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Scarlet & Violet
スカーレットex • バイオレットex
SetSymbolScarlet and Violet.png
SV1 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 198+
Japanese: 156+
Set number English: 95
Japanese: 88
Release date English: March 31, 2023
Japanese: January 20, 2023
Paradigm Trigger
Scarlet ex • Violet ex
Snow Hazard • Clay Burst

Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet (Japanese: スカーレットex Scarlet ex; バイオレットex Violet ex) is the name of the first main expansion of cards from the Scarlet & Violet Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the Scarlet & Violet Era in Japan). This set marks the return of Pokémon-ex and is the first to feature Generation IX and the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games.


Scarlet ex logo
Violet ex logo

Scarlet & Violet is the first main expansion in the Scarlet & Violet Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and is slated for release on March 31, 2023. The Japanese equivalent, Scarlet ex • Violet ex, is the first main expansion in Japan and is set to be released on January 20, 2023.

Scarlet & Violet, and the Japanese Scarlet ex and Violet ex, focus on Koraidon and Miraidon, both of which are included as Pokémon-ex. The set is the first to feature Pokémon, items, characters and places from the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games. Certain Pokémon-ex also include a new Terastal mechanic that works similarly to Ancient Traits.

Releasing on the same day in Japan will be the three ex Starter Sets, each starring one Pokémon-ex and one of the Paldean starter Pokémon. These Starter Sets and the Scarlet ex • Violet ex expansion will be combined to create the English release.

This new expansion introduces various design changes for the Pokémon Trading Card Game that will be implemented starting with the Scarlet & Violet expansion. For international audiences, yellow borders on Pokémon TCG cards will become gray to match the cards released in Japan, providing a more seamless Pokémon TCG experience around the world while allowing the card artwork to shine even further. Additionally, expansion symbols will be replaced by expansion codes and language codes across all cards. All cards with a Rare rarity will be holofoil in booster packs, and booster packs will now contain a guaranteed three Holofoil cards instead of only two. For worldwide audiences, subcategories for Trainer cards — such as Supporter, Item and Stadium — will appear in the top left corner to be more visible in players’ hands. Basic Energy cards will display another Energy symbol on the bottom right corner to make it easier to track during gameplay.[1] Pokémon Tool cards will also now be considered a category of Trainer cards alongside Item cards, Supporter cards, and Stadium cards. They were previously a sub-category of Item cards.

Additional Cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
013/198   Sprigatito   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Mirage Holo Paldea Collection exclusive
036/198   Fuecoco   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Mirage Holo Paldea Collection exclusive
052/198   Quaxly   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Mirage Holo Paldea Collection exclusive
054/198   Quaquaval   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box exclusive
061/198   Dondozo   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box exclusive
076/198   Pawmot   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box exclusive
105/198   Greavard   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Mirage Holo Mimikyu ex Box exclusive
142/198   Revavroom   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box exclusive
154/198   Lechonk   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Reverse Holo "GameStop" stamp gift with purchase exclusive (USA)
155/198   Lechonk   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Reverse Holo "Pokémon Center" stamp Scarlet & Violet preorder promo
189/198   Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box exclusive
190/198   Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box exclusive

Set lists

Scarlet & Violet
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/198 G Pineco     Promotion
002/198 G Heracross     Promotion
003/198 G Shroomish     Promotion
004/198 G Breloom     Promotion
005/198 G Cacnea     Promotion
006/198 G Cacturne     Promotion
007/198 G Tropius     Promotion
008/198 G Scatterbug     Promotion
009/198 G Spewpa     Promotion
010/198 G Vivillon     Promotion
011/198 G Skiddo     Promotion
012/198 G Gogoat     Promotion
013/198 G Sprigatito     Promotion
014/198 G Floragato     Promotion
015/198 G Meowscarada     Promotion
016/198 G Tarountula     Promotion
017/198 G Tarountula     Promotion
018/198 G Tarountula     Promotion
019/198 G Spidops      Promotion
020/198 G Smoliv     Promotion
021/198 G Smoliv     Promotion
022/198 G Dolliv     Promotion
023/198 G Arboliva     Promotion
024/198 G Toedscool     Promotion
025/198 G Toedscool     Promotion
026/198 G Toedscruel     Promotion
027/198 G Capsakid     Promotion
028/198 G Capsakid     Promotion
029/198 G Scovillain     Promotion
030/198 G Growlithe     Promotion
031/198 G Growlithe     Promotion
032/198 G Arcanine      Promotion
033/198 G Houndour     Promotion
034/198 G Houndoom     Promotion
035/198 G Torkoal     Promotion
036/198 G Fuecoco     Promotion
037/198 G Crocalor     Promotion
038/198 G Skeledirge     Promotion
039/198 G Charcadet     Promotion
040/198 G Charcadet     Promotion
041/198 G Armarouge     Promotion
042/198 G Slowpoke     Promotion
043/198 G Slowbro     Promotion
044/198 G Magikarp     Promotion
045/198 G Gyarados      Promotion
046/198 G Buizel     Promotion
047/198 G Floatzel     Promotion
048/198 G Alomomola     Promotion
049/198 G Clauncher     Promotion
050/198 G Clawitzer     Promotion
051/198 G Bruxish     Promotion
052/198 G Quaxly     Promotion
053/198 G Quaxwell     Promotion
054/198 G Quaquaval     Promotion
055/198 G Wiglett     Promotion
056/198 G Wiglett     Promotion
057/198 G Wugtrio     Promotion
058/198 G Cetoddle     Promotion
059/198 G Cetoddle     Promotion
060/198 G Cetitan     Promotion
061/198 G Dondozo     Promotion
062/198 G Tatsugiri     Promotion
063/198 G Magnemite     Promotion
064/198 G Magneton     Promotion
065/198 G Magnezone      Promotion
066/198 G Mareep     Promotion
067/198 G Flaaffy     Promotion
068/198 G Pachirisu     Promotion
069/198 G Rotom     Promotion
070/198 G Rotom     Promotion
071/198 G Toxel     Promotion
072/198 G Toxtricity     Promotion
073/198 G Pawmi     Promotion
074/198 G Pawmi     Promotion
075/198 G Pawmo     Promotion
076/198 G Pawmot     Promotion
077/198 G Wattrel     Promotion
078/198 G Wattrel     Promotion
079/198 G Kilowattrel     Promotion
080/198 G Miraidon     Promotion
081/198 G Miraidon      Promotion
082/198 G Drowzee     Promotion
083/198 G Hypno     Promotion
084/198 G Ralts     Promotion
085/198 G Kirlia     Promotion
086/198 G Gardevoir      Promotion
087/198 G Shuppet     Promotion
088/198 G Banette      Promotion
089/198 G Drifloon     Promotion
090/198 G Drifblim     Promotion
091/198 G Flabébé     Promotion
092/198 G Floette     Promotion
093/198 G Florges     Promotion
094/198 G Dedenne     Promotion
095/198 G Dedenne     Promotion
096/198 G Klefki     Promotion
097/198 G Fidough     Promotion
098/198 G Fidough     Promotion
099/198 G Dachsbun     Promotion
100/198 G Flittle     Promotion
101/198 G Flittle     Promotion
102/198 G Flittle     Promotion
103/198 G Espathra     Promotion
104/198 G Greavard     Promotion
105/198 G Greavard     Promotion
106/198 G Houndstone     Promotion
107/198 G Mankey     Promotion
108/198 G Primeape     Promotion
109/198 G Annihilape     Promotion
110/198 G Meditite     Promotion
111/198 G Medicham     Promotion
112/198 G Riolu     Promotion
113/198 G Riolu     Promotion
114/198 G Lucario     Promotion
115/198 G Sandile     Promotion
116/198 G Krokorok     Promotion
117/198 G Krookodile     Promotion
118/198 G Hawlucha     Promotion
119/198 G Silicobra     Promotion
120/198 G Sandaconda     Promotion
121/198 G Stonjourner     Promotion
122/198 G Klawf     Promotion
123/198 G Great Tusk      Promotion
124/198 G Koraidon     Promotion
125/198 G Koraidon      Promotion
126/198 G Grimer     Promotion
127/198 G Muk     Promotion
128/198 G Seviper     Promotion
129/198 G Spiritomb     Promotion
130/198 G Croagunk     Promotion
131/198 G Toxicroak      Promotion
132/198 G Pawniard     Promotion
133/198 G Bisharp     Promotion
134/198 G Kingambit     Promotion
135/198 G Maschiff     Promotion
136/198 G Maschiff     Promotion
137/198 G Mabosstiff     Promotion
138/198 G Bombirdier     Promotion
139/198 G Forretress     Promotion
140/198 G Varoom     Promotion
141/198 G Varoom     Promotion
142/198 G Revavroom     Promotion
143/198 G Iron Treads      Promotion
144/198 G Chansey     Promotion
145/198 G Blissey     Promotion
146/198 G Zangoose     Promotion
147/198 G Zangoose     Promotion
148/198 G Starly     Promotion
149/198 G Staravia     Promotion
150/198 G Staraptor     Promotion
151/198 G Skwovet     Promotion
152/198 G Greedent     Promotion
153/198 G Indeedee     Promotion
154/198 G Lechonk     Promotion
155/198 G Lechonk     Promotion
156/198 G Lechonk     Promotion
157/198 G Oinkologne     Promotion
158/198 G Oinkologne      Promotion
159/198 G Tandemaus     Promotion
160/198 G Tandemaus     Promotion
161/198 G Maushold     Promotion
162/198 G Squawkabilly     Promotion
163/198 G Cyclizar     Promotion
164/198 G Cyclizar     Promotion
165/198 G Flamigo     Promotion
166/198 G Arven Su   Promotion
167/198 G Beach Court St   Promotion
168/198 G Crushing Hammer I   Promotion
169/198 G Defiance Band Tool   Promotion
170/198 G Electric Generator I   Promotion
171/198 G Energy Retrieval I   Promotion
172/198 G Energy Search I   Promotion
173/198 G Energy Switch I   Promotion
174/198 G Exp. Share Tool   Promotion
175/198 G Jacq Su   Promotion
176/198 G Judge Su   Promotion
177/198 G Katy Su   Promotion
178/198 G Mesagoza St   Promotion
179/198 G Miriam Su   Promotion
180/198 G Nemona Su   Promotion
181/198 G Nest Ball I   Promotion
182/198 G Pal Pad I   Promotion
183/198 G Penny Su   Promotion
184/198 G Picnic Basket I   Promotion
185/198 G Poké Ball I   Promotion
186/198 G Pokégear 3.0 I   Promotion
187/198 G Pokémon Catcher I   Promotion
188/198 G Potion I   Promotion
189/198 G Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su   Promotion
190/198 G Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su   Promotion
191/198 G Rare Candy I   Promotion
192/198 G Rock Chestplate Tool   Promotion
193/198 G Rocky Helmet Tool   Promotion
194/198 G Switch I   Promotion
195/198 G Team Star Grunt Su   Promotion
196/198 G Ultra Ball I   Promotion
197/198 G Vitality Band Tool   Promotion
198/198 G Youngster Su   Promotion
199/198 G Tarountula     Promotion
200/198 G Dolliv     Promotion
201/198 G Toedscool     Promotion
202/198 G Scovillain     Promotion
203/198 G Armarouge     Promotion
204/198 G Slowpoke     Promotion
205/198 G Clauncher     Promotion
206/198 G Wiglett     Promotion
207/198 G Dondozo     Promotion
208/198 G Pachirisu     Promotion
209/198 G Pawmot     Promotion
210/198 G Drowzee     Promotion
211/198 G Ralts     Promotion
212/198 G Kirlia     Promotion
213/198 G Fidough     Promotion
214/198 G Greavard     Promotion
215/198 G Riolu     Promotion
216/198 G Sandile     Promotion
217/198 G Klawf     Promotion
218/198 G Mabosstiff     Promotion
219/198 G Bombirdier     Promotion
220/198 G Kingambit     Promotion
221/198 G Starly     Promotion
222/198 G Skwovet     Promotion
223/198 G Spidops      Promotion
224/198 G Arcanine      Promotion
225/198 G Gyarados      Promotion
226/198 G Magnezone      Promotion
227/198 G Miraidon      Promotion
228/198 G Gardevoir      Promotion
229/198 G Banette      Promotion
230/198 G Great Tusk      Promotion
231/198 G Koraidon      Promotion
232/198 G Toxicroak      Promotion
233/198 G Iron Treads      Promotion
234/198 G Oinkologne      Promotion
235/198 G Arven Su   Promotion
236/198 G Jacq Su   Promotion
237/198 G Katy Su   Promotion
238/198 G Miriam Su   Promotion
239/198 G Penny Su   Promotion
240/198 G Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su   Promotion
241/198 G Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su   Promotion
242/198 G Team Star Grunt Su   Promotion
243/198 G Spidops      Promotion
244/198 G Miraidon      Promotion
245/198 G Gardevoir      Promotion
246/198 G Great Tusk      Promotion
247/198 G Koraidon      Promotion
248/198 G Iron Treads      Promotion
249/198 G Arven Su   Promotion
250/198 G Jacq Su   Promotion
251/198 G Miriam Su   Promotion
252/198 G Penny Su   Promotion
253/198 G Miraidon      Promotion
254/198 G Koraidon      Promotion
255/198 G Nest Ball I   Promotion
256/198 G Rare Candy I   Promotion
257/198 - Basic Lightning Energy   E   Promotion
258/198 - Basic Fighting Energy   E   Promotion

Scarlet ex
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/078 G Cacnea     Promotion
002/078 G Cacturne     Promotion
003/078 G Skiddo     Promotion
004/078 G Gogoat     Promotion
005/078 G Smoliv     Promotion
006/078 G Smoliv     Promotion
007/078 G Dolliv     Promotion
008/078 G Arboliva     Promotion
009/078 G Torkoal     Promotion
010/078 G Charcadet     Promotion
011/078 G Charcadet     Promotion
012/078 G Armarouge     Promotion
013/078 G Magikarp     Promotion
014/078 G Gyarados      Promotion
015/078 G Buizel     Promotion
016/078 G Floatzel     Promotion
017/078 G Bruxish     Promotion
018/078 G Wiglett     Promotion
019/078 G Wiglett     Promotion
020/078 G Wugtrio     Promotion
021/078 G Dondozo     Promotion
022/078 G Tatsugiri     Promotion
023/078 G Wattrel     Promotion
024/078 G Wattrel     Promotion
025/078 G Kilowattrel     Promotion
026/078 G Ralts     Promotion
027/078 G Kirlia     Promotion
028/078 G Gardevoir      Promotion
029/078 G Drifloon     Promotion
030/078 G Drifblim     Promotion
031/078 G Dedenne     Promotion
032/078 G Fidough     Promotion
033/078 G Fidough     Promotion
034/078 G Dachsbun     Promotion
035/078 G Flittle     Promotion
036/078 G Flittle     Promotion
037/078 G Espathra     Promotion
038/078 G Meditite     Promotion
039/078 G Medicham     Promotion
040/078 G Riolu     Promotion
041/078 G Lucario     Promotion
042/078 G Sandile     Promotion
043/078 G Krokorok     Promotion
044/078 G Krookodile     Promotion
045/078 G Hawlucha     Promotion
046/078 G Silicobra     Promotion
047/078 G Sandaconda     Promotion
048/078 G Klawf     Promotion
049/078 G Great Tusk      Promotion
050/078 G Koraidon      Promotion
051/078 G Grimer     Promotion
052/078 G Muk     Promotion
053/078 G Seviper     Promotion
054/078 G Croagunk     Promotion
055/078 G Toxicroak      Promotion
056/078 G Pawniard     Promotion
057/078 G Bisharp     Promotion
058/078 G Kingambit     Promotion
059/078 G Varoom     Promotion
060/078 G Varoom     Promotion
061/078 G Revavroom     Promotion
062/078 G Zangoose     Promotion
063/078 G Starly     Promotion
064/078 G Staravia     Promotion
065/078 G Staraptor     Promotion
066/078 G Lechonk     Promotion
067/078 G Lechonk     Promotion
068/078 G Oinkologne      Promotion
069/078 G Pal Pad I   Promotion
070/078 G Nest Ball I   Promotion
071/078 G Rock Chestplate Tool   Promotion
072/078 G Exp. Share Tool   Promotion
073/078 G Defiance Band Tool   Promotion
074/078 G Jacq Su   Promotion
075/078 G Team Star Grunt Su   Promotion
076/078 G Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su   Promotion
077/078 G Penny Su   Promotion
078/078 G Beach Court St   Promotion
079/078 G Dolliv     Promotion
080/078 G Armarouge     Promotion
081/078 G Wiglett     Promotion
082/078 G Dondozo     Promotion
083/078 G Ralts     Promotion
084/078 G Kirlia     Promotion
085/078 G Fidough     Promotion
086/078 G Riolu     Promotion
087/078 G Sandile     Promotion
088/078 G Klawf     Promotion
089/078 G Kingambit     Promotion
090/078 G Starly     Promotion
091/078 G Gyarados      Promotion
092/078 G Gardevoir      Promotion
093/078 G Great Tusk      Promotion
094/078 G Koraidon      Promotion
095/078 G Toxicroak      Promotion
096/078 G Oinkologne      Promotion
097/078 G Jacq Su   Promotion
098/078 G Team Star Grunt Su   Promotion
099/078 G Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su   Promotion
100/078 G Penny Su   Promotion
101/078 G Gardevoir      Promotion
102/078 G Great Tusk      Promotion
103/078 G Koraidon      Promotion
104/078 G Jacq Su   Promotion
105/078 G Penny Su   Promotion
106/078 G Koraidon      Promotion
107/078 G Nest Ball I   Promotion
108/078 - Fighting Energy   E   Promotion

Violet ex
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/078 G Pineco     Promotion
002/078 G Heracross     Promotion
003/078 G Scatterbug     Promotion
004/078 G Spewpa     Promotion
005/078 G Vivillon     Promotion
006/078 G Tarountula     Promotion
007/078 G Tarountula     Promotion
008/078 G Spidops      Promotion
009/078 G Toedscool     Promotion
010/078 G Toedscool     Promotion
011/078 G Toedscruel     Promotion
012/078 G Capsakid     Promotion
013/078 G Capsakid     Promotion
014/078 G Scovillain     Promotion
015/078 G Growlithe     Promotion
016/078 G Arcanine      Promotion
017/078 G Houndour     Promotion
018/078 G Houndoom     Promotion
019/078 G Slowpoke     Promotion
020/078 G Slowbro     Promotion
021/078 G Clauncher     Promotion
022/078 G Clawitzer     Promotion
023/078 G Cetoddle     Promotion
024/078 G Cetoddle     Promotion
025/078 G Cetitan     Promotion
026/078 G Magnemite     Promotion
027/078 G Magneton     Promotion
028/078 G Magnezone      Promotion
029/078 G Pachirisu     Promotion
030/078 G Rotom     Promotion
031/078 G Toxel     Promotion
032/078 G Toxtricity     Promotion
033/078 G Pawmi     Promotion
034/078 G Pawmi     Promotion
035/078 G Pawmo     Promotion
036/078 G Pawmot     Promotion
037/078 G Miraidon      Promotion
038/078 G Drowzee     Promotion
039/078 G Hypno     Promotion
040/078 G Shuppet     Promotion
041/078 G Banette      Promotion
042/078 G Flabébé     Promotion
043/078 G Floette     Promotion
044/078 G Florges     Promotion
045/078 G Klefki     Promotion
046/078 G Greavard     Promotion
047/078 G Greavard     Promotion
048/078 G Houndstone     Promotion
049/078 G Mankey     Promotion
050/078 G Primeape     Promotion
051/078 G Annihilape     Promotion
052/078 G Spiritomb     Promotion
053/078 G Maschiff     Promotion
054/078 G Maschiff     Promotion
055/078 G Mabosstiff     Promotion
056/078 G Bombirdier     Promotion
057/078 G Forretress     Promotion
058/078 G Iron Treads      Promotion
059/078 G Chansey     Promotion
060/078 G Blissey     Promotion
061/078 G Skwovet     Promotion
062/078 G Greedent     Promotion
063/078 G Indeedee     Promotion
064/078 G Tandemaus     Promotion
065/078 G Tandemaus     Promotion
066/078 G Maushold     Promotion
067/078 G Squawkabilly     Promotion
068/078 G Cyclizar     Promotion
069/078 G Electric Generator I   Promotion
070/078 G Ultra Ball I   Promotion
071/078 G Picnic Basket I   Promotion
072/078 G Rare Candy I   Promotion
073/078 G Rocky Helmet Tool   Promotion
074/078 G Katy Su   Promotion
075/078 G Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su   Promotion
076/078 G Arven Su   Promotion
077/078 G Miriam Su   Promotion
078/078 G Mesagoza St   Promotion
079/078 G Tarountula     Promotion
080/078 G Toedscool     Promotion
081/078 G Scovillain     Promotion
082/078 G Slowpoke     Promotion
083/078 G Clauncher     Promotion
084/078 G Pachirisu     Promotion
085/078 G Pawmot     Promotion
086/078 G Drowzee     Promotion
087/078 G Greavard     Promotion
088/078 G Mabosstiff     Promotion
089/078 G Bombirdier     Promotion
090/078 G Skwovet     Promotion
091/078 G Spidops      Promotion
092/078 G Arcanine      Promotion
093/078 G Magnezone      Promotion
094/078 G Miraidon      Promotion
095/078 G Banette      Promotion
096/078 G Iron Treads      Promotion
097/078 G Katy Su   Promotion
098/078 G Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su   Promotion
099/078 G Arven Su   Promotion
100/078 G Miriam Su   Promotion
101/078 G Spidops      Promotion
102/078 G Miraidon      Promotion
103/078 G Iron Treads      Promotion
104/078 G Arven Su   Promotion
105/078 G Miriam Su   Promotion
106/078 G Miraidon      Promotion
107/078 G Rare Candy I   Promotion
108/078 - Lightning Energy   E   Promotion

Pack artwork

Terastallized Gyarados pack
Koraidon pack
Miraidon pack
Starter Pokémon pack
Japanese Scarlet ex pack
Chinese Scarlet ex pack
Indonesian Scarlet ex pack
Thai Scarlet ex pack
Japanese Violet ex pack
Chinese Violet ex pack
Indonesian Violet ex pack
Thai Violet ex pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 朱ex Jyū ex
紫ex Jí ex
Mandarin 朱ex Zhū ex
紫ex Zǐ ex
  French Écarlate et Violet
  German Karmesin & Purpur
  Indonesian Scarlet ex
Violet ex
  Italian Scarlatto e Violetto
  Korean 스칼렛ex Scarlet ex
바이올렛ex Violet ex
  Brazilian Portuguese Escarlate e Violeta
  Spanish Escarlata y Púrpura
  Thai สการ์เล็ต ex Scarlet ex
ไวโอเล็ต ex Violet ex


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