Miraidon ex League Battle Deck (TCG)

Miraidon ex League Battle Deck
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Release date November 17, 2023
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The Miraidon ex League Battle Deck was a 60-card deck available during the Scarlet & Violet Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released on November 17, 2023.


Get Charged Up with Miraidon ex and Regieleki VMAX!


The Miraidon ex League Battle Deck was the first League Battle Deck to be released for the Scarlet & Violet Series. It featured multiples of Miraidon ex, Regieleki V, and Regieleki VMAX—key cards of the Miraidon ex archetype, which was popular during 2023-24 Standard format. Combined with an array of cards supporting Miraidon's Tandem Drive Ability and other useful Trainer cards, the Play Level 3 deck provided an effective base for prospective players.

In addition to the deck, each product was packaged with a deck box, two Special Condition markers, six damage-counter dice, a competition-legal coin-flip die, an accessory box, a strategy sheet, and a Pokémon Trading Card Game Live code card.

Deck list

Miraidon ex League Battle Deck
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
081/198   Miraidon   
058/195   Regieleki   
057/195   Regieleki   
051/189   Regieleki  
056/195   Zeraora  
121/172   Bibarel  
120/172   Bidoof  
166/198   Arven Su
172/193   Boss's Orders [Ghetsis] Su
190/198   Professor's Research [Professor Turo] Su
170/198   Electric Generator I
181/198   Nest Ball I
194/198   Switch I
196/198   Ultra Ball I
156/195   Forest Seal Stone I
160/195   Leafy Camo Poncho I
197/198   Vitality Band Tool
167/198   Beach Court I
  004 Basic Lightning Energy   E 15×


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