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Celestial Storm
SetSymbolCelestial Storm.png
SM7 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 183
Japanese: 112
Set number English: 77
Japanese: 70
Release date English: August 3, 2018
Japanese: June 1, 2018
Theme Decks

Leaf Charge (GrassLightning)
Hydro Fury (WaterFire)

Forbidden Light
Sky-Splitting Charisma
Super-Burst Impact

Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm (Japanese: 裂空(れっくう)のカリスマ Sky-Splitting Charisma) is the name given to the seventh main expansion of cards from the Sun & Moon Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the Sun & Moon Era in Japan). The set continues to feature Generation VII Pokémon, Pokémon-GX, and Prism Star cards in the card game.


Nature's Wrath in Full Fury!

Watch out for the vortex! It's a season of furious emerald storms and a sky alive with portents, as Pokémon and creatures from Ultra Space clash. Some ride the storm, and others defy it, with a lineup including Articuno-GX, Blaziken-GX, Scizor-GX, Stakataka-GX, and the amazing Rayquaza-GX, plus new   cards featuring Latios, Latias, and Jirachi. Face the winds of change head-on in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm expansion!


Sky-Splitting Charisma logo

Celestial Storm is the name given to the seventh main expansion of the Sun & Moon Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as Sky-Splitting Charisma, the seventh expansion in the Pokémon Card Game Sun & Moon Era. It is based on Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, featuring Generation VII Pokémon, the Hoenn region, and the Sky High Pokémon Rayquaza. The English expansion was released on August 3, 2018, while the Japanese expansion was released on June 1, 2018. Celestial Storm is composed of its Japanese equivalent as well as the Champion Road subset.

Celestial Storm featured modernized reprints of cards from the Neo, e-Card, and EX Series. The Pokémon's HP, Abilities, attacks, Resistance, and Retreat cost were updated to fit the current format.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
8/168   Treecko   Cosmos Reverse Holo "Celestial Storm" stamp Toys "R" Us and Gamestop exclusive
10/168   Sceptile   Cracked Ice Holo Leaf Charge Theme Deck exclusive
10a/168   Sceptile   Yellow A Alternate art Unbroken Bonds Three Pack Blisters exclusive
24/168   Magcargo   Reverse Holo Pokémon League Celestial Storm Season League Challenge 1st Place promo
24/168   Magcargo   Reverse Holo Pokémon League Celestial Storm Season League Challenge 2nd Place promo
24/168   Magcargo   Reverse Holo Pokémon League Celestial Storm Season League Challenge 3rd Place promo
24/168   Magcargo   Reverse Holo Pokémon League Celestial Storm Season League Challenge 4th Place promo
35/168   Swampert   Cracked Ice Holo Hydro Fury Theme Deck exclusive
40/168   Wailord   Cosmos Holo Unbroken Bonds Stage 1 Blisters exclusive
81/168   Groudon   Cosmos Holo "Legendary Pokémon" stamp GameStop and EB Games exclusive
95/168   Metagross   Non Holo Celestial Storm Build & Battle Box exclusive
95/168   Metagross   Reverse Holo Pokémon League Celestial Storm Season 2 promo (September 2018)
100/168   Celesteela   Reverse Holo Pokémon League Celestial Storm Season 1 promo (August 2018)
106/168   Salamence   Cosmos Holo Dragon Tins exclusive
121/168   Delcatty   Non Holo Hydro Fury Theme Deck and Celestial Storm Build & Battle Box exclusive
123a/168   Acro Bike I Reverse Holo Yellow A Alternate art Pokémon League Cosmic Eclipse Season 1 promo (November 2019)
127/168   Copycat Su Reverse Holo Celestial Storm Season Regional Championships promo
127/168   Copycat Su Reverse Holo Celestial Storm Season Regional Championships Staff promo
142/168   Rare Candy I Reverse Holo Pokémon League Celestial Storm Season League Cup promo
142/168   Rare Candy I Reverse Holo Pokémon League Celestial Storm Season League Cup Staff promo
145/168   Steven's Resolve Su Reverse Holo Pokémon League Celestial Storm Season 3 promo (October 2018)
148a/168   Tate & Liza Su Yellow A Alternate art Battle Arena Deck—Rayquaza-GX exclusive
177a/168   Rayquaza    Yellow A Alternate art Hidden Fates Ultra-Premium Collection and Hidden Fates Premium Powers Collection exclusive

Set lists

Celestial Storm
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/168   Bellsprout     Promotion
2/168   Weepinbell     Promotion
3/168   Victreebel     Promotion
4/168   Scyther     Promotion
5/168   Spinarak     Promotion
6/168   Ariados     Promotion
7/168   Treecko     Promotion
8/168   Treecko     Promotion
9/168   Grovyle     Promotion
10/168   Sceptile     Promotion
11/168   Seedot     Promotion
12/168   Seedot     Promotion
13/168   Nuzleaf     Promotion
14/168   Shiftry      Promotion
15/168   Surskit     Promotion
16/168   Masquerain     Promotion
17/168   Volbeat     Promotion
18/168   Illumise     Promotion
19/168   Cacnea     Promotion
20/168   Cacturne     Promotion
21/168   Tropius     Promotion
22/168   Dhelmise     Promotion
23/168   Slugma     Promotion
24/168   Magcargo     Promotion
25/168   Torchic     Promotion
26/168   Torchic     Promotion
27/168   Combusken     Promotion
28/168   Blaziken      Promotion
29/168   Torkoal     Promotion
30/168   Oricorio     Promotion
31/168   Articuno      Promotion
32/168   Mudkip     Promotion
33/168   Mudkip     Promotion
34/168   Marshtomp     Promotion
35/168   Swampert     Promotion
36/168   Lotad     Promotion
37/168   Lombre     Promotion
38/168   Ludicolo     Promotion
39/168   Wailmer     Promotion
40/168   Wailord     Promotion
41/168   Clamperl     Promotion
42/168   Huntail     Promotion
43/168   Gorebyss     Promotion
44/168   Luvdisc     Promotion
45/168   Regice     Promotion
46/168   Kyogre     Promotion
47/168   Voltorb     Promotion
48/168   Electrode      Promotion
49/168   Chinchou     Promotion
50/168   Lanturn     Promotion
51/168   Electrike     Promotion
52/168   Manectric     Promotion
53/168   Plusle     Promotion
54/168   Minun     Promotion
55/168   Oricorio     Promotion
56/168   Mr. Mime      Promotion
57/168   Gulpin     Promotion
58/168   Swalot     Promotion
59/168   Spoink     Promotion
60/168   Grumpig     Promotion
61/168   Lunatone     Promotion
62/168   Solrock     Promotion
63/168   Shuppet     Promotion
64/168   Shuppet     Promotion
65/168   Banette     Promotion
66/168   Banette      Promotion
67/168   Deoxys     Promotion
68/168   Deoxys     Promotion
69/168   Deoxys     Promotion
70/168   Lunala     Promotion
71/168   Onix     Promotion
72/168   Phanpy     Promotion
73/168   Donphan     Promotion
74/168   Larvitar     Promotion
75/168   Pupitar     Promotion
76/168   Meditite     Promotion
77/168   Medicham     Promotion
78/168   Baltoy     Promotion
79/168   Claydol     Promotion
80/168   Regirock     Promotion
81/168   Groudon     Promotion
82/168   Palossand      Promotion
83/168   Minior     Promotion
84/168   Alolan Rattata     Promotion
85/168   Alolan Raticate      Promotion
86/168   Sneasel     Promotion
87/168   Tyranitar     Promotion
88/168   Sableye     Promotion
89/168   Steelix     Promotion
90/168   Scizor      Promotion
91/168   Mawile     Promotion
92/168   Beldum     Promotion
93/168   Beldum     Promotion
94/168   Metang     Promotion
95/168   Metagross     Promotion
96/168   Registeel     Promotion
97/168   Jirachi       Promotion
98/168   Heatran     Promotion
99/168   Solgaleo     Promotion
100/168   Celesteela     Promotion
101/168   Kartana     Promotion
102/168   Stakataka      Promotion
103/168   Bagon     Promotion
104/168   Bagon     Promotion
105/168   Shelgon     Promotion
106/168   Salamence     Promotion
107/168   Latias       Promotion
108/168   Latios       Promotion
109/168   Rayquaza      Promotion
110/168   Dunsparce     Promotion
111/168   Wingull     Promotion
112/168   Pelipper     Promotion
113/168   Slakoth     Promotion
114/168   Vigoroth     Promotion
115/168   Slaking     Promotion
116/168   Whismur     Promotion
117/168   Whismur     Promotion
118/168   Loudred     Promotion
119/168   Exploud     Promotion
120/168   Skitty     Promotion
121/168   Delcatty     Promotion
122/168   Kecleon     Promotion
123/168   Acro Bike I   Promotion
124/168   Apricorn Maker Su   Promotion
125/168   Beast Ball I   Promotion
126/168   Bill's Maintenance Su   Promotion
127/168   Copycat Su   Promotion
128/168   Energy Recycle System I   Promotion
129/168   Energy Switch I   Promotion
130/168   Fisherman Su   Promotion
131/168   Friend Ball I   Promotion
132/168   Hau Su   Promotion
133/168   Hiker Su   Promotion
134/168   Hustle Belt I   Promotion
135/168   Last Chance Potion I   Promotion
136/168   Life Herb I   Promotion
137/168   Lisia Su   Promotion
138/168   Lure Ball I   Promotion
139/168   The Masked Royal Su   Promotion
140/168   PokéNav I   Promotion
141/168   Rainbow Brush I   Promotion
142/168   Rare Candy I   Promotion
143/168   Shrine of Punishment St   Promotion
144/168   Sky Pillar St   Promotion
145/168   Steven's Resolve Su   Promotion
146/168   Super Scoop Up I   Promotion
147/168   Switch I   Promotion
148/168   Tate & Liza Su   Promotion
149/168   TV Reporter Su   Promotion
150/168   Underground Expedition Su   Promotion
151/168   Rainbow Energy   E   Promotion
152/168   Shiftry      Promotion
153/168   Blaziken      Promotion
154/168   Articuno      Promotion
155/168   Electrode      Promotion
156/168   Mr. Mime      Promotion
157/168   Banette      Promotion
158/168   Scizor      Promotion
159/168   Stakataka      Promotion
160/168   Rayquaza      Promotion
161/168   Apricorn Maker Su   Promotion
162/168   Bill's Maintenance Su   Promotion
163/168   Copycat Su   Promotion
164/168   Lisia Su   Promotion
165/168   Steven's Resolve Su   Promotion
166/168   Tate & Liza Su   Promotion
167/168   TV Reporter Su   Promotion
168/168   Underground Expedition Su   Promotion
169/168   Shiftry      Promotion
170/168   Blaziken      Promotion
171/168   Articuno      Promotion
172/168   Electrode      Promotion
173/168   Mr. Mime      Promotion
174/168   Banette      Promotion
175/168   Scizor      Promotion
176/168   Stakataka      Promotion
177/168   Rayquaza      Promotion
178/168   Acro Bike I   Promotion
179/168   Hustle Belt I   Promotion
180/168   Life Herb I   Promotion
181/168   PokéNav I   Promotion
182/168   Rainbow Brush I   Promotion
183/168   Rainbow Energy   E   Promotion

Sky-Splitting Charisma
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/096   Treecko     Promotion
002/096   Treecko     Promotion
003/096   Grovyle     Promotion
004/096   Sceptile     Promotion
005/096   Seedot     Promotion
006/096   Seedot     Promotion
007/096   Nuzleaf     Promotion
008/096   Shiftry      Promotion
009/096   Surskit     Promotion
010/096   Masquerain     Promotion
011/096   Volbeat     Promotion
012/096   Illumise     Promotion
013/096   Tropius     Promotion
014/096   Dhelmise     Promotion
015/096   Torchic     Promotion
016/096   Torchic     Promotion
017/096   Combusken     Promotion
018/096   Blaziken      Promotion
019/096   Torkoal     Promotion
020/096   Oricorio     Promotion
021/096   Mudkip     Promotion
022/096   Mudkip     Promotion
023/096   Marshtomp     Promotion
024/096   Swampert     Promotion
025/096   Wailmer     Promotion
026/096   Wailord     Promotion
027/096   Clamperl     Promotion
028/096   Huntail     Promotion
029/096   Gorebyss     Promotion
030/096   Luvdisc     Promotion
031/096   Regice     Promotion
032/096   Kyogre     Promotion
033/096   Electrike     Promotion
034/096   Manectric     Promotion
035/096   Plusle     Promotion
036/096   Minun     Promotion
037/096   Oricorio     Promotion
038/096   Spoink     Promotion
039/096   Grumpig     Promotion
040/096   Shuppet     Promotion
041/096   Banette     Promotion
042/096   Deoxys     Promotion
043/096   Deoxys     Promotion
044/096   Deoxys     Promotion
045/096   Meditite     Promotion
046/096   Medicham     Promotion
047/096   Baltoy     Promotion
048/096   Claydol     Promotion
049/096   Regirock     Promotion
050/096   Groudon     Promotion
051/096   Minior     Promotion
052/096   Beldum     Promotion
053/096   Beldum     Promotion
054/096   Metang     Promotion
055/096   Metagross     Promotion
056/096   Registeel     Promotion
057/096   Jirachi       Promotion
058/096   Celesteela     Promotion
059/096   Kartana     Promotion
060/096   Stakataka      Promotion
061/096   Altaria      Promotion
062/096   Bagon     Promotion
063/096   Bagon     Promotion
064/096   Shelgon     Promotion
065/096   Salamence     Promotion
066/096   Latias       Promotion
067/096   Latios       Promotion
068/096   Rayquaza      Promotion
069/096   Wingull     Promotion
070/096   Pelipper     Promotion
071/096   Whismur     Promotion
072/096   Whismur     Promotion
073/096   Loudred     Promotion
074/096   Exploud     Promotion
075/096   Skitty     Promotion
076/096   Delcatty     Promotion
077/096   Swablu     Promotion
078/096   Kecleon     Promotion
079/096   Last Chance Potion I   Promotion
080/096   Acro Bike I   Promotion
081/096   Ultra Ball I   Promotion
082/096   Rare Candy I   Promotion
083/096   Switch I   Promotion
084/096   Pokémon Catcher I   Promotion
085/096   Rainbow Brush I   Promotion
086/096   Choice Band I   Promotion
087/096   Hustle Belt I   Promotion
088/096   Steven's Resolve Su   Promotion
089/096   Fisherman Su   Promotion
090/096   Hau Su   Promotion
091/096   Tate & Liza Su   Promotion
092/096   Lillie Su   Promotion
093/096   Lisia Su   Promotion
094/096   Shrine of Punishment St   Promotion
095/096   Sky Pillar St   Promotion
096/096   Double Colorless Energy   E   Promotion
097/096   Shiftry      Promotion
098/096   Blaziken      Promotion
099/096   Stakataka      Promotion
100/096   Altaria      Promotion
101/096   Rayquaza      Promotion
102/096   Steven's Resolve Su   Promotion
103/096   Tate & Liza Su   Promotion
104/096   Lisia Su   Promotion
105/096   Shiftry      Promotion
106/096   Blaziken      Promotion
107/096   Stakataka      Promotion
108/096   Altaria      Promotion
109/096   Rayquaza      Promotion
110/096   Acro Bike I   Promotion
111/096   Rainbow Brush I   Promotion
112/096   Hustle Belt I   Promotion


English Blaziken pack
English Rayquaza pack
English Jirachi pack
English Stakataka pack
Japanese Sky-Splitting Charisma pack
English Celestial Storm
booster box
Japanese Sky-Splitting Charisma
booster box
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The Sky-Splitting Charisma set is released in Japanese and Korean, only available in unlimited edition. Since the Sun & Moon era, Japanese 1st edition cards are no longer printed. The Celestial Storm set is released in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, with cards also available as Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Tempête Céleste
  German Sturm am Firmament
  Italian Tempesta Astrale
  Korean 창공의 카리스마 Charisma of the Sky
  Brazilian Portuguese Tempestade Celestial
  Spanish Tormenta Celestial

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