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Paldean Fates
ハイクラスパック シャイニートレジャーex
SetSymbolPaldean Fates.png
PAF Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 245
Japanese: 360
Set number English:
Release date English: January 26, 2024
Japanese: December 1, 2023
Raging Surf
High Class Pack: Shiny Treasure ex
Wild Force • Cyber Judge

Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Paldean Fates (Japanese: ハイクラスパック シャイニートレジャーex High Class Pack: Shiny Treasure ex) is the second special expansion released during the Scarlet & Violet Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it is the name given to the first High class subset, and fourth overall subset released during the Scarlet & Violet Era. The expansion features reprints of various Pokémon and Pokémon ex, as well as Shiny Pokémon.


Shine Bright with Pokémon from Paldea!

The spotlight glistens on Shiny Pokémon making their fated return to the Pokémon TCG! Shiny Pikachu blazes the path forward as Tinkaton, Ceruledge, Dondozo, and more than 100 other Shiny Pokémon follow. Meanwhile, Great Tusk and Iron Treads appear as Ancient and Future Pokémon ex, and Charizard, Forretress, and Espathra show off their own unique skills as Shiny Tera Pokémon ex. Shed some light and discover sparkling wonders in the Scarlet & Violet—Paldean Fates expansion!


Paldean Fates was released on January 26, 2024, and introduces Shiny Pokémon cards to the Scarlet & Violet Series of the TCG. Like other special expansions such as Crown Zenith, individual Paldean Fates booster packs cannot be purchased separately and are instead available exclusively in various set-related products. The Paldean Fates expansion comprises cards from the Japanese Shiny Treasure ex subset, as well as any remaining cards from Raging Surf, Terastal Starter Sets, Ancient Roar, and Future Flash that were not localized in Paradox Rift.

Paldean Fates features 11 Shiny Pokémon ex, seven Pokémon ex and three Tera Pokémon ex, three illustration rare cards featuring Shiny Pokémon, eight special illustration rare cards featuring Shiny Pokémon ex or Supporter cards, and six hyper rare Pokémon ex with a new gold raised foil effect. It is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Japanese Shiny Treasure ex logo

The High Class Pack: Shiny Treasure ex was first revealed at the end of the streamed "Pokéca All Star Battle 2023 — GET THE GOLD" event, a special TCG tournament held between various public figures to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Shiny Treasure ex was released in Japanese on December 1, 2023, followed by localized releases in Traditional Chinese on December 22, 2023, and in Indonesian, Thai, and Korean on January 26, 2024. Like previous High Class Packs, it mainly features reprints of previously released cards, with a focus on Pokémon ex cards. Various Pokémon cards in this set feature artworks that were previously exclusive to English-release SVP Black Star Promotional cards. Shiny Treasure ex also introduces Shiny Pokémon cards to the Scarlet & Violet Era, included in this set as Secret cards.

All regular Pokémon ex cards in the Shiny Treasure ex set have the "RR" rarity as usual. All regular Shiny Pokémon cards feature different artwork and have the "S" rarity, while all Shiny Pokémon ex utilize their prior Full Art print artwork and have the "SSR" rarity. Cards in this set other than Pokémon ex and Secret cards do not have rarity symbols. Each booster pack of Shiny Treasure ex contains 10 cards, 1 of which is guaranteed to be a Pokémon ex. With 360 cards, Shiny Treasure ex is currently the largest Japanese TCG set, breaking the record previously held by the Shiny Star V subset with 330 cards.

Set list

Paldean Fates
SetSymbolPaldean Fates.png
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/091 G Pineco Grass Common Promotion
002/091 G Forretressex Grass Double Rare Promotion
003/091 G Maractus Grass Common Promotion
004/091 G Toedscool Grass Common Promotion
005/091 G Toedscruelex Grass Double Rare Promotion
006/091 G Espathraex Grass Double Rare Promotion
007/091 G Charmander Fire Common Promotion
008/091 G Charmeleon Fire Uncommon Promotion
009/091 G Magmar Fire Common Promotion
010/091 G Magmortar Fire Rare Promotion
011/091 G Numel Fire Common Promotion
012/091 G Camerupt Fire Uncommon Promotion
013/091 G Heat Rotom Fire Rare Promotion
014/091 G Charcadet Fire Common Promotion
015/091 G Armarouge Fire Rare Promotion
016/091 G Lapras Water Common Promotion
017/091 G Frigibax Water Common Promotion
018/091 G Pikachu Lightning Common Promotion
019/091 G Raichu Lightning Rare Promotion
020/091 G Chinchou Lightning Common Promotion
021/091 G Lanturn Lightning Uncommon Promotion
022/091 G Kilowattrel Lightning Uncommon Promotion
023/091 G Exeggcute Psychic Common Promotion
024/091 G Exeggutor Psychic Rare Promotion
025/091 G Natu Psychic Common Promotion
026/091 G Xatu Psychic Rare Promotion
027/091 G Ralts Psychic Common Promotion
028/091 G Kirlia Psychic Common Promotion
029/091 G Gardevoirex Psychic Double Rare Promotion
030/091 G Chimecho Psychic Common Promotion
031/091 G Mime Jr. Psychic Common Promotion
032/091 G Woobat Psychic Common Promotion
033/091 G Swoobat Psychic Uncommon Promotion
034/091 G Cottonee Psychic Common Promotion
035/091 G Whimsicott Psychic Uncommon Promotion
036/091 G Dedenne Psychic Common Promotion
037/091 G Mimikyu Psychic Rare Promotion
038/091 G Fidough Psychic Common Promotion
039/091 G Dachsbun Psychic Uncommon Promotion
040/091 G Ceruledge Psychic Rare Promotion
041/091 G Flittle Psychic Common Promotion
042/091 G Greavard Psychic Common Promotion
043/091 G Houndstone Psychic Rare Promotion
044/091 G Gimmighoul Psychic Common Promotion
045/091 G Mankey Fighting Common Promotion
046/091 G Primeape Fighting Uncommon Promotion
047/091 G Annihilape Fighting Rare Promotion
048/091 G Phanpy Fighting Common Promotion
049/091 G Donphan Fighting Uncommon Promotion
050/091 G Barboach Fighting Common Promotion
051/091 G Clobbopus Fighting Common Promotion
052/091 G Grapploct Fighting Uncommon Promotion
053/091 G Great Tuskex Fighting Double Rare Promotion
054/091 G Charizardex Darkness Double Rare Promotion
055/091 G Gastly Darkness Common Promotion
056/091 G Haunter Darkness Common Promotion
057/091 G Gengar Darkness Uncommon Promotion
058/091 G Paldean Wooper Darkness Common Promotion
059/091 G Paldean Clodsireex Darkness Double Rare Promotion
060/091 G Scraggy Darkness Common Promotion
061/091 G Scrafty Darkness Uncommon Promotion
062/091 G Maschiff Darkness Common Promotion
063/091 G Mabosstiff Darkness Rare Promotion
064/091 G Varoom Metal Common Promotion
065/091 G Revavroom Metal Rare Promotion
066/091 G Iron Treadsex Metal Double Rare Promotion
067/091 G Gholdengo Metal Rare Promotion
068/091 G Noibat Dragon Common Promotion
069/091 G Noivernex Dragon Double Rare Promotion
070/091 G Cyclizar Dragon Rare Promotion
071/091 G Lechonk Colorless Common Promotion
072/091 G Oinkologne Colorless Uncommon Promotion
073/091 G Tandemaus Colorless Common Promotion
074/091 G Maushold Colorless Uncommon Promotion
075/091 G Squawkabillyex Colorless Double Rare Promotion
076/091 G Artazon St Uncommon Promotion
077/091 G Atticus Su Uncommon Promotion
078/091 G Clive Su Uncommon Promotion
079/091 G Electric Generator I Uncommon Promotion
080/091 G Iono Su Uncommon Promotion
081/091 G Moonlit Hill St Uncommon Promotion
082/091 G Nemona Su Common Promotion
083/091 G Nemona's Backpack I Uncommon Promotion
084/091 G Nest Ball I Uncommon Promotion
085/091 G Paldean Student Su Common Promotion
086/091 G Paldean Student Su Common Promotion
087/091 G Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su Rare Promotion
088/091 G Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su Rare Promotion
089/091 G Rare Candy I Common Promotion
090/091 G Technical Machine: Crisis Punch Tool Uncommon Promotion
091/091 G Ultra Ball I Uncommon Promotion
092/091 G Oddish Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
093/091 G Gloom Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
094/091 G Vileplume Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
095/091 G Scyther Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
096/091 G Hoppip Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
097/091 G Skiploom Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
098/091 G Jumpluff Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
099/091 G Pineco Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
100/091 G Snover Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
101/091 G Abomasnow Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
102/091 G Smoliv Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
103/091 G Dolliv Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
104/091 G Arboliva Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
105/091 G Toedscool Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
106/091 G Capsakid Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
107/091 G Scovillain Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
108/091 G Rellor Grass Shiny Rare Promotion
109/091 G Charmander Fire Shiny Rare Promotion
110/091 G Charmeleon Fire Shiny Rare Promotion
111/091 G Paldean Tauros Fire Shiny Rare Promotion
112/091 G Entei Fire Shiny Rare Promotion
113/091 G Oricorio Fire Shiny Rare Promotion
114/091 G Charcadet Fire Shiny Rare Promotion
115/091 G Armarouge Fire Shiny Rare Promotion
116/091 G Slowpoke Water Shiny Rare Promotion
117/091 G Slowbro Water Shiny Rare Promotion
118/091 G Staryu Water Shiny Rare Promotion
119/091 G Starmie Water Shiny Rare Promotion
120/091 G Paldean Tauros Water Shiny Rare Promotion
121/091 G Wiglett Water Shiny Rare Promotion
122/091 G Wugtrio Water Shiny Rare Promotion
123/091 G Finizen Water Shiny Rare Promotion
124/091 G Palafin Water Shiny Rare Promotion
125/091 G Veluza Water Shiny Rare Promotion
126/091 G Dondozo Water Shiny Rare Promotion
127/091 G Tatsugiri Water Shiny Rare Promotion
128/091 G Frigibax Water Shiny Rare Promotion
129/091 G Arctibax Water Shiny Rare Promotion
130/091 G Baxcalibur Water Shiny Rare Promotion
131/091 G Pikachu Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
132/091 G Raichu Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
133/091 G Voltorb Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
134/091 G Electrode Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
135/091 G Shinx Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
136/091 G Luxio Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
137/091 G Luxray Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
138/091 G Pachirisu Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
139/091 G Thundurus Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
140/091 G Toxel Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
141/091 G Toxtricity Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
142/091 G Pawmi Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
143/091 G Pawmo Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
144/091 G Pawmot Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
145/091 G Wattrel Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
146/091 G Kilowattrel Lightning Shiny Rare Promotion
147/091 G Wigglytuff Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
148/091 G Abra Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
149/091 G Kadabra Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
150/091 G Cleffa Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
151/091 G Natu Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
152/091 G Xatu Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
153/091 G Ralts Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
154/091 G Kirlia Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
155/091 G Drifloon Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
156/091 G Drifblim Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
157/091 G Mime Jr. Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
158/091 G Spiritomb Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
159/091 G Klefki Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
160/091 G Mimikyu Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
161/091 G Dachsbun Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
162/091 G Ceruledge Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
163/091 G Rabsca Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
164/091 G Flittle Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
165/091 G Tinkatink Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
166/091 G Tinkatuff Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
167/091 G Tinkaton Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
168/091 G Houndstone Psychic Shiny Rare Promotion
169/091 G Mankey Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
170/091 G Primeape Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
171/091 G Annihilape Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
172/091 G Paldean Tauros Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
173/091 G Riolu Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
174/091 G Lucario Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
175/091 G Hawlucha Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
176/091 G Nacli Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
177/091 G Naclstack Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
178/091 G Garganacl Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
179/091 G Glimmet Fighting Shiny Rare Promotion
180/091 G Paldean Wooper Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
181/091 G Murkrow Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
182/091 G Sneasel Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
183/091 G Weavile Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
184/091 G Sableye Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
185/091 G Pawniard Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
186/091 G Bisharp Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
187/091 G Kingambit Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
188/091 G Mabosstiff Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
189/091 G Shroodle Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
190/091 G Grafaiai Darkness Shiny Rare Promotion
191/091 G Scizor Metal Shiny Rare Promotion
192/091 G Varoom Metal Shiny Rare Promotion
193/091 G Revavroom Metal Shiny Rare Promotion
194/091 G Noibat Dragon Shiny Rare Promotion
195/091 G Cyclizar Dragon Shiny Rare Promotion
196/091 G Pidgey Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
197/091 G Pidgeotto Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
198/091 G Jigglypuff Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
199/091 G Doduo Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
200/091 G Dodrio Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
201/091 G Ditto Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
202/091 G Snorlax Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
203/091 G Wingull Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
204/091 G Pelipper Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
205/091 G Skwovet Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
206/091 G Greedent Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
207/091 G Lechonk Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
208/091 G Oinkologne Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
209/091 G Tandemaus Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
210/091 G Maushold Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
211/091 G Flamigo Colorless Shiny Rare Promotion
212/091 G Forretressex Grass Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
213/091 G Toedscruelex Grass Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
214/091 G Espathraex Grass Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
215/091 G Alakazamex Psychic Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
216/091 G Mewex Psychic Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
217/091 G Gardevoirex Psychic Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
218/091 G Glimmoraex Fighting Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
219/091 G Paldean Clodsireex Darkness Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
220/091 G Noivernex Dragon Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
221/091 G Pidgeotex Colorless Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
222/091 G Wigglytuffex Colorless Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
223/091 G Squawkabillyex Colorless Shiny Ultra Rare Promotion
224/091 G Wugtrio Water Illustration Rare Promotion
225/091 G Palafin Water Illustration Rare Promotion
226/091 G Pawmi Lightning Illustration Rare Promotion
227/091 G Clive Su Ultra Rare Promotion
228/091 G Judge Su Ultra Rare Promotion
229/091 G Nemona Su Ultra Rare Promotion
230/091 G Paldean Student Su Ultra Rare Promotion
231/091 G Paldean Student Su Ultra Rare Promotion
232/091 G Mewex Psychic Special Illustration Rare Promotion
233/091 G Gardevoirex Psychic Special Illustration Rare Promotion
234/091 G Charizardex Darkness Special Illustration Rare Promotion
235/091 G Arven Su Special Illustration Rare Promotion
236/091 G Clive Su Special Illustration Rare Promotion
237/091 G Iono Su Special Illustration Rare Promotion
238/091 G Nemona Su Special Illustration Rare Promotion
239/091 G Penny Su Special Illustration Rare Promotion
240/091 G Wo-Chienex Grass Hyper Rare Promotion
241/091 G Chi-Yuex Fire Hyper Rare Promotion
242/091 G Chien-Paoex Water Hyper Rare Promotion
243/091 G Miraidonex Lightning Hyper Rare Promotion
244/091 G Ting-Luex Fighting Hyper Rare Promotion
245/091 G Koraidonex Fighting Hyper Rare Promotion

Shiny Treasure ex
SetSymbolShiny Treasure ex.png
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/190 G Oddish Grass Promotion
002/190 G Gloom Grass Promotion
003/190 G Vileplume Grass Promotion
004/190 G Scyther Grass Promotion
005/190 G Hoppip Grass Promotion
006/190 G Skiploom Grass Promotion
007/190 G Jumpluff Grass Promotion
008/190 G Pineco Grass Promotion
009/190 G Forretressex Grass RR Promotion
010/190 G Snover Grass Promotion
011/190 G Abomasnow Grass Promotion
012/190 G Sprigatito Grass Promotion
013/190 G Floragato Grass Promotion
014/190 G Meowscaradaex Grass RR Promotion
015/190 G Smoliv Grass Promotion
016/190 G Dolliv Grass Promotion
017/190 G Arboliva Grass Promotion
018/190 G Toedscool Grass Promotion
019/190 G Toedscruelex Grass RR Promotion
020/190 G Capsakid Grass Promotion
021/190 G Scovillain Grass Promotion
022/190 G Rellor Grass Promotion
023/190 G Espathraex Grass RR Promotion
024/190 G Wo-Chienex Grass RR Promotion
025/190 G Charmander Fire Promotion
026/190 G Charmeleon Fire Promotion
027/190 G Paldean Tauros Fire Promotion
028/190 G Entei Fire Promotion
029/190 G Oricorio Fire Promotion
030/190 G Fuecoco Fire Promotion
031/190 G Crocalor Fire Promotion
032/190 G Skeledirgeex Fire RR Promotion
033/190 G Charcadet Fire Promotion
034/190 G Armarouge Fire Promotion
035/190 G Chi-Yuex Fire RR Promotion
036/190 G Slowpoke Water Promotion
037/190 G Slowbro Water Promotion
038/190 G Staryu Water Promotion
039/190 G Starmie Water Promotion
040/190 G Paldean Tauros Water Promotion
041/190 G Quaxly Water Promotion
042/190 G Quaxwell Water Promotion
043/190 G Quaquavalex Water RR Promotion
044/190 G Wiglett Water Promotion
045/190 G Wugtrio Water Promotion
046/190 G Finizen Water Promotion
047/190 G Palafin Water Promotion
048/190 G Veluza Water Promotion
049/190 G Dondozo Water Promotion
050/190 G Tatsugiri Water Promotion
051/190 G Frigibax Water Promotion
052/190 G Arctibax Water Promotion
053/190 G Baxcalibur Water Promotion
054/190 G Chien-Paoex Water RR Promotion
055/190 G Pikachu Lightning Promotion
056/190 G Raichu Lightning Promotion
057/190 G Voltorb Lightning Promotion
058/190 G Electrode Lightning Promotion
059/190 G Shinx Lightning Promotion
060/190 G Luxio Lightning Promotion
061/190 G Luxray Lightning Promotion
062/190 G Pachirisu Lightning Promotion
063/190 G Thundurus Lightning Promotion
064/190 G Toxel Lightning Promotion
065/190 G Toxtricity Lightning Promotion
066/190 G Pawmi Lightning Promotion
067/190 G Pawmo Lightning Promotion
068/190 G Pawmot Lightning Promotion
069/190 G Wattrel Lightning Promotion
070/190 G Kilowattrel Lightning Promotion
071/190 G Miraidonex Lightning RR Promotion
072/190 G Wigglytuff Psychic Promotion
073/190 G Abra Psychic Promotion
074/190 G Kadabra Psychic Promotion
075/190 G Alakazamex Psychic RR Promotion
076/190 G Mewex Psychic RR Promotion
077/190 G Cleffa Psychic Promotion
078/190 G Natu Psychic Promotion
079/190 G Xatu Psychic Promotion
080/190 G Ralts Psychic Promotion
081/190 G Kirlia Psychic Promotion
082/190 G Gardevoirex Psychic RR Promotion
083/190 G Drifloon Psychic Promotion
084/190 G Drifblim Psychic Promotion
085/190 G Mime Jr. Psychic Promotion
086/190 G Spiritomb Psychic Promotion
087/190 G Klefki Psychic Promotion
088/190 G Mimikyu Psychic Promotion
089/190 G Fidough Psychic Promotion
090/190 G Dachsbun Psychic Promotion
091/190 G Ceruledge Psychic Promotion
092/190 G Rabsca Psychic Promotion
093/190 G Flittle Psychic Promotion
094/190 G Tinkatink Psychic Promotion
095/190 G Tinkatuff Psychic Promotion
096/190 G Tinkaton Psychic Promotion
097/190 G Greavard Psychic Promotion
098/190 G Houndstone Psychic Promotion
099/190 G Gimmighoul Psychic Promotion
100/190 G Mankey Fighting Promotion
101/190 G Primeape Fighting Promotion
102/190 G Annihilape Fighting Promotion
103/190 G Paldean Tauros Fighting Promotion
104/190 G Riolu Fighting Promotion
105/190 G Lucario Fighting Promotion
106/190 G Hawlucha Fighting Promotion
107/190 G Nacli Fighting Promotion
108/190 G Naclstack Fighting Promotion
109/190 G Garganacl Fighting Promotion
110/190 G Glimmet Fighting Promotion
111/190 G Glimmoraex Fighting RR Promotion
112/190 G Great Tuskex Fighting RR Promotion
113/190 G Ting-Luex Fighting RR Promotion
114/190 G Koraidonex Fighting RR Promotion
115/190 G Charizardex Darkness RR Promotion
116/190 G Paldean Wooper Darkness Promotion
117/190 G Paldean Clodsireex Darkness RR Promotion
118/190 G Murkrow Darkness Promotion
119/190 G Sneasel Darkness Promotion
120/190 G Weavile Darkness Promotion
121/190 G Sableye Darkness Promotion
122/190 G Pawniard Darkness Promotion
123/190 G Bisharp Darkness Promotion
124/190 G Kingambit Darkness Promotion
125/190 G Maschiff Darkness Promotion
126/190 G Mabosstiff Darkness Promotion
127/190 G Shroodle Darkness Promotion
128/190 G Grafaiai Darkness Promotion
129/190 G Scizor Metal Promotion
130/190 G Varoom Metal Promotion
131/190 G Revavroom Metal Promotion
132/190 G Iron Treadsex Metal RR Promotion
133/190 G Gholdengo Metal Promotion
134/190 G Noibat Dragon Promotion
135/190 G Noivernex Dragon RR Promotion
136/190 G Cyclizar Dragon Promotion
137/190 G Pidgey Colorless Promotion
138/190 G Pidgeotto Colorless Promotion
139/190 G Pidgeotex Colorless RR Promotion
140/190 G Jigglypuff Colorless Promotion
141/190 G Wigglytuffex Colorless RR Promotion
142/190 G Doduo Colorless Promotion
143/190 G Dodrio Colorless Promotion
144/190 G Ditto Colorless Promotion
145/190 G Snorlax Colorless Promotion
146/190 G Wingull Colorless Promotion
147/190 G Pelipper Colorless Promotion
148/190 G Skwovet Colorless Promotion
149/190 G Greedent Colorless Promotion
150/190 G Lechonk Colorless Promotion
151/190 G Oinkologne Colorless Promotion
152/190 G Tandemaus Colorless Promotion
153/190 G Maushold Colorless Promotion
154/190 G Squawkabillyex Colorless RR Promotion
155/190 G Flamigo Colorless Promotion
156/190 G Electric Generator I Promotion
157/190 G Superior Energy Retrieval I Promotion
158/190 G Super Rod I Promotion
159/190 G Nest Ball I Promotion
160/190 G Nemona's Backpack I Promotion
161/190 G Ultra Ball I Promotion
162/190 G Letter of Encouragement I Promotion
163/190 G Rare Candy I Promotion
164/190 G Rock Chestplate Tool Promotion
165/190 G Big Air Balloon Tool Promotion
166/190 G Rigid Band Tool Promotion
167/190 G Leftovers Tool Promotion
168/190 G Defiance Band Tool Promotion
169/190 G Bravery Charm Tool Promotion
170/190 G Technical Machine: Crisis Punch Tool Promotion
171/190 G Geeta Su Promotion
172/190 G Clavell Su Promotion
173/190 G Giovanni's Charisma Su Promotion
174/190 G Iono Su Promotion
175/190 G Clive Su Promotion
176/190 G Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su Promotion
177/190 G Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su Promotion
178/190 G Paldean Student Su Promotion
179/190 G Paldean Student Su Promotion
180/190 G Arven Su Promotion
181/190 G Boss's Orders [Ghetsis] Su Promotion
182/190 G Penny Su Promotion
183/190 G Town Store St Promotion
184/190 G Beach Court St Promotion
185/190 G Artazon St Promotion
186/190 G Pokémon League Headquarters St Promotion
187/190 G Practice Studio St Promotion
188/190 G Therapeutic Energy Colorless E Promotion
189/190 G Reversal Energy Rainbow E Promotion
190/190 G Luminous Energy Rainbow E Promotion
191/190 G Oddish Grass S Promotion
192/190 G Gloom Grass S Promotion
193/190 G Vileplume Grass S Promotion
194/190 G Scyther Grass S Promotion
195/190 G Hoppip Grass S Promotion
196/190 G Skiploom Grass S Promotion
197/190 G Jumpluff Grass S Promotion
198/190 G Pineco Grass S Promotion
199/190 G Snover Grass S Promotion
200/190 G Abomasnow Grass S Promotion
201/190 G Sprigatito Grass S Promotion
202/190 G Floragato Grass S Promotion
203/190 G Smoliv Grass S Promotion
204/190 G Dolliv Grass S Promotion
205/190 G Arboliva Grass S Promotion
206/190 G Toedscool Grass S Promotion
207/190 G Capsakid Grass S Promotion
208/190 G Scovillain Grass S Promotion
209/190 G Rellor Grass S Promotion
210/190 G Charmander Fire S Promotion
211/190 G Charmeleon Fire S Promotion
212/190 G Paldean Tauros Fire S Promotion
213/190 G Entei Fire S Promotion
214/190 G Oricorio Fire S Promotion
215/190 G Fuecoco Fire S Promotion
216/190 G Crocalor Fire S Promotion
217/190 G Charcadet Fire S Promotion
218/190 G Armarouge Fire S Promotion
219/190 G Slowpoke Water S Promotion
220/190 G Slowbro Water S Promotion
221/190 G Staryu Water S Promotion
222/190 G Starmie Water S Promotion
223/190 G Paldean Tauros Water S Promotion
224/190 G Quaxly Water S Promotion
225/190 G Quaxwell Water S Promotion
226/190 G Wiglett Water S Promotion
227/190 G Wugtrio Water S Promotion
228/190 G Finizen Water S Promotion
229/190 G Palafin Water S Promotion
230/190 G Veluza Water S Promotion
231/190 G Dondozo Water S Promotion
232/190 G Tatsugiri Water S Promotion
233/190 G Frigibax Water S Promotion
234/190 G Arctibax Water S Promotion
235/190 G Baxcalibur Water S Promotion
236/190 G Pikachu Lightning S Promotion
237/190 G Raichu Lightning S Promotion
238/190 G Voltorb Lightning S Promotion
239/190 G Electrode Lightning S Promotion
240/190 G Shinx Lightning S Promotion
241/190 G Luxio Lightning S Promotion
242/190 G Luxray Lightning S Promotion
243/190 G Pachirisu Lightning S Promotion
244/190 G Thundurus Lightning S Promotion
245/190 G Toxel Lightning S Promotion
246/190 G Toxtricity Lightning S Promotion
247/190 G Pawmi Lightning S Promotion
248/190 G Pawmo Lightning S Promotion
249/190 G Pawmot Lightning S Promotion
250/190 G Wattrel Lightning S Promotion
251/190 G Kilowattrel Lightning S Promotion
252/190 G Wigglytuff Psychic S Promotion
253/190 G Abra Psychic S Promotion
254/190 G Kadabra Psychic S Promotion
255/190 G Cleffa Psychic S Promotion
256/190 G Natu Psychic S Promotion
257/190 G Xatu Psychic S Promotion
258/190 G Ralts Psychic S Promotion
259/190 G Kirlia Psychic S Promotion
260/190 G Drifloon Psychic S Promotion
261/190 G Drifblim Psychic S Promotion
262/190 G Mime Jr. Psychic S Promotion
263/190 G Spiritomb Psychic S Promotion
264/190 G Klefki Psychic S Promotion
265/190 G Mimikyu Psychic S Promotion
266/190 G Fidough Psychic S Promotion
267/190 G Dachsbun Psychic S Promotion
268/190 G Ceruledge Psychic S Promotion
269/190 G Rabsca Psychic S Promotion
270/190 G Flittle Psychic S Promotion
271/190 G Tinkatink Psychic S Promotion
272/190 G Tinkatuff Psychic S Promotion
273/190 G Tinkaton Psychic S Promotion
274/190 G Greavard Psychic S Promotion
275/190 G Houndstone Psychic S Promotion
276/190 G Mankey Fighting S Promotion
277/190 G Primeape Fighting S Promotion
278/190 G Annihilape Fighting S Promotion
279/190 G Paldean Tauros Fighting S Promotion
280/190 G Riolu Fighting S Promotion
281/190 G Lucario Fighting S Promotion
282/190 G Hawlucha Fighting S Promotion
283/190 G Nacli Fighting S Promotion
284/190 G Naclstack Fighting S Promotion
285/190 G Garganacl Fighting S Promotion
286/190 G Glimmet Fighting S Promotion
287/190 G Paldean Wooper Darkness S Promotion
288/190 G Murkrow Darkness S Promotion
289/190 G Sneasel Darkness S Promotion
290/190 G Weavile Darkness S Promotion
291/190 G Sableye Darkness S Promotion
292/190 G Pawniard Darkness S Promotion
293/190 G Bisharp Darkness S Promotion
294/190 G Kingambit Darkness S Promotion
295/190 G Maschiff Darkness S Promotion
296/190 G Mabosstiff Darkness S Promotion
297/190 G Shroodle Darkness S Promotion
298/190 G Grafaiai Darkness S Promotion
299/190 G Scizor Metal S Promotion
300/190 G Varoom Metal S Promotion
301/190 G Revavroom Metal S Promotion
302/190 G Noibat Dragon S Promotion
303/190 G Cyclizar Dragon S Promotion
304/190 G Pidgey Colorless S Promotion
305/190 G Pidgeotto Colorless S Promotion
306/190 G Jigglypuff Colorless S Promotion
307/190 G Doduo Colorless S Promotion
308/190 G Dodrio Colorless S Promotion
309/190 G Ditto Colorless S Promotion
310/190 G Snorlax Colorless S Promotion
311/190 G Wingull Colorless S Promotion
312/190 G Pelipper Colorless S Promotion
313/190 G Skwovet Colorless S Promotion
314/190 G Greedent Colorless S Promotion
315/190 G Lechonk Colorless S Promotion
316/190 G Oinkologne Colorless S Promotion
317/190 G Tandemaus Colorless S Promotion
318/190 G Maushold Colorless S Promotion
319/190 G Flamigo Colorless S Promotion
320/190 G Forretressex Grass SSR Promotion
321/190 G Meowscaradaex Grass SSR Promotion
322/190 G Toedscruelex Grass SSR Promotion
323/190 G Espathraex Grass SSR Promotion
324/190 G Skeledirgeex Fire SSR Promotion
325/190 G Quaquavalex Water SSR Promotion
326/190 G Alakazamex Psychic SSR Promotion
327/190 G Mewex Psychic SSR Promotion
328/190 G Gardevoirex Psychic SSR Promotion
329/190 G Glimmoraex Fighting SSR Promotion
330/190 G Great Tuskex Fighting SSR Promotion
331/190 G Charizardex Darkness SSR Promotion
332/190 G Paldean Clodsireex Darkness SSR Promotion
333/190 G Iron Treadsex Metal SSR Promotion
334/190 G Noivernex Dragon SSR Promotion
335/190 G Pidgeotex Colorless SSR Promotion
336/190 G Wigglytuffex Colorless SSR Promotion
337/190 G Squawkabillyex Colorless SSR Promotion
338/190 G Wugtrio Water AR Promotion
339/190 G Palafin Water AR Promotion
340/190 G Pawmi Lightning AR Promotion
341/190 G Mimikyu Psychic AR Promotion
342/190 G Judge Su SR Promotion
343/190 G Nemona Su SR Promotion
344/190 G Clive Su SR Promotion
345/190 G Paldean Student Su SR Promotion
346/190 G Paldean Student Su SR Promotion
347/190 G Mewex Psychic SAR Promotion
348/190 G Gardevoirex Psychic SAR Promotion
349/190 G Charizardex Darkness SAR Promotion
350/190 G Iono Su SAR Promotion
351/190 G Nemona Su SAR Promotion
352/190 G Clive Su SAR Promotion
353/190 G Arven Su SAR Promotion
354/190 G Penny Su SAR Promotion
355/190 G Wo-Chienex Grass UR Promotion
356/190 G Chi-Yuex Fire UR Promotion
357/190 G Chien-Paoex Water UR Promotion
358/190 G Miraidonex Lightning UR Promotion
359/190 G Ting-Luex Fighting UR Promotion
360/190 G Koraidonex Fighting UR Promotion

Pack artwork

Paldean Fates Booster Pikachu.png
English Shiny Pikachu pack
Paldean Fates Booster Ceruledge.png
English Shiny Ceruledge pack
Paldean Fates Booster Tinkaton.png
English Shiny Tinkaton pack
Paldean Fates Booster Dondozo.png
English Shiny Dondozo pack
SV4a Shiny Treasure ex pack.png
Shiny Treasure ex pack
SV4a F pack.png
Traditional Chinese
Shiny Treasure ex pack
SV4a I pack.png
Shiny Treasure ex pack
SV4a T pack.png
Shiny Treasure ex pack
SV4a K pack.png
Shiny Treasure ex pack
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 閃色寶藏ex Sím-sīk Bóujohng ex
Mandarin 閃色寶藏ex Shǎn-sè Bǎozàng ex
France Flag.png French Destinées de Paldea
Germany Flag.png German Paldeas Schicksale
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Harta Berkilau ex
Italy Flag.png Italian Destino di Paldea
South Korea Flag.png Korean 샤이니트레저 ex Shiny Treasure ex
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Destinos de Paldea
Spain Flag.png Spanish Destinos de Paldea
Thailand Flag.png Thai ไชนีเทรเชอร์ex Shiny Treasure ex

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