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Brilliant Stars
SetSymbolBrilliant Stars.png
SWSH9 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 216
Japanese: 127
Set number English: 91
Japanese: 84
Release date English: February 25, 2022
Japanese: January 14, 2022
Fusion Arts
Star Birth
Time Gazer • Space Juggler

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars (Japanese: スターバース Star Birth) is the name given to the ninth main expansion of cards from the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the Sword & Shield Era in Japan). The expansion introduces the Pokémon VSTAR mechanic to the TCG.


Brilliant Stars is the ninth main Sword & Shield Series expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and is set to release on February 25, 2022. In Japan, it was released as Star Birth on January 14, 2022 and is the ninth expansion of the Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Era. Brilliant Stars consists of cards sourced from the Japanese Star Birth expansion, the Start Deck 100, and the VMAX Climax subset.

The expansion centers on the Alpha Pokémon Arceus, which supports the Pokémon V and new Pokémon VSTAR mechanic. Like their predecessors, evolve from a requisite Pokémon V. Each one also has an attack or Ability called a VSTAR Power that, much like GX attacks in the Sun & Moon Series, can only be used once in a game. Other Pokémon supporting the VSTAR mechanic in the expansion include Charizard, Shaymin, and Whimsicott. Brilliant Stars includes a subset of cards named the Trainer Gallery, which comprises Full Art reprints depicting Pokémon alongside a Trainer, a concept last seen in the Cosmic Eclipse expansion.

Each Brilliant Stars booster pack contains ten cards from the expansion, a code card for use with the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, and either a basic Energy card (featuring a new design) or a VSTAR marker card. VSTAR markers can be used as a visual aid for players to show if they have used a Pokémon VSTAR's VSTAR Power or not, much like GX markers in the Sun & Moon Series. Trading Card-sized markers have a white obverse with the VSTAR symbol and a black reverse with a Poké Ball design. Acrylic VSTAR markers were available in other products. Each Star Birth pack contains five cards.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
008/172   Torterra   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Box exclusive
018/172   Charizard    [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Jumbo "Brilliant Stars" stamp gift with purchase exclusive (various countries)
021/172   Moltres   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Box exclusive
026/172   Infernape   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Box exclusive
056/172   Mewtwo   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Parallel Holo "Brilliant Stars" stamp gift with purchase exclusive (various countries)
079/172   Lucario   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Box exclusive
121/172   Bibarel   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Box exclusive
147/172   Professor's Research Su [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Non Holo Brilliant Stars Build & Battle Box exclusive

Set list

Brilliant Stars
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/172 F Exeggcute     Promotion
002/172 F Exeggutor     Promotion
003/172 F Shroomish     Promotion
004/172 F Breloom     Promotion
005/172 F Tropius     Promotion
006/172 F Turtwig     Promotion
007/172 F Grotle     Promotion
008/172 F Torterra     Promotion
009/172 F Burmy     Promotion
010/172 F Wormadam     Promotion
011/172 F Mothim     Promotion
012/172 E Cherubi     Promotion
013/172 F Shaymin      Promotion
014/172 F Shaymin      Promotion
015/172 F Karrablast     Promotion
016/172 F Zarude      Promotion
017/172 F Charizard      Promotion
018/172 F Charizard      Promotion
019/172 F Magmar     Promotion
020/172 F Magmortar     Promotion
021/172 F Moltres     Promotion
022/172 F Entei      Promotion
023/172 F Torkoal     Promotion
024/172 F Chimchar     Promotion
025/172 F Monferno     Promotion
026/172 F Infernape     Promotion
027/172 F Simisear      Promotion
028/172 F Kingler      Promotion
029/172 F Kingler      Promotion
030/172 F Staryu     Promotion
031/172 F Lapras     Promotion
032/172 F Corphish     Promotion
033/172 F Crawdaunt     Promotion
034/172 E Snorunt     Promotion
035/172 F Piplup     Promotion
036/172 F Prinplup     Promotion
037/172 F Empoleon     Promotion
038/172 F Buizel     Promotion
039/172 F Floatzel     Promotion
040/172 F Lumineon      Promotion
041/172 F Manaphy     Promotion
042/172 F Cubchoo     Promotion
043/172 F Beartic     Promotion
044/172 E Eiscue     Promotion
045/172 F Raichu      Promotion
046/172 F Electabuzz     Promotion
047/172 F Electivire     Promotion
048/172 F Raikou      Promotion
049/172 F Shinx     Promotion
050/172 F Luxio     Promotion
051/172 F Luxray     Promotion
052/172 F Pachirisu     Promotion
053/172 F Clefairy     Promotion
054/172 F Clefable     Promotion
055/172 F Starmie     Promotion
056/172 F Mewtwo     Promotion
057/172 F Granbull      Promotion
058/172 F Baltoy     Promotion
059/172 F Claydol     Promotion
060/172 F Duskull     Promotion
061/172 F Dusclops     Promotion
062/172 F Dusknoir     Promotion
063/172 F Chimecho     Promotion
064/172 F Whimsicott      Promotion
065/172 F Whimsicott      Promotion
066/172 F Sigilyph     Promotion
067/172 E Dedenne     Promotion
068/172 E Mimikyu      Promotion
069/172 E Mimikyu      Promotion
070/172 E Milcery     Promotion
071/172 E Alcremie     Promotion
072/172 F Hitmontop     Promotion
073/172 F Nosepass     Promotion
074/172 F Trapinch     Promotion
075/172 F Vibrava     Promotion
076/172 F Flygon     Promotion
077/172 F Wormadam     Promotion
078/172 F Riolu     Promotion
079/172 F Lucario     Promotion
080/172 F Throh     Promotion
081/172 F Sawk     Promotion
082/172 F Golett     Promotion
083/172 F Golurk     Promotion
084/172 F Grimer     Promotion
085/172 F Muk     Promotion
086/172 F Sneasel     Promotion
087/172 F Weavile     Promotion
088/172 F Honchkrow      Promotion
089/172 F Spiritomb     Promotion
090/172 F Purrloin     Promotion
091/172 F Liepard     Promotion
092/172 F Impidimp     Promotion
093/172 F Morgrem     Promotion
094/172 F Grimmsnarl     Promotion
095/172 F Morpeko      Promotion
096/172 F Aggron      Promotion
097/172 F Aggron      Promotion
098/172 F Wormadam     Promotion
099/172 F Probopass     Promotion
100/172 F Heatran     Promotion
101/172 F Escavalier     Promotion
102/172 F Klink     Promotion
103/172 F Klang     Promotion
104/172 F Klinklang     Promotion
105/172 F Zamazenta      Promotion
106/172 F Flygon      Promotion
107/172 F Gible     Promotion
108/172 F Gabite     Promotion
109/172 F Garchomp     Promotion
110/172 F Axew     Promotion
111/172 F Fraxure     Promotion
112/172 F Haxorus     Promotion
113/172 E Druddigon     Promotion
114/172 E Dracovish      Promotion
115/172 F Farfetch'd     Promotion
116/172 F Castform     Promotion
117/172 F Starly     Promotion
118/172 F Staravia     Promotion
119/172 F Staraptor     Promotion
120/172 F Bidoof     Promotion
121/172 F Bibarel     Promotion
122/172 F Arceus      Promotion
123/172 F Arceus      Promotion
124/172 F Minccino     Promotion
125/172 F Cinccino     Promotion
126/172 F Tornadus     Promotion
127/172 F Hawlucha     Promotion
128/172 F Drampa      Promotion
129/172 E Acerola's Premonition Su   Promotion
130/172 F Barry Su   Promotion
131/172 E Blunder Policy I   Promotion
132/172 F Boss's Orders Su   Promotion
133/172 E Café Master Su   Promotion
134/172 F Cheren's Care Su   Promotion
135/172 F Choice Belt I   Promotion
136/172 E Cleansing Gloves I   Promotion
137/172 F Collapsed Stadium St   Promotion
138/172 F Cynthia's Ambition Su   Promotion
139/172 F Fresh Water Set I   Promotion
140/172 E Friends in Galar Su   Promotion
141/172 E Gloria Su   Promotion
142/172 E Hunting Gloves I   Promotion
143/172 F Kindler Su   Promotion
144/172 F Magma Basin St   Promotion
145/172 F Marnie's Pride Su   Promotion
146/172 F Pot Helmet I   Promotion
147/172 F Professor's Research Su   Promotion
148/172 F Roseanne's Backup Su   Promotion
149/172 F Team Yell's Cheer Su   Promotion
150/172 F Ultra Ball I   Promotion
151/172 F Double Turbo Energy   E   Promotion
152/172 F Shaymin      Promotion
153/172 F Charizard      Promotion
154/172 F Charizard      Promotion
155/172 F Lumineon      Promotion
156/172 F Lumineon      Promotion
157/172 F Pikachu      Promotion
158/172 F Raichu      Promotion
159/172 F Granbull      Promotion
160/172 F Whimsicott      Promotion
161/172 F Honchkrow      Promotion
162/172 F Honchkrow      Promotion
163/172 F Zamazenta      Promotion
164/172 F Flygon      Promotion
165/172 F Arceus      Promotion
166/172 F Arceus      Promotion
167/172 F Barry Su   Promotion
168/172 F Cheren's Care Su   Promotion
169/172 F Cynthia's Ambition Su   Promotion
170/172 F Kindler Su   Promotion
171/172 F Marnie's Pride Su   Promotion
172/172 F Roseanne's Backup Su   Promotion
173/172 F Shaymin      Promotion
174/172 F Charizard      Promotion
175/172 F Whimsicott      Promotion
176/172 F Arceus      Promotion
177/172 F Cheren's Care Su   Promotion
178/172 F Cynthia's Ambition Su   Promotion
179/172 F Kindler Su   Promotion
180/172 F Roseanne's Backup Su   Promotion
181/172 F Galarian Articuno      Promotion
182/172 F Galarian Zapdos      Promotion
183/172 F Galarian Moltres      Promotion
184/172 F Arceus      Promotion
185/172 F Magma Basin St   Promotion
186/172 F Ultra Ball I   Promotion

Trainer Gallery
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
TG01/TG30 D Flareon     Promotion
TG02/TG30 D Vaporeon     Promotion
TG03/TG30 E Octillery     Promotion
TG04/TG30 D Jolteon     Promotion
TG05/TG30 D Zekrom     Promotion
TG06/TG30 D Dusknoir     Promotion
TG07/TG30 E Dedenne     Promotion
TG08/TG30 E Alcremie     Promotion
TG09/TG30 D Ariados     Promotion
TG10/TG30 E Houndoom     Promotion
TG11/TG30 E Eevee     Promotion
TG12/TG30 D Oranguru     Promotion
TG13/TG30 D Boltund      Promotion
TG14/TG30 E Sylveon      Promotion
TG15/TG30 E Sylveon      Promotion
TG16/TG30 E Mimikyu      Promotion
TG17/TG30 E Mimikyu      Promotion
TG18/TG30 E Single Strike Urshifu      Promotion
TG19/TG30 E Single Strike Urshifu      Promotion
TG20/TG30 E Rapid Strike Urshifu      Promotion
TG21/TG30 E Rapid Strike Urshifu      Promotion
TG22/TG30 E Umbreon      Promotion
TG23/TG30 E Umbreon      Promotion
TG24/TG30 E Acerola's Premonition Su   Promotion
TG25/TG30 E Café Master Su   Promotion
TG26/TG30 E Gloria Su   Promotion
TG27/TG30 E Rapid Strike Style Mustard Su   Promotion
TG28/TG30 E Single Strike Style Mustard Su   Promotion
TG29/TG30 E Single Strike Urshifu      Promotion
TG30/TG30 E Rapid Strike Urshifu      Promotion

Star Birth
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/100 F Exeggcute     Promotion
002/100 F Exeggutor     Promotion
003/100 F Shroomish     Promotion
004/100 F Breloom     Promotion
005/100 F Tropius     Promotion
006/100 F Turtwig     Promotion
007/100 F Grotle     Promotion
008/100 F Torterra     Promotion
009/100 F Burmy     Promotion
010/100 F Wormadam     Promotion
011/100 F Mothim     Promotion
012/100 F Shaymin      Promotion
013/100 F Shaymin      Promotion
014/100 F Charizard      Promotion
015/100 F Charizard      Promotion
016/100 F Magmar     Promotion
017/100 F Magmortar     Promotion
018/100 F Moltres     Promotion
019/100 F Chimchar     Promotion
020/100 F Monferno     Promotion
021/100 F Infernape     Promotion
022/100 F Lapras     Promotion
023/100 F Corphish     Promotion
024/100 F Crawdaunt     Promotion
025/100 F Piplup     Promotion
026/100 F Prinplup     Promotion
027/100 F Empoleon     Promotion
028/100 F Buizel     Promotion
029/100 F Floatzel     Promotion
030/100 F Lumineon      Promotion
031/100 F Manaphy     Promotion
032/100 F Cubchoo     Promotion
033/100 F Beartic     Promotion
034/100 F Raichu      Promotion
035/100 F Electabuzz     Promotion
036/100 F Electivire     Promotion
037/100 F Shinx     Promotion
038/100 F Luxio     Promotion
039/100 F Luxray     Promotion
040/100 F Pachirisu     Promotion
041/100 F Clefairy     Promotion
042/100 F Clefable     Promotion
043/100 F Baltoy     Promotion
044/100 F Claydol     Promotion
045/100 F Duskull     Promotion
046/100 F Dusclops     Promotion
047/100 F Dusknoir     Promotion
048/100 F Chimecho     Promotion
049/100 F Whimsicott      Promotion
050/100 F Whimsicott      Promotion
051/100 F Sigilyph     Promotion
052/100 F Nosepass     Promotion
053/100 F Wormadam     Promotion
054/100 F Riolu     Promotion
055/100 F Lucario     Promotion
056/100 F Throh     Promotion
057/100 F Sawk     Promotion
058/100 F Golett     Promotion
059/100 F Golurk     Promotion
060/100 F Grimer     Promotion
061/100 F Muk     Promotion
062/100 F Sneasel     Promotion
063/100 F Weavile     Promotion
064/100 F Honchkrow      Promotion
065/100 F Spiritomb     Promotion
066/100 F Wormadam     Promotion
067/100 F Probopass     Promotion
068/100 F Heatran     Promotion
069/100 F Klink     Promotion
070/100 F Klang     Promotion
071/100 F Klinklang     Promotion
072/100 F Flygon      Promotion
073/100 F Gible     Promotion
074/100 F Gabite     Promotion
075/100 F Garchomp     Promotion
076/100 F Farfetch'd     Promotion
077/100 F Castform     Promotion
078/100 F Starly     Promotion
079/100 F Staravia     Promotion
080/100 F Staraptor     Promotion
081/100 F Bidoof     Promotion
082/100 F Bibarel     Promotion
083/100 F Arceus      Promotion
084/100 F Arceus      Promotion
085/100 F Minccino     Promotion
086/100 F Cinccino     Promotion
087/100 F Tornadus     Promotion
088/100 F Fresh Water Set I   Promotion
089/100 F Ultra Ball I   Promotion
090/100 F Choice Belt I   Promotion
091/100 F Pot Helmet I   Promotion
092/100 F Kindler Su   Promotion
093/100 F Cynthia's Ambition Su   Promotion
094/100 F Cheren's Care Su   Promotion
095/100 F Professor's Research Su   Promotion
096/100 F Roseanne's Backup Su   Promotion
097/100 F Boss's Orders Su   Promotion
098/100 F Collapsed Stadium St   Promotion
099/100 F Magma Basin St   Promotion
100/100 F Double Turbo Energy   E   Promotion
101/100 F Shaymin      Promotion
102/100 F Charizard      Promotion
103/100 F Charizard      Promotion
104/100 F Lumineon      Promotion
105/100 F Lumineon      Promotion
106/100 F Raichu      Promotion
107/100 F Whimsicott      Promotion
108/100 F Honchkrow      Promotion
109/100 F Honchkrow      Promotion
110/100 F Flygon      Promotion
111/100 F Arceus      Promotion
112/100 F Arceus      Promotion
113/100 F Kindler Su   Promotion
114/100 F Cynthia's Ambition Su   Promotion
115/100 F Cheren's Care Su   Promotion
116/100 F Roseanne's Backup Su   Promotion
117/100 F Shaymin      Promotion
118/100 F Charizard      Promotion
119/100 F Whimsicott      Promotion
120/100 F Arceus      Promotion
121/100 F Kindler Su   Promotion
122/100 F Cynthia's Ambition Su   Promotion
123/100 F Cheren's Care Su   Promotion
124/100 F Roseanne's Backup Su   Promotion
125/100 F Arceus      Promotion
126/100 F Ultra Ball I   Promotion
127/100 F Magma Basin St   Promotion


English Charizard pack
English Shaymin pack
English Arceus pack
English Whimsicott pack
Japanese Star Birth pack
Korean pack artwork
Chinese pack artwork
Thai pack artwork
Indonesian pack artwork
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

In other languages

Language Title
  French Stars Étincelantes
  German Strahlende Sterne
  Italian Astri Lucenti
  Brazilian Portuguese Astros Cintilantes
  Spanish Astros Brillantes

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