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Darkness Ablaze
SetSymbolDarkness Ablaze.png
SWSH3 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 201
Japanese: 119
Set number English: 85
Japanese: 78
Release date English: August 14, 2020
Japanese: June 5, 2020
Theme Decks

Galarian Darmanitan Theme Deck (Water)
Galarian Sirfetch'd Theme Deck (Fighting)

Rebellion Crash
Infinity Zone
Amazing Volt Tackle

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Darkness Ablaze (Japanese: ムゲンゾーン Infinity Zone) is the name given to the third main expansion of cards from the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the Sword & Shield Era in Japan). The set continues to feature Generation VIII, Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX in the card game.


A Brilliant Flame on the Darkest Day!

The velvet night glows, burns, and blazes astoundingly bright as the Legendary Pokémon Eternatus arrives as a Pokémon V alongside Centiskorch V, Mew V, Galarian Slowbro V, and many others. You'll also find towering Pokémon VMAX in their Gigantamax forms: Charizard VMAX, Grimmsnarl VMAX, Butterfree VMAX, and more! Light a fire with the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Darkness Ablaze expansion!


Infinity Zone logo

Darkness Ablaze is the name given to the third main expansion of the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as Infinity Zone, the third expansion in the Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Era. It is based on Pokémon Sword and Shield, featuring Generation VIII Pokémon and the Gigantic Pokémon Eternatus. The English expansion was released on August 14, 2020, while the Japanese expansion was released on June 5, 2020. Darkness Ablaze is composed of its Japanese equivalent as well as the Explosive Walker subset and the Charizard & Grimmsnarl VMAX Starter Sets.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
037/189   Suicune   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Galarian Darmanitan Theme Deck and Inteleon VMAX League Battle Deck exclusive
044/189   Galarian Darmanitan   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cracked Ice Holo Galarian Darmanitan Theme Deck exclusive
061/189   Tapu Koko   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Darkness Ablaze Build & Battle Box exclusive
081/189   Mimikyu   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cosmos Holo Pikachu V Box exclusive
098/189   Galarian Sirfetch'd   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cracked Ice Holo Galarian Sirfetch'd Theme Deck exclusive
105/189   Darkrai   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Darkness Ablaze Build & Battle Box exclusive
110/189   Hydreigon   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Reverse Holo "Thank You" stamp gift with purchase exclusive
116/189   Eternatus    [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Jumbo "Darkness Ablaze" stamp gift with purchase exclusive (various countries)
133/189   Kangaskhan   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Darkness Ablaze Build & Battle Box and Galarian Darmanitan Theme Deck exclusive
156/189   Corviknight   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cosmos Holo "Darkness Ablaze" stamp gift with purchase exclusive (various countries)

Set lists

Darkness Ablaze
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/189 D Butterfree      Promotion
002/189 D Butterfree      Promotion
003/189 D Paras     Promotion
004/189 D Parasect     Promotion
005/189 D Carnivine     Promotion
006/189 D Pansage     Promotion
007/189 D Simisage     Promotion
008/189 D Karrablast     Promotion
009/189 D Shelmet     Promotion
010/189 D Accelgor     Promotion
011/189 D Rowlet     Promotion
012/189 D Dartrix     Promotion
013/189 D Decidueye     Promotion
014/189 D Bounsweet     Promotion
015/189 D Steenee     Promotion
016/189 D Tsareena     Promotion
017/189 D Wimpod     Promotion
018/189 D Golisopod     Promotion
019/189 D Charizard      Promotion
020/189 D Charizard      Promotion
021/189 D Houndoom      Promotion
022/189 D Torchic     Promotion
023/189 D Combusken     Promotion
024/189 D Blaziken     Promotion
025/189 D Heatran     Promotion
026/189 D Pansear     Promotion
027/189 D Simisear     Promotion
028/189 D Galarian Darmanitan     Promotion
029/189 D Larvesta     Promotion
030/189 D Volcarona     Promotion
031/189 D Fletchinder     Promotion
032/189 D Talonflame     Promotion
033/189 D Centiskorch      Promotion
034/189 D Centiskorch      Promotion
035/189 D Galarian Mr. Mime     Promotion
036/189 D Galarian Mr. Rime     Promotion
037/189 D Suicune     Promotion
038/189 D Feebas     Promotion
039/189 D Milotic     Promotion
040/189 D Relicanth     Promotion
041/189 D Panpour     Promotion
042/189 D Simipour     Promotion
043/189 D Galarian Darumaka     Promotion
044/189 D Galarian Darmanitan     Promotion
045/189 D Vanillite     Promotion
046/189 D Vanillish     Promotion
047/189 D Vanilluxe     Promotion
048/189 D Cubchoo     Promotion
049/189 D Beartic     Promotion
050/189 D Wishiwashi     Promotion
051/189 D Mareanie     Promotion
052/189 D Toxapex     Promotion
053/189 D Dracovish     Promotion
054/189 D Arctovish     Promotion
055/189 D Mareep     Promotion
056/189 D Flaaffy     Promotion
057/189 D Ampharos     Promotion
058/189 D Electrike     Promotion
059/189 D Manectric     Promotion
060/189 D Vikavolt      Promotion
061/189 D Tapu Koko     Promotion
062/189 D Toxel     Promotion
063/189 D Toxtricity     Promotion
064/189 D Pincurchin     Promotion
065/189 D Dracozolt     Promotion
066/189 D Arctozolt     Promotion
067/189 D Jigglypuff     Promotion
068/189 D Wigglytuff     Promotion
069/189 D Mew      Promotion
070/189 D Snubbull     Promotion
071/189 D Granbull     Promotion
072/189 D Lunatone     Promotion
073/189 D Gothita     Promotion
074/189 D Gothorita     Promotion
075/189 D Gothitelle     Promotion
076/189 D Golett     Promotion
077/189 D Golurk     Promotion
078/189 D Dedenne     Promotion
079/189 D Morelull     Promotion
080/189 D Shiinotic     Promotion
081/189 D Mimikyu     Promotion
082/189 D Sinistea     Promotion
083/189 D Polteageist     Promotion
084/189 D Diglett     Promotion
085/189 D Dugtrio     Promotion
086/189 D Larvitar     Promotion
087/189 D Pupitar     Promotion
088/189 D Tyranitar     Promotion
089/189 D Trapinch     Promotion
090/189 D Vibrava     Promotion
091/189 D Flygon     Promotion
092/189 D Solrock     Promotion
093/189 D Hippopotas     Promotion
094/189 D Hippowdon     Promotion
095/189 D Rhyperior      Promotion
096/189 D Diggersby     Promotion
097/189 D Passimian     Promotion
098/189 D Galarian Sirfetch'd     Promotion
099/189 D Galarian Slowbro      Promotion
100/189 D Grimer     Promotion
101/189 D Muk     Promotion
102/189 D Spinarak     Promotion
103/189 D Ariados     Promotion
104/189 D Crobat      Promotion
105/189 D Darkrai     Promotion
106/189 D Purrloin     Promotion
107/189 D Liepard     Promotion
108/189 D Deino     Promotion
109/189 D Zweilous     Promotion
110/189 D Hydreigon     Promotion
111/189 D Hoopa     Promotion
112/189 D Nickit     Promotion
113/189 D Thievul     Promotion
114/189 D Grimmsnarl      Promotion
115/189 D Grimmsnarl      Promotion
116/189 D Eternatus      Promotion
117/189 D Eternatus      Promotion
118/189 D Scizor      Promotion
119/189 D Scizor      Promotion
120/189 D Skarmory     Promotion
121/189 D Aron     Promotion
122/189 D Lairon     Promotion
123/189 D Aggron     Promotion
124/189 D Escavalier     Promotion
125/189 D Klink     Promotion
126/189 D Klang     Promotion
127/189 D Klinklang     Promotion
128/189 D Galarian Stunfisk      Promotion
129/189 D Meltan     Promotion
130/189 D Melmetal     Promotion
131/189 D Cufant     Promotion
132/189 D Copperajah     Promotion
133/189 D Kangaskhan     Promotion
134/189 D Tauros     Promotion
135/189 D Sentret     Promotion
136/189 D Furret     Promotion
137/189 D Dunsparce     Promotion
138/189 D Teddiursa     Promotion
139/189 D Ursaring     Promotion
140/189 D Lugia     Promotion
141/189 D Skitty     Promotion
142/189 D Delcatty     Promotion
143/189 D Salamence      Promotion
144/189 D Salamence      Promotion
145/189 D Starly     Promotion
146/189 D Staravia     Promotion
147/189 D Staraptor     Promotion
148/189 D Ducklett     Promotion
149/189 D Swanna     Promotion
150/189 D Bunnelby     Promotion
151/189 D Fletchling     Promotion
152/189 D Skwovet     Promotion
153/189 D Greedent     Promotion
154/189 D Rookidee     Promotion
155/189 D Corvisquire     Promotion
156/189 D Corviknight     Promotion
157/189 D Big Parasol I   Promotion
158/189 D Billowing Smoke I   Promotion
159/189 D Bird Keeper Su   Promotion
160/189 D Cape of Toughness I   Promotion
161/189 D Familiar Bell I   Promotion
162/189 D Glimwood Tangle St   Promotion
163/189 D Kabu Su   Promotion
164/189 D Old PC I   Promotion
165/189 D Piers Su   Promotion
166/189 D Pokémon Breeder's Nurturing Su   Promotion
167/189 D Rare Fossil I   Promotion
168/189 D Rose Su   Promotion
169/189 D Rose Tower St   Promotion
170/189 D Spikemuth St   Promotion
171/189 D Struggle Gloves I   Promotion
172/189 D Turbo Patch I   Promotion
173/189 D Yell Horn I   Promotion
174/189 D Heat   Energy   E   Promotion
175/189 D Hiding   Energy   E   Promotion
176/189 D Powerful   Energy   E   Promotion
177/189 D Butterfree      Promotion
178/189 D Houndoom      Promotion
179/189 D Centiskorch      Promotion
180/189 D Vikavolt      Promotion
181/189 D Rhyperior      Promotion
182/189 D Crobat      Promotion
183/189 D Scizor      Promotion
184/189 D Galarian Stunfisk      Promotion
185/189 D Salamence      Promotion
186/189 D Kabu Su   Promotion
187/189 D Piers Su   Promotion
188/189 D Pokémon Breeder's Nurturing Su   Promotion
189/189 D Rose Su   Promotion
190/189 D Butterfree      Promotion
191/189 D Centiskorch      Promotion
192/189 D Eternatus      Promotion
193/189 D Scizor      Promotion
194/189 D Salamence      Promotion
195/189 D Pokémon Breeder's Nurturing Su   Promotion
196/189 D Rose Su   Promotion
197/189 D Rillaboom     Promotion
198/189 D Coalossal     Promotion
199/189 D Big Parasol I   Promotion
200/189 D Turbo Patch I   Promotion
201/189 D Capture Energy   E   Promotion

Infinity Zone
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/100 D Paras     Promotion
002/100 D Parasect     Promotion
003/100 D Carnivine     Promotion
004/100 D Pansage     Promotion
005/100 D Simisage     Promotion
006/100 D Rowlet     Promotion
007/100 D Dartrix     Promotion
008/100 D Decidueye     Promotion
009/100 D Houndoom      Promotion
010/100 D Torchic     Promotion
011/100 D Combusken     Promotion
012/100 D Blaziken     Promotion
013/100 D Pansear     Promotion
014/100 D Simisear     Promotion
015/100 D Galarian Darmanitan     Promotion
016/100 D Suicune     Promotion
017/100 D Relicanth     Promotion
018/100 D Panpour     Promotion
019/100 D Simipour     Promotion
020/100 D Galarian Darumaka     Promotion
021/100 D Vanillite     Promotion
022/100 D Vanillish     Promotion
023/100 D Vanilluxe     Promotion
024/100 D Mareanie     Promotion
025/100 D Toxapex     Promotion
026/100 D Drednaw      Promotion
027/100 D Drednaw      Promotion
028/100 D Dracovish     Promotion
029/100 D Arctovish     Promotion
030/100 D Electrike     Promotion
031/100 D Manectric     Promotion
032/100 D Tapu Koko     Promotion
033/100 D Dracozolt     Promotion
034/100 D Arctozolt     Promotion
035/100 D Jigglypuff     Promotion
036/100 D Wigglytuff     Promotion
037/100 D Gothita     Promotion
038/100 D Gothorita     Promotion
039/100 D Gothitelle     Promotion
040/100 D Golett     Promotion
041/100 D Golurk     Promotion
042/100 D Mimikyu     Promotion
043/100 D Galarian Cursola      Promotion
044/100 D Trapinch     Promotion
045/100 D Vibrava     Promotion
046/100 D Flygon     Promotion
047/100 D Hippopotas     Promotion
048/100 D Hippowdon     Promotion
049/100 D Rhyperior      Promotion
050/100 D Passimian     Promotion
051/100 D Spinarak     Promotion
052/100 D Ariados     Promotion
053/100 D Crobat      Promotion
054/100 D Galarian Zigzagoon     Promotion
055/100 D Galarian Linoone     Promotion
056/100 D Galarian Obstagoon     Promotion
057/100 D Scraggy     Promotion
058/100 D Scrafty     Promotion
059/100 D Inkay     Promotion
060/100 D Malamar     Promotion
061/100 D Hoopa     Promotion
062/100 D Nickit     Promotion
063/100 D Thievul     Promotion
064/100 D Eternatus      Promotion
065/100 D Eternatus      Promotion
066/100 D Scizor      Promotion
067/100 D Scizor      Promotion
068/100 D Skarmory     Promotion
069/100 D Klink     Promotion
070/100 D Klang     Promotion
071/100 D Klinklang     Promotion
072/100 D Cufant     Promotion
073/100 D Copperajah     Promotion
074/100 D Kangaskhan     Promotion
075/100 D Dunsparce     Promotion
076/100 D Teddiursa     Promotion
077/100 D Ursaring     Promotion
078/100 D Skitty     Promotion
079/100 D Delcatty     Promotion
080/100 D Salamence      Promotion
081/100 D Salamence      Promotion
082/100 D Starly     Promotion
083/100 D Staravia     Promotion
084/100 D Staraptor     Promotion
085/100 D Ducklett     Promotion
086/100 D Swanna     Promotion
087/100 D Skwovet     Promotion
088/100 D Greedent     Promotion
089/100 D Yell Horn I   Promotion
090/100 D Turbo Patch I   Promotion
091/100 D Rare Fossil I   Promotion
092/100 D Cape of Toughness I   Promotion
093/100 D Billowing Smoke I   Promotion
094/100 D Bird Keeper Su   Promotion
095/100 D Piers Su   Promotion
096/100 D Rose Su   Promotion
097/100 D Spikemuth St   Promotion
098/100 D Rose Tower St   Promotion
099/100 D Hiding   Energy   E   Promotion
100/100 D Powerful   Energy   E   Promotion
101/100 D Houndoom      Promotion
102/100 D Drednaw      Promotion
103/100 D Galarian Cursola      Promotion
104/100 D Rhyperior      Promotion
105/100 D Crobat      Promotion
106/100 D Eternatus      Promotion
107/100 D Scizor      Promotion
108/100 D Salamence      Promotion
109/100 D Piers Su   Promotion
110/100 D Rose Su   Promotion
111/100 D Drednaw      Promotion
112/100 D Eternatus      Promotion
113/100 D Scizor      Promotion
114/100 D Salamence      Promotion
115/100 D Piers Su   Promotion
116/100 D Rose Su   Promotion
117/100 D Coalossal     Promotion
118/100 D Turbo Patch I   Promotion
119/100 D Capture Energy   E   Promotion

Pack artwork

English Gigantamax Charizard pack
English Gigantamax Centiskorch pack
English Gigantamax Grimmsnarl pack
English Eternamax Eternatus pack
Japanese Infinity Zone pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins


World Down logo
  • Infinity Zone was originally called "World Down" but was eventually changed, possibly due to the negative connotations of the previous name during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Languages this set is released in

The Infinity Zone set is released in Japanese and Korean, only available in unlimited edition. Since the Sun & Moon era, Japanese 1st edition cards are no longer printed. The Darkness Ablaze set is released in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, with cards also available as Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Ténèbres Embrasées
  German Flammende Finsternis
  Italian Fiamme Oscure
  Korean 무한존 Muhan Jon
  Brazilian Portuguese Escuridão Incandescente
  Spanish Oscuridad Incandescente

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