Battle Arena Decks—Rayquaza-GX vs. Ultra Necrozma-GX (TCG)

Battle Arena Decks—Rayquaza-GX vs. Ultra Necrozma-GX
Battle Arena Decks Rayquaza vs Ultra Necrozma.jpg
Collective box art
Release date October 4, 2019
Types used LightningPsychic
Coin BAD Cracked Ice Rayquaza Coin.png/BAD Gold Ultra Necrozma Coin.png

The Battle Arena Decks—Rayquaza-GX vs. Ultra Necrozma-GX are a pair of Pokémon Trading Card Game Theme Decks released during the Sun & Moon Series. They were available from October 4, 2019.


Battle Arena Decks—Rayquaza-GX vs. Ultra Necrozma-GX

Mighty Pokémon Battle for Victory!

Powerful Pokémon are ready to heat up the battlefield in the new Pokémon TCG: Battle Arena Decks! These 60-card decks are ready to play right away, with powerful cards and winning strategies worthy of an ace Trainer. Each deck is led by an exceptional Legendary Pokémon-GX and includes 9 foil cards. Let the battle begin!

Battle Arena Deck

Swift as lightning and loaded with power! You'll always be ready with the recharge for Rayquaza-GX, Tapu Koko  , and Zapdos in this Lightning- and Grass-type deck.

Battle Arena Deck
Ultra Necrozma-GX

A nightmare for your opponent! Strike hard with Ultra Necrozma-GX, Giratina, and Malamar in this Metal- and Psychic-type deck.


The Battle Arena Decks—Rayquaza-GX vs. Ultra Necrozma-GX are two 60-card decks that focus on popular cards from the Sun & Moon Series. The Rayquaza-GX Deck focuses on Lightning-type Pokémon and is built around Rayquaza-GX from Celestial Storm, while the Ultra Necrozma-GX Deck comprises mostly Psychic-type Pokémon and features Forbidden Light Ultra Necrozma-GX as its main attacker. The decks employ strategies from the time they were originally released and utilize popular cards such as Zapdos, Tapu Koko  , Jirachi, and Malamar. Each deck includes a Cracked Ice Holofoil coin and deck box featuring the titular Pokémon, a sheet of damage counters and markers, a two-player playmat and rulesheet, a Quick Guide, and a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

This set of Battle Arena Decks contains exclusive prints of 9 different cards:

The Rayquaza-GX Deck also included re-releases of Non Holofoil Forbidden Light Magnezone (×3) from the Lightning Loop Theme Deck.

Deck lists

Rayquaza-GX Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
109/168 Rayquaza   
51/181 Tapu Koko    
36/131 Magnezone  
35/131 Magneton  
34/131 Magnemite  
82/214 Zebstrika  
81/214 Blitzle  
23/108 Zapdos  
60/214 Zeraora  
23/113 Heracross  
122/160 Acro Bike I
74/108 Brock's Grit Su
119/156 Cynthia Su
170/214 Energy Spinner I
140/181 Erika's Hospitality Su
130/168 Fisherman Su
125/156 Lillie Su
152/181 Pokémon Communication I
133/156 Pokémon Fan Club Su
142/168 Rare Candy I
147/168 Switch I
148a/168 Tate & Liza Su
146/162 Volkner Su
Grass Energy [Non Holofoil]   E
Lightning Energy [Holofoil]   E
Lightning Energy [Non Holofoil]   E

Ultra Necrozma-GX Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
95/131 Ultra Necrozma   
51/131 Malamar  
50/131 Inkay  
65/168 Banette  
64/168 Shuppet  
97/214 Giratina  
99/181 Jirachi  
110/168 Dunsparce  
122/160 Acro Bike I
74/108 Brock's Grit Su
119/156 Cynthia Su
140/181 Erika's Hospitality Su
122/156 Escape Board I
125/156 Lillie Su
113/131 Mysterious Treasure I
152/181 Pokémon Communication I
133/156 Pokémon Fan Club Su
189a/214 Sightseer Su
147/168 Switch I
148/168 Tate & Liza Su
156/181 Viridian Forest St
117/131 Beast Energy     E
Metal Energy [Non Holofoil]   E
Psychic Energy [Holofoil]   E
Psychic Energy [Non Holofoil]   E

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