Pokémon ex (TCG)

This article is about the variant of Pokémon introduced in the Scarlet and Violet series. For the variant introduced during the EX Series, see Pokémon-ex (TCG). For the variant introduced in the Black and White and XY Series, see Pokémon-EX (TCG).

An example of a Pokémon ex

Pokémon ex (Japanese: ポケモンex Pokémon ex) are a type of Pokémon found in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They were first introduced in the Scarlet & Violet expansion. Pokémon ex have a stylized ex graphic on the card name.

In terms of gameplay, Pokémon ex are similar to both the Pokémon-EX from the Black & White and XY Series and the Pokémon-GX from the Sun & Moon Series; they typically have more HP and stronger attacks than regular Pokémon. However, Pokémon ex have a Rule Box that say that whenever a Pokémon ex is Knocked Out, the opponent takes two Prize cards instead of one. Like Pokémon-GX and Pokémon-ex and unlike Pokémon V, Pokémon ex are classified by their usual stage of Evolution.

Pokémon ex may be Terastallized, dubbed Tera Pokémon ex, which have a stylized ex graphic in their name and a box under their name that says that they do not take damage when on the Bench, although this box does not appear to be classified as a Rule Box. Tera Pokémon ex can have Energy types that differ from their usual types. These so-called type-shifted Tera Pokémon ex use the same Energy as their usual type for attacks; however, they have a different Weakness that corresponds with their shifted type.

Aesthetically, the artwork is most comparable to Pokémon-EX and LV.X, with the regular prints having similar layout as normal cards and breaking the borders of the illustration window. However, the rest of the illustration is visible through the rest of the card, which gives the impression of being translucent, similarly to Full Art cards. Following the Scarlet & Violet series increased focus on illustrations, the regular prints' artwork may be 3D or 2D, although the former is the most common. Pokémon ex cards also recieve a Full Art print, which are similar to the Full Art prints of Pokémon-GX and Pokémon V, and may recieve a Special Illustration Rare print, and in some cases a Hyper Rare print. Tera Pokémon ex's illustrations are mostly the same as regular Pokémon ex, but appear to fire crystals in the regular prints. The Full Art prints have white backgrounds with a crystal-like holofoil effect, and have sparkles around the Pokémon.

Pokémon that have appeared as Pokémon ex

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Klawf          SV-P Promotional cards   027/SV-P
Mimikyu    SVP Black Star Promos   004 ex Starter Set Quaxly & Mimikyu ex   006/023
Spidops    Scarlet & Violet   019/198 Violet ex   008/078
Scarlet & Violet   223/198 Violet ex   091/078
Scarlet & Violet   243/198 Violet ex   101/078
Magnezone    Scarlet & Violet   065/198 Violet ex   028/078
Scarlet & Violet   226/198 Violet ex   093/078
Miraidon    Scarlet & Violet   081/198 Violet ex   037/078
Scarlet & Violet   227/198 Violet ex   094/078
Scarlet & Violet   244/198 Violet ex   102/078
Scarlet & Violet   253/198 Violet ex   106/078
SVP Black Star Promos   028      
Gardevoir    Scarlet & Violet   086/198 Scarlet ex   028/078
Scarlet & Violet   228/198 Scarlet ex   092/078
Scarlet & Violet   245/198 Scarlet ex   101/078
Banette    Scarlet & Violet   088/198 Violet ex   041/078
Scarlet & Violet   229/198 Violet ex   095/078
Great Tusk    Scarlet & Violet   123/198 Scarlet ex   049/078
Scarlet & Violet   230/198 Scarlet ex   093/078
Scarlet & Violet   246/198 Scarlet ex   102/078
Koraidon    Scarlet & Violet   125/198 Scarlet ex   050/078
Scarlet & Violet   231/198 Scarlet ex   094/078
Scarlet & Violet   247/198 Scarlet ex   103/078
Scarlet & Violet   254/198 Scarlet ex   106/078
SVP Black Star Promos   029      
Toxicroak    Scarlet & Violet   131/198 Scarlet ex   055/078
Scarlet & Violet   232/198 Scarlet ex   095/078
Iron Treads    Scarlet & Violet   143/198 Violet ex   058/078
Scarlet & Violet   233/198 Violet ex   096/078
Scarlet & Violet   248/198 Violet ex   103/078
Oinkologne    Scarlet & Violet   158/198 Scarlet ex   068/078
Scarlet & Violet   234/198 Scarlet ex   096/078
Mabosstiff          SV-P Promotional cards   055/SV-P
Ampharos    SVP Black Star Promos   016 ex Starter Set Fuecoco & Ampharos ex   007/021
Lucario    SVP Black Star Promos   017 ex Starter Set Sprigatito & Lucario ex   009/023
Cyclizar    SVP Black Star Promos   018 SV-P Promotional cards   009/SV-P
Toedscruel          ex Special Set   002/007
Pawmot          ex Special Set   005/007
Houndstone          ex Special Set   007/007
Meowscarada    Paldea Evolved   015/193 Triplet Beat   007/073
Paldea Evolved   231/193 Triplet Beat   086/073
Paldea Evolved   256/193 Triplet Beat   096/073
Paldea Evolved   271/193 Triplet Beat   101/073
Wo-Chien    Paldea Evolved   027/193 Snow Hazard   015/071
Paldea Evolved   232/193 Snow Hazard   084/071
Paldea Evolved   257/193 Snow Hazard   092/071
Skeledirge    Paldea Evolved   037/193 Triplet Beat   020/073
Paldea Evolved   233/193 Triplet Beat   087/073
Paldea Evolved   258/193 Triplet Beat   097/073
Paldea Evolved   272/193 Triplet Beat   102/073
Chi-Yu    Paldea Evolved   040/193 Clay Burst   016/071
Paldea Evolved   234/193 Clay Burst   085/071
Paldea Evolved   259/193 Clay Burst   092/071
Quaquaval    Paldea Evolved   052/193 Triplet Beat   030/073
Paldea Evolved   235/193 Triplet Beat   088/073
Paldea Evolved   260/193 Triplet Beat   098/073
Paldea Evolved   273/193 Triplet Beat   103/073
Chien-Pao    Paldea Evolved   061/193 Snow Hazard   028/071
Paldea Evolved   236/193 Snow Hazard   085/071
Paldea Evolved   261/193 Snow Hazard   093/071
Paldea Evolved   274/193 Snow Hazard   097/071
SVP Black Star Promos   030      
Pikachu    Paldea Evolved   063/193 ex Starter Set Pikachu ex & Pawmot   001/021
Bellibolt    Paldea Evolved   079/193 Clay Burst   025/071
Paldea Evolved   237/193 Clay Burst   086/071
Lycanroc    Paldea Evolved   117/193 Triplet Beat   050/073
Paldea Evolved   241/193 Triplet Beat   090/073
Ting-Lu    Paldea Evolved   127/193 Clay Burst   049/071
Paldea Evolved   243/193 Clay Burst   088/071
Paldea Evolved   263/193 Clay Burst   094/071
Paldea Evolved   275/193 Clay Burst   097/071
Paldean Clodsire    Paldea Evolved   130/193 Triplet Beat   054/073
Paldea Evolved   244/193 Triplet Beat   091/073
Copperajah    Paldea Evolved   150/193 Snow Hazard   054/071
Paldea Evolved   245/193 Snow Hazard   088/071
Noivern    Paldea Evolved   153/193 Clay Burst   058/071
Paldea Evolved   246/193 Clay Burst   089/071
Squawkabilly    Paldea Evolved   169/193 Snow Hazard   065/071
Paldea Evolved   247/193 Snow Hazard   089/071
Paldea Evolved   264/193 Snow Hazard   094/071
Tinkaton    Paldea Evolved   240/193 Clay Burst   087/071
Paldea Evolved   262/193 Clay Burst   093/071
SVP Black Star Promos   031 Clay Burst   035/071
Annihilape    Paldea Evolved   242/193 Snow Hazard   087/071
SVP Black Star Promos   032 Snow Hazard   040/071
Venusaur          Pokémon Card 151   003/165
Charizard          Pokémon Card 151   006/165
Blastoise          Pokémon Card 151   009/165
Arbok          Pokémon Card 151   024/165
Ninetales          Pokémon Card 151   038/165
Wigglytuff          Pokémon Card 151   040/165
Alakazam          Pokémon Card 151   065/165
Golem          Pokémon Card 151   076/165
Kangaskhan          Pokémon Card 151   115/165
Jynx          Pokémon Card 151   124/165
Zapdos          Pokémon Card 151   145/165
Mew          Pokémon Card 151   151/165
Decidueye          Grass Decidueye ex Start Deck   008/139
Victini          Fire Victini ex Start Deck   014/139
Greninja          Water Greninja ex Start Deck   029/139
Miraidon          Lightning Miraidon ex Start Deck   046/139
Clefable          Psychic Clefable ex Start Deck   048/139
Koraidon          Fighting Koraidon ex Start Deck   068/139
Houndoom          Darkness Houndoom ex Start Deck   072/139
Melmetal          Metal Melmetal ex Start Deck   085/139
Lugia    Venusaur & Lugia ex Deck     Venusaur & Lugia ex Deck   017/032
Ho-Oh    Charizard & Ho-Oh ex Deck     Charizard & Ho-Oh ex Deck   007/032
Suicune    Blastoise & Suicune ex Deck     Blastoise & Suicune ex Deck   010/032
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Arcanine    Scarlet & Violet   032/198 Violet ex   016/078
Scarlet & Violet   224/198 Violet ex   092/078
Gyarados    Scarlet & Violet   045/198 Scarlet ex   014/078
Scarlet & Violet   225/198 Scarlet ex   091/078
Forretress    Paldea Evolved   005/193 Clay Burst   005/071
Paldea Evolved   230/193 Clay Burst   084/071
Slowking    Paldea Evolved   086/193 Snow Hazard   030/071
Paldea Evolved   238/193 Snow Hazard   086/071
Dedenne    Paldea Evolved   093/193 Triplet Beat   038/073
Paldea Evolved   239/193 Triplet Beat   089/073

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