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Cards in set 188
Release date April 21, 2017

THE BEST OF XY (Japanese: ハイクラスパック THE BEST OF XY High Class Pack THE BEST OF XY) is the name given to the third subset from the Sun & Moon Era of the Pokémon Card Game in Japan.


THE BEST OF XY is a subset in the Pokémon Card Game Sun & Moon Era in Japan. It was released on April 21, 2017.

THE BEST OF XY focused on Pokémon-EX, M Pokémon-EX, and Pokémon BREAK and included various reprints of popular cards from the XY and XY BREAK Eras, while also including a number of new cards and Full Art prints. Despite being released during the Sun & Moon Era, the cards are printed with their original card template, with only a slight change in the positioning of the card number, and the lack of printed rarities. All the regular cards included within the subset also had a Reverse Starlight Holofoil print. Each pack contained fifteen cards instead of five, guaranteeing one Pokémon-EX, M Pokémon-EX, or Pokémon BREAK, as well as one Reverse Starlight Holofoil card.

Set list

No. Image Card name Type
001/171   Oddish     Promotion
002/171   Gloom     Promotion
003/171   Vileplume     Promotion
004/171   Spinarak     Promotion
005/171   Ariados     Promotion
006/171   Sceptile      Promotion
007/171    Sceptile      Promotion
008/171   Combee     Promotion
009/171   Vespiquen     Promotion
010/171   Flareon     Promotion
011/171   Entei     Promotion
012/171   Camerupt      Promotion
013/171    Camerupt      Promotion
014/171   Volcanion     Promotion
015/171   Volcanion       Promotion
016/171   Vaporeon     Promotion
017/171   Articuno     Promotion
018/171   Remoraid     Promotion
019/171   Octillery     Promotion
020/171   Glaceon      Promotion
021/171   Manaphy      Promotion
022/171   Seismitoad      Promotion
023/171   White Kyurem     Promotion
024/171   Froakie     Promotion
025/171   Frogadier     Promotion
026/171   Greninja     Promotion
027/171   Greninja     Promotion
028/171   Greninja      Promotion
029/171   Pikachu     Promotion
030/171   Raichu     Promotion
031/171   Jolteon     Promotion
032/171   Jolteon      Promotion
033/171   Raikou     Promotion
034/171   Manectric      Promotion
035/171    Manectric      Promotion
036/171   Joltik     Promotion
037/171   Zubat     Promotion
038/171   Golbat     Promotion
039/171   Crobat     Promotion
040/171   Alakazam      Promotion
041/171    Alakazam      Promotion
042/171   Mewtwo      Promotion
043/171    Mewtwo      Promotion
044/171   Mew     Promotion
045/171   Espeon      Promotion
046/171   Unown     Promotion
047/171   Wobbuffet     Promotion
048/171   Giratina     Promotion
049/171   Trubbish     Promotion
050/171   Garbodor     Promotion
051/171   Litwick     Promotion
052/171   Lampent     Promotion
053/171   Phantump     Promotion
054/171   Trevenant     Promotion
055/171   Trevenant      Promotion
056/171   Pumpkaboo     Promotion
057/171   Hoopa     Promotion
058/171   Hoopa      Promotion
059/171   Meditite     Promotion
060/171   Medicham     Promotion
061/171   Regirock      Promotion
062/171   Lucario      Promotion
063/171    Lucario      Promotion
064/171   Landorus     Promotion
065/171   Carbink     Promotion
066/171   Carbink     Promotion
067/171   Carbink      Promotion
068/171   Zygarde     Promotion
069/171   Zygarde      Promotion
070/171   Sharpedo      Promotion
071/171    Sharpedo      Promotion
072/171   Darkrai      Promotion
073/171   Zorua     Promotion
074/171   Zoroark     Promotion
075/171   Zoroark      Promotion
076/171   Malamar      Promotion
077/171   Yveltal     Promotion
078/171   Yveltal     Promotion
079/171   Yveltal      Promotion
080/171   Jirachi     Promotion
081/171   Bronzor     Promotion
082/171   Bronzong     Promotion
083/171   Bronzong      Promotion
084/171   Heatran     Promotion
085/171   Cobalion     Promotion
086/171   Genesect      Promotion
087/171   Aegislash      Promotion
088/171   Magearna     Promotion
089/171   Magearna      Promotion
090/171   Mr. Mime     Promotion
091/171   Gardevoir      Promotion
092/171    Gardevoir       Promotion
093/171   Spritzee     Promotion
094/171   Aromatisse     Promotion
095/171   Xerneas     Promotion
096/171   Xerneas     Promotion
097/171   Xerneas      Promotion
098/171   Giratina      Promotion
099/171   Hydreigon      Promotion
100/171   Eevee     Promotion
101/171   Miltank     Promotion
102/171   Lugia     Promotion
103/171   Lugia      Promotion
104/171   Rayquaza      Promotion
105/171    Rayquaza      Promotion
106/171   Shaymin      Promotion
107/171   Bunnelby     Promotion
108/171   Special Charge I   Promotion
109/171   Target Whistle I   Promotion
110/171   Acro Bike I   Promotion
111/171   Dive Ball I   Promotion
112/171   Puzzle of Time I   Promotion
113/171   Trainers' Mail I   Promotion
114/171   Battle Compressor I   Promotion
115/171   VS Seeker I   Promotion
116/171   Max Elixir I   Promotion
117/171   Fairy Drop I   Promotion
118/171   Heavy Ball I   Promotion
119/171   Robo Substitute I   Promotion
120/171   Mega Turbo I   Promotion
121/171   Level Ball I   Promotion
122/171   Hard Charm I   Promotion
123/171   Focus Sash I   Promotion
124/171   Bursting Balloon I   Promotion
125/171   Muscle Band I   Promotion
126/171   Fighting Fury Belt I   Promotion
127/171   Power Memory I   Promotion
128/171   Gardevoir Spirit Link I   Promotion
129/171   Sharpedo Spirit Link I   Promotion
130/171   Sceptile Spirit Link I   Promotion
131/171   Camerupt Spirit Link I   Promotion
132/171   Alakazam Spirit Link I   Promotion
133/171   Mewtwo Spirit Link I   Promotion
134/171   Manectric Spirit Link I   Promotion
135/171   Lucario Spirit Link I   Promotion
136/171   Rayquaza Spirit Link I   Promotion
137/171   Brigette Su   Promotion
138/171   AZ Su   Promotion
139/171   N Su   Promotion
140/171   Hex Maniac Su   Promotion
141/171   Blacksmith Su   Promotion
142/171   Karen Su   Promotion
143/171   Xerosic Su   Promotion
144/171   Korrina Su   Promotion
145/171   Delinquent Su   Promotion
146/171   Shauna Su   Promotion
147/171   Teammates Su   Promotion
148/171   Skyla Su   Promotion
149/171   Professor Sycamore Su   Promotion
150/171   Lysandre Su   Promotion
151/171   Team Flare Grunt Su   Promotion
152/171   Pokémon Ranger Su   Promotion
153/171   Rough Seas St   Promotion
154/171   Forest of Giant Plants St   Promotion
155/171   Silent Lab St   Promotion
156/171   Dimension Valley St   Promotion
157/171   Scorched Earth St   Promotion
158/171   Sky Field St   Promotion
159/171   Parallel City St   Promotion
160/171   Fairy Garden St   Promotion
161/171   Reverse Valley St   Promotion
162/171   Herbal Energy   E   Promotion
163/171   Burning Energy   E   Promotion
164/171   Splash Energy   E   Promotion
165/171   Flash Energy   E   Promotion
166/171   Mystery Energy   E   Promotion
167/171   Strong Energy   E   Promotion
168/171   Dangerous Energy   E   Promotion
169/171   Shield Energy   E   Promotion
170/171   Wonder Energy   E   Promotion
171/171   Double Dragon Energy   E   Promotion
172/171    Camerupt      Promotion
173/171   Jolteon      Promotion
174/171    Manectric      Promotion
175/171   Regirock      Promotion
176/171    Lucario      Promotion
177/171   Zygarde      Promotion
178/171    Sharpedo      Promotion
179/171   Aegislash      Promotion
180/171   N Su   Promotion
181/171   Hex Maniac Su   Promotion
182/171   Blacksmith Su   Promotion
183/171   Karen Su   Promotion
184/171   Delinquent Su   Promotion
185/171   Shauna Su   Promotion
186/171   Team Flare Grunt Su   Promotion
187/171   Yveltal      Promotion
188/171   Shaymin      Promotion


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