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Play! Pokémon Prize Pack Series Three
Cards in set ≈200
Release period August 14, 2023

Play! Pokémon Prize Pack Series Three is a series of promotional cards released on August 14, 2023 through Pokémon Organized Play events or affiliated products. This set features approximately 200 specifically selected cards from the Brilliant Stars expansion through Scarlet & Violet, in addition to SVP Black Star Promotional cards and regulation F Prints of Basic Energy cards that initially debuted in Brilliant Stars. All cards retained their original set number, but are marked with the Play! Pokémon logo. Each Booster pack contains 6 cards. Foil cards in this set have Cosmos Holofoil except for Pokémon V Pokémon VMAX, Pokémon VSTAR, Pokémon ex and Radiant Pokémon which retain their regular foil patterns.

Card list

TPCi sublty published an official Card List on 24 October, 2023.[1]

Play! Pokémon Prize Pack Series Three
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
  007/172   Grotle     Promotion
  021/172   Moltres     Promotion
  022/172   Entei      Promotion
  041/172   Manaphy     Promotion
  045/172   Raichu      Promotion
  048/172   Raikou      Promotion
  088/172   Honchkrow      Promotion
  091/172   Liepard     Promotion
  121/172   Bibarel     Promotion
  122/172   Arceus      Promotion
  123/172   Arceus      Promotion
  126/172   Tornadus     Promotion
  132/172   Boss's Orders [Cyrus] Su   Promotion
  134/172   Cheren's Care Su   Promotion
  137/172   Collapsed Stadium St   Promotion
  138/172   Cynthia's Ambition Su   Promotion
  144/172   Magma Basin St   Promotion
  146/172   Pot Helmet I   Promotion
  148/172   Roseanne's Backup Su   Promotion
  151/172   Double Turbo Energy   E   Promotion
  027/189   Radiant Heatran     Promotion
  030/189   Starmie      Promotion
  037/189   Regice     Promotion
  039/189   Origin Forme Palkia      Promotion
  040/189   Origin Forme Palkia      Promotion
  043/189   Hisuian Basculin     Promotion
  046/189   Radiant Greninja     Promotion
  051/189   Regieleki     Promotion
  062/189   Gallade     Promotion
  068/189   Diancie     Promotion
  075/189   Regirock     Promotion
  108/189   Registeel     Promotion
  113/189   Origin Forme Dialga      Promotion
  114/189   Origin Forme Dialga      Promotion
  118/189   Regidrago     Promotion
  123/196   Radiant Hisuian Sneasler     Promotion
  130/189   Regigigas     Promotion
  136/189   Canceling Cologne I   Promotion
  138/189   Cyllene Su   Promotion
  139/189   Dark Patch I   Promotion
  141/189   Feather Ball I   Promotion
  142/189   Gapejaw Bog St   Promotion
  143/189   Gardenia's Vigor Su   Promotion
  144/189   Grant Su   Promotion
  145/189   Gutsy Pickaxe I   Promotion
  146/189   Hisuian Heavy Ball I   Promotion
  147/189   Irida Su   Promotion
  150/189   Roxanne Su   Promotion
  154/189   Switch Cart I   Promotion
  155/189   Temple of Sinnoh St   Promotion
  030/078   Mewtwo      Promotion
  031/078   Mewtwo      Promotion
  048/196   Kyurem      Promotion
  049/196   Kyurem      Promotion
  050/196   Cramorant     Promotion
  062/196   Clefairy     Promotion
  066/196   Gengar     Promotion
  069/196   Radiant Gardevoir     Promotion
  070/196   Sableye     Promotion
  073/196   Banette     Promotion
  079/196   Comfey     Promotion
  084/196   Hisuian Arcanine     Promotion
  118/196   Drapion      Promotion
  119/196   Drapion      Promotion
  124/196   Radiant Steelix     Promotion
  130/196   Giratina      Promotion
  131/196   Giratina      Promotion
  135/196   Hisuian Goodra      Promotion
  136/196   Hisuian Goodra      Promotion
  143/196   Snorlax     Promotion
  146/196   Hisuian Zoroark      Promotion
  147/196   Hisuian Zoroark      Promotion
  153/196   Arezu Su   Promotion
  155/196   Colress's Experiment Su   Promotion
  156/196   Damage Pump I   Promotion
  160/196   Lake Acuity St   Promotion
  161/196   Lost City St   Promotion
  163/196   Mirage Gate I   Promotion
  167/196   Thorton Su   Promotion
  168/196   Tool Box I   Promotion
  016/195   Radiant Tsareena     Promotion
  033/195   Alolan Vulpix      Promotion
  034/195   Alolan Vulpix      Promotion
  038/195   Wailord     Promotion
  057/195   Regieleki      Promotion
  058/195   Regieleki      Promotion
  059/195   Radiant Alakazam     Promotion
  068/195   Kirlia     Promotion
  090/195   Hisuian Arcanine      Promotion
  120/195   Radiant Jirachi     Promotion
  131/195   Dragonite     Promotion
  135/195   Regidrago      Promotion
  136/195   Regidrago      Promotion
  138/195   Lugia      Promotion
  139/195   Lugia      Promotion
  140/195   Ho-Oh      Promotion
  147/195   Archeops     Promotion
  154/195   Earthen Seal Stone I   Promotion
  156/195   Forest Seal Stone I   Promotion
  159/195   Lance Su   Promotion
  160/195   Leafy Camo Poncho I   Promotion
  164/195   Serena Su   Promotion
  169/195   V Guard Energy   E   Promotion
  020/159   Radiant Charizard     Promotion
  051/159   Radiant Charjabug     Promotion
  062/159   Lunatone     Promotion
  069/159   Solrock     Promotion
  105/159   Radiant Eternatus     Promotion
  107/159   Ditto     Promotion
  135/159   Lost Vacuum I   Promotion
  143/159   Sky Seal Stone I   Promotion
  145/159   Trekking Shoes I   Promotion
  146/159   Ultra Ball I   Promotion
  004   Mimikyu    Promotion
  016   Ampharos    Promotion
  017   Lucario    Promotion
  018   Cyclizar    Promotion
  019/198   Spidops      Promotion
  041/198   Armarouge     Promotion
  043/198   Slowbro     Promotion
  061/198   Dondozo     Promotion
  062/198   Tatsugiri     Promotion
  065/198   Magnezone      Promotion
  076/198   Pawmot     Promotion
  081/198   Miraidon      Promotion
  086/198   Gardevoir      Promotion
  088/198   Banette      Promotion
  109/198   Annihilape     Promotion
  114/198   Lucario     Promotion
  118/198   Hawlucha     Promotion
  123/198   Great Tusk      Promotion
  125/198   Koraidon      Promotion
  127/198   Muk     Promotion
  131/198   Toxicroak      Promotion
  134/198   Kingambit     Promotion
  142/198   Revavroom     Promotion
  143/198   Iron Treads      Promotion
  151/198   Skwovet     Promotion
  158/198   Oinkologne      Promotion
  166/198   Arven Su   Promotion
  167/198   Beach Court St   Promotion
  169/198   Defiance Band Tool   Promotion
  170/198   Electric Generator I   Promotion
  175/198   Jacq Su   Promotion
  179/198   Miriam Su   Promotion
  181/198   Nest Ball I   Promotion
  183/198   Penny Su   Promotion
  186/198   Pokégear 3.0 I   Promotion
  189/198   Professor's Research [Professor Sada] Su   Promotion
  190/198   Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su   Promotion
  191/198   Rare Candy I   Promotion
  194/198   Switch I   Promotion
  195/198   Team Star Grunt Su   Promotion
  196/198   Ultra Ball I   Promotion
  197/198   Vitality Band Tool   Promotion
Basic Grass Energy   E Promotion
Basic Fire Energy   E Promotion
Basic Water Energy   E Promotion
Basic Lightning Energy   E Promotion
Basic Psychic Energy   E Promotion
Basic Fighting Energy   E Promotion
Basic Darkness Energy   E Promotion
Basic Metal Energy   E Promotion

Pack artwork

Play! Pokémon Prize Pack Series Three booster pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

In other languages

Language Title
  French Play! Pokémon Packs Récompense Troisième Série
  German Play! Pokémon Preispack Serie 3
  Italian Play! Pokémon Buste Premio Terza Serie
  Spanish Play! Pokémon Paquetes de Premio Serie 3

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