star Birth 127/100
Jubilife Village   Battle Region 067/067
Jubilife Village   Battle Region 093/067
Gapejaw Bog   Time Gazer 067/067
Path to the Peak   Time Gazer 088/067
Temple of Sinnoh   Space Juggler 067/067
Temple of Sinnoh   Space Juggler 087/067
Lake Acuity   Dark Phantasma 071/071
PokéStop   Pokémon GO 071/071
Primordial Altar   Paradigm Trigger 097/098
Gapejaw Bog   Paradigm Trigger 125/098
Stormy Mountains - VSTAR Universe 164/172
Path to the Peak - VSTAR Universe 165/172
Gapejaw Bog - VSTAR Universe 166/172
Collapsed Stadium - VSTAR Universe 167/172
Jubilife Village - VSTAR Universe 168/172
Temple of Sinnoh - VSTAR Universe 169/172
Magma Basin - VSTAR Universe 170/172
Beach Court   Scarlet ex 078/078
Mesagoza   Violet ex 078/078
Artazon   Triplet Beat 070/073
Practice Studio   Triplet Beat 071/073
Calamitous Snowy Mountain   Snow Hazard 070/071
Calamitous Wasteland   Clay Burst 070/071
Cycling Road   Pokémon Card 151 165/165
Town Store   Ruler of the Black Flame 107/108
Pokémon League Headquarters   Ruler of the Black Flame 108/108
Artazon   Ruler of the Black Flame 140/108
Moonlit Hill - SV-P Promotional cards 095/SV-P
Beach Court   Raging Surf 091/062
Town Store - Shiny Treasure ex 183/190
Beach Court - Shiny Treasure ex 184/190
Artazon - Shiny Treasure ex 185/190
Pokémon League Headquarters - Shiny Treasure ex 186/190
Practice Studio - Shiny Treasure ex 187/190
Perilous Jungle   Wild Force 070/071
Full Metal Lab   Cyber Judge 070/071
Community Center   Crimson Haze 065/066
Festival Grounds   Transformation Mask 099/101
Jamming Tower   Transformation Mask 100/101


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