VSTAR Starter Sets (TCG)

Lucario Darkrai VSTAR Starter Sets.jpg
Collective box art
Release date February 25, 2022
Coin SLL Gold Lucario Coin.png/SLD Gold Darkrai Coin.png

The Lucario VSTAR Starter Set (Japanese: スターターセットVSTAR ルカリオ) and Darkrai VSTAR Starter Set (Japanese: スターターセットVMAX ダークライ) are a pair of Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game decks that were released on February 25, 2022.


Available alongside the Japanese Battle Region subset were two 60-card pre-constructed starter sets that focused on the Aura Pokémon Lucario and the Mythical Pitch-Black Pokémon Darkrai. Each starter set portrays the titular Pokémon on Pokémon V and Pokémon VSTAR cards and are accompanied by a selection of supporting Trainer cards, Special Energy cards, and other similarly-typed Pokémon. Each set also comes packaged with a sheet containing 36 damage counters and 2 status markers, a player's guide, a coin, a VSTAR marker, and a playmat.

Deck lists

Lucario VSTAR Starter Set
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
001/021 F Scyther  
002/021 F Meditite  
003/021 F Medicham  
004/021 F Lucario   
005/021 F Lucario   
006/021 F Landorus  
007/021 F Rockruff  
008/021 F Falinks  
009/021 F Kleavor  
010/021 D Crobat   
011/021 F Gutsy Pickaxe I
012/021 D Quick Ball I
013/021 F Ultra Ball I
014/021 F Switch I
015/021 F Choice Belt I
016/021 E Shauna Su
017/021 F Barry Su
018/021 F Cynthia's Ambition Su
019/021 F Professor's Research Su
020/021 F Boss's Orders Su
021/021 F Double Turbo Energy   E
FIG Fighting Energy   E 12×

Darkrai VSTAR Starter Set
No. Mark Card Type Quantity
001/020 D Crobat   
002/020 F Murkrow  
003/020 F Honchkrow  
004/020 F Hisuian Qwilfish  
005/020 F Hisuian Overqwil  
006/020 F Seviper  
007/020 F Darkrai   
008/020 F Darkrai   
009/020 F Inkay  
010/020 F Hoopa  
011/020 D Quick Ball I
012/020 F Dark Patch I
013/020 F Ultra Ball I
014/020 D Pokégear 3.0 I
015/020 F Switch I
016/020 E Shauna Su
017/020 F Barry Su
018/020 F Cynthia's Ambition Su
019/020 F Professor's Research Su
020/020 F Boss's Orders Su
DAR Darkness Energy   E 16×

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