nuva-kal is a member of Bulbapedia who focuses on aspects of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and is the current TCG Project Leader. He has a wide experience with regards to collecting and identifying cards, owning many English cards and knowledge of rare or little-known Japanese promotional cards. As such, any TCG-related queries or ideas should be directed at him. He has also recently become involved with the development of more niche areas of the franchise, particularly Pokémon Battle e, the Pokémon Trading Figure Game and Pokémon Battrio.


nuva-kal's real name has been lost to the ages, as it has been so long since anyone has uttered it, although some prefer to call him Glenn. Some say he roamed the earth millennia ago and was recently resurrected from the remains of a mysterious fossil found in the hills of Northumberland – others say he was born sometime in 1986… in Newcastle. Coincidentally, both sources say this happened on a Tuesday.

nuva-kal first got into the Pokémon phenomenon after watching the anime when it was first aired in the UK. At first he thought nothing of it, but his interest gradually increased over the coming weeks, fuelled further by the release of the TCG and Game Boy games. While his love for the Anime is still strong, he rarely gets the opportunity to enjoy new episodes, as they all now air on satellite TV. His love for the TCG goes on, now being the only member of his friends who still collects the cards. This was also the main reason why he joined Bulbapedia, to further the development of the TCG categories. He also still enjoys the games very much, and plays them with his brother whenever they have time.


  • nuva-kal hates it when you spell his real name with one 'n'.
  • nuva-kal’s pseudonym originates from the words "Nuva" and "Kal", two words associated with Bionicle; a Lego franchise, which he continues to follow.
  • nuva-kal was 2 when he received his first Lego set, to which he has continued to collect over the years. He was 13 when first exposed to Pokémon.
  • In his spare time, nuva-kal likes to assemble models, sketch and play video games. He considers his gaming interests rather diverse, following such franchises as: Star Wars, Resident Evil, Metroid, Mario, Sonic, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Spyro, Dead Space, Metal Gear Solid, Ace Combat, Tekken, Grand Theft Auto, LittleBigPlanet and of course, Pokémon.
  • He also considers his musical tastes to be quite passive. Although fond of Indie, Rock and Electro, he generally likes any kind of music that makes you want to go with the beat (within suitable tasteful boundaries – none of this rap or chav music nonsense).
  • Previously, he had little interest in sport, but has branched out to become fond of a few over time; namely motor racing, tennis and badminton.

Pokémon Trivia

  • nuva-kal first got into the TCG after his friend flashed his new Overgrowth Theme Deck and challenged him to a battle. nuva-kal lost spectacularly. Intrigued by the aesthetic qualities of the cards, he later received his first deck (a 2 Player Starter Set) and vowed to "Catch 'em all!".
  • nuva-kal is primarily a collector of the TCG, though is partial to the odd battle now and then.
  • nuva-kal owns the majority of cards from every set released in the TCG. Due to lack of funds and the diminishment of Pokémon in his local area, there are few sets he has fully completed.
  • His first holographic-rare from a booster pack was Chansey, from Base Set. He was also extremely lucky one Saturday afternoon and managed to pull Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise from 4 booster packs.
  • Although he previously had little interest for the Japanese cards, he is now completely obsessed with them and loves finding out about rare cards that he has never seen before, knowing that the West will never see translated versions of them. He has helped to bring knowledge of a handful of these cards to Bulbapedia, and also helps with translations where he can.
  • In the games, he used to be quite biased towards training Dragon Pokémon, but as his knowledge and understanding of game mechanics developed, he chose Pokémon in favour of their movepools, playability and versatility in preparation for progressing through the story.
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