Fennekin Deck (TCG)

Fennekin Deck
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Types used FireDarkness
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The Fennekin Deck of the Pokémon Trading Card Game is a Theme Deck predominantly focusing on Fire type Pokémon. Released November 8th, 2013, the Fennekin Deck includes damage counters, a custom coin, one two-player mat, a Fennekin deckbox and a TCGO deck access code.

A deluxe version of the deck was also released, which includes one Black & White Series booster pack with the deck.


Choose Fennekin—Burn Up the Opposition!

Start your adventure in the Kalos region with the Fire-type Pokémon Fennekin and this 60-card ready-to-play deck! This new deck unlocks a world of exciting Pokémon battles and gives you the head start you need to battle and win in the Pokémon Trading Card Game! As a Fire-type deck, the Fennekin deck is full of powerful moves—grab it and blaze your path to victory!

Deck list

Fennekin Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
10/39 Delphox  
9/39 Braixen  
8/39 Fennekin  
7/39 Pansear  
6/39 Slugma  
17/39 Mightyena  
16/39 Poochyena  
18/39 Inkay  
33/39 Furfrou  
32/39 Furfrou  
31/39 Fletchling  
38/39 Switch I
36/39 Pokémon Catcher I
35/39 Poké Ball I
39/39 Tierno Su
- Fire Energy   E 12×
- Darkness Energy   E 12×

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