SVE Basic Energies (TCG)

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SVE Basic Energies
SetSymbolSVE Basic Energies.png
Cards in set 8
Release period March 31, 2023

The SVE Basic Energy cards are a set comprising 8 Basic Energy cards from the Scarlet & Violet Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Outside of Asia, this set marked the first time that the card name was printed on any Basic Energy card (in the Japanese game, the card names of Basic Energy cards have been printed on the card since the LEGEND Era). This was also the first time that Basic Energy cards were printed as part of an independent set and thus had their own unique set symbol and collection identifier.

Set list

SVE Basic Energy cards
No. Mark Card name Type
001 Basic Grass Energy   E   Promotion
002 Basic Fire Energy   E   Promotion
003 Basic Water Energy   E   Promotion
004 Basic Lightning Energy   E   Promotion
005 Basic Psychic Energy   E   Promotion
006 Basic Fighting Energy   E   Promotion
007 Basic Darkness Energy   E   Promotion
008 Basic Metal Energy   E   Promotion

Card Gallery

001 - Basic Grass Energy
002 - Basic Fire Energy
003 - Basic Water Energy
004 - Basic Lightning Energy
005 - Basic Psychic Energy
006 - Basic Fighting Energy
007 - Basic Darkness Energy
008 - Basic Metal Energy
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins


  • Cosmos Holofoil versions of the SVE Basic Energy cards were exclusively included in the 151 expansion.

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