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Chilling Reign
SWSH6 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: Unknown
Japanese: 140+
Set number English: 88
Japanese: 81
Release date English: June 18, 2021
Japanese: April 23, 2021
Theme Decks None
Single Strike Master • Rapid Strike Master
Silver Lance • Jet-Black Spirit
Towering Perfection • Sky Stream

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Chilling Reign (Japanese: 白銀のランス Silver Lance and 漆黒のガイスト Jet-Black Spirit) is the name given to the sixth main expansion of cards from the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the Sword & Shield Era in Japan). The set features characters and Pokémon introduced in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, focusing on Calyrex in its merged forms with Glastrier and Spectrier.


Chilling Reign is the sixth main Sword & Shield Series expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and is set to be released on June 18, 2021. In Japan, it is set to be released as the dual Silver Lance and Jet-Black Spirit on April 23, 2021, collectively the sixth expansion of the Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Era. Chilling Reign is expected to consist of cards sourced from the Japanese Silver Lance and Jet-Black Spirit expansions, as well as the Peerless Fighters subset.

Set lists

Silver Lance
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/070   Snover     Promotion
002/070   Abomasnow     Promotion
003/070   Dwebble     Promotion
004/070   Crustle     Promotion
005/070   Deerling     Promotion
006/070   Sawsbuck     Promotion
007/070   Bounsweet     Promotion
008/070   Steenee     Promotion
009/070   Tsareena     Promotion
010/070   Zarude     Promotion
011/070   Castform Sunny Form     Promotion
012/070   Litleo     Promotion
013/070   Pyroar     Promotion
014/070   Volcanion      Promotion
015/070   Scorbunny     Promotion
016/070   Raboot     Promotion
017/070   Cinderace     Promotion
018/070   Lapras     Promotion
019/070   Castform Snowy Form     Promotion
020/070   Snorunt     Promotion
021/070   Froslass     Promotion
022/070   Spheal     Promotion
023/070   Sealeo     Promotion
024/070   Walrein     Promotion
025/070   Bergmite     Promotion
026/070   Avalugg     Promotion
027/070   Ice Rider Calyrex      Promotion
028/070   Ice Rider Calyrex      Promotion
029/070   Galarian Rapidash      Promotion
030/070   Galarian Slowpoke     Promotion
031/070   Drowzee     Promotion
032/070   Hypno     Promotion
033/070   Ralts     Promotion
034/070   Kirlia     Promotion
035/070   Gardevoir     Promotion
036/070   Shuppet     Promotion
037/070   Banette     Promotion
038/070   Hippopotas     Promotion
039/070   Hippowdon     Promotion
040/070   Gallade     Promotion
041/070   Rockruff     Promotion
042/070   Lycanroc     Promotion
043/070   Sandaconda      Promotion
044/070   Sandaconda      Promotion
045/070   Galarian Slowking     Promotion
046/070   Qwilfish     Promotion
047/070   Liepard      Promotion
048/070   Aron     Promotion
049/070   Lairon     Promotion
050/070   Aggron     Promotion
051/070   Tauros     Promotion
052/070   Porygon     Promotion
053/070   Porygon2     Promotion
054/070   Porygon-Z     Promotion
055/070   Teddiursa     Promotion
056/070   Ursaring     Promotion
057/070   Tornadus      Promotion
058/070   Tornadus      Promotion
059/070   Furfrou     Promotion
060/070   Expedition Set I   Promotion
061/070   Forbidding Helmet I   Promotion
062/070   Single Strike Scroll of Piercing I   Promotion
063/070   Fireproof Gloves I   Promotion
064/070   Break Gloves I   Promotion
065/070   Flannery Su   Promotion
066/070   Doctor Su   Promotion
067/070   Peony Su   Promotion
068/070   Melony Su   Promotion
069/070   Path to the Peak St   Promotion
070/070   Impact Energy   E   Promotion
071/070   Volcanion      Promotion
072/070   Ice Rider Calyrex      Promotion
073/070   Ice Rider Calyrex      Promotion
074/070   Galarian Rapidash      Promotion
075/070   Galarian Rapidash      Promotion
076/070   Sandaconda      Promotion
077/070   Liepard      Promotion
078/070   Tornadus      Promotion
079/070   Tornadus      Promotion
080/070   Flannery Su   Promotion
081/070   Doctor Su   Promotion
082/070   Peony Su   Promotion
083/070   Melony Su   Promotion
084/070   Ice Rider Calyrex      Promotion
085/070   Ice Rider Calyrex      Promotion
086/070   Sandaconda      Promotion
087/070   Tornadus      Promotion
088/070   Flannery Su   Promotion
089/070   Doctor Su   Promotion
090/070   Peony Su   Promotion
091/070   Melony Su   Promotion
092/070   Bronzong     Promotion
093/070   Welcoming Lantern I   Promotion
094/070   Forbidding Helmet I   Promotion
095/070   Water Energy   E   Promotion

Jet-Black Spirit
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/070   Ledyba     Promotion
002/070   Ledian     Promotion
003/070   Celebi      Promotion
004/070   Celebi      Promotion
005/070   Seedot     Promotion
006/070   Grookey     Promotion
007/070   Thwackey     Promotion
008/070   Rillaboom     Promotion
009/070   Psyduck     Promotion
010/070   Golduck     Promotion
011/070   Sneasel     Promotion
012/070   Weavile     Promotion
013/070   Castform Rainy Form     Promotion
014/070   Luvdisc     Promotion
015/070   Tympole     Promotion
016/070   Tapu Fini     Promotion
017/070   Arctovish      Promotion
018/070   Mareep     Promotion
019/070   Flaaffy     Promotion
020/070   Ampharos     Promotion
021/070   Blitzle     Promotion
022/070   Zebstrika     Promotion
023/070   Emolga     Promotion
024/070   Zeraora      Promotion
025/070   Gastly     Promotion
026/070   Haunter     Promotion
027/070   Gengar     Promotion
028/070   Sableye     Promotion
029/070   Cresselia     Promotion
030/070   Golett     Promotion
031/070   Golurk     Promotion
032/070   Inkay     Promotion
033/070   Malamar     Promotion
034/070   Cutiefly     Promotion
035/070   Ribombee     Promotion
036/070   Shadow Rider Calyrex      Promotion
037/070   Shadow Rider Calyrex      Promotion
038/070   Palpitoad     Promotion
039/070   Seismitoad     Promotion
040/070   Crabrawler     Promotion
041/070   Crabominable     Promotion
042/070   Clobbopus     Promotion
043/070   Grapploct     Promotion
044/070   Koffing     Promotion
045/070   Weezing     Promotion
046/070   Galarian Weezing     Promotion
047/070   Nuzleaf     Promotion
048/070   Shiftry     Promotion
049/070   Metagross      Promotion
050/070   Metagross      Promotion
051/070   Cobalion     Promotion
052/070   Blissey      Promotion
053/070   Castform     Promotion
054/070   Kecleon     Promotion
055/070   Fletchling     Promotion
056/070   Fletchinder     Promotion
057/070   Talonflame     Promotion
058/070   Skwovet     Promotion
059/070   Greedent     Promotion
060/070   Fog Crystal I   Promotion
061/070   Weeding Gloves I   Promotion
062/070   Righteous Gloves I   Promotion
063/070   Rapid Strike Scroll of Skies I   Promotion
064/070   Caitlin Su   Promotion
065/070   Agatha Su   Promotion
066/070   Peonia Su   Promotion
067/070   Siebold Su   Promotion
068/070   Old Cemetery St   Promotion
069/070   Spiral Energy   E   Promotion
070/070   Lucky Energy   E   Promotion
071/070   Celebi      Promotion
072/070   Arctovish      Promotion
073/070   Zeraora      Promotion
074/070   Zeraora      Promotion
075/070   Shadow Rider Calyrex      Promotion
076/070   Shadow Rider Calyrex      Promotion
077/070   Metagross      Promotion
078/070   Blissey      Promotion
079/070   Blissey      Promotion
080/070   Caitlin Su   Promotion
081/070   Agatha Su   Promotion
082/070   Peonia Su   Promotion
083/070   Siebold Su   Promotion
084/070   Celebi      Promotion
085/070   Shadow Rider Calyrex      Promotion
086/070   Shadow Rider Calyrex      Promotion
087/070   Metagross      Promotion
088/070   Caitlin Su   Promotion
089/070   Agatha Su   Promotion
090/070   Peonia Su   Promotion
091/070   Siebold Su   Promotion
092/070   Electrode     Promotion
093/070   Fog Crystal I   Promotion
094/070   Echo Horn I   Promotion
095/070   Psychic Energy   E   Promotion

Pack artwork

Japanese Silver Lance pack
Japanese Jet-Black Spirit pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

In other languages

Language Title
  French Règne de Glace
  German Schaurige Herrschaft
  Italian Regno Glaciale
  Brazilian Portuguese Reinado Arrepiante
  Spanish Reinado Escalofriante

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