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Hidden Fates
SetSymbolHidden Fates.png
Hidden Fates Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 163
Japanese: 250
Set number English: —
Japanese: —
Release date English: August 23, 2019
Japanese: November 2, 2018
Dark Order
GX Ultra Shiny
Night Unison

Pokémon TCG: Hidden Fates (Japanese: ハイクラスパック GXウルトラシャイニー High Class Pack GX Ultra Shiny) is a special expansion of cards from the Sun & Moon Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released as the twelfth subset from the Sun & Moon Era of the Pokémon Card Game in Japan.


Your Fate Shines Bright!

A wild set loaded with all-time favorites, the Pokémon TCG: Hidden Fates expansion is a collector's dream and a player's paradise! Soar to new heights with the first TAG TEAM trio, Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX, as well as Gyarados-GX and more than 75 Pokémon in their Shiny forms—including Mewtwo-GX and Charizard-GX! Reach out for the unusual, astonishing power of Pokémon, and discover your own Hidden Fates!


GX Ultra Shiny logo

Hidden Fates is a special expansion of the Sun & Moon Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as GX Ultra Shiny, the twelfth subset in the Pokémon Card Game Sun & Moon Era. It was the second to be considered as an enhancement of the eighth Sun & Moon Era main expansion, Super-Burst Impact.

The core set comprised of cards from the Japanese GX Ultra Shiny and Sky Legend subsets, the Sun & Moon Family Pokémon Card Game set, the Trainer Battle Decks, as well as a number of Japanese SM-P Promotional cards. Hidden Fates also incorporated a Shiny Vault subset, which mostly consisted of Sun & Moon Series reprints featuring Shiny Pokémon. Shiny Vault cards have collection numbers prefixed with "SV". All regular Shiny Pokémon cards featured different artwork to their original prints, while all Shiny Pokémon-GX utilized their prior Full Art print artwork. All have a special embossed Holofoil treatment.

Unlike regular expansions, Hidden Fates booster packs could not be purchased individually from booster boxes. Instead, they were only made available in various set-related merchandise, the first of which was released on August 23, 2019. New merchandise was released periodically throughout the following September, October, and November, offering different quantities of booster packs and complementing promotional cards. Each booster pack contained ten cards, plus one Energy card and a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

The Japanese subset was released on November 2, 2018. Much like preceding High Class Packs The Best of XY and GX Battle Boost, GX Ultra Shiny featured a large amount of reprinted cards. Several of the Pokémon included in the subset featured artwork previously exclusive to promotional cards available outside Japan in various items of merchandise. The subset also includes a large number of Shiny Pokémon, all of which are Secret cards. All regular Shiny Pokémon cards come in a new "S" rarity, while all Shiny Pokémon-GX have a new "SSR" rarity. Other than Pokémon-GX and Prism Star cards, all non-secret cards did not have a rarity symbol.

GX Ultra Shiny featured 100 secret cards and had 250 cards in total. At the time of its release, it was the largest Japanese set and the largest set in any language. These accolades were respectively surpassed by the Japanese Shiny Star V subset and the Indonesian Tag Team Collection. GX Ultra Shiny also had a parallel foil set—each card without a rarity symbol featured a Reverse Cracked Ice Holofoil variant. Combined with the standard set, this created a master set of 375 cards. To accommodate the large number of cards, each booster pack contained ten cards instead of the usual five. Each pack contained one guaranteed Pokémon-GX card and two Holofoil cards; a parallel foil card may also be included unless it contains a regular Shiny Pokémon. Each booster box contained an average of two to three Shiny Pokémon, with one guaranteed Shiny Pokémon-GX card.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
8/68   Charmeleon   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "15" Charizard Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
8/68   Charmeleon   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "30" Charizard Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
8/68   Charmeleon   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "51" Charizard Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
9/68   Charizard    [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "60" Charizard Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
19/68   Pikachu   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "2" Pikachu Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
19/68   Pikachu   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "15" Pikachu Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
19/68   Pikachu   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "30" Pikachu Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
19/68   Pikachu   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "50" Pikachu Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
20/68   Raichu    [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "60" Pikachu Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
31/68   Mewtwo    [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Mewtwo Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
32/68   Mew   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Mewtwo Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
46/68   Chansey   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "5" Pikachu Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
46/68   Chansey   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "47" Pikachu Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
49/68   Eevee   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "26" Charizard Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
49/68   Eevee   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] "36" Charizard Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
49/68   Eevee   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Mewtwo Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive
50/68   Snorlax   [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Mewtwo Deck stamp Battle Academy exclusive

Set lists

Hidden Fates
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/68   Caterpie     Promotion
2/68   Metapod     Promotion
3/68   Butterfree     Promotion
4/68   Paras     Promotion
5/68   Scyther     Promotion
6/68   Pinsir      Promotion
7/68   Charmander     Promotion
8/68   Charmeleon     Promotion
9/68   Charizard      Promotion
10/68   Magmar     Promotion
11/68   Psyduck     Promotion
12/68   Slowpoke     Promotion
13/68   Staryu     Promotion
14/68   Starmie      Promotion
15/68   Magikarp     Promotion
16/68   Gyarados      Promotion
17/68   Lapras     Promotion
18/68   Vaporeon     Promotion
19/68   Pikachu     Promotion
20/68   Raichu      Promotion
21/68   Voltorb     Promotion
22/68   Electrode     Promotion
23/68   Jolteon     Promotion
24/68   Zapdos     Promotion
25/68   Ekans     Promotion
26/68   Ekans     Promotion
27/68   Arbok     Promotion
28/68   Koffing     Promotion
29/68   Weezing     Promotion
30/68   Jynx     Promotion
31/68   Mewtwo      Promotion
32/68   Mew     Promotion
33/68   Geodude     Promotion
34/68   Graveler     Promotion
35/68   Golem     Promotion
36/68   Onix      Promotion
37/68   Cubone     Promotion
38/68   Clefairy     Promotion
39/68   Clefairy     Promotion
40/68   Clefable     Promotion
41/68   Jigglypuff     Promotion
42/68   Wigglytuff      Promotion
43/68   Mr. Mime     Promotion
44/68   Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno      Promotion
45/68   Farfetch'd     Promotion
46/68   Chansey     Promotion
47/68   Kangaskhan     Promotion
48/68   Eevee     Promotion
49/68   Eevee     Promotion
50/68   Snorlax     Promotion
51/68   Bill's Analysis Su   Promotion
52/68   Blaine's Last Stand Su   Promotion
53/68   Brock's Grit Su   Promotion
54/68   Brock's Pewter City Gym St   Promotion
55/68   Brock's Training Su   Promotion
56/68   Erika's Hospitality Su   Promotion
57/68   Giovanni's Exile Su   Promotion
58/68   Jessie & James Su   Promotion
59/68   Koga's Trap Su   Promotion
60/68   Lt. Surge's Strategy Su   Promotion
61/68   Misty's Cerulean City Gym St   Promotion
62/68   Misty's Determination Su   Promotion
63/68   Misty's Water Command Su   Promotion
64/68   Pokémon Center Lady Su   Promotion
65/68   Sabrina's Suggestion Su   Promotion
66/68   Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno      Promotion
67/68   Giovanni's Exile Su   Promotion
68/68   Jessie & James Su   Promotion
69/68   Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno      Promotion

Shiny Vault
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
SV1/SV94   Scyther     Promotion
SV2/SV94   Rowlet     Promotion
SV3/SV94   Dartrix     Promotion
SV4/SV94   Wimpod     Promotion
SV5/SV94   Pheromosa     Promotion
SV6/SV94   Charmander     Promotion
SV7/SV94   Charmeleon     Promotion
SV8/SV94   Alolan Vulpix     Promotion
SV9/SV94   Wooper     Promotion
SV10/SV94   Quagsire     Promotion
SV11/SV94   Froakie     Promotion
SV12/SV94   Frogadier     Promotion
SV13/SV94   Voltorb     Promotion
SV14/SV94   Xurkitree     Promotion
SV15/SV94   Seviper     Promotion
SV16/SV94   Shuppet     Promotion
SV17/SV94   Inkay     Promotion
SV18/SV94   Malamar     Promotion
SV19/SV94   Poipole     Promotion
SV20/SV94   Sudowoodo     Promotion
SV21/SV94   Riolu     Promotion
SV22/SV94   Lucario     Promotion
SV23/SV94   Rockruff     Promotion
SV24/SV94   Buzzwole     Promotion
SV25/SV94   Zorua     Promotion
SV26/SV94   Guzzlord     Promotion
SV27/SV94   Magnemite     Promotion
SV28/SV94   Magneton     Promotion
SV29/SV94   Magnezone     Promotion
SV30/SV94   Beldum     Promotion
SV31/SV94   Metang     Promotion
SV32/SV94   Celesteela     Promotion
SV33/SV94   Kartana     Promotion
SV34/SV94   Ralts     Promotion
SV35/SV94   Kirlia     Promotion
SV36/SV94   Diancie     Promotion
SV37/SV94   Altaria     Promotion
SV38/SV94   Gible     Promotion
SV39/SV94   Gabite     Promotion
SV40/SV94   Garchomp     Promotion
SV41/SV94   Eevee     Promotion
SV42/SV94   Swablu     Promotion
SV43/SV94   Noibat     Promotion
SV44/SV94   Oranguru     Promotion
SV45/SV94   Type: Null     Promotion
SV46/SV94   Leafeon      Promotion
SV47/SV94   Decidueye      Promotion
SV48/SV94   Golisopod      Promotion
SV49/SV94   Charizard      Promotion
SV50/SV94   Ho-Oh      Promotion
SV51/SV94   Reshiram      Promotion
SV52/SV94   Turtonator      Promotion
SV53/SV94   Alolan Ninetales      Promotion
SV54/SV94   Articuno      Promotion
SV55/SV94   Glaceon      Promotion
SV56/SV94   Greninja      Promotion
SV57/SV94   Electrode      Promotion
SV58/SV94   Xurkitree      Promotion
SV59/SV94   Mewtwo      Promotion
SV60/SV94   Espeon      Promotion
SV61/SV94   Banette      Promotion
SV62/SV94   Nihilego      Promotion
SV63/SV94   Naganadel      Promotion
SV64/SV94   Lucario      Promotion
SV65/SV94   Zygarde      Promotion
SV66/SV94   Lycanroc      Promotion
SV67/SV94   Lycanroc      Promotion
SV68/SV94   Buzzwole      Promotion
SV69/SV94   Umbreon      Promotion
SV70/SV94   Darkrai      Promotion
SV71/SV94   Guzzlord      Promotion
SV72/SV94   Scizor      Promotion
SV73/SV94   Kartana      Promotion
SV74/SV94   Stakataka      Promotion
SV75/SV94   Gardevoir      Promotion
SV76/SV94   Sylveon      Promotion
SV77/SV94   Altaria      Promotion
SV78/SV94   Noivern      Promotion
SV79/SV94   Silvally      Promotion
SV80/SV94   Drampa      Promotion
SV81/SV94   Aether Foundation Employee Su   Promotion
SV82/SV94   Cynthia Su   Promotion
SV83/SV94   Fisherman Su   Promotion
SV84/SV94   Guzma Su   Promotion
SV85/SV94   Hiker Su   Promotion
SV86/SV94   Lady Su   Promotion
SV87/SV94   Aether Paradise Conservation Area St   Promotion
SV88/SV94   Brooklet Hill St   Promotion
SV89/SV94   Mt. Coronet St   Promotion
SV90/SV94   Shrine of Punishment St   Promotion
SV91/SV94   Tapu Bulu      Promotion
SV92/SV94   Tapu Fini      Promotion
SV93/SV94   Tapu Koko      Promotion
SV94/SV94   Tapu Lele      Promotion

GX Ultra Shiny
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/150 A Bulbasaur   Promotion
002/150 A Ivysaur   Promotion
003/150 A Venusaur   Promotion
004/150 B Exeggcute   Promotion
005/150 B Mow Rotom   Promotion
006/150 B Shaymin       Promotion
007/150 A Wimpod   Promotion
008/150 A Golisopod      Promotion
009/150 B Pheromosa   Promotion
010/150 B Slugma   Promotion
011/150 B Magcargo   Promotion
012/150 B Torchic   Promotion
013/150 B Combusken   Promotion
014/150 B Blaziken   Promotion
015/150 B Heat Rotom   Promotion
016/150 B Heatmor   Promotion
017/150 A Reshiram   Promotion
018/150 B Reshiram      Promotion
019/150 B Fennekin   Promotion
020/150 B Braixen   Promotion
021/150 B Delphox   Promotion
022/150 A Alolan Vulpix   Promotion
023/150 B Wooper   Promotion
024/150 B Quagsire   Promotion
025/150 B Snover   Promotion
026/150 B Abomasnow   Promotion
027/150 B Glaceon      Promotion
028/150 B Wash Rotom   Promotion
029/150 B Frost Rotom   Promotion
030/150 A Manaphy   Promotion
031/150 B Froakie   Promotion
032/150 B Frogadier   Promotion
033/150 B Greninja      Promotion
034/150 A Raikou   Promotion
035/150 B Pachirisu   Promotion
036/150 B Rotom   Promotion
037/150 A Zekrom   Promotion
038/150 B Xurkitree   Promotion
039/150 A Xurkitree      Promotion
040/150 B Alolan Marowak   Promotion
041/150 A Seviper   Promotion
042/150 B Inkay   Promotion
043/150 B Malamar   Promotion
044/150 A Tapu Lele      Promotion
045/150 B Cosmog   Promotion
046/150 B Cosmoem   Promotion
047/150 B Lunala       Promotion
048/150 B Dawn Wings Necrozma   Promotion
049/150 B Dawn Wings Necrozma      Promotion
050/150 A Marshadow   Promotion
051/150 B Poipole   Promotion
052/150 B Naganadel      Promotion
053/150 B Cubone   Promotion
054/150 A Sudowoodo   Promotion
055/150 B Riolu   Promotion
056/150 B Lucario   Promotion
057/150 B Zygarde   Promotion
058/150 B Diancie       Promotion
059/150 B Rockruff   Promotion
060/150 A Lycanroc      Promotion
061/150 B Lycanroc      Promotion
062/150 B Buzzwole   Promotion
063/150 A Buzzwole      Promotion
064/150 A Marshadow      Promotion
065/150 B Sneasel   Promotion
066/150 B Weavile   Promotion
067/150 B Sableye   Promotion
068/150 A Darkrai   Promotion
069/150 A Zorua   Promotion
070/150 A Zoroark      Promotion
071/150 A Deino   Promotion
072/150 A Zweilous   Promotion
073/150 A Hydreigon   Promotion
074/150 A Hoopa   Promotion
075/150 B Guzzlord   Promotion
076/150 B Alolan Diglett   Promotion
077/150 B Alolan Dugtrio   Promotion
078/150 B Magnemite   Promotion
079/150 B Magneton   Promotion
080/150 B Magnezone   Promotion
081/150 B Heatran   Promotion
082/150 B Solgaleo       Promotion
083/150 B Celesteela   Promotion
084/150 B Kartana   Promotion
085/150 B Dusk Mane Necrozma   Promotion
086/150 B Dusk Mane Necrozma      Promotion
087/150 A Magearna   Promotion
088/150 B Stakataka      Promotion
089/150 B Alolan Ninetales   Promotion
090/150 A Ralts   Promotion
091/150 A Kirlia   Promotion
092/150 A Gardevoir      Promotion
093/150 A Xerneas   Promotion
094/150 A Diancie   Promotion
095/150 B Mimikyu   Promotion
096/150 B Alolan Exeggutor   Promotion
097/150 B Altaria   Promotion
098/150 B Rayquaza      Promotion
099/150 B Gible   Promotion
100/150 B Gabite   Promotion
101/150 B Garchomp   Promotion
102/150 A Zygarde   Promotion
103/150 B Turtonator   Promotion
104/150 B Ultra Necrozma      Promotion
105/150 A Eevee   Promotion
106/150 B Dunsparce   Promotion
107/150 B Swablu   Promotion
108/150 B Fan Rotom   Promotion
109/150 A Oranguru   Promotion
110/150 A Type: Null   Promotion
111/150 A Silvally      Promotion
112/150 A Energy Loto I Promotion
113/150 A Energy Recycler I Promotion
114/150 A Counter Catcher I Promotion
115/150 B Beast Ring I Promotion
116/150 B Fiery Flint I Promotion
117/150 A Field Blower I Promotion
118/150 A Max Potion I Promotion
119/150 B Mysterious Treasure I Promotion
120/150 A Rescue Stretcher I Promotion
121/150 B Water Memory I Promotion
122/150 B Escape Board I Promotion
123/150 B Grass Memory I Promotion
124/150 B Metal Frying Pan I Promotion
125/150 A Wishful Baton I Promotion
126/150 B Fairy Charm UB I Promotion
127/150 A Bodybuilding Dumbbells I Promotion
128/150 A Acerola Su Promotion
129/150 B Diantha Su Promotion
130/150 A Guzma Su Promotion
131/150 A Gladion Su Promotion
132/150 B Cynthia Su Promotion
133/150 B Volkner Su Promotion
134/150 B Ingo & Emmet Su Promotion
135/150 B Copycat Su Promotion
136/150 A Lusamine Su Promotion
137/150 B Morgan Su Promotion
138/150 B Dana Su Promotion
139/150 B Evelyn Su Promotion
140/150 B Nita Su Promotion
141/150 B Shrine of Punishment St Promotion
142/150 B Wela Volcano Park St Promotion
143/150 B Ultra Space St Promotion
144/150 B Mt. Coronet St Promotion
145/150 B Wondrous Labyrinth   St   Promotion
146/150 A Counter Energy   E Promotion
147/150 B Beast Energy     E   Promotion
148/150 B Unit Energy       E Promotion
149/150 B Unit Energy       E Promotion
150/150 B Unit Energy       E Promotion
151/150 B Aether Foundation Employee Su   Promotion
152/150 A Guzma Su   Promotion
153/150 B Cynthia Su   Promotion
154/150 B Fisherman Su   Promotion
155/150 B Ingo & Emmet Su   Promotion
156/150 A Hiker Su   Promotion
157/150 B Morgan Su   Promotion
158/150 B Dana Su   Promotion
159/150 B Evelyn Su   Promotion
160/150 B Nita Su   Promotion
161/150 B Scyther     Promotion
162/150 A Rowlet     Promotion
163/150 A Dartrix     Promotion
164/150 A Wimpod     Promotion
165/150 B Pheromosa     Promotion
166/150 B Charmander     Promotion
167/150 B Charmeleon     Promotion
168/150 A Alolan Vulpix     Promotion
169/150 B Wooper     Promotion
170/150 B Quagsire     Promotion
171/150 B Froakie     Promotion
172/150 B Frogadier     Promotion
173/150 B Voltorb     Promotion
174/150 B Xurkitree     Promotion
175/150 A Seviper     Promotion
176/150 B Shuppet     Promotion
177/150 B Inkay     Promotion
178/150 B Malamar     Promotion
179/150 B Poipole     Promotion
180/150 A Sudowoodo     Promotion
181/150 B Riolu     Promotion
182/150 B Lucario     Promotion
183/150 B Rockruff     Promotion
184/150 B Buzzwole     Promotion
185/150 A Zorua     Promotion
186/150 B Guzzlord     Promotion
187/150 B Magnemite     Promotion
188/150 B Magneton     Promotion
189/150 B Magnezone     Promotion
190/150 A Beldum     Promotion
191/150 A Metang     Promotion
192/150 B Celesteela     Promotion
193/150 B Kartana     Promotion
194/150 A Ralts     Promotion
195/150 A Kirlia     Promotion
196/150 A Diancie     Promotion
197/150 B Altaria     Promotion
198/150 B Gible     Promotion
199/150 B Gabite     Promotion
200/150 B Garchomp     Promotion
201/150 A Eevee     Promotion
202/150 B Swablu     Promotion
203/150 A Noibat     Promotion
204/150 A Oranguru     Promotion
205/150 A Type: Null     Promotion
206/150 B Leafeon      Promotion
207/150 A Decidueye      Promotion
208/150 A Golisopod      Promotion
209/150 A Charizard      Promotion
210/150 A Ho-Oh      Promotion
211/150 B Reshiram      Promotion
212/150 A Turtonator      Promotion
213/150 A Alolan Ninetales      Promotion
214/150 B Articuno      Promotion
215/150 B Glaceon      Promotion
216/150 B Greninja      Promotion
217/150 B Electrode      Promotion
218/150 A Xurkitree      Promotion
219/150 A Mewtwo      Promotion
220/150 A Espeon      Promotion
221/150 B Banette      Promotion
222/150 A Nihilego      Promotion
223/150 B Naganadel      Promotion
224/150 B Lucario      Promotion
225/150 B Zygarde      Promotion
226/150 A Lycanroc      Promotion
227/150 B Lycanroc      Promotion
228/150 A Buzzwole      Promotion
229/150 A Umbreon      Promotion
230/150 A Darkrai      Promotion
231/150 A Zoroark      Promotion
232/150 A Guzzlord      Promotion
233/150 B Scizor      Promotion
234/150 A Metagross      Promotion
235/150 A Kartana      Promotion
236/150 B Stakataka      Promotion
237/150 A Gardevoir      Promotion
238/150 A Sylveon      Promotion
239/150 B Altaria      Promotion
240/150 B Rayquaza      Promotion
241/150 A Noivern      Promotion
242/150 A Silvally      Promotion
243/150 A Drampa      Promotion
244/150 A Tapu Bulu      Promotion
245/150 A Tapu Fini      Promotion
246/150 A Tapu Koko      Promotion
247/150 A Tapu Lele      Promotion
248/150 B Lunala      Promotion
249/150 B Solgaleo      Promotion
250/150 B Ultra Necrozma      Promotion


English Shiny Charizard pack
English Legendary birds pack
English Shiny Mewtwo pack
English Mew pack
Japanese GX Ultra Shiny
Japanese GX Ultra Shiny
booster box
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

In other languages

Language Title
  French Destinées Occultes
  German Verborgenes Schicksal
  Italian Destino Sfuggente
  Korean GX 울트라샤이니 GX Ultra Shiny
  Brazilian Portuguese Destinos Ocultos
  Spanish Destinos Ocultos

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