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Crown Zenith
ハイクラスパック VSTARユニバース
SetSymbolCrown Zenith.png
Crown Zenith Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 230
Japanese: 262
Set number English: -
Japanese: -
Release date English: January 20, 2023
Japanese: December 2, 2022
Incandescent Arcana
High Class Pack VSTAR Universe
Triplet Beat

Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith (Japanese: ハイクラスパック VSTARユニバース High Class Pack VSTAR Universe) is the final special expansion released during the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


Crown Zenith was released on January 20, 2023 and is the final special expansion of the Sword & Shield Series. In Japan, it released as VSTAR Universe high-class expansion pack on December 2nd, 2022 and similarly served as the final sub-expansion of the Sword & Shield Era. VSTAR Universe also has a parallel foil set, featuring a Reverse Glitter Holofoil variant for all non-holofoil cards in the main set. Similar to other special expansions, such as Pokémon GO and Celebrations, Crown Zenith booster packs could not be purchased separately and instead, were available exclusively in various set-related products. Crown Zenith consists of cards from the Japanese VSTAR Universe expansion, cards from VSTAR Special Set and cards from the Paradigm Trigger expansion and Incandescent Arcana subset that were not localized in Silver Tempest.

In VSTAR Universe, all non-secret cards that aren't Pokémon V or Radiant Pokémon have no rarity symbols.

Set list

Crown Zenith
SetSymbolCrown Zenith.png
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/159 F Oddish Grass Common Promotion
002/159 F Gloom Grass Uncommon Promotion
003/159 F Bellossom Grass Rare Promotion
004/159 F Tangela Grass Common Promotion
005/159 F Tangrowth Grass Rare Promotion
006/159 F Scyther Grass Common Promotion
007/159 F Sunkern Grass Common Promotion
008/159 F Yanma Grass Common Promotion
009/159 F Yanmega Grass Rare Promotion
010/159 F Kricketot Grass Common Promotion
011/159 E Cherubi Grass Common Promotion
012/159 F Carnivine Grass Uncommon Promotion
013/159 F LeafeonV Grass Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
014/159 F LeafeonVSTAR Grass Rare VSTAR Promotion
015/159 E Grubbin Grass Common Promotion
016/159 F Zarude Grass Rare Holo Promotion
017/159 F Calyrex Grass Rare Holo Promotion
018/159 F CharizardV Fire Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
019/159 F CharizardVSTAR Fire Rare VSTAR Promotion
020/159 F Radiant Charizard Fire Rare Radiant Promotion
021/159 F Entei Fire Rare Holo Promotion
022/159 F SimisearV Fire Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
023/159 F SimisearVSTAR Fire Rare VSTAR Promotion
024/159 F Larvesta Fire Common Promotion
025/159 F Volcarona Fire Rare Promotion
026/159 F Volcanion Fire Rare Holo Promotion
027/159 F Salandit Fire Common Promotion
028/159 F Salazzle Fire Uncommon Promotion
029/159 F Seel Water Common Promotion
030/159 E Galarian Mr. Mime Water Common Promotion
031/159 F Wailmer Water Common Promotion
032/159 F Wailord Water Rare Promotion
033/159 F Corphish Water Common Promotion
034/159 E Snorunt Water Common Promotion
035/159 F Luvdisc Water Common Promotion
036/159 F Kyogre Water Rare Holo Promotion
037/159 F KyogreV Water Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
038/159 F GlaceonV Water Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
039/159 E Shinx Lightning Common Promotion
040/159 F Shinx Lightning Common Promotion
041/159 E Luxio Lightning Uncommon Promotion
042/159 F Luxio Lightning Uncommon Promotion
043/159 E Luxray Lightning Rare Promotion
044/159 F Luxray Lightning Rare Promotion
045/159 F RotomV Lightning Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
046/159 F RotomVSTAR Lightning Rare VSTAR Promotion
047/159 E Emolga Lightning Common Promotion
048/159 F Eelektrik Lightning Uncommon Promotion
049/159 F Helioptile Lightning Common Promotion
050/159 F Heliolisk Lightning Rare Promotion
051/159 F Radiant Charjabug Lightning Rare Radiant Promotion
052/159 E Zeraora Lightning Rare Promotion
053/159 F ZeraoraV Lightning Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
054/159 F ZeraoraVMAX Lightning Rare VMAX Promotion
055/159 F ZeraoraVSTAR Lightning Rare VSTAR Promotion
056/159 F Pincurchin Lightning Uncommon Promotion
057/159 F Exeggcute Psychic Common Promotion
058/159 F Exeggutor Psychic Rare Promotion
059/159 F Mewtwo Psychic Rare Holo Promotion
060/159 E MewV Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
061/159 F Girafarig Psychic Uncommon Promotion
062/159 F Lunatone Psychic Uncommon Promotion
063/159 F Dusclops Psychic Uncommon Promotion
064/159 F Tapu Lele Psychic Rare Holo Promotion
065/159 F HattereneV Psychic Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
066/159 F HattereneVMAX Psychic Rare VMAX Promotion
067/159 F Enamorus Psychic Rare Promotion
068/159 E Graveler Fighting Uncommon Promotion
069/159 F Solrock Fighting Uncommon Promotion
070/159 E Baltoy Fighting Common Promotion
071/159 F Riolu Fighting Common Promotion
072/159 F Pancham Fighting Common Promotion
073/159 F Rockruff Fighting Common Promotion
074/159 F Lycanroc Fighting Rare Promotion
075/159 E Koffing Darkness Common Promotion
076/159 F Absol Darkness Rare Holo Promotion
077/159 F Purrloin Darkness Common Promotion
078/159 F Liepard Darkness Rare Promotion
079/159 D Krokorok Darkness Uncommon Promotion
080/159 F Pangoro Darkness Rare Promotion
081/159 F Skrelp Darkness Common Promotion
082/159 F Dragalge Darkness Rare Promotion
083/159 D Hoopa Darkness Rare Holo Promotion
084/159 F Galarian Meowth Metal Common Promotion
085/159 F Galarian Perrserker Metal Rare Promotion
086/159 F Scizor Metal Rare Promotion
087/159 F Aron Metal Common Promotion
088/159 F Lairon Metal Uncommon Promotion
089/159 F Aggron Metal Rare Holo Promotion
090/159 F Metang Metal Uncommon Promotion
091/159 F Pawniard Metal Common Promotion
092/159 F Pawniard Metal Common Promotion
093/159 F Bisharp Metal Uncommon Promotion
094/159 F Zacian Metal Rare Holo Promotion
095/159 F ZacianV Metal Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
096/159 F ZacianVSTAR Metal Rare VSTAR Promotion
097/159 F Zamazenta Metal Rare Holo Promotion
098/159 F ZamazentaV Metal Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
099/159 F ZamazentaVSTAR Metal Rare VSTAR Promotion
100/159 E RayquazaV Dragon Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
101/159 E RayquazaVMAX Dragon Rare VMAX Promotion
102/159 E RayquazaVMAX Dragon Rare VMAX Promotion
103/159 E DuraludonV Dragon Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
104/159 E DuraludonVMAX Dragon Rare VMAX Promotion
105/159 F Radiant Eternatus Dragon Rare Radiant Promotion
106/159 F Tauros Colorless Rare Promotion
107/159 F Ditto Colorless Rare Holo Promotion
108/159 F EeveeV Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
109/159 E Snorlax Colorless Rare Promotion
110/159 F Starly Colorless Common Promotion
111/159 F Bidoof Colorless Common Promotion
112/159 F Chatot Colorless Common Promotion
113/159 F RegigigasV Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
114/159 F RegigigasVSTAR Colorless Rare VSTAR Promotion
115/159 F Shaymin Colorless Uncommon Promotion
116/159 E StoutlandV Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
117/159 F Yungoos Colorless Common Promotion
118/159 F Gumshoos Colorless Rare Promotion
119/159 F Oranguru Colorless Rare Promotion
120/159 E GreedentV Colorless Ultra-Rare Rare Promotion
121/159 F Wooloo Colorless Common Promotion
122/159 F Dubwool Colorless Rare Promotion
123/159 D Bea Su Rare Holo Promotion
124/159 D Bede Su Rare Holo Promotion
125/159 F Crushing Hammer I Uncommon Promotion
126/159 F Digging Duo Su Uncommon Promotion
127/159 F Energy Retrieval I Common Promotion
128/159 F Energy Search I Common Promotion
129/159 F Energy Switch I Uncommon Promotion
130/159 F Friends in Hisui Su Uncommon Promotion
131/159 F Friends in Sinnoh Su Uncommon Promotion
132/159 F Great Ball I Uncommon Promotion
133/159 D Hop Su Rare Holo Promotion
134/159 D Leon Su Rare Holo Promotion
135/159 F Lost Vacuum I Uncommon Promotion
136/159 D Nessa Su Rare Holo Promotion
137/159 F Poké Ball I Common Promotion
138/159 F Pokémon Catcher I Uncommon Promotion
139/159 F Potion I Common Promotion
140/159 E Raihan Su Rare Holo Promotion
141/159 F Rare Candy I Uncommon Promotion
142/159 E Rescue Carrier I Uncommon Promotion
143/159 F Sky Seal Stone I Rare Holo Promotion
144/159 F Switch I Common Promotion
145/159 F Trekking Shoes I Uncommon Promotion
146/159 F Ultra Ball I Uncommon Promotion
147/159 E Elesa's Sparkle Su Rare Ultra Promotion
148/159 F Friends in Hisui Su Rare Ultra Promotion
149/159 F Friends in Sinnoh Su Rare Ultra Promotion
150/159 F Professor's Research [Professor Rowan] Su Rare Ultra Promotion
151/159 F Volo Su Rare Ultra Promotion
152/159 Grass Energy Grass E Rare Ultra Promotion
153/159 Fire Energy Fire E Rare Ultra Promotion
154/159 Water Energy Water E Rare Ultra Promotion
155/159 Lightning Energy Lightning E Rare Ultra Promotion
156/159 Psychic Energy Psychic E Rare Ultra Promotion
157/159 Fighting Energy Fighting E Rare Ultra Promotion
158/159 Darkness Energy Darkness E Rare Ultra Promotion
159/159 Metal Energy Metal E Rare Ultra Promotion
160/159 F Pikachu Lightning Rare Secret Promotion

Galarian Gallery
SetSymbolCrown Zenith.png
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
GG01/GG70 F Hisuian Voltorb Grass GGH Promotion
GG02/GG70 F Kricketune Grass GGH Promotion
GG03/GG70 F Magmortar Fire GGH Promotion
GG04/GG70 E Oricorio Fire GGH Promotion
GG05/GG70 F Lapras Water GGH Promotion
GG06/GG70 F Manaphy Water GGH Promotion
GG07/GG70 F Keldeo Water GGH Promotion
GG08/GG70 F Electivire Lightning GGH Promotion
GG09/GG70 E Toxtricity Lightning GGH Promotion
GG10/GG70 E Mew Psychic GGH Promotion
GG11/GG70 F Lunatone Psychic GGH Promotion
GG12/GG70 E Deoxys Psychic GGH Promotion
GG13/GG70 F Diancie Psychic GGH Promotion
GG14/GG70 F Comfey Psychic GGH Promotion
GG15/GG70 F Solrock Fighting GGH Promotion
GG16/GG70 F Absol Darkness GGH Promotion
GG17/GG70 F Thievul Darkness GGH Promotion
GG18/GG70 F Magnezone Metal GGH Promotion
GG19/GG70 E Altaria Dragon GGH Promotion
GG20/GG70 E Latias Dragon GGH Promotion
GG21/GG70 F Hisuian Goodra Dragon GGH Promotion
GG22/GG70 F Ditto Colorless GGH Promotion
GG23/GG70 E Dunsparce Colorless GGH Promotion
GG24/GG70 F Miltank Colorless GGH Promotion
GG25/GG70 F Bibarel Colorless GGH Promotion
GG26/GG70 F Riolu Fighting GGH Promotion
GG27/GG70 E Swablu Colorless GGH Promotion
GG28/GG70 F Duskull Psychic GGH Promotion
GG29/GG70 F Bidoof Colorless GGH Promotion
GG30/GG70 F Pikachu Lightning GGH Promotion
GG31/GG70 F Turtwig Grass GGH Promotion
GG32/GG70 F Paras Grass GGH Promotion
GG33/GG70 F Poochyena Darkness GGH Promotion
GG34/GG70 E Mareep Lightning GGH Promotion
GG35/GG70 F LeafeonVSTAR Grass GGU Promotion
GG36/GG70 F EnteiV Fire GGU Promotion
GG37/GG70 F SimisearVSTAR Fire GGU Promotion
GG38/GG70 E SuicuneV Water GGU Promotion
GG39/GG70 F LumineonV Water GGU Promotion
GG40/GG70 F GlaceonVSTAR Water GGU Promotion
GG41/GG70 F RaikouV Lightning GGU Promotion
GG42/GG70 F ZeraoraVMAX Lightning GGU Promotion
GG43/GG70 F ZeraoraVSTAR Lightning GGU Promotion
GG44/GG70 F MewtwoVSTAR Psychic GGU Promotion
GG45/GG70 F DeoxysVMAX Psychic GGU Promotion
GG46/GG70 F DeoxysVSTAR Psychic GGU Promotion
GG47/GG70 F HattereneVMAX Psychic GGU Promotion
GG48/GG70 E ZacianV Psychic GGU Promotion
GG49/GG70 F DrapionV Darkness GGU Promotion
GG50/GG70 F DarkraiVSTAR Darkness GGU Promotion
GG51/GG70 F Hisuian SamurottV Darkness GGU Promotion
GG52/GG70 F Hisuian SamurottVSTAR Darkness GGU Promotion
GG53/GG70 E HoopaV Darkness GGU Promotion
GG54/GG70 F ZamazentaV Metal GGU Promotion
GG55/GG70 F RegigigasVSTAR Colorless GGU Promotion
GG56/GG70 F Hisuian ZoroarkVSTAR Colorless GGU Promotion
GG57/GG70 F Adaman Su GGU Promotion
GG58/GG70 F Cheren's Care Su GGU Promotion
GG59/GG70 F Colress's Experiment Su GGU Promotion
GG60/GG70 F Cynthia's Ambition Su GGU Promotion
GG61/GG70 F Gardenia's Vigor Su GGU Promotion
GG62/GG70 F Grant Su GGU Promotion
GG63/GG70 F Irida Su GGU Promotion
GG64/GG70 E Melony Su GGU Promotion
GG65/GG70 E Raihan Su GGU Promotion
GG66/GG70 F Roxanne Su GGU Promotion
GG67/GG70 F Origin Forme PalkiaVSTAR Water GGS Promotion
GG68/GG70 F Origin Forme DialgaVSTAR Metal GGS Promotion
GG69/GG70 F GiratinaVSTAR Dragon GGS Promotion
GG70/GG70 F ArceusVSTAR Colorless GGS Promotion

VSTAR Universe
SetSymbolVSTAR Universe.png
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/172 F Paras Grass Promotion
002/172 F Parasect Grass Promotion
003/172 F Hisuian Voltorb Grass Promotion
004/172 F Hisuian Electrode Grass Promotion
005/172 F Hisuian ElectrodeV Grass RR Promotion
006/172 F Turtwig Grass Promotion
007/172 F Grotle Grass Promotion
008/172 F Torterra Grass Promotion
009/172 F Kricketot Grass Promotion
010/172 F Kricketune Grass Promotion
011/172 F LeafeonV Grass RR Promotion
012/172 E LeafeonVSTAR Grass RRR Promotion
013/172 F CharizardV Fire RR Promotion
014/172 F CharizardVSTAR Fire RRR Promotion
015/172 F Radiant Charizard Fire K Promotion
016/172 F Magmar Fire Promotion
017/172 F Magmortar Fire Promotion
018/172 F Moltres Fire Promotion
019/172 F EnteiV Fire RR Promotion
020/172 F SimisearV Fire RR Promotion
021/172 F SimisearVSTAR Fire RRR Promotion
022/172 E Oricorio Fire Promotion
023/172 F Lapras Water Promotion
024/172 E SuicuneV Water RR Promotion
025/172 F Regice Water Promotion
026/172 F LumineonV Water RR Promotion
027/172 F Origin Forme PalkiaV Water RR Promotion
028/172 F Origin Forme PalkiaVSTAR Water RRR Promotion
029/172 F Manaphy Water Promotion
030/172 F Hisuian Basculin Water Promotion
031/172 F Hisuian Basculegion Water Promotion
032/172 F Keldeo Water Promotion
033/172 F Radiant Greninja Water K Promotion
034/172 F Electabuzz Lightning Promotion
035/172 F Electivire Lightning Promotion
036/172 E Mareep Lightning Promotion
037/172 E Flaaffy Lightning Promotion
038/172 F RaikouV Lightning RR Promotion
039/172 F Radiant Charjabug Lightning K Promotion
040/172 F ZeraoraV Lightning RR Promotion
041/172 F ZeraoraVMAX Lightning RRR Promotion
042/172 F ZeraoraVSTAR Lightning RRR Promotion
043/172 E Toxel Lightning Promotion
044/172 E Toxtricity Lightning Promotion
045/172 F Regieleki Lightning Promotion
046/172 F Gastly Psychic Promotion
047/172 F Haunter Psychic Promotion
048/172 F Gengar Psychic Promotion
049/172 E Galarian Articuno Psychic Promotion
050/172 F MewtwoV Psychic RR Promotion
051/172 F MewtwoVSTAR Psychic RRR Promotion
052/172 E Mew Psychic Promotion
053/172 E MewV Psychic RR Promotion
054/172 E MewVMAX Psychic RRR Promotion
055/172 F Radiant Gardevoir Psychic K Promotion
056/172 F Lunatone Psychic Promotion
057/172 F Duskull Psychic Promotion
058/172 F Dusclops Psychic Promotion
059/172 F Dusknoir Psychic Promotion
060/172 E Deoxys Psychic Promotion
061/172 E Pumpkaboo Psychic Promotion
062/172 E Gourgeist Psychic Promotion
063/172 F Diancie Psychic Promotion
064/172 F Comfey Psychic Promotion
065/172 F HattereneV Psychic RR Promotion
066/172 F HattereneVMAX Psychic RRR Promotion
067/172 F ZacianV Psychic RR Promotion
068/172 F EnamorusV Psychic RR Promotion
069/172 F Hisuian Growlithe Fighting Promotion
070/172 F Hisuian Arcanine Fighting Promotion
071/172 F MachampV Fighting RR Promotion
072/172 F MachampVMAX Fighting RRR Promotion
073/172 E Galarian Zapdos Fighting Promotion
074/172 F Solrock Fighting Promotion
075/172 F Regirock Fighting Promotion
076/172 F Riolu Fighting Promotion
077/172 F Lucario Fighting Promotion
078/172 F Radiant Hawlucha Fighting Promotion
079/172 E Galarian Moltres Darkness Promotion
080/172 E Galarian MoltresV Darkness RR Promotion
081/172 F Poochyena Darkness Promotion
082/172 F Mightyena Darkness Promotion
083/172 F Absol Darkness Promotion
084/172 F Spiritomb Darkness Promotion
085/172 F DrapionV Darkness RR Promotion
086/172 F Hisuian SamurottV Darkness RR Promotion
087/172 F Hisuian SamurottVSTAR Darkness RRR Promotion
088/172 F Purrloin Darkness Promotion
089/172 F Liepard Darkness Promotion
090/172 E Zorua Darkness Promotion
091/172 E Zoroark Darkness Promotion
092/172 F Nickit Darkness Promotion
093/172 F Thievul Darkness Promotion
094/172 F Magnemite Metal Promotion
095/172 F Magneton Metal Promotion
096/172 F Magnezone Metal Promotion
097/172 F Registeel Metal Promotion
098/172 F Bronzor Metal Promotion
099/172 F Bronzong Metal Promotion
100/172 F Origin Forme DialgaV Metal RR Promotion
101/172 F Origin Forme DialgaVSTAR Metal RRR Promotion
102/172 E GenesectV Metal RR Promotion
103/172 F ZamazentaV Metal RR Promotion
104/172 E Altaria Dragon Promotion
105/172 E Latias Dragon Promotion
106/172 E Latios Dragon Promotion
107/172 E RayquazaV Dragon RR Promotion
108/172 E RayquazaVMAX Dragon RRR Promotion
109/172 F GarchompV Dragon RR Promotion
110/172 F GiratinaV Dragon RR Promotion
111/172 F GiratinaVSTAR Dragon RRR Promotion
112/172 F Goomy Dragon Promotion
113/172 F Hisuian Sliggoo Dragon Promotion
114/172 F Hisuian Goodra Dragon Promotion
115/172 F Radiant Eternatus Dragon K Promotion
116/172 F Regidrago Dragon Promotion
117/172 F Ditto Colorless Promotion
118/172 E Dunsparce Colorless Promotion
119/172 F Miltank Colorless Promotion
120/172 E Swablu Colorless Promotion
121/172 F Bidoof Colorless Promotion
122/172 F Bibarel Colorless Promotion
123/172 F Regigigas Colorless Promotion
124/172 F RegigigasV Colorless RR Promotion
125/172 F RegigigasVSTAR Colorless RRR Promotion
126/172 F ArceusV Colorless RR Promotion
127/172 F ArceusVSTAR Colorless RRR Promotion
128/172 F Hisuian ZoroarkV Colorless RR Promotion
129/172 F Hisuian ZoroarkVSTAR Colorless RRR Promotion
130/172 F OranguruV Colorless RR Promotion
131/172 F WyrdeerV Colorless RR Promotion
132/172 E Fan of Waves I Promotion
133/172 F Gutsy Pickaxe I Promotion
134/172 E Fog Crystal I Promotion
135/172 F Dark Patch I Promotion
136/172 F Damage Pump I Promotion
137/172 F Trekking Shoes I Promotion
138/172 F Ultra Ball I Promotion
139/172 E Power Tablet I Promotion
140/172 F Hisuian Heavy Ball I Promotion
141/172 F Mirage Gate I Promotion
142/172 E Rescue Carrier I Promotion
143/172 E Level Ball I Promotion
144/172 F Lost Vacuum I Promotion
145/172 F Choice Belt I Promotion
146/172 F Sky Seal Stone I Promotion
147/172 F Leafy Camo Poncho I Promotion
148/172 F Colress's Experiment Su Promotion
149/172 F Irida Su Promotion
150/172 E Elesa's Sparkle Su Promotion
151/172 E Raihan Su Promotion
152/172 F Grant Su Promotion
153/172 F Cynthia's Ambition Su Promotion
154/172 F Friends in Sinnoh Su Promotion
155/172 F Adaman Su Promotion
156/172 F Cheren's Care Su Promotion
157/172 F Roxanne Su Promotion
158/172 F Gardenia's Vigor Su Promotion
159/172 F Professor's Research [Professor Rowan] Su Promotion
160/172 F Friends in Hisui Su Promotion
161/172 F Boss's Orders [Cyrus] Su Promotion
162/172 E Melony Su Promotion
163/172 E Cheryl Su Promotion
164/172 E Stormy Mountains St Promotion
165/172 E Path to the Peak St Promotion
166/172 F Gapejaw Bog St Promotion
167/172 F Collapsed Stadium St Promotion
168/172 F Jubilife Village St Promotion
169/172 F Temple of Sinnoh St Promotion
170/172 F Magma Basin St Promotion
171/172 F Double Turbo Energy Colorless E Promotion
172/172 E Fusion Strike Energy Rainbow E Promotion
173/172 F Hisuian Voltorb Grass AR Promotion
174/172 F Kricketune Grass AR Promotion
175/172 F Magmortar Fire AR Promotion
176/172 E Oricorio Fire AR Promotion
177/172 F Lapras Water AR Promotion
178/172 F Manaphy Water AR Promotion
179/172 F Keldeo Water AR Promotion
180/172 F Electivire Lightning AR Promotion
181/172 E Toxtricity Lightning AR Promotion
182/172 E Galarian Articuno Psychic AR Promotion
183/172 E Mew Psychic AR Promotion
184/172 F Lunatone Psychic AR Promotion
185/172 E Deoxys Psychic AR Promotion
186/172 F Diancie Psychic AR Promotion
187/172 F Comfey Psychic AR Promotion
188/172 E Galarian Zapdos Fighting AR Promotion
189/172 F Solrock Fighting AR Promotion
190/172 E Galarian Moltres Darkness AR Promotion
191/172 F Absol Darkness AR Promotion
192/172 F Thievul Darkness AR Promotion
193/172 F Magnezone Metal AR Promotion
194/172 E Altaria Dragon AR Promotion
195/172 E Latias Dragon AR Promotion
196/172 F Hisuian Goodra Dragon AR Promotion
197/172 F Ditto Colorless AR Promotion
198/172 E Dunsparce Colorless AR Promotion
199/172 F Miltank Colorless AR Promotion
200/172 F Bibarel Colorless AR Promotion
201/172 F Riolu Fighting AR Promotion
202/172 E Swablu Colorless AR Promotion
203/172 F Duskull Psychic AR Promotion
204/172 F Bidoof Colorless AR Promotion
205/172 F Pikachu Lightning AR Promotion
206/172 F Turtwig Grass AR Promotion
207/172 F Paras Grass AR Promotion
208/172 F Poochyena Darkness AR Promotion
209/172 E Mareep Lightning AR Promotion
210/172 F LeafeonVSTAR Grass SAR Promotion
211/172 F CharizardV Fire SAR Promotion
212/172 F CharizardVSTAR Fire SAR Promotion
213/172 F EnteiV Fire SAR Promotion
214/172 F SimisearVSTAR Fire SAR Promotion
215/172 E SuicuneV Water SAR Promotion
216/172 F LumineonV Water SAR Promotion
217/172 F GlaceonVSTAR Water SAR Promotion
218/172 F RaikouV Lightning SAR Promotion
219/172 F ZeraoraVMAX Lightning SAR Promotion
220/172 F ZeraoraVSTAR Lightning SAR Promotion
221/172 F MewtwoVSTAR Psychic SAR Promotion
222/172 F DeoxysVMAX Psychic SAR Promotion
223/172 F DeoxysVSTAR Psychic SAR Promotion
224/172 F HattereneVMAX Psychic SAR Promotion
225/172 E ZacianV Psychic SAR Promotion
226/172 F LucarioVSTAR Fighting SAR Promotion
227/172 F DrapionV Darkness SAR Promotion
228/172 F DarkraiVSTAR Darkness SAR Promotion
229/172 F Hisuian SamurottV Darkness SAR Promotion
230/172 F Hisuian SamurottVSTAR Darkness SAR Promotion
231/172 E HoopaV Darkness SAR Promotion
232/172 F ZamazentaV Metal SAR Promotion
233/172 F RegigigasVSTAR Colorless SAR Promotion
234/172 F Hisuian ZoroarkVSTAR Colorless SAR Promotion
235/172 F Colress's Experiment Su SAR Promotion
236/172 F Irida Su SAR Promotion
237/172 E Raihan Su SAR Promotion
238/172 F Grant Su SAR Promotion
239/172 F Cynthia's Ambition Su SAR Promotion
240/172 F Adaman Su SAR Promotion
241/172 F Cheren's Care Su SAR Promotion
242/172 F Roxanne Su SAR Promotion
243/172 F Gardenia's Vigor Su SAR Promotion
244/172 F Melony Su SAR Promotion
245/172 F Volo Su SR Promotion
246/172 E Elesa's Sparkle Su SR Promotion
247/172 F Friends in Sinnoh Su SR Promotion
248/172 F Professor's Research [Professor Rowan] Su SR Promotion
249/172 F Friends in Hisui Su SR Promotion
250/172 F Boss's Orders [Cyrus] Su SR Promotion
251/172 Grass Energy Grass E SR Promotion
252/172 Fire Energy Fire E SR Promotion
253/172 Water Energy Water E SR Promotion
254/172 Lightning Energy Lightning E SR Promotion
255/172 Psychic Energy Psychic E SR Promotion
256/172 Fighting Energy Fighting E SR Promotion
257/172 Darkness Energy Darkness E SR Promotion
258/172 Metal Energy Metal E SR Promotion
259/172 F Origin Forme PalkiaVSTAR Water UR Promotion
260/172 F Origin Forme DialgaVSTAR Metal UR Promotion
261/172 F GiratinaVSTAR Dragon UR Promotion
262/172 F ArceusVSTAR Colorless UR Promotion


Crown Zenith Booster.jpg
English Zacian & Zamazenta pack
S12a VSTAR Universe pack.jpg
Japanese VSTAR Universe
pack artwork
S12a VSTAR Universe Booster Chinese.png
Chinese VSTAR Universe
pack artwork
S12a VSTAR Universe Booster Thai.png
Thai VSTAR Universe
pack artwork
S12a VSTAR Universe Booster Indonesian.png
Indonesian VSTAR Universe
pack artwork
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 天地萬物VSTAR Tīndeih Maahnmaht VSTAR
Mandarin 天地萬物VSTAR Tiāndì Wànwù VSTAR
France Flag.png French Zénith Suprême
Germany Flag.png German Zenit der Könige
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian VSTAR Semesta
Italy Flag.png Italian Zenit Regale
South Korea Flag.png Korean VSTAR 유니버스
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Realeza Absoluta
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cenit Supremo
Thailand Flag.png Thai จักรวาลแห่งVSTAR

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Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions and releases
Bold indicates a main expansion. Italics indicate a special set. Releases that are entirely composed of prints from other releases are small.
Sword & Shield Series
SWSH Black Star Promos
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield Build & Battle BoxRillaboom Theme DeckCinderace Theme DeckInteleon Theme Deck
Rebel Clash: Rebel Clash Build & Battle BoxZacian Theme DeckZamazenta Theme Deck
Pikachu & Zekrom-GX League Battle DeckReshiram & Charizard-GX League Battle Deck
Darkness Ablaze: Darkness Ablaze Build & Battle BoxGalarian Darmanitan Theme DeckGalarian Sirfetch'd Theme Deck
Pokémon FutsalChampion's Path
Vivid Voltage: Vivid Voltage Build & Battle BoxCharizard Theme DeckDrednaw Theme Deck
Zacian V League Battle DeckV Battle Deck—Venusaur vs. BlastoiseMcDonald's Collection 2021
Shining Fates
Battle Styles: Battle Styles Build & Battle Box
V Battle Deck—Victini vs. GardevoirInteleon VMAX League Battle Deck
Chilling Reign: Chilling Reign Build & Battle Box
Evolving Skies: Evolving Skies Build & Battle Box
CelebrationsV Battle Deck—Rayquaza vs. Noivern
Fusion Strike: Fusion Strike Build & Battle Box
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX League Battle DeckRapid Strike Urshifu VMAX League Battle Deck
Brilliant Stars: Brilliant Stars Build & Battle BoxV Battle Deck—Lycanroc vs. Corviknight
Battle Academy 2022
Astral Radiance: Astral Radiance Build & Battle Box
Pokémon GO: Pokémon GO V Battle Deck—Mewtwo vs. Melmetal
Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX League Battle DeckShadow Rider Calyrex VMAX League Battle Deck
McDonald's Collection 2022Trick or Trade 2022
Lost Origin: Lost Origin Build & Battle Box
V Battle Deck—Zeraora vs. DeoxysPlay! Pokémon Prize Pack Series One
Silver Tempest: Silver Tempest Build & Battle BoxMew VMAX League Battle Deck
Crown ZenithPlay! Pokémon Prize Pack Series TwoOrigin Forme Palkia VSTAR League Battle Deck
Sword & Shield Era
S-P Promotional cards
V Starter Sets
SwordShield: Sword & Shield Premium Trainer Box
Zacian + Zamazenta BoxVMAX Rising
Rebellion Crash
Charizard & Grimmsnarl VMAX Starter SetsExplosive Walker
Infinity Zone
Legendary HeartbeatV Starter Decks
Amazing Volt Tackle
VMAX Special SetShiny Star V
Venusaur & Blastoise VMAX Starter Sets
Single Strike MasterRapid Strike Master: Single Strike & Rapid Strike Premium Trainer Boxes
Peerless Fighters
Silver LanceJet-Black Spirit: Silver Lance & Jet-Black Spirit Jumbo Pack Set
Eevee HeroesEevee Heroes VMAX Special SetHigh-Class Decks
Skyscraping PerfectionBlue Sky Stream: Sword & Shield Family Pokémon Card Game
V-UNION Special Card Sets
Fusion Arts
25th Anniversary CollectionPromo Card Pack 25th Anniversary Edition
Zacian & Zamazenta vs Eternatus Special Deck Set
VMAX ClimaxStart Deck 10025th Anniversary Golden Box
Star BirthVSTAR Premium Trainer Box
Battle RegionVSTAR Starter SetsStart Deck 100 CoroCoro Comic Version
Time GazerSpace Juggler
Dark PhantasmaPokémon GO
Lost Abyss: VSTAR & VMAX High-Class Decks
VSTAR Special SetIncandescent Arcana
Paradigm Trigger
Charizard VSTAR vs Rayquaza VMAX Special Deck Set
VSTAR Universe