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Shining Fates SetSymbolShining Fates.png
Shining Fates Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 195
Japanese: 330
Set number English: --
Japanese: --
Release date English: February 19, 2021
Japanese: November 20, 2020
Legendary Heartbeat
High Class Pack Shiny Star V
Peerless Fighters

Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates (Japanese: ハイクラスパック シャイニースターV High Class Pack Shiny Star V) is a special expansion released during the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it is the name given to the fourth subset released during the Sword & Shield Era. The expansion features Pokémon V and VMAX and Shiny Pokémon.


Reveal A Shining Destiny!

Shiny Pokémon are so extraordinary that they're almost never seen, and Trainers who catch them are considered quite lucky—and yet they can be yours in the Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates expansion! More than 100 Shiny Pokémon appear on beautiful etched cards—alongside more than 30 Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX, including the spectacular Shiny Charizard in its Gigantamax form! Seize your destiny and expand your collection with the Shining Fates expansion!


Logo for Shiny Star V

Shining Fates was released on February 19, 2021. It is similar to previous special expansions such as Champion's Path, where booster packs of it are only available within specially marked products (although specific cards were available earlier in the V Battle Deck—Venusaur vs. Blastoise). The Shining Fates expansion is comprised from the Japanese Shiny Star V subset as well as the Venusaur & Blastoise VMAX Starter Sets and the VMAX Special Set. The Shiny Pokémon cards are separated into a 122 card Shiny Vault subset. One card from it can possibly be in a booster, replacing the Reverse Holofoil card when it is.

The High Class Pack Shiny Star V was released in Japan on November 20, 2020 and continues the trend established with preceding High Class Packs, featuring a large amount of reprinted cards, with particular focus on Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX. Several of the Pokémon included in the subset feature artwork previously exclusive to English expansions and various items of merchandise. The subset also includes a large number of Shiny Pokémon, all of which are reprints of cards released during the Sword & Shield Era, have a special embossed Holofoil treatment, and are Secret cards. All regular Shiny Pokémon cards feature different artwork and come in the "S" rarity, while all Shiny Pokémon V utilize their prior Full Art print artwork and come in the "SSR" rarity. Other than Amazing Pokémon, Pokémon V, and Pokémon VMAX cards, all non-secret cards do not have a rarity symbol.

Shiny Star V contains 330 cards, with 140 of them being secret cards. This makes it the largest Japanese set, surpassing the 250 cards included in the GX Ultra Shiny subset. Shiny Star V also has a parallel foil set, featuring a Reverse Halo Holofoil variant for all non-holofoil cards in the main set. Each booster pack contains 10 cards instead of the usual five, with one guaranteed Pokémon V or Pokémon VMAX card.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
056/072   Indeedee   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Venusaur V Battle Deck & Mewtwo V Battle Deck exclusive
058/072   Boss's Orders [Lysandre] Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Line Holo V Battle Deck—Venusaur vs. Blastoise exclusive
059/072   Gym Trainer Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Reverse Holo Professor Program promo
060/072   Professor's Research [Professor Juniper] Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Line Holo V Battle Deck—Victini vs. Gardevoir & V Battle Deck—Rayquaza vs. Noivern exclusive
060/072   Professor's Research [Professor Juniper] Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cosmos Holo Professor Juniper Tournament Collection exclusive
060/072   Professor's Research [Professor Juniper] Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Reverse Holo Professor Program promo

Set list

Shining Fates
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/072 E Yanma     Promotion
002/072 E Yanmega     Promotion
003/072 E Celebi     Promotion
004/072 E Cacnea     Promotion
005/072 E Tropius     Promotion
006/072 D Rowlet     Promotion
007/072 D Dartrix     Promotion
008/072 D Decidueye     Promotion
009/072 D Dhelmise      Promotion
010/072 D Dhelmise      Promotion
011/072 D Grookey     Promotion
012/072 D Thwackey     Promotion
013/072 D Rillaboom     Promotion
014/072 E Gossifleur     Promotion
015/072 E Eldegoss     Promotion
016/072 E Zarude     Promotion
017/072 D Reshiram     Promotion
018/072 D Cinderace      Promotion
019/072 D Cinderace      Promotion
020/072 E Horsea     Promotion
021/072 D Kyogre     Promotion
022/072 E Buizel     Promotion
023/072 E Floatzel     Promotion
024/072 E Manaphy     Promotion
025/072 E Volcanion     Promotion
026/072 E Chewtle     Promotion
027/072 E Drednaw     Promotion
028/072 E Cramorant     Promotion
029/072 D Snom     Promotion
030/072 D Frosmoth     Promotion
031/072 D Shinx     Promotion
032/072 D Luxio     Promotion
033/072 D Luxray     Promotion
034/072 D Rotom     Promotion
035/072 D Morpeko     Promotion
036/072 D Morpeko     Promotion
037/072 D Morpeko      Promotion
038/072 D Morpeko      Promotion
039/072 D Indeedee      Promotion
040/072 D Trapinch     Promotion
041/072 D Koffing     Promotion
042/072 D Galarian Weezing     Promotion
043/072 D Spinarak     Promotion
044/072 D Crobat      Promotion
045/072 D Crobat      Promotion
046/072 D Yveltal     Promotion
047/072 D Nickit     Promotion
048/072 D Thievul     Promotion
049/072 D Cufant     Promotion
050/072 D Ditto      Promotion
051/072 D Ditto      Promotion
052/072 D Eevee     Promotion
053/072 D Greedent      Promotion
054/072 D Cramorant      Promotion
055/072 D Cramorant      Promotion
056/072 D Indeedee     Promotion
057/072 D Ball Guy Su   Promotion
058/072 D Boss's Orders [Lysandre] Su   Promotion
059/072 D Gym Trainer Su   Promotion
060/072 D Professor's Research [Professor Juniper] Su   Promotion
061/072 D Rusted Shield I   Promotion
062/072 D Rusted Sword I   Promotion
063/072 D Team Yell Towel I   Promotion
064/072 D Alcremie      Promotion
065/072 D Ball Guy Su   Promotion
066/072 D Bird Keeper Su   Promotion
067/072 D Cara Liss Su   Promotion
068/072 D Gym Trainer Su   Promotion
069/072 D Piers Su   Promotion
070/072 D Poké Kid Su   Promotion
071/072 D Rose Su   Promotion
072/072 D Skyla Su   Promotion
073/072 D Alcremie      Promotion

Shiny Vault
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
SV001/SV122 D Rowlet     Promotion
SV002/SV122 D Dartrix     Promotion
SV003/SV122 D Decidueye     Promotion
SV004/SV122 D Grookey     Promotion
SV005/SV122 D Thwackey     Promotion
SV006/SV122 D Rillaboom     Promotion
SV007/SV122 D Blipbug     Promotion
SV008/SV122 D Dottler     Promotion
SV009/SV122 D Orbeetle     Promotion
SV010/SV122 D Gossifleur     Promotion
SV011/SV122 D Eldegoss     Promotion
SV012/SV122 D Applin     Promotion
SV013/SV122 D Flapple     Promotion
SV014/SV122 D Appletun     Promotion
SV015/SV122 D Scorbunny     Promotion
SV016/SV122 D Raboot     Promotion
SV017/SV122 D Cinderace     Promotion
SV018/SV122 D Sizzlipede     Promotion
SV019/SV122 D Centiskorch     Promotion
SV020/SV122 D Galarian Mr. Mime     Promotion
SV021/SV122 D Galarian Mr. Rime     Promotion
SV022/SV122 D Suicune     Promotion
SV023/SV122 D Galarian Darumaka     Promotion
SV024/SV122 D Galarian Darmanitan     Promotion
SV025/SV122 D Sobble     Promotion
SV026/SV122 D Drizzile     Promotion
SV027/SV122 D Inteleon     Promotion
SV028/SV122 D Chewtle     Promotion
SV029/SV122 D Drednaw     Promotion
SV030/SV122 D Cramorant     Promotion
SV031/SV122 D Arrokuda     Promotion
SV032/SV122 D Barraskewda     Promotion
SV033/SV122 D Snom     Promotion
SV034/SV122 D Frosmoth     Promotion
SV035/SV122 D Eiscue     Promotion
SV036/SV122 D Dracovish     Promotion
SV037/SV122 D Arctovish     Promotion
SV038/SV122 D Rotom     Promotion
SV039/SV122 D Yamper     Promotion
SV040/SV122 D Boltund     Promotion
SV041/SV122 D Toxel     Promotion
SV042/SV122 D Toxtricity     Promotion
SV043/SV122 D Pincurchin     Promotion
SV044/SV122 D Morpeko     Promotion
SV045/SV122 D Dracozolt     Promotion
SV046/SV122 D Arctozolt     Promotion
SV047/SV122 D Galarian Ponyta     Promotion
SV048/SV122 D Galarian Rapidash     Promotion
SV049/SV122 D Galarian Corsola     Promotion
SV050/SV122 D Galarian Cursola     Promotion
SV051/SV122 D Dedenne     Promotion
SV052/SV122 D Sinistea     Promotion
SV053/SV122 D Polteageist     Promotion
SV054/SV122 D Hatenna     Promotion
SV055/SV122 D Hattrem     Promotion
SV056/SV122 D Hatterene     Promotion
SV057/SV122 D Milcery     Promotion
SV058/SV122 D Alcremie     Promotion
SV059/SV122 D Indeedee     Promotion
SV060/SV122 D Dreepy     Promotion
SV061/SV122 D Drakloak     Promotion
SV062/SV122 D Dragapult     Promotion
SV063/SV122 D Galarian Farfetch'd     Promotion
SV064/SV122 D Galarian Sirfetch'd     Promotion
SV065/SV122 D Galarian Yamask     Promotion
SV066/SV122 D Galarian Runerigus     Promotion
SV067/SV122 D Rolycoly     Promotion
SV068/SV122 D Carkol     Promotion
SV069/SV122 D Coalossal     Promotion
SV070/SV122 D Silicobra     Promotion
SV071/SV122 D Sandaconda     Promotion
SV072/SV122 D Clobbopus     Promotion
SV073/SV122 D Grapploct     Promotion
SV074/SV122 D Falinks     Promotion
SV075/SV122 D Stonjourner     Promotion
SV076/SV122 D Koffing     Promotion
SV077/SV122 D Galarian Weezing     Promotion
SV078/SV122 D Galarian Zigzagoon     Promotion
SV079/SV122 D Galarian Linoone     Promotion
SV080/SV122 D Galarian Obstagoon     Promotion
SV081/SV122 D Nickit     Promotion
SV082/SV122 D Thievul     Promotion
SV083/SV122 D Impidimp     Promotion
SV084/SV122 D Morgrem     Promotion
SV085/SV122 D Grimmsnarl     Promotion
SV086/SV122 D Galarian Meowth     Promotion
SV087/SV122 D Galarian Perrserker     Promotion
SV088/SV122 D Galarian Stunfisk     Promotion
SV089/SV122 D Corviknight     Promotion
SV090/SV122 D Cufant     Promotion
SV091/SV122 D Copperajah     Promotion
SV092/SV122 D Duraludon     Promotion
SV093/SV122 D Minccino     Promotion
SV094/SV122 D Cinccino     Promotion
SV095/SV122 D Ducklett     Promotion
SV096/SV122 D Swanna     Promotion
SV097/SV122 D Bunnelby     Promotion
SV098/SV122 D Oranguru     Promotion
SV099/SV122 D Skwovet     Promotion
SV100/SV122 D Greedent     Promotion
SV101/SV122 D Rookidee     Promotion
SV102/SV122 D Corvisquire     Promotion
SV103/SV122 D Wooloo     Promotion
SV104/SV122 D Dubwool     Promotion
SV105/SV122 D Rillaboom      Promotion
SV106/SV122 D Rillaboom      Promotion
SV107/SV122 D Charizard      Promotion
SV108/SV122 D Centiskorch      Promotion
SV109/SV122 D Centiskorch      Promotion
SV110/SV122 D Lapras      Promotion
SV111/SV122 D Lapras      Promotion
SV112/SV122 D Toxtricity      Promotion
SV113/SV122 D Toxtricity      Promotion
SV114/SV122 D Indeedee      Promotion
SV115/SV122 D Falinks      Promotion
SV116/SV122 D Grimmsnarl      Promotion
SV117/SV122 D Grimmsnarl      Promotion
SV118/SV122 D Ditto      Promotion
SV119/SV122 D Ditto      Promotion
SV120/SV122 D Dubwool      Promotion
SV121/SV122 D Eternatus      Promotion
SV122/SV122 D Eternatus      Promotion

Shiny Star V
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/190 D Rowlet   Promotion
002/190 D Dartrix   Promotion
003/190 D Decidueye   Promotion
004/190 D Wimpod   Promotion
005/190 D Golisopod   Promotion
006/190 D Grookey   Promotion
007/190 D Thwackey   Promotion
008/190 D Rillaboom   Promotion
009/190 D Rillaboom      Promotion
010/190 D Rillaboom      Promotion
011/190 D Blipbug   Promotion
012/190 D Dottler   Promotion
013/190 D Orbeetle   Promotion
014/190 D Gossifleur   Promotion
015/190 D Eldegoss   Promotion
016/190 D Eldegoss      Promotion
017/190 D Applin   Promotion
018/190 D Flapple   Promotion
019/190 D Appletun   Promotion
020/190 D Heatran   Promotion
021/190 D Reshiram     Promotion
022/190 D Scorbunny   Promotion
023/190 D Raboot   Promotion
024/190 D Cinderace   Promotion
025/190 D Sizzlipede   Promotion
026/190 D Centiskorch   Promotion
027/190 D Centiskorch      Promotion
028/190 D Centiskorch      Promotion
029/190 D Galarian Mr. Mime   Promotion
030/190 D Galarian Mr. Rime   Promotion
031/190 D Lapras      Promotion
032/190 D Lapras      Promotion
033/190 D Suicune   Promotion
034/190 D Feebas   Promotion
035/190 D Milotic   Promotion
036/190 D Kyogre     Promotion
037/190 D Galarian Darumaka   Promotion
038/190 D Galarian Darmanitan   Promotion
039/190 D Sobble   Promotion
040/190 D Drizzile   Promotion
041/190 D Inteleon   Promotion
042/190 D Chewtle   Promotion
043/190 D Drednaw   Promotion
044/190 D Cramorant   Promotion
045/190 D Arrokuda   Promotion
046/190 D Barraskewda   Promotion
047/190 D Snom   Promotion
048/190 D Frosmoth   Promotion
049/190 D Eiscue   Promotion
050/190 D Dracovish   Promotion
051/190 D Arctovish   Promotion
052/190 D Rotom   Promotion
053/190 D Tapu Koko   Promotion
054/190 D Yamper   Promotion
055/190 D Boltund   Promotion
056/190 D Boltund      Promotion
057/190 D Toxel   Promotion
058/190 D Toxtricity   Promotion
059/190 D Toxtricity      Promotion
060/190 D Toxtricity      Promotion
061/190 D Pincurchin   Promotion
062/190 D Morpeko   Promotion
063/190 D Dracozolt   Promotion
064/190 D Arctozolt   Promotion
065/190 D Clefairy   Promotion
066/190 D Clefable   Promotion
067/190 D Galarian Ponyta   Promotion
068/190 D Galarian Rapidash   Promotion
069/190 D Gastly   Promotion
070/190 D Haunter   Promotion
071/190 D Gengar   Promotion
072/190 D Galarian Corsola   Promotion
073/190 D Galarian Cursola   Promotion
074/190 D Sigilyph   Promotion
075/190 D Dedenne   Promotion
076/190 D Sinistea   Promotion
077/190 D Polteageist   Promotion
078/190 D Hatenna   Promotion
079/190 D Hattrem   Promotion
080/190 D Hatterene   Promotion
081/190 D Milcery   Promotion
082/190 D Alcremie   Promotion
083/190 D Indeedee   Promotion
084/190 D Indeedee      Promotion
085/190 D Dreepy   Promotion
086/190 D Drakloak   Promotion
087/190 D Dragapult   Promotion
088/190 D Dragapult      Promotion
089/190 D Dragapult      Promotion
090/190 D Galarian Farfetch'd   Promotion
091/190 D Galarian Sirfetch'd   Promotion
092/190 D Galarian Yamask   Promotion
093/190 D Galarian Runerigus   Promotion
094/190 D Rolycoly   Promotion
095/190 D Carkol   Promotion
096/190 D Coalossal   Promotion
097/190 D Silicobra   Promotion
098/190 D Sandaconda   Promotion
099/190 D Clobbopus   Promotion
100/190 D Grapploct   Promotion
101/190 D Falinks   Promotion
102/190 D Falinks      Promotion
103/190 D Stonjourner   Promotion
104/190 D Koffing   Promotion
105/190 D Galarian Weezing   Promotion
106/190 D Spinarak   Promotion
107/190 D Ariados   Promotion
108/190 D Crobat      Promotion
109/190 D Crobat      Promotion
110/190 D Galarian Zigzagoon   Promotion
111/190 D Galarian Linoone   Promotion
112/190 D Galarian Obstagoon   Promotion
113/190 D Croagunk   Promotion
114/190 D Toxicroak   Promotion
115/190 D Trubbish   Promotion
116/190 D Garbodor   Promotion
117/190 D Yveltal     Promotion
118/190 D Hoopa   Promotion
119/190 D Nickit   Promotion
120/190 D Thievul   Promotion
121/190 D Impidimp   Promotion
122/190 D Morgrem   Promotion
123/190 D Grimmsnarl   Promotion
124/190 D Eternatus      Promotion
125/190 D Eternatus      Promotion
126/190 D Galarian Meowth   Promotion
127/190 D Galarian Perrserker   Promotion
128/190 D Galarian Stunfisk   Promotion
129/190 D Honedge   Promotion
130/190 D Doublade   Promotion
131/190 D Aegislash   Promotion
132/190 D Corviknight   Promotion
133/190 D Cufant   Promotion
134/190 D Copperajah   Promotion
135/190 D Duraludon   Promotion
136/190 D Zacian   Promotion
137/190 D Zacian      Promotion
138/190 D Zamazenta   Promotion
139/190 D Zamazenta      Promotion
140/190 D Ditto      Promotion
141/190 D Ditto      Promotion
142/190 D Minccino   Promotion
143/190 D Cinccino   Promotion
144/190 D Ducklett   Promotion
145/190 D Swanna   Promotion
146/190 D Bunnelby   Promotion
147/190 D Oranguru   Promotion
148/190 D Skwovet   Promotion
149/190 D Greedent   Promotion
150/190 D Rookidee   Promotion
151/190 D Corvisquire   Promotion
152/190 D Wooloo   Promotion
153/190 D Dubwool   Promotion
154/190 D Dubwool      Promotion
155/190 D Cramorant      Promotion
156/190 D Team Yell Towel I Promotion
157/190 D Scoop Up Net I Promotion
158/190 D Quick Ball I Promotion
159/190 D Evolution Incense I Promotion
160/190 D Hyper Potion I Promotion
161/190 D Turbo Patch I Promotion
162/190 D Capacious Bucket I Promotion
163/190 D Tool Scrapper I Promotion
164/190 D Ordinary Rod I Promotion
165/190 D Rare Fossil I Promotion
166/190 D Metal Saucer I Promotion
167/190 D Rotom Bike I Promotion
168/190 D Rusted Sword I Promotion
169/190 D Rusted Shield I Promotion
170/190 D Cape of Toughness I Promotion
171/190 D Air Balloon I Promotion
172/190 D Bird Keeper Su Promotion
173/190 D Piers Su Promotion
174/190 D Professor's Research Su Promotion
175/190 D Ball Guy Su Promotion
176/190 D Boss's Orders Su Promotion
177/190 D Marnie Su Promotion
178/190 D Rose Su Promotion
179/190 D Turffield Stadium St Promotion
180/190 D Training Court St Promotion
181/190 D Glimwood Tangle St Promotion
182/190 D Rose Tower St Promotion
183/190 D Heat   Energy   E Promotion
184/190 D Speed   Energy   E Promotion
185/190 D Horror   Energy   E Promotion
186/190 D Hiding   Energy   E Promotion
187/190 D Aurora Energy   E Promotion
188/190 D Capture Energy   E Promotion
189/190 D Twin Energy   E Promotion
190/190 D Powerful   Energy   E Promotion
191/190 D Cara Liss Su   Promotion
192/190 D Gym Trainer Su   Promotion
193/190 D Bird Keeper Su   Promotion
194/190 D Piers Su   Promotion
195/190 D Skyla Su   Promotion
196/190 D Ball Guy Su   Promotion
197/190 D Poké Kid Su   Promotion
198/190 D Marnie Su   Promotion
199/190 D Rose Su   Promotion
200/190 D Rowlet     Promotion
201/190 D Dartrix     Promotion
202/190 D Decidueye     Promotion
203/190 D Grookey     Promotion
204/190 D Thwackey     Promotion
205/190 D Rillaboom     Promotion
206/190 D Blipbug     Promotion
207/190 D Dottler     Promotion
208/190 D Orbeetle     Promotion
209/190 D Gossifleur     Promotion
210/190 D Eldegoss     Promotion
211/190 D Applin     Promotion
212/190 D Flapple     Promotion
213/190 D Appletun     Promotion
214/190 D Scorbunny     Promotion
215/190 D Raboot     Promotion
216/190 D Cinderace     Promotion
217/190 D Sizzlipede     Promotion
218/190 D Centiskorch     Promotion
219/190 D Galarian Mr. Mime     Promotion
220/190 D Galarian Mr. Rime     Promotion
221/190 D Suicune     Promotion
222/190 D Galarian Darumaka     Promotion
223/190 D Galarian Darmanitan     Promotion
224/190 D Sobble     Promotion
225/190 D Drizzile     Promotion
226/190 D Inteleon     Promotion
227/190 D Chewtle     Promotion
228/190 D Drednaw     Promotion
229/190 D Cramorant     Promotion
230/190 D Arrokuda     Promotion
231/190 D Barraskewda     Promotion
232/190 D Snom     Promotion
233/190 D Frosmoth     Promotion
234/190 D Eiscue     Promotion
235/190 D Dracovish     Promotion
236/190 D Arctovish     Promotion
237/190 D Rotom     Promotion
238/190 D Yamper     Promotion
239/190 D Boltund     Promotion
240/190 D Toxel     Promotion
241/190 D Toxtricity     Promotion
242/190 D Pincurchin     Promotion
243/190 D Morpeko     Promotion
244/190 D Dracozolt     Promotion
245/190 D Arctozolt     Promotion
246/190 D Galarian Ponyta     Promotion
247/190 D Galarian Rapidash     Promotion
248/190 D Galarian Corsola     Promotion
249/190 D Galarian Cursola     Promotion
250/190 D Dedenne     Promotion
251/190 D Sinistea     Promotion
252/190 D Polteageist     Promotion
253/190 D Hatenna     Promotion
254/190 D Hattrem     Promotion
255/190 D Hatterene     Promotion
256/190 D Milcery     Promotion
257/190 D Alcremie     Promotion
258/190 D Indeedee     Promotion
259/190 D Dreepy     Promotion
260/190 D Drakloak     Promotion
261/190 D Dragapult     Promotion
262/190 D Galarian Farfetch'd     Promotion
263/190 D Galarian Sirfetch'd     Promotion
264/190 D Galarian Yamask     Promotion
265/190 D Galarian Runerigus     Promotion
266/190 D Rolycoly     Promotion
267/190 D Carkol     Promotion
268/190 D Coalossal     Promotion
269/190 D Silicobra     Promotion
270/190 D Sandaconda     Promotion
271/190 D Clobbopus     Promotion
272/190 D Grapploct     Promotion
273/190 D Falinks     Promotion
274/190 D Stonjourner     Promotion
275/190 D Koffing     Promotion
276/190 D Galarian Weezing     Promotion
277/190 D Galarian Zigzagoon     Promotion
278/190 D Galarian Linoone     Promotion
279/190 D Galarian Obstagoon     Promotion
280/190 D Nickit     Promotion
281/190 D Thievul     Promotion
282/190 D Impidimp     Promotion
283/190 D Morgrem     Promotion
284/190 D Grimmsnarl     Promotion
285/190 D Galarian Meowth     Promotion
286/190 D Galarian Perrserker     Promotion
287/190 D Galarian Stunfisk     Promotion
288/190 D Corviknight     Promotion
289/190 D Cufant     Promotion
290/190 D Copperajah     Promotion
291/190 D Duraludon     Promotion
292/190 D Minccino     Promotion
293/190 D Cinccino     Promotion
294/190 D Ducklett     Promotion
295/190 D Swanna     Promotion
296/190 D Bunnelby     Promotion
297/190 D Oranguru     Promotion
298/190 D Skwovet     Promotion
299/190 D Greedent     Promotion
300/190 D Rookidee     Promotion
301/190 D Corvisquire     Promotion
302/190 D Wooloo     Promotion
303/190 D Dubwool     Promotion
304/190 D Rillaboom      Promotion
305/190 D Rillaboom      Promotion
306/190 D Eldegoss      Promotion
307/190 D Charizard      Promotion
308/190 D Charizard      Promotion
309/190 D Centiskorch      Promotion
310/190 D Centiskorch      Promotion
311/190 D Lapras      Promotion
312/190 D Lapras      Promotion
313/190 D Boltund      Promotion
314/190 D Toxtricity      Promotion
315/190 D Toxtricity      Promotion
316/190 D Indeedee      Promotion
317/190 D Dragapult      Promotion
318/190 D Dragapult      Promotion
319/190 D Falinks      Promotion
320/190 D Crobat      Promotion
321/190 D Grimmsnarl      Promotion
322/190 D Grimmsnarl      Promotion
323/190 D Ditto      Promotion
324/190 D Ditto      Promotion
325/190 D Dubwool      Promotion
326/190 D Cramorant      Promotion
327/190 D Eternatus      Promotion
328/190 D Eternatus      Promotion
329/190 D Zacian      Promotion
330/190 D Zamazenta      Promotion


Gigantamax Charizard booster
Corviknight booster
Toxtricity booster
Dragapult booster
Japanese Shiny Star V pack
Chinese Shiny Star V pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 閃色明星V Sím-sīk Mìhngsīng V
Mandarin 閃色明星V Shǎn-sè Míngxīng V
  French Destinées Radieuses
  German Glänzendes Schicksal
  Italian Destino Splendente
  Korean 샤이니스타V Syaini Seuta V
  Brazilian Portuguese Destinos Brilhantes
  Spanish Destinos Brillantes

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Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions and releases
Bold indicates a main expansion. Italics indicate a special set. Releases that are entirely composed of prints from other releases are small.
Sword & Shield Series
SWSH Black Star Promos
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield Build & Battle BoxRillaboom Theme DeckCinderace Theme DeckInteleon Theme Deck
Rebel Clash: Rebel Clash Build & Battle BoxZacian Theme DeckZamazenta Theme Deck
Pikachu & Zekrom-GX League Battle DeckReshiram & Charizard-GX League Battle DeckBattle Academy
Darkness Ablaze: Darkness Ablaze Build & Battle BoxGalarian Darmanitan Theme DeckGalarian Sirfetch'd Theme Deck
Pokémon FutsalChampion's Path
Vivid Voltage: Vivid Voltage Build & Battle BoxCharizard Theme DeckDrednaw Theme Deck
Zacian V League Battle DeckV Battle Deck—Venusaur vs. BlastoiseMcDonald's Collection 2021
Shining Fates
Battle Styles: Battle Styles Build & Battle Box
V Battle Deck—Victini vs. GardevoirInteleon VMAX League Battle Deck
Chilling Reign: Chilling Reign Build & Battle Box
Evolving Skies: Evolving Skies Build & Battle Box
CelebrationsV Battle Deck—Rayquaza vs. Noivern
Fusion Strike: Fusion Strike Build & Battle Box
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX League Battle DeckRapid Strike Urshifu VMAX League Battle Deck
Brilliant Stars: Brilliant Stars Build & Battle BoxV Battle Deck—Lycanroc vs. Corviknight
Battle Academy 2022
Astral Radiance: Astral Radiance Build & Battle Box
Pokémon GO: Pokémon GO V Battle Deck—Mewtwo vs. Melmetal
Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX League Battle DeckShadow Rider Calyrex VMAX League Battle Deck
McDonald's Collection 2022Trick or Trade
Lost Origin: Lost Origin Build & Battle Box
V Battle Deck—Zeraora vs. DeoxysPlay! Pokémon Prize Pack Series 1
Silver Tempest: Silver Tempest Build & Battle BoxMew VMAX League Battle Deck
Crown ZenithPlay! Pokémon Prize Pack Series 2Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR League Battle Deck
Sword & Shield Era
S-P Promotional cards
V Starter Sets
SwordShield: Sword & Shield Premium Trainer Box
Zacian + Zamazenta BoxVMAX Rising
Rebellion Crash
Charizard & Grimmsnarl VMAX Starter SetsExplosive Walker
Infinity Zone
Legendary HeartbeatV Starter Decks
Amazing Volt Tackle
VMAX Special SetShiny Star V
Venusaur & Blastoise VMAX Starter Sets
Single Strike MasterRapid Strike Master: Single Strike & Rapid Strike Premium Trainer Boxes
Peerless Fighters
Silver LanceJet-Black Spirit: Silver Lance & Jet-Black Spirit Jumbo Pack Set
Eevee HeroesEevee Heroes VMAX Special SetHigh-Class Decks
Skyscraping PerfectionBlue Sky Stream: Sword & Shield Family Pokémon Card Game
V-UNION Special Card Sets
Fusion Arts
25th Anniversary CollectionPromo Card Pack 25th Anniversary Edition
Zacian & Zamazenta vs Eternatus Special Deck Set
VMAX ClimaxStart Deck 10025th Anniversary Golden Box
Star BirthVSTAR Premium Trainer Box
Battle RegionVSTAR Starter SetsStart Deck 100 CoroCoro Comic Version
Time GazerSpace Juggler
Dark PhantasmaPokémon GO
Lost Abyss: VSTAR & VMAX High-Class Decks
VSTAR Special SetIncandescent Arcana
Paradigm Trigger
Charizard VSTAR vs Rayquaza VMAX Special Deck Set
VSTAR Universe