TAG TEAM is a category of cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game introduced in the Team Up expansion. TAG TEAM cards can be Pokémon or Supporter cards, and show two or more characters working together. Certain attacks, Abilities and Trainer cards interact specifically with TAG TEAM cards.

An example of a TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX

All TAG TEAM Pokémon are Basic Pokémon-GX. These cards combine two or three Pokémon that share at least one type to form a team, which is reflected in the card's artwork focusing equally on each Pokémon, and have higher HP than regular Pokémon-GX. When a TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, the TAG TEAM rule causes the opponent to take three Prize cards instead of one. (This overrides the normal Pokémon-GX rule.)

The GX-attack of TAG TEAM cards includes a '+' sign next to the attack's Energy cost, indicating that if the Pokémon has more Energy cards attached than the ones required to perform that attack, or if a certain Supporter card was played during that turn, an additional effect specified in the GX-attack is applied.

TAG TEAM Supporter cards were later featured in the Cosmic Eclipse expansion, combining two characters in the same manner as TAG TEAM Pokémon cards. These cards have an additional effect that can be activated by discarding cards from the player's hand when played.

In terms of layout changes, a TAG TEAM label is added below the card's name and the top-left and bottom-right corners are covered by matching outlined polygons. For Pokémon-GX, the Pokémon-GX rule box is replaced by the TAG TEAM rule box, All of these elements are colored yellow.

TAG TEAM Pokémon cards featured in expansions are accompanied by the usual Full Art and Rainbow Rare variants as well as a second, alternate artwork variant. With the exception of the TAG TEAM cards originating from the Japanese Dream League subset, all Regular Pokémon card prints feature artwork by Mitsuhiro Arita.

According to the game's director, Atsushi Nagashima, work on the TAG TEAM mechanic began during the Black & White Series.[1] During development, other proposed drawbacks to TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX included granting the opponent four Prize cards upon Knocking one Out, allowing the opponent to use two GX attacks during the match instead of one, or giving the cards multiple weaknesses.[2] Mitsuhiro Arita has stated that more than 100 different combinations of Pokémon were considered for TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX cards.[3]

List of TAG TEAM cards

TAG TEAM Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Magikarp & Wailord    SM Black Star Promos   SM166 Tag Bolt   019/095
Team Up   160/181 Tag Bolt   098/095
Team Up   161/181 Tag Bolt   099/095
Team Up   183/181 Tag Bolt   111/095
Celebi & Venusaur    Team Up   1/181 Tag Bolt   001/095
Team Up   159/181 Tag Bolt   096/095
SM Black Star Promos   SM167 Tag Bolt   097/095
Team Up   182/181 Tag Bolt   110/095
Pikachu & Zekrom    Team Up   33/181 Tag Bolt   031/095
Team Up   162/181 Tag Bolt   100/095
SM Black Star Promos   SM168 Tag Bolt   101/095
Team Up   184/181 Tag Bolt   112/095
      Tag All Stars   041/173
      Tag All Stars   221/173
Gengar & Mimikyu    Team Up   53/181 Tag Bolt   038/095
Team Up   164/181 Tag Bolt   102/095
Team Up   165/181 Tag Bolt   103/095
Team Up   186/181 Tag Bolt   113/095
Latias & Latios    Team Up   113/181 Tag Bolt   060/095
Team Up   169/181 Tag Bolt   104/095
Team Up   170/181 Tag Bolt   105/095
Team Up   190/181 Tag Bolt   114/095
Eevee & Snorlax    Team Up   120/181 Tag Bolt   066/095
Team Up   171/181 Tag Bolt   106/095
Team Up   191/181 Tag Bolt   115/095
SM Black Star Promos   SM169 SM-P Promotional cards   297/SM-P
Pheromosa & Buzzwole    Unbroken Bonds   1/214 Full Metal Wall   001/054
Unbroken Bonds   191/214 Full Metal Wall   055/054
Unbroken Bonds   192/214 Full Metal Wall   056/054
Unbroken Bonds   215/214 Full Metal Wall   063/054
      Tag All Stars   001/173
Reshiram & Charizard    Unbroken Bonds   20/214 Double Blaze   007/095
Unbroken Bonds   194/214 Double Blaze   096/095
SM Black Star Promos   SM201 Double Blaze   097/095
Unbroken Bonds   217/214 Double Blaze   108/095
      Tag All Stars   016/173
      Tag All Stars   220/173
Muk & Alolan Muk    Unbroken Bonds   61/214 Double Blaze   029/095
Unbroken Bonds   196/214 Double Blaze   098/095
Unbroken Bonds   197/214 Double Blaze   099/095
Unbroken Bonds   220/214 Double Blaze   109/095
Marshadow & Machamp    Unbroken Bonds   82/214 Double Blaze   042/095
Unbroken Bonds   198/214 Double Blaze   100/095
Unbroken Bonds   199/214 Double Blaze   101/095
Unbroken Bonds   221/214 Double Blaze   110/095
      Tag All Stars   067/173
Greninja & Zoroark    Unbroken Bonds   107/214 Night Unison   025/055
Unbroken Bonds   200/214 Night Unison   058/055
Unbroken Bonds   201/214 Night Unison   059/055
Unbroken Bonds   222/214 Night Unison   066/055
      Tag All Stars   072/173
      Tag All Stars   223/173
Lucario & Melmetal    Unbroken Bonds   120/214 Full Metal Wall   029/054
Unbroken Bonds   203/214 Full Metal Wall   058/054
SM Black Star Promos   SM192 Full Metal Wall   059/054
Unbroken Bonds   224/214 Full Metal Wall   065/054
      Tag All Stars   083/173
      Tag All Stars   224/173
Gardevoir & Sylveon    Unbroken Bonds   130/214 Night Unison   031/055
Unbroken Bonds   204/214 Night Unison   060/055
Unbroken Bonds   205/214 Night Unison   061/055
Unbroken Bonds   225/214 Night Unison   067/055
Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor    Unified Minds   1/236 Sky Legend   001/054
Unified Minds   214/236 Sky Legend   055/054
Unified Minds   215/236 Sky Legend   056/054
Unified Minds   237/236 Sky Legend   063/054
Slowpoke & Psyduck    Unified Minds   35/236 Miracle Twin   011/094
Unified Minds   217/236 Miracle Twin   095/094
Unified Minds   218/236 Miracle Twin   096/094
Unified Minds   239/236 Miracle Twin   107/094
Raichu & Alolan Raichu    Unified Minds   54/236 GG End   008/054
Unified Minds   220/236 GG End   056/054
Unified Minds   221/236 GG End   057/054
Unified Minds   241/236 GG End   064/054
Mewtwo & Mew    Unified Minds   71/236 Miracle Twin   029/094
Unified Minds   222/236 Miracle Twin   097/094
SM Black Star Promos   SM191 Miracle Twin   098/094
Unified Minds   242/236 Miracle Twin   108/094
      Tag All Stars   052/173
      Tag All Stars   222/173
Espeon & Deoxys    Unified Minds   72/236 Tag Team GX Starter Sets   001/031
      Tag All Stars   176/173
SM Black Star Promos   SM240 Tag All Stars   177/173
      Tag All Stars   212/173
Umbreon & Darkrai    Unified Minds   125/236 Tag Team GX Starter Sets   010/031
      Tag All Stars   181/173
SM Black Star Promos   SM241 Tag All Stars   182/173
      Tag All Stars   215/173
Mega Sableye & Tyranitar    Unified Minds   126/236 Miracle Twin   054/094
Unified Minds   225/236 Miracle Twin   101/094
Unified Minds   226/236 Miracle Twin   102/094
Unified Minds   245/236 Miracle Twin   111/094
Garchomp & Giratina    Unified Minds   146/236 GG End   032/054
Unified Minds   228/236 GG End   059/054
SM Black Star Promos   SM193 GG End   060/054
Unified Minds   247/236 GG End   066/054
      Tag All Stars   099/173
      Tag All Stars   225/173
Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno    Hidden Fates   44/68 Sky Legend   035/054
Hidden Fates   66/68 Sky Legend   059/054
SM Black Star Promos   SM210 Sky Legend   060/054
Hidden Fates   69/68 Sky Legend   066/054
      Tag All Stars   102/173
      Tag All Stars   226/173
Venusaur & Snivy    Cosmic Eclipse   1/236 Remix Bout   001/064
Cosmic Eclipse   210/236 Remix Bout   065/064
SM Black Star Promos   SM229 Remix Bout   066/064
Cosmic Eclipse   249/236 Remix Bout   074/064
Charizard & Braixen    Cosmic Eclipse   22/236 Remix Bout   008/064
Cosmic Eclipse   212/236 Remix Bout   067/064
SM Black Star Promos   SM230 Remix Bout   068/064
Cosmic Eclipse   251/236 Remix Bout   075/064
Blastoise & Piplup    Cosmic Eclipse   38/236 Remix Bout   016/064
Cosmic Eclipse   214/236 Remix Bout   069/064
Cosmic Eclipse   215/236 Remix Bout   070/064
Cosmic Eclipse   253/236 Remix Bout   076/064
Solgaleo & Lunala    Cosmic Eclipse   75/236 Dream League   020/049
Cosmic Eclipse   216/236 Dream League   063/049
Cosmic Eclipse   254/236 Dream League   070/049
Togepi & Cleffa & Igglybuff    Cosmic Eclipse   143/236 Tag All Stars   094/173
      Tag All Stars   185/173
Yellow A Alternate cards   143a/236 Tag All Stars   186/173
      Tag All Stars   218/173
Arceus & Dialga & Palkia    Cosmic Eclipse   156/236 Alter Genesis   065/095
Cosmic Eclipse   220/236 Alter Genesis   099/095
Cosmic Eclipse   221/236 Alter Genesis   100/095
Cosmic Eclipse   258/236 Alter Genesis   112/095
Reshiram & Zekrom    Cosmic Eclipse   157/236 Dream League   036/049
Cosmic Eclipse   222/236 Dream League   064/049
Cosmic Eclipse   259/236 Dream League   071/049
Naganadel & Guzzlord    Cosmic Eclipse   158/236 Alter Genesis   066/095
Cosmic Eclipse   223/236 Alter Genesis   101/095
Cosmic Eclipse   224/236 Alter Genesis   102/095
Cosmic Eclipse   260/236 Alter Genesis   113/095
Mega Lopunny & Jigglypuff    Cosmic Eclipse   165/236 Alter Genesis   073/095
Cosmic Eclipse   225/236 Alter Genesis   103/095
Cosmic Eclipse   226/236 Alter Genesis   104/095
Cosmic Eclipse   261/236 Alter Genesis   114/095
Trevenant & Dusknoir    SM Black Star Promos   SM217 Tag All Stars   053/173
      Tag All Stars   178/173
      Tag All Stars   179/173
      Tag All Stars   213/173
Other TAG TEAM cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Bellelba & Brycen-Man Su Cosmic Eclipse   186/236 Tag All Stars   152/173
      Tag All Stars   194/173
Cynthia & Caitlin Su Cosmic Eclipse   189/236 Alter Genesis   088/095
Cosmic Eclipse   228/236 Alter Genesis   106/095
      S-P Promotional cards   088/S-P
Guzma & Hala Su Cosmic Eclipse   193/236 Alter Genesis   087/095
Cosmic Eclipse   229/236 Alter Genesis   105/095
      S-P Promotional cards   087/S-P
Mallow & Lana Su Cosmic Eclipse   198/236 Alter Genesis   089/095
Cosmic Eclipse   231/236 Alter Genesis   107/095
      S-P Promotional cards   089/S-P
      S-P Promotional cards   256/S-P
Misty & Lorelei Su Cosmic Eclipse   199/236 Tag All Stars   147/173
      Tag All Stars   191/173
Red & Blue Su Cosmic Eclipse   202/236 Alter Genesis   090/095
Cosmic Eclipse   234/236 Alter Genesis   108/095
Sabrina & Brycen Su SM Black Star Promos   SM246 S-P Promotional cards   142/S-P


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