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Unified Minds Build & Battle Box (TCG)

Unified Minds Build & Battle Box
Box art
Expansion Unified Minds
Types used GrassWaterPsychicFighting

The Unified Minds Build & Battle Box is a special product given to participants at the start of Prerelease Tournaments for the Unified Minds expansion. These tournaments were held on the two weekends prior to the release of the expansion: June 20-21, and 27-28, 2019. The boxes were later made available to purchase at retail stores. Each box contains a random set of predetermined cards designed to enhance the experience of the Limited format events in which they were initially distributed.

Included in each Build & Battle Box is a 23-card Evolution pack that includes one of four specially stamped Prerelease cards for the expansion, as well as four booster packs. The Prerelease cards for the Unified Minds expansion are Amoonguss, Tapu Fini, Necrozma, and Terrakion, with each containing a group of Pokémon cards that are focused around their following types respectively: Grass-type, Water-type, Psychic-type, and Fighting-type.

The Unified Minds Build & Battle Boxes provided an exclusive Non Holofoil version of Froslass, which was only available as a Holofoil card in Unified Minds booster packs.

Box structure

Section 1

Each Build & Battle Box included two of the following four different groups of Pokémon cards, with one group always coinciding with the included Prerelease promo.

Amoongus group
No. Card Type Quantity
5/236 Shroomish Grass
108/236 Breloom Fighting
13/236 Foongus Grass
14/236 Amoonguss Grass
152/181 Pokémon Communication I

Tapu Fini group
No. Card Type Quantity
177/236 Audino Colorless
37/236 Snorunt Water
38/236 Froslass Water
211/236 U-Turn Board I
152/181 Pokémon Communication I

Necrozma group
No. Card Type Quantity
101/236 Necrozma Psychic
105/236 Cubone Fighting
75/236 Alolan Marowak Psychic
212/236 Recycle Energy Colorless E ×
165/214 Chip-Chip Ice Axe I

Terrakion group
No. Card Type Quantity
164/236 Tauros Colorless
109/236 Meditite Fighting
110/236 Medicham Fighting
201/236 Karate Belt I

Section 2

Each Build & Battle Box also included an additional random group of 4 of the following Supporter cards, with no more than 2 copies of a particular Supporter.

Supporter cards
No. Card Type Quantity
188/214 Professor Elm's Lecture Su 0-2×
125/156 Lillie Su 0-2×
119/156 Cynthia Su 0-2×
126/156 Looker Su 0-2×
132/168 Hau Su 0-2×
133/168 Hiker Su 0-2×
179/214 Kahili Su 0-2×
175/214 Green's Exploration Su 0-2×
188/236 Blue's Tactics Su 0-2×
189/236 Bug Catcher Su 0-2×

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