Astral Radiance Build & Battle Box (TCG)

Astral Radiance Build & Battle Box
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Box art
Expansion Astral Radiance
Types used WaterPsychicDarknessMetal

The Astral Radiance Build & Battle Box was a special product given to participants of Prerelease Tournaments for the Astral Radiance expansion. Although not officially sanctioned, tournaments were typically held on the weekends of May 14-15 and 21-22, 2022 and provided an advanced preview of the expansion before its release on May 27. Selected stores could also sell the Build & Battle Box from the start of the Prerelease period. Copies of the box were later available in the Astral Radiance Build & Battle Stadium from June 10, 2022.

Each box included a 40-card deck that incorporated one of four specially stamped Prerelease cards for the expansion, as well as four Astral Radiance booster packs, a deck-building tip sheet, and a Pokémon TCG Live code card. The Prerelease cards for the Astral Radiance expansion were Hisuian Basculegion, Wyrdeer, Hisuian Samurott, and Magnezone.

The Build & Battle Boxes could provide exclusive Non Holofoil versions of cards only available as Holofoil in Astral Radiance booster packs: Keldeo, Wyrdeer, Absol, Hisuian Samurott, Magnezone, Adaman, and Irida. They could also provide re-releases of Non Holofoil Brilliant Stars Professor's Research originally from the Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Box.

Box structure

Section 1

Each box included two of the following four different groups of Pokémon cards; one group always coincided with the enclosed promotional card.

Hisuian Basculegion group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
043/189   Hisuian Basculin  
044/189   Hisuian Basculegion  
045/189   Keldeo  
163/202   Evolution Incense I
147/189   Irida Su
141/172   Gloria Su

Wyrdeer group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
125/189   Stantler  
069/189   Wyrdeer  
006/189   Yanma  
007/189   Yanmega  
143/189   Gardenia's Vigor Su

Hisuian Samurott group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
097/189   Absol  
041/189   Oshawott  
042/189   Dewott  
100/189   Hisuian Samurott  
139/189   Dark Patch I
150/172   Ultra Ball I

Magnezone group
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
105/189   Magnemite  
106/189   Magneton  
107/189   Magnezone  
108/189   Registeel  
135/189   Adaman Su

Section 2

Each box also included six random Trainer cards from the following, with no more than two copies of a particular card.

Trainer cards
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
143/203   Copycat Su 0-2×
237/264   Quick Ball I 0-2×
138/172   Cynthia's Ambition Su 0-2×
147/172   Professor's Research Su 0-2×
137/189   Choy Su 0-2×
148/189   Jubilife Village St 0-2×
149/189   Kamado Su 0-2×
159/189   Zisu Su 0-2×

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