List of English Trainer cards

If you were looking for the Trainer cards for the Pokémon Trading Figure Game, see Trainer card (TFG).

The following is a chronological list of all the Trainer cards released in English for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The list ignores alternate miscellaneous promotional prints of cards originally released in main expansions, such as the Prerelease print of Buck's Training or the Sheen Holofoil print of Fiery Torch included in the Pyroar Box. However, if the card was only released by promotional means, such as Victory Medal or Victory Cup, all releases are included.

List of Trainer cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Clefairy Doll Rare Base Set 70/102
Computer Search Rare Base Set 71/102
Devolution Spray Rare Base Set 72/102
Imposter Professor Oak Rare Base Set 73/102
Item Finder Rare Base Set 74/102
Lass Rare Base Set 75/102
Pokémon Breeder Rare Base Set 76/102
Pokémon Trader Rare Base Set 77/102
Scoop Up Rare Base Set 78/102
Super Energy Removal Rare Base Set 79/102
Defender Uncommon Base Set 80/102
Energy Retrieval Uncommon Base Set 81/102
Full Heal Uncommon Base Set 82/102
Maintenance Uncommon Base Set 83/102
PlusPower Uncommon Base Set 84/102
Pokémon Center Uncommon Base Set 85/102
Pokémon Flute Uncommon Base Set 86/102
Pokédex Uncommon Base Set 87/102
Professor Oak Uncommon Base Set 88/102
Revive Uncommon Base Set 89/102
Super Potion Uncommon Base Set 90/102
Bill Common Base Set 91/102
Energy Removal Common Base Set 92/102
Gust of Wind Common Base Set 93/102
Potion Common Base Set 94/102
Switch Common Base Set 95/102
Poké Ball Common Jungle 64/64
Mr. Fuji Uncommon Fossil 58/62
Energy Search Common Fossil 59/62
Gambler Common Fossil 60/62
Recycle Common Fossil 61/62
Mysterious Fossil Common Fossil 62/62
Computer Search Rare Base Set 2 101/130
Imposter Professor Oak Rare Base Set 2 102/130
Item Finder Rare Base Set 2 103/130
Lass Rare Base Set 2 104/130
Pokémon Breeder Rare Base Set 2 105/130
Pokémon Trader Rare Base Set 2 106/130
Scoop Up Rare Base Set 2 107/130
Super Energy Removal Rare Base Set 2 108/130
Defender Uncommon Base Set 2 109/130
Energy Retrieval Uncommon Base Set 2 110/130
Full Heal Uncommon Base Set 2 111/130
Maintenance Uncommon Base Set 2 112/130
PlusPower Uncommon Base Set 2 113/130
Pokémon Center Uncommon Base Set 2 114/130
Pokédex Uncommon Base Set 2 115/130
Professor Oak Uncommon Base Set 2 116/130
Super Potion Uncommon Base Set 2 117/130
Bill Common Base Set 2 118/130
Energy Removal Common Base Set 2 119/130
Gust of Wind Common Base Set 2 120/130
Poké Ball Common Base Set 2 121/130
Potion Common Base Set 2 122/130
Switch Common Base Set 2 123/130
Here Comes Team Rocket! Rare Holo Team Rocket 15/82
Rocket's Sneak Attack Rare Holo Team Rocket 16/82
Here Comes Team Rocket! Rare Team Rocket 71/82
Rocket's Sneak Attack Rare Team Rocket 72/82
The Boss's Way Uncommon Team Rocket 73/82
Challenge! Uncommon Team Rocket 74/82
Digger Uncommon Team Rocket 75/82
Imposter Oak's Revenge Uncommon Team Rocket 76/82
Nightly Garbage Run Uncommon Team Rocket 77/82
Goop Gas Attack Common Team Rocket 78/82
Sleep! Common Team Rocket 79/82
Computer Error - Wizards Black Star Promos 16
Brock Rare Holo Gym Heroes 15/132
Erika Rare Holo Gym Heroes 16/132
Lt. Surge Rare Holo Gym Heroes 17/132
Misty Rare Holo Gym Heroes 18/132
The Rocket's Trap Rare Holo Gym Heroes 19/132
Blaine's Quiz #1 Rare Gym Heroes 97/132
Brock Rare Gym Heroes 98/132
Charity Rare Gym Heroes 99/132
Erika Rare Gym Heroes 100/132
Lt. Surge Rare Gym Heroes 101/132
Misty Rare Gym Heroes 102/132
No Removal Gym Rare Gym Heroes 103/132
The Rocket's Training Gym Rare Gym Heroes 104/132
Blaine's Last Resort Uncommon Gym Heroes 105/132
Brock's Training Method Uncommon Gym Heroes 106/132
Celadon City Gym Uncommon Gym Heroes 107/132
Cerulean City Gym Uncommon Gym Heroes 108/132
Erika's Maids Uncommon Gym Heroes 109/132
Erika's Perfume Uncommon Gym Heroes 110/132
Good Manners Uncommon Gym Heroes 111/132
Lt. Surge's Treaty Uncommon Gym Heroes 112/132
Minion of Team Rocket Uncommon Gym Heroes 113/132
Misty's Wrath Uncommon Gym Heroes 114/132
Pewter City Gym Uncommon Gym Heroes 115/132
Recall Uncommon Gym Heroes 116/132
Sabrina's ESP Uncommon Gym Heroes 117/132
Secret Mission Uncommon Gym Heroes 118/132
Tickling Machine Uncommon Gym Heroes 119/132
Vermilion City Gym Uncommon Gym Heroes 120/132
Blaine's Gamble Common Gym Heroes 121/132
Energy Flow Common Gym Heroes 122/132
Misty's Duel Common Gym Heroes 123/132
Narrow Gym Common Gym Heroes 124/132
Sabrina's Gaze Common Gym Heroes 125/132
Trash Exchange Common Gym Heroes 126/132
Blaine Rare Holo Gym Challenge 17/132
Giovanni Rare Holo Gym Challenge 18/132
Koga Rare Holo Gym Challenge 19/132
Sabrina Rare Holo Gym Challenge 20/132
Blaine Rare Gym Challenge 100/132
Brock's Protection Rare Gym Challenge 101/132
Chaos Gym Rare Gym Challenge 102/132
Erika's Kindness Rare Gym Challenge 103/132
Giovanni Rare Gym Challenge 104/132
Giovanni's Last Resort Rare Gym Challenge 105/132
Koga Rare Gym Challenge 106/132
Lt. Surge's Secret Plan Rare Gym Challenge 107/132
Misty's Wish Rare Gym Challenge 108/132
Resistance Gym Rare Gym Challenge 109/132
Sabrina Rare Gym Challenge 110/132
Blaine's Quiz #2 Uncommon Gym Challenge 111/132
Blaine's Quiz #3 Uncommon Gym Challenge 112/132
Cinnabar City Gym Uncommon Gym Challenge 113/132
Fuchsia City Gym Uncommon Gym Challenge 114/132
Koga's Ninja Trick Uncommon Gym Challenge 115/132
Master Ball Uncommon Gym Challenge 1116/132
Max Revive Uncommon Gym Challenge 117/132
Misty's Tears Uncommon Gym Challenge 118/132
Rocket's Minefield Gym Uncommon Gym Challenge 119/132
Rocket's Secret Experiment Uncommon Gym Challenge 120/132
Sabrina's Psychic Control Uncommon Gym Challenge 121/132
Saffron City Gym Uncommon Gym Challenge 122/132
Viridian City Gym Uncommon Gym Challenge 123/132
Fervor Common Gym Challenge 124/132
Transparent Walls Common Gym Challenge 125/132
Warp Point Common Gym Challenge 126/132
Arcade Game Rare Neo Genesis 83/111
Ecogym Rare Neo Genesis 84/111
Energy Charge Rare Neo Genesis 85/111
Focus Band Rare Neo Genesis 86/111
Mary Rare Neo Genesis 87/111
PokéGear Rare Neo Genesis 88/111
Super Energy Retrieval Rare Neo Genesis 89/111
Time Capsule Rare Neo Genesis 90/111
Bill's Teleporter Rare Neo Genesis 91/111
Card-Flip Game Uncommon Neo Genesis 92/111
Gold Berry Uncommon Neo Genesis 93/111
Miracle Berry Uncommon Neo Genesis 94/111
New Pokédex Uncommon Neo Genesis 95/111
Professor Elm Uncommon Neo Genesis 96/111
Sprout Tower Uncommon Neo Genesis 97/111
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Neo Genesis 98/111
Berry Common Neo Genesis 99/111
Double Gust Common Neo Genesis 100/111
Moo-Moo Milk Common Neo Genesis 101/111
Pokémon March Common Neo Genesis 102/111
Super Rod Common Neo Genesis 103/111
Fossil Egg Uncommon Neo Discovery 72/111
Hyper Devolution Spray Uncommon Neo Discovery 73/111
Ruin Wall Uncommon Neo Discovery 74/111
Energy Ark Common Neo Discovery 75/111
Balloon Berry Uncommon Neo Revelation 60/64
Healing Field Uncommon Neo Revelation 61/64
Pokémon Breeder Fields Uncommon Neo Revelation 62/64
Rocket's Hideout Uncommon Neo Revelation 63/64
Old Rod Common Neo Revelation 64/64
Pokémon Center - Wizards Black Star Promos 40
Lucky Stadium - Wizards Black Star Promos 41
Pokémon Tower - Wizards Black Star Promos 42
Broken Ground Gym Rare Neo Destiny 92/105
EXP.ALL Rare Neo Destiny 93/105
Impostor Professor Oak's Invention Rare Neo Destiny 94/105
Radio Tower Rare Neo Destiny 95/105
Thought Wave Machine Rare Neo Destiny 96/105
Counterattack Claws Rare Neo Destiny 97/105
Energy Amplifier Rare Neo Destiny 98/105
Energy Stadium Uncommon Neo Destiny 99/105
Lucky Stadium Uncommon Neo Destiny 100/105
Magnifier Uncommon Neo Destiny 101/105
Pokémon Personality Test Uncommon Neo Destiny 102/105
Team Rocket's Evil Deeds Uncommon Neo Destiny 103/105
Heal Powder Common Neo Destiny 104/105
Mail from Bill Common Neo Destiny 105/105
Pokémon Breeder Rare Legendary Collection 102/110
Pokémon Trader Rare Legendary Collection 103/110
Scoop Up Rare Legendary Collection 104/110
The Boss's Way Uncommon Legendary Collection 105/110
Challenge! Uncommon Legendary Collection 106/110
Energy Retrieval Uncommon Legendary Collection 107/110
Bill Common Legendary Collection 108/110
Mysterious Fossil Common Legendary Collection 109/110
Potion Common Legendary Collection 110/110
Bill's Maintenance Uncommon Expedition Base Set 137/165
Copycat Uncommon Expedition Base Set 138/165
Dual Ball Uncommon Expedition Base Set 139/165
Energy Removal 2 Uncommon Expedition Base Set 140/165
Energy Restore Uncommon Expedition Base Set 141/165
Mary's Impulse Uncommon Expedition Base Set 142/165
Master Ball Uncommon Expedition Base Set 143/165
Multi Technical Machine 01 Uncommon Expedition Base Set 144/165
Pokémon Nurse Uncommon Expedition Base Set 145/165
Pokémon Reversal Uncommon Expedition Base Set 146/165
Power Charge Uncommon Expedition Base Set 147/165
Professor Elm's Training Method Uncommon Expedition Base Set 148/165
Professor Oak's Research Uncommon Expedition Base Set 149/165
Strength Charm Uncommon Expedition Base Set 150/165
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Expedition Base Set 151/165
Warp Point Uncommon Expedition Base Set 152/165
Energy Search Common Expedition Base Set 153/165
Full Heal Common Expedition Base Set 154/165
Moo-Moo Milk Common Expedition Base Set 155/165
Potion Common Expedition Base Set 156/165
Switch Common Expedition Base Set 157/165
Apricorn Forest Rare Aquapolis 118/147
Darkness Cube 01 Uncommon Aquapolis 119/147
Energy Switch Uncommon Aquapolis 120/147
Fighting Cube 01 Uncommon Aquapolis 121/147
Fire Cube 01 Uncommon Aquapolis 122/147
Forest Guardian Uncommon Aquapolis 123/147
Grass Cube 01 Uncommon Aquapolis 124/147
Healing Berry Uncommon Aquapolis 125/147
Juggler Uncommon Aquapolis 126/147
Lightning Cube 01 Uncommon Aquapolis 127/147
Memory Berry Uncommon Aquapolis 128/147
Metal Cube 01 Uncommon Aquapolis 129/147
Pokémon Fan Club Uncommon Aquapolis 130/147
Pokémon Park Uncommon Aquapolis 131/147
Psychic Cube 01 Uncommon Aquapolis 132/147
Seer Uncommon Aquapolis 133/147
Super Energy Removal 2 Uncommon Aquapolis 134/147
Time Shard Uncommon Aquapolis 135/147
Town Volunteers Uncommon Aquapolis 136/147
Traveling Salesman Uncommon Aquapolis 137/147
Undersea Ruins Uncommon Aquapolis 138/147
Power Plant Uncommon Aquapolis 139/147
Water Cube 01 Uncommon Aquapolis 140/147
Weakness Guard Uncommon Aquapolis 141/147
Ancient Ruins Uncommon Skyridge 119/144
Relic Hunter Uncommon Skyridge 120/144
Apricorn Maker Uncommon Skyridge 121/144
Crystal Shard Uncommon Skyridge 122/144
Desert Shaman Uncommon Skyridge 123/144
Fast Ball Uncommon Skyridge 124/144
Fisherman Uncommon Skyridge 125/144
Friend Ball Uncommon Skyridge 126/144
Hyper Potion Uncommon Skyridge 127/144
Lure Ball Uncommon Skyridge 128/144
Miracle Sphere α Uncommon Skyridge 129/144
Miracle Sphere β Uncommon Skyridge 130/144
Miracle Sphere γ Uncommon Skyridge 131/144
Mirage Stadium Uncommon Skyridge 132/144
Mystery Plate α Uncommon Skyridge 133/144
Mystery Plate β Uncommon Skyridge 134/144
Mystery Plate γ Uncommon Skyridge 135/144
Mystery Plate δ Uncommon Skyridge 136/144
Mystery Zone Uncommon Skyridge 137/144
Oracle Uncommon Skyridge 138/144
Star Piece Uncommon Skyridge 139/144
Underground Expedition Uncommon Skyridge 140/144
Underground Lake Uncommon Skyridge 141/144
Energy Removal 2 Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 80/109
Energy Restore Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 81/109
Energy Switch Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 82/109
Lady Outing Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 83/109
Lum Berry Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 84/109
Oran Berry Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 85/109
Poké Ball Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 86/109
Pokémon Reversal Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 87/109
PokéNav Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 88/109
Professor Birch Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 89/109
Energy Search Common EX Ruby & Sapphire 90/109
Potion Common EX Ruby & Sapphire 91/109
Switch Common EX Ruby & Sapphire 92/109
Professor Elm - Best of Game 3
Double Full Heal Uncommon EX Sandstorm 86/100
Lanette's Net Search Uncommon EX Sandstorm 87/100
Rare Candy Uncommon EX Sandstorm 88/100
Wally's Training Uncommon EX Sandstorm 89/100
Claw Fossil Common EX Sandstorm 90/100
Mysterious Fossil Common EX Sandstorm 91/100
Root Fossil Common EX Sandstorm 92/100
Balloon Berry Common EX Dragon 82/97
Buffer Piece Common EX Dragon 83/97
Energy Recycle System Common EX Dragon 84/97
High Pressure System Common EX Dragon 85/97
Low Pressure System Uncommon EX Dragon 86/97
Mr. Briney's Compassion Uncommon EX Dragon 87/97
TV Reporter Uncommon EX Dragon 88/97
Team Aqua Schemer Common EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 69/95
Team Magma Schemer Common EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 70/95
Archie Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 71/95
Dual Ball Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 72/95
Maxie Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 73/95
Strength Charm Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 74/95
Team Aqua Ball Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 75/95
Team Aqua Belt Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 76/95
Team Aqua Conspirator Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 77/95
Team Aqua Hideout Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 78/95
Team Aqua Technical Machine 01 Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 79/95
Team Magma Ball Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 80/95
Team Magma Belt Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 81/95
Team Magma Conspirator Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 82/95
Team Magma Hideout Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 83/95
Team Magma Technical Machine 01 Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 84/95
Warp Point Uncommon EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 85/95
Ancient Technical Machine [Ice] Uncommon EX Hidden Legends 84/101
Ancient Technical Machine [Rock] Uncommon EX Hidden Legends 85/101
Ancient Technical Machine [Steel] Uncommon EX Hidden Legends 86/101
Ancient Tomb Uncommon EX Hidden Legends 87/101
Desert Ruins Uncommon EX Hidden Legends 88/101
Island Cave Uncommon EX Hidden Legends 89/101
Life Herb Uncommon EX Hidden Legends 90/101
Magnetic Storm Uncommon EX Hidden Legends 91/101
Steven's Advice Uncommon EX Hidden Legends 92/101
Potion - Latias Half Deck 8/10
Energy Search - Latias Half Deck 9/10
Potion - Latios Half Deck 8/10
Energy Search - Latios Half Deck 9/10
Tropical Wind - Nintendo Black Star Promos 26
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Bill's Maintenance Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 87/165
Celio's Network Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 88/165
Energy Removal 2 Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 89/112
Energy Switch Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 90/112
EXP.ALL Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 91/112
Great Ball Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 92/112
Life Herb Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 93/112
Mt. Moon Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 94/112
Poké Ball Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 95/112
PokéDex HANDY909 Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 96/112
Pokémon Reversal Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 97/112
Professor Oak's Research Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 98/165
Super Scoop Up Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 99/112
VS Seeker Uncommon EX FireRed & LeafGreen 100/112
Potion Common EX FireRed & LeafGreen 101/112
Switch Common EX FireRed & LeafGreen 102/112
Copycat Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 83/109
Pokémon Retriever Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 84/109
Pow! Hand Extension Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 85/109
Rocket's Admin. Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 86/109
Rocket's Hideout Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 87/109
Rocket's Mission Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 88/109
Rocket's Poké Ball Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 89/109
Rocket's Tricky Gym Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 90/109
Surprise! Time Machine Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 91/109
Swoop! Teleporter Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 92/109
Venture Bomb Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns 93/109
Here Comes Team Rocket! Rare Holo EX Team Rocket Returns 111/109
Balloon Berry Uncommon EX Deoxys 84/107
Crystal Shard Uncommon EX Deoxys 85/107
Energy Charge Uncommon EX Deoxys 86/107
Lady Outing Uncommon EX Deoxys 87/107
Master Ball Uncommon EX Deoxys 88/107
Meteor Falls Uncommon EX Deoxys 89/107
Professor Cozmo's Discovery Uncommon EX Deoxys 90/107
Space Center Uncommon EX Deoxys 91/107
Strength Charm Uncommon EX Deoxys 92/107
Energy Search - Plusle Half Deck 8/12
Potion - Plusle Half Deck 9/12
Professor Cozmo's Discovery - Plusle Half Deck 10/12
Celio's Network - Minun Half Deck 8/12
Energy Search - Minun Half Deck 9/12
Potion - Minun Half Deck 10/12
Battle Frontier Uncommon EX Emerald 75/106
Double Full Heal Uncommon EX Emerald 76/106
Lanette's Net Search Uncommon EX Emerald 77/106
Lum Berry Uncommon EX Emerald 78/106
Mr. Stone's Project Uncommon EX Emerald 79/106
Oran Berry Uncommon EX Emerald 80/106
PokéNav Uncommon EX Emerald 81/106
Professor Birch Uncommon EX Emerald 82/106
Rare Candy Uncommon EX Emerald 83/106
Scott Uncommon EX Emerald 84/106
Wally's Training Uncommon EX Emerald 85/106
Tropical Tidal Wave - Nintendo Black Star Promos 27
Championship Arena - Nintendo Black Star Promos 28
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Mr. Briney's Compassion Uncommon POP Series 2 8/17
Multi Technical Machine 01 Uncommon POP Series 2 9/17
Pokémon Park Uncommon POP Series 2 10/17
TV Reporter Uncommon POP Series 2 11/17
Curse Powder Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 80/115
Energy Recycle System Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 81/115
Energy Removal 2 Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 82/115
Energy Root Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 83/115
Energy Switch Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 84/115
Fluffy Berry Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 85/115
Mary's Request Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 86/115
Poké Ball Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 87/115
Pokémon Reversal Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 88/115
Professor Elm's Training Method Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 89/115
Protective Orb Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 90/115
Sitrus Berry Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 91/115
Solid Rage Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 92/115
Warp Point Uncommon EX Unseen Forces 93/115
Energy Search Common EX Unseen Forces 94/115
Potion Common EX Unseen Forces 95/115
Dual Ball Uncommon EX Delta Species 89/113
Great Ball Uncommon EX Delta Species 90/113
Holon Farmer Uncommon EX Delta Species 91/113
Holon Lass Uncommon EX Delta Species 92/113
Holon Mentor Uncommon EX Delta Species 93/113
Holon Research Tower Uncommon EX Delta Species 94/113
Holon Researcher Uncommon EX Delta Species 95/113
Holon Ruins Uncommon EX Delta Species 96/113
Holon Scientist Uncommon EX Delta Species 97/113
Holon Transceiver Uncommon EX Delta Species 98/113
Master Ball Uncommon EX Delta Species 99/113
Super Scoop Up Uncommon EX Delta Species 100/113
Potion Common EX Delta Species 101/113
Switch Common EX Delta Species 102/113
Cursed Stone Uncommon EX Legend Maker 72/92
Fieldworker Uncommon EX Legend Maker 73/92
Full Flame Uncommon EX Legend Maker 74/92
Giant Stump Uncommon EX Legend Maker 75/92
Power Tree Uncommon EX Legend Maker 76/92
Strange Cave Uncommon EX Legend Maker 77/92
Claw Fossil Common EX Legend Maker 78/92
Mysterious Fossil Common EX Legend Maker 79/92
Root Fossil Common EX Legend Maker 80/92
High Pressure System Uncommon POP Series 3 10/17
Low Pressure System Uncommon POP Series 3 11/17
Holon Aventurer Common EX Holon Phantoms 85/110
Holon Fossil Uncommon EX Holon Phantoms 86/110
Holon Lake Uncommon EX Holon Phantoms 87/110
Mr. Stone's Project Uncommon EX Holon Phantoms 88/110
Professor Cozmo's Discovery Uncommon EX Holon Phantoms 89/110
Rare Candy Uncommon EX Holon Phantoms 90/110
Claw Fossil Common EX Holon Phantoms 91/110
Mysterious Fossil Common EX Holon Phantoms 92/110
Root Fossil Common EX Holon Phantoms 93/110
Tropical Tidal Wave - Nintendo Black Star Promos 36
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Pokémon Fan Club Uncommon POP Series 4 9/17
Bill's Maintenance Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 71/100
Castaway Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 72/100
Celio's Network Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 73/100
Cessation Crystal Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 74/100
Crystal Beach Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 75/100
Crystal Shard Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 76/100
Double Full Heal Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 77/100
Dual Ball Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 78/100
Holon Circle Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 79/100
Memory Berry Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 80/100
Mysterious Shard Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 81/100
Poké Ball Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 82/100
PokéNav Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 83/100
Warp Point Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 84/100
Windstorm Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians 85/100
Energy Search Common EX Crystal Guardians 86/100
Potion Common EX Crystal Guardians 87/100
Buffer Piece Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 72/101
Copycat Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 73/101
Holon Legacy Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 74/101
Holon Mentor Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 75/101
Island Hermit Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 76/101
Mr. Stone's Project Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 77/101
Old Rod Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 78/101
Professor Elm's Training Method Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 79/101
Professor Oak's Research Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 80/101
Strength Charm Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 81/101
TV Reporter Uncommon EX Dragon Frontiers 82/101
Switch Common EX Dragon Frontiers 83/101
Battle Frontier Uncommon EX Power Keepers 71/108
Drake's Stadium Uncommon EX Power Keepers 72/108
Energy Recycle System Uncommon EX Power Keepers 73/108
Energy Removal 2 Uncommon EX Power Keepers 74/108
Energy Switch Uncommon EX Power Keepers 75/108
Glacia's Stadium Uncommon EX Power Keepers 76/108
Great Ball Uncommon EX Power Keepers 77/108
Master Ball Uncommon EX Power Keepers 78/108
Phoebe's Stadium Uncommon EX Power Keepers 79/108
Professor Birch Uncommon EX Power Keepers 80/108
Scott Uncommon EX Power Keepers 81/108
Sidney's Stadium Uncommon EX Power Keepers 82/108
Steven's Advice Uncommon EX Power Keepers 83/108
Claw Fossil Common EX Power Keepers 84/108
Mysterious Fossil Common EX Power Keepers 85/108
Root Fossil Common EX Power Keepers 86/108
Bill's Maintenance Uncommon POP Series 5 6/17
Rare Candy Uncommon POP Series 5 7/17
Double Full Heal Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 105/130
Energy Restore Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 106/130
Energy Switch Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 107/130
Night Pokémon Center Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 108/130
PlusPower Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 109/130
Poké Ball Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 110/130
Pokédex HANDY910is Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 111/130
Professor Rowan Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 112/130
Rival Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 113/130
Speed Stadium Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 114/130
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 115/130
Warp Point Uncommon Diamond & Pearl 116/130
Energy Search Common Diamond & Pearl 117/130
Potion Common Diamond & Pearl 118/130
Switch Common Diamond & Pearl 119/130
Victory Medal - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Tropical Wind - DP Black Star Promos DP05
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Bebe's Search Uncommon Mysterious Treasures 109/123
Dusk Ball Uncommon Mysterious Treasures 110/123
Fossil Excavator Uncommon Mysterious Treasures 111/123
Lake Boundary Uncommon Mysterious Treasures 112/123
Night Maintenance Uncommon Mysterious Treasures 113/123
Quick Ball Uncommon Mysterious Treasures 114/123
Team Galactic's Wager Uncommon Mysterious Treasures 115/123
Armor Fossil Common Mysterious Treasures 116/123
Skull Fossil Common Mysterious Treasures 117/123
Dusk Ball - Manaphy Half Deck 9/12
Energy Search - Manaphy Half Deck 10/12
Potion - Manaphy Half Deck 11/12
Energy Search - Lucario Half Deck 8/11
Potion - Lucario Half Deck 9/11
Quick Ball - Lucario Half Deck 10/11
Victory Medal - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Night Maintenance Uncommon Secret Wonders 120/132
PlusPower Uncommon Secret Wonders 121/132
Professor Oak's Visit Uncommon Secret Wonders 122/132
Professor Rowan Uncommon Secret Wonders 123/132
Rival Uncommon Secret Wonders 124/132
Roseanne's Research Uncommon Secret Wonders 125/132
Team Galactic's Mars Uncommon Secret Wonders 126/132
Potion Common Secret Wonders 127/132
Switch Common Secret Wonders 128/132
Amulet Coin Uncommon Great Encounters 97/106
Felicity's Drawing Uncommon Great Encounters 98/106
Leftovers Uncommon Great Encounters 99/106
Moonlight Stadium Uncommon Great Encounters 100/106
Premier Ball Uncommon Great Encounters 101/106
Rare Candy Uncommon Great Encounters 102/106
Dawn Stadium Uncommon Majestic Dawn 79/100
Dusk Ball Uncommon Majestic Dawn 80/100
Energy Restore Uncommon Majestic Dawn 81/100
Fossil Excavator Uncommon Majestic Dawn 82/100
Mom's Kindness Uncommon Majestic Dawn 83/100
Old Amber Uncommon Majestic Dawn 84/100
Poké Ball Uncommon Majestic Dawn 85/100
Quick Ball Uncommon Majestic Dawn 86/100
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Majestic Dawn 87/100
Warp Point Uncommon Majestic Dawn 88/100
Dome Fossil Common Majestic Dawn 89/100
Energy Search Common Majestic Dawn 90/100
Helix Fossil Common Majestic Dawn 91/100
Victory Medal - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Tropical Wind - DP Black Star Promos DP25
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Bubble Coat Uncommon Legends Awakened 129/146
Buck's Training Uncommon Legends Awakened 130/146
Cynthia's Feelings Uncommon Legends Awakened 131/146
Energy Pickup Uncommon Legends Awakened 132/146
Poké Radar Uncommon Legends Awakened 133/146
Snowpoint Temple Uncommon Legends Awakened 134/146
Stark Mountain Uncommon Legends Awakened 135/146
Technical Machine TS-1 Uncommon Legends Awakened 136/146
Technical Machine TS-2 Uncommon Legends Awakened 137/146
Claw Fossil Common Legends Awakened 138/146
Root Fossil Common Legends Awakened 139/146
Victory Medal - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Night Maintenance Uncommon POP Series 8 9/17
Rare Candy Uncommon POP Series 8 10/17
Roseanne's Research Uncommon POP Series 8 11/17
Conductive Quarry Uncommon Stormfront 82/100
Energy Link Uncommon Stormfront 83/100
Energy Switch Uncommon Stormfront 84/100
Great Ball Uncommon Stormfront 85/100
Luxury Ball Uncommon Stormfront 86/100
Marley's Request Uncommon Stormfront 87/100
Poké Blower + Uncommon Stormfront 88/100
Poké Drawer + Uncommon Stormfront 89/100
Poké Healer + Uncommon Stormfront 90/100
Premier Ball Uncommon Stormfront 91/100
Potion Common Stormfront 92/100
Switch Common Stormfront 93/100
Broken Time-Space Uncommon Platinum 104/127
Cyrus's Conspiracy Uncommon Platinum 105/127
Galactic HQ Uncommon Platinum 106/127
Level Max Uncommon Platinum 107/127
Life Herb Uncommon Platinum 108/127
Looker's Investigation Uncommon Platinum 109/127
Memory Berry Uncommon Platinum 110/127
Miasma Valley Uncommon Platinum 111/127
PlusPower Uncommon Platinum 112/127
Poké Ball Uncommon Platinum 113/127
Pokédex HANDY910is Uncommon Platinum 114/127
Pokémon Rescue Uncommon Platinum 115/127
Team Galactic's Invention G-101 Energy Gain Uncommon Platinum 116/127
Team Galactic's Invention G-103 Power Spray Uncommon Platinum 117/127
Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poké Turn Uncommon Platinum 118/127
Armor Fossil Uncommon Platinum 119/127
Skull Fossil Uncommon Platinum 120/127
Aaron's Collection Uncommon Rising Rivals 88/111
Bebe's Search Uncommon Rising Rivals 89/111
Bertha's Warmth Uncommon Rising Rivals 90/111
Flint's Willpower Uncommon Rising Rivals 91/111
Lucian's Assignment Uncommon Rising Rivals 92/111
Pokémon Contest Hall Uncommon Rising Rivals 93/111
Sunyshore City Gym Uncommon Rising Rivals 94/111
Team Galactic's Invention G-107 Technical Machine G Uncommon Rising Rivals 95/111
Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar Uncommon Rising Rivals 96/111
Underground Expedition Uncommon Rising Rivals 97/111
Volkner's Philosophy Uncommon Rising Rivals 98/111
Victory Medal - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Tropical Wind - DP Black Star Promos DP48
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Battle Tower Uncommon Supreme Victors 134/147
Champion's Room Uncommon Supreme Victors 135/147
Cynthia's Guidance Uncommon Supreme Victors 136/147
Cyrus's Initiative Uncommon Supreme Victors 137/147
Night Teleporter Uncommon Supreme Victors 138/147
Palmer's Contribution Uncommon Supreme Victors 139/147
VS Seeker Uncommon Supreme Victors 140/147
Victory Medal - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Beginning Door Uncommon Arceus 82/99
Bench Shield Uncommon Arceus 83/99
Buffer Piece Uncommon Arceus 84/99
Department Store Girl Uncommon Arceus 85/99
Energy Restore Uncommon Arceus 86/99
Expert Belt Uncommon Arceus 87/99
Lucky Egg Uncommon Arceus 88/99
Old Amber Uncommon Arceus 89/99
Professor Oak's Visit Uncommon Arceus 90/99
Ultimate Zone Uncommon Arceus 91/99
Dome Fossil Uncommon Arceus 92/99
Helix Fossil Uncommon Arceus 93/99
Beginning Door - DP Black Star Promos DP54
Ultimate Zone - DP Black Star Promos DP55
Bill Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 89/123
Copycat Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 90/123
Energy Switch Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 91/123
Fisherman Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 92/123
Full Heal Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 93/123
Moomoo Milk Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 94/123
Poké Ball Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 95/123
Pokégear 3.0 Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 96/123
Pokémon Collector Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 97/123
Pokémon Communication Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 98/123
Pokémon Reversal Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 99/123
Professor Elm's Training Method Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 100/123
Professor Oak's New Theory Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 101/123
Switch Uncommon HeartGold & SoulSilver 102/123
Alph Lithograph Rare Holo HeartGold & SoulSilver ONE
Bill - Gyarados Half Deck 5/30
Bill - Gyarados Half Deck 18/30
Energy Switch - Gyarados Half Deck 21/30
Pokémon Communication - Gyarados Half Deck 22/30
Poké Ball - Gyarados Half Deck 23/30
Professor Elm's Training Method - Gyarados Half Deck 25/30
Pokémon Communication - Gyarados Half Deck 27/30
Switch - Gyarados Half Deck 28/30
Moomoo Milk - Raichu Half Deck 1/30
Copycat - Raichu Half Deck 21/30
Pokémon Collector - Raichu Half Deck 22/30
Switch - Raichu Half Deck 24/30
Poké Ball - Raichu Half Deck 25/30
Moomoo Milk - Raichu Half Deck 26/30
Pokémon Collector - Raichu Half Deck 27/30
Energy Switch - Raichu Half Deck 29/30
Cheerleader's Cheer Uncommon Unleashed 71/95
Dual Ball Uncommon Unleashed 72/95
Emcee's Chatter Uncommon Unleashed 73/95
Energy Returner Uncommon Unleashed 74/95
Engineer's Adjustments Uncommon Unleashed 75/95
Good Rod Uncommon Unleashed 76/95
Interviewer's Questions Uncommon Unleashed 77/95
Judge Uncommon Unleashed 78/95
Life Herb Uncommon Unleashed 79/95
PlusPower Uncommon Unleashed 80/95
Pokémon Circulator Uncommon Unleashed 81/95
Rare Candy Uncommon Unleashed 82/95
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Unleashed 83/95
Alph Lithograph Rare Holo Unleashed TWO
Victory Medal - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Tropical Tidal Wave - HGSS Black Star Promos HGSS18
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Burned Tower Uncommon Undaunted 71/90
Defender Uncommon Undaunted 72/90
Energy Exchanger Uncommon Undaunted 73/90
Flower Shop Lady Uncommon Undaunted 74/90
Legend Box Uncommon Undaunted 75/90
Ruins of Alph Uncommon Undaunted 76/90
Sage's Training Uncommon Undaunted 77/90
Team Rocket's Trickery Uncommon Undaunted 78/90
Alph Lithograph Rare Holo Undaunted THREE
Victory Medal - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Black Belt Uncommon Triumphant 85/102
Indigo Plateau Uncommon Triumphant 86/102
Junk Arm Uncommon Triumphant 87/102
Seeker Uncommon Triumphant 88/102
Twins Uncommon Triumphant 89/102
Alph Lithograph Rare Holo Triumphant FOUR
Cheerleader's Cheer Uncommon Call of Legends 76/95
Copycat Uncommon Call of Legends 77/95
Dual Ball Uncommon Call of Legends 78/95
Interviewer's Questions Uncommon Call of Legends 79/95
Lost Remover Uncommon Call of Legends 80/95
Lost World Uncommon Call of Legends 81/95
Professor Elm's Training Method Uncommon Call of Legends 82/95
Professor Oak's New Theory Uncommon Call of Legends 83/95
Research Record Uncommon Call of Legends 84/95
Sage's Training Uncommon Call of Legends 85/95
Energy Retrieval Uncommon Black & White 92/114
Energy Search Common Black & White 93/114
Energy Switch Uncommon Black & White 94/114
Full Heal Uncommon Black & White 95/114
PlusPower Uncommon Black & White 96/114
Poké Ball Uncommon Black & White 97/114
Pokédex Uncommon Black & White 98/114
Pokémon Communication Uncommon Black & White 99/114
Potion Common Black & White 100/114
Professor Juniper Uncommon Black & White 101/114
Revive Uncommon Black & White 102/114
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Black & White 103/114
Switch Uncommon Black & White 104/114
Victory Medal - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Tropical Beach - BW Black Star Promos BW28
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Bianca Uncommon Emerging Powers 90/98
Cheren Uncommon Emerging Powers 91/98
Crushing Hammer Uncommon Emerging Powers 92/98
Great Ball Uncommon Emerging Powers 93/98
Max Potion Uncommon Emerging Powers 94/98
Pokémon Catcher Uncommon Emerging Powers 95/98
Recycle Uncommon Emerging Powers 96/98
Energy Switch - Excadrill Half Deck 4/30
Potion - Excadrill Half Deck 15/30
PlusPower - Excadrill Half Deck 16/30
Energy Search - Excadrill Half Deck 21/30
Potion - Excadrill Half Deck 23/30
Pokémon Communication - Excadrill Half Deck 24/30
PlusPower - Zoroark Half Deck 11/30
Energy Retrieval - Zoroark Half Deck 16/30
Pokémon Communication - Zoroark Half Deck 18/30
Energy Search - Zoroark Half Deck 27/30
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW29
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW30
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW31
Cover Fossil Uncommon Noble Victories 90/101
Eviolite Uncommon Noble Victories 91/101
N Uncommon Noble Victories 92/101
Plume Fossil Uncommon Noble Victories 93/101
Rocky Helmet Uncommon Noble Victories 94/101
Super Rod Uncommon Noble Victories 95/101
Xtransceiver Uncommon Noble Victories 96/101
N Rare Ultra Noble Victories 101/101
Cilan Uncommon Next Destinies 86/99
Exp. Share Uncommon Next Destinies 87/99
Heavy Ball Uncommon Next Destinies 88/99
Level Ball Uncommon Next Destinies 89/99
Pokémon Center Uncommon Next Destinies 90/99
Skyarrow Bridge Uncommon Next Destinies 91/99
Battle City - BW Black Star Promos BW39
Cheren Uncommon Dark Explorers 91/108
Dark Claw Uncommon Dark Explorers 92/108
Dark Patch Uncommon Dark Explorers 93/108
Enhanced Hammer Uncommon Dark Explorers 94/108
Hooligans Jim & Cas Uncommon Dark Explorers 95/108
N Uncommon Dark Explorers 96/108
Old Amber Aerodactyl Uncommon Dark Explorers 97/108
Professor Juniper Uncommon Dark Explorers 98/108
Random Receiver Uncommon Dark Explorers 99/108
Rare Candy Uncommon Dark Explorers 100/108
Twist Mountain Uncommon Dark Explorers 101/108
Ultra Ball Uncommon Dark Explorers 102/108
Pokémon Catcher Rare Secret Dark Explorers 111/108
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW29
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW30
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW31
Tropical Beach - BW Black Star Promos BW50
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Devolution Spray Uncommon Dragons Exalted 113/124
Giant Cape Uncommon Dragons Exalted 114/124
Rescue Scarf Uncommon Dragons Exalted 115/124
Tool Scrapper Uncommon Dragons Exalted 116/124
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW29
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW30
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW31
Exp. Share - Dragon Vault 018/020
First Ticket - Dragon Vault 019/020
Super Rod - Dragon Vault 020/020
Aspertia City Gym Uncommon Boundaries Crossed 127/149
Energy Search Common Boundaries Crossed 128/149
Great Ball Uncommon Boundaries Crossed 129/149
Hugh Uncommon Boundaries Crossed 130/149
Poké Ball Common Boundaries Crossed 131/149
Potion Common Boundaries Crossed 132/149
Rocky Helmet Uncommon Boundaries Crossed 133/149
Skyla Uncommon Boundaries Crossed 134/149
Switch Common Boundaries Crossed 135/149
Town Map Uncommon Boundaries Crossed 136/149
Computer Search Rare Ace Boundaries Crossed 137/149
Crystal Edge Rare Ace Boundaries Crossed 138/149
Crystal Wall Rare Ace Boundaries Crossed 139/149
Gold Potion Rare Ace Boundaries Crossed 140/149
Bianca Rare Ultra Boundaries Crossed 147/149
Cheren Rare Ultra Boundaries Crossed 148/149
Skyla Rare Ultra Boundaries Crossed 149/149
Rocky Helmet Rare Secret Boundaries Crossed 153/149
Bicycle Uncommon Plasma Storm 117/135
Colress Uncommon Plasma Storm 118/135
Colress Machine Uncommon Plasma Storm 119/135
Escape Rope Uncommon Plasma Storm 120/135
Ether Uncommon Plasma Storm 121/135
Eviolite Uncommon Plasma Storm 122/135
Hypnotoxic Laser Uncommon Plasma Storm 123/135
Plasma Frigate Uncommon Plasma Storm 124/135
Team Plasma Grunt Uncommon Plasma Storm 125/135
Virbank City Gym Uncommon Plasma Storm 126/135
Dowsing Machine Rare Ace Plasma Storm 128/135
Scramble Switch Rare Ace Plasma Storm 129/135
Victory Piece Rare Ace Plasma Storm 130/135
Colress Rare Ultra Plasma Storm 135/135
Random Receiver Rare Secret Plasma Storm 138/135
Float Stone Uncommon Plasma Freeze 99/116
Frozen City Uncommon Plasma Freeze 100/116
Ghetsis Rare Holo Plasma Freeze 101/116
Shadow Triad Uncommon Plasma Freeze 102/116
Superior Energy Retrieval Uncommon Plasma Freeze 103/116
Team Plasma Badge Uncommon Plasma Freeze 104/116
Team Plasma Ball Uncommon Plasma Freeze 105/116
Life Dew Rare Ace Plasma Freeze 107/116
Rock Guard Rare Ace Plasma Freeze 108/116
Ghetsis Rare Ultra Plasma Freeze 115/116
Professor Juniper Rare Ultra Plasma Freeze 116/116
Max Potion Rare Secret Plasma Freeze 121/116
Ultra Ball Rare Secret Plasma Freeze 122/116
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW29
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW30
Victory Cup - BW Black Star Promos BW31
Champions Festival - BW Black Star Promos BW95
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 4 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Caitlin Uncommon Plasma Blast 78/101
Cover Fossil Uncommon Plasma Blast 79/101
Energy Retrieval Uncommon Plasma Blast 80/101
Iris Uncommon Plasma Blast 81/101
Plume Fossil Uncommon Plasma Blast 82/101
Pokémon Catcher Uncommon Plasma Blast 83/101
Professor Juniper Uncommon Plasma Blast 84/101
Rare Candy Uncommon Plasma Blast 85/101
Reversal Trigger Uncommon Plasma Blast 86/101
Root Fossil Lileep Uncommon Plasma Blast 87/101
Silver Bangle Uncommon Plasma Blast 88/101
Silver Mirror Uncommon Plasma Blast 89/101
Ultra Ball Uncommon Plasma Blast 90/101
G Booster Rare Ace Plasma Blast 92/101
G Scope Rare Ace Plasma Blast 93/101
Master Ball Rare Ace Plasma Blast 94/101
Scoop Up Cyclone Rare Ace Plasma Blast 95/101
Iris Rare Ultra Plasma Blast 101/101
Rare Candy Rare Secret Plasma Blast 105/101
Bianca Uncommon Legendary Treasures 109/113
Cedric Juniper Uncommon Legendary Treasures 110/113
Crushing Hammer Uncommon Legendary Treasures 111/113
Energy Switch Uncommon Legendary Treasures 112/113
Elesa Common Legendary Treasures RC20/RC25
Crushing Hammer - Kalos Starter Set 34/39
Poké Ball - Kalos Starter Set 35/39
Pokémon Catcher - Kalos Starter Set 36/39
Potion - Kalos Starter Set 37/39
Switch - Kalos Starter Set 38/39
Tierno - Kalos Starter Set 39/39
N - BW Black Star Promos BW100
Cassius Uncommon XY 115/146
Evosoda Uncommon XY 116/146
Fairy Garden Uncommon XY 117/146
Great Ball Uncommon XY 118/146
Hard Charm Uncommon XY 119/146
Max Revive Uncommon XY 120/146
Muscle Band Uncommon XY 121/146
Professor Sycamore Uncommon XY 122/146
Professor's Letter Uncommon XY 123/146
Red Card Uncommon XY 124/146
Roller Skates Uncommon XY 125/146
Shadow Circle Uncommon XY 126/146
Shauna Uncommon XY 127/146
Super Potion Uncommon XY 128/146
Team Flare Grunt Uncommon XY 129/146
Switch - Sylveon Half Deck 4/30
Potion - Sylveon Half Deck 20/30
Pokémon Catcher - Sylveon Half Deck 23/30
Potion - Sylveon Half Deck 24/30
Poké Ball - Sylveon Half Deck 26/30
Professor's Letter - Sylveon Half Deck 28/30
Pokémon Catcher - Noivern Half Deck 14/30
Potion - Noivern Half Deck 15/30
Poké Ball - Noivern Half Deck 21/30
Professor's Letter - Noivern Half Deck 24/30
Potion - Noivern Half Deck 27/30
Switch - Noivern Half Deck 29/30
Blacksmith Uncommon Flashfire 88/106
Blacksmith Uncommon Flashfire 88a/106
Fiery Torch Uncommon Flashfire 89/106
Lysandre Uncommon Flashfire 90/106
Magnetic Storm Uncommon Flashfire 91/106
Pal Pad Uncommon Flashfire 92/106
Pokémon Center Lady Uncommon Flashfire 93/106
Pokémon Fan Club Uncommon Flashfire 94/106
Protection Cube Uncommon Flashfire 95/106
Sacred Ash Uncommon Flashfire 96/106
Startling Megaphone Uncommon Flashfire 97/106
Trick Shovel Uncommon Flashfire 98/106
Ultra Ball Uncommon Flashfire 99/106
Lysandre Rare Ultra Flashfire 104/106
Pokémon Center Lady Rare Ultra Flashfire 105/106
Pokémon Fan Club Rare Ultra Flashfire 106/106
Battle Reporter Uncommon Furious Fists 88/111
Energy Switch Uncommon Furious Fists 89/111
Fighting Stadium Uncommon Furious Fists 90/111
Focus Sash Uncommon Furious Fists 91/111
Fossil Researcher Uncommon Furious Fists 92/111
Full Heal Uncommon Furious Fists 93/111
Jaw Fossil Uncommon Furious Fists 94/111
Korrina Uncommon Furious Fists 95/111
Maintenance Uncommon Furious Fists 96/111
Mountain Ring Uncommon Furious Fists 97/111
Sail Fossil Uncommon Furious Fists 98/111
Sparkling Robe Uncommon Furious Fists 99/111
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Furious Fists 100/111
Tool Retriever Uncommon Furious Fists 101/111
Training Center Uncommon Furious Fists 102/111
Battle Reporter Rare Ultra Furious Fists 109/111
Fossil Researcher Rare Ultra Furious Fists 110/111
Korrina Rare Ultra Furious Fists 111/111
Champions Festival - XY Black Star Promos XY27
No. 1 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 2 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 3 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
No. 4 Trainer - Miscellaneous Promotional cards -
Trevor - XY Black Star Promos XY33
AZ Uncommon Phantom Forces 91/119
Battle Compressor Uncommon Phantom Forces 92/119
Dimension Valley Uncommon Phantom Forces 93/119
Enhanced Hammer Uncommon Phantom Forces 94/119
Gengar Spirit Link Uncommon Phantom Forces 95/119
Hand Scope Uncommon Phantom Forces 96/119
Head Ringer Rare Holo Phantom Forces 97/119
Jamming Net Rare Holo Phantom Forces 98/119
Lysandre's Trump Card Uncommon Phantom Forces 99/119
Manectric Spirit Link Uncommon Phantom Forces 100/119
Professor Sycamore Uncommon Phantom Forces 101/119
Robo Substitute Uncommon Phantom Forces 102/119
Roller Skates Uncommon Phantom Forces 103/119
Shauna Uncommon Phantom Forces 104/119
Steel Shelter Uncommon Phantom Forces 105/119
Target Whistle Uncommon Phantom Forces 106/119
Tierno Uncommon Phantom Forces 107/119
Trick Coin Uncommon Phantom Forces 108/119
VS Seeker Uncommon Phantom Forces 109/119
Xerosic Uncommon Phantom Forces 110/119
AZ Rare Ultra Phantom Forces 117/119
Lysandre's Trump Card Rare Ultra Phantom Forces 118/119
Xerosic Rare Ultra Phantom Forces 119/119
Tierno - Bisharp Half Deck 19/30
Trevor - Bisharp Half Deck 20/30
Potion - Bisharp Half Deck 25/30
Potion - Bisharp Half Deck 29/30
Potion - Wigglytuff Half Deck 15/30
Potion - Wigglytuff Half Deck 20/30
Trevor - Wigglytuff Half Deck 24/30
Tierno - Wigglytuff Half Deck 26/30
Acro Bike Uncommon Primal Clash 122/160
Aggron Spirit Link Uncommon Primal Clash 123/160
Archie's Ace in the Hole Uncommon Primal Clash 124/160
Dive Ball Uncommon Primal Clash 125/160
Energy Retrieval Uncommon Primal Clash 126/160
Escape Rope Uncommon Primal Clash 127/160
Exp. Share Uncommon Primal Clash 128/160
Fresh Water Set Uncommon Primal Clash 129/160
Gardevoir Spirit Link Uncommon Primal Clash 130/160
Groudon Spirit Link Uncommon Primal Clash 131/160
Kyogre Spirit Link Uncommon Primal Clash 132/160
Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick Uncommon Primal Clash 133/160
Professor Birch's Observations Uncommon Primal Clash 134/160
Rare Candy Uncommon Primal Clash 135/160
Repeat Ball Uncommon Primal Clash 136/160
Rough Seas Uncommon Primal Clash 137/160
Scorched Earth Uncommon Primal Clash 138/160
Shrine of Memories Uncommon Primal Clash 139/160
Silent Lab Uncommon Primal Clash 140/160
Teammates Uncommon Primal Clash 141/160
Weakness Policy Uncommon Primal Clash 142/160
Archie's Ace in the Hole Rare Ultra Primal Clash 157/160
Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick Rare Ultra Primal Clash 158/160
Professor Birch's Observations Rare Ultra Primal Clash 159/160
Teammates Rare Ultra Primal Clash 160/160
Dive Ball Rare Secret Primal Clash 161/160
Enhanced Hammer Rare Secret Primal Clash 162/160
Switch Rare Secret Primal Clash 163/160
Weakness Policy Rare Secret Primal Clash 164/160
Aqua Diffuser Uncommon Double Crisis 23/34
Magma Pointer Uncommon Double Crisis 24/34
Team Aqua Admin Uncommon Double Crisis 25/34
Team Aqua Grunt Uncommon Double Crisis 26/34
Team Aqua's Great Ball Uncommon Double Crisis 27/34
Team Aqua's Secret Base Uncommon Double Crisis 28/34
Team Magma Admin Uncommon Double Crisis 29/34
Team Magma Grunt Uncommon Double Crisis 30/34
Team Magma's Great Ball Uncommon Double Crisis 31/34
Team Magma's Secret Base Uncommon Double Crisis 32/34
Potion - Latias Half Deck 15/30
Acro Bike - Latias Half Deck 20/30
Acro Bike - Latias Half Deck 29/30
Acro Bike - Latios Half Deck 20/30
Potion - Latios Half Deck 21/30
Gallade Spirit Link Uncommon Roaring Skies 83/108
Healing Scarf Uncommon Roaring Skies 84/108
Latios Spirit Link Uncommon Roaring Skies 85/108
Mega Turbo Uncommon Roaring Skies 86/108
Rayquaza Spirit Link Uncommon Roaring Skies 87/108
Revive Uncommon Roaring Skies 88/108
Sky Field Uncommon Roaring Skies 89/108
Steven Uncommon Roaring Skies 90/108
Switch Uncommon Roaring Skies 91/108
Trainers' Mail Uncommon Roaring Skies 92/108
Trainers' Mail Uncommon Roaring Skies 92a/108
Ultra Ball Uncommon Roaring Skies 93/108
Wally Uncommon Roaring Skies 94/108
Wide Lens Uncommon Roaring Skies 95/108
Winona Uncommon Roaring Skies 96/108
Wally Rare Ultra Roaring Skies 107/108
Winona Rare Ultra Roaring Skies 108/108
Energy Switch Rare Secret Roaring Skies 109/108
VS Seeker Rare Secret Roaring Skies 110/108
Ace Trainer Uncommon Ancient Origins 69/98
Ampharos Spirit Link Uncommon Ancient Origins 70/98
Eco Arm Uncommon Ancient Origins 71/98
Energy Recycler Uncommon Ancient Origins 72/98
Faded Town Uncommon Ancient Origins 73/98
Forest of Giant Plants Uncommon Ancient Origins 74/98
Hex Maniac Uncommon Ancient Origins 75/98
Hex Maniac Uncommon Ancient Origins 75a/98
Level Ball Uncommon Ancient Origins 76/98
Lucky Helmet Uncommon Ancient Origins 77/98
Lysandre Uncommon Ancient Origins 78/98
Paint Roller Uncommon Ancient Origins 79/98
Sceptile Spirit Link Uncommon Ancient Origins 80/98
Tyranitar Spirit Link Uncommon Ancient Origins 81/98
Steven Rare Ultra Ancient Origins 95/98
Energy Retrieval Rare Secret Ancient Origins 99/98
Trainers' Mail Rare Secret Ancient Origins 100/98
Champions Festival - XY Black Star Promos XY91
Assault Vest Uncommon BREAKthrough 133/162
Brigette Uncommon BREAKthrough 134/162
Buddy-Buddy Rescue Uncommon BREAKthrough 135/162
Fisherman Uncommon BREAKthrough 136/162
Float Stone Uncommon BREAKthrough 137/162
Giovanni's Scheme Uncommon BREAKthrough 138/162
Glalie Spirit Link Uncommon BREAKthrough 139/162
Heavy Ball Uncommon BREAKthrough 140/162
Heavy Boots Uncommon BREAKthrough 141/162
Houndoom Spirit Link Uncommon BREAKthrough 142/162
Judge Uncommon BREAKthrough 143/162
Mewtwo Spirit Link Uncommon BREAKthrough 144/162
Parallel City Uncommon BREAKthrough 145/162
Professor's Letter Uncommon BREAKthrough 146/162
Reserved Ticket Uncommon BREAKthrough 147/162
Skyla Uncommon BREAKthrough 148/162
Super Rod Uncommon BREAKthrough 149/162
Town Map Uncommon BREAKthrough 150/162
Brigette Rare Ultra BREAKthrough 161/162
Giovanni's Scheme Rare Ultra BREAKthrough 162/162
Aerodactyl Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY99
All-Night Party Uncommon BREAKpoint 96/122
Bursting Balloon Uncommon BREAKpoint 97/122
Delinquent Uncommon BREAKpoint 98/122
Delinquent Uncommon BREAKpoint 98b/122
Fighting Fury Belt Uncommon BREAKpoint 99/122
Great Ball Uncommon BREAKpoint 100/122
Gyarados Spirit Link Uncommon BREAKpoint 101/122
Max Elixir Uncommon BREAKpoint 102/122
Max Potion Uncommon BREAKpoint 103/122
Misty's Determination Uncommon BREAKpoint 104/122
Pokémon Catcher Uncommon BREAKpoint 105/122
Potion Uncommon BREAKpoint 106/122
Professor Sycamore Uncommon BREAKpoint 107/122
Professor Sycamore Uncommon BREAKpoint 107a/122
Psychic's Third Eye Uncommon BREAKpoint 108/122
Puzzle of Time Uncommon BREAKpoint 109/122
Reverse Valley Uncommon BREAKpoint 110/122
Scizor Spirit Link Uncommon BREAKpoint 111/122
Tierno Uncommon BREAKpoint 112/122
Skyla Rare Ultra BREAKpoint 122/122
Clemont Uncommon Generations 59/83
Crushing Hammer Uncommon Generations 60/83
Energy Switch Uncommon Generations 61/83
Evosoda Uncommon Generations 62/83
Imakuni? Uncommon Generations 63/83
Maintenance Uncommon Generations 64/83
Max Revive Uncommon Generations 65/83
Olympia Uncommon Generations 66/83
Poké Ball Uncommon Generations 67/83
Pokémon Center Lady Uncommon Generations 68/83
Pokémon Fan Club Uncommon Generations 69/83
Revitalizer Uncommon Generations 70/83
Red Card Uncommon Generations 71/83
Shauna Uncommon Generations 72/83
Team Flare Grunt Uncommon Generations 73/83
Team Flare Grunt Uncommon Generations 73a/83
Floral Crown Common Generations RC26/RC32
Wally Uncommon Generations RC27/RC32
Tierno - Pikachu Libre Half Deck 20/30
Potion - Pikachu Libre Half Deck 21/30
Potion - Suicune Half Deck 15/30
Tierno - Suicune Half Deck 20/30
Tierno - Suicune Half Deck 29/30
Mawile Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY105
Alakazam Spirit Link Uncommon Fates Collide 90/124
Altaria Spirit Link Uncommon Fates Collide 91/124
Audino Spirit Link Uncommon Fates Collide 92/124
Bent Spoon Uncommon Fates Collide 93/124
Chaos Tower Uncommon Fates Collide 94/124
Devolution Spray Uncommon Fates Collide 95/124
Dome Fossil Kabuto Uncommon Fates Collide 96/124
Energy Pouch Uncommon Fates Collide 97/124
Energy Reset Uncommon Fates Collide 98/124
Fairy Drop Uncommon Fates Collide 99/124
Fairy Garden Uncommon Fates Collide 100/124
Fossil Excavation Kit Uncommon Fates Collide 101/124
Helix Fossil Omanyte Uncommon Fates Collide 102/124
Lass's Special Uncommon Fates Collide 103/124
Mega Catcher Uncommon Fates Collide 104/124
N Uncommon Fates Collide 105/124
N Uncommon Fates Collide 105a/124
Old Amber Aerodactyl Uncommon Fates Collide 106/124
Pokémon Fan Club Uncommon Fates Collide 107/124
Power Memory Uncommon Fates Collide 108/124
Random Receiver Uncommon Fates Collide 109/124
Scorched Earth Uncommon Fates Collide 110/124
Shauna Uncommon Fates Collide 111/124
Shauna Uncommon Fates Collide 111a/124
Team Rocket's Handiwork Uncommon Fates Collide 112/124
Ultra Ball Uncommon Fates Collide 113/124
Team Rocket's Handiwork Rare Ultra Fates Collide 124/124
Armor Fossil Shieldon Uncommon Steam Siege 98/114
Captivating Poké Puff Uncommon Steam Siege 99/114
Claw Fossil Anorith Uncommon Steam Siege 100/114
Gardevoir Spirit Link Uncommon Steam Siege 101/114
Greedy Dice Uncommon Steam Siege 102/114
Ninja Boy Uncommon Steam Siege 103/114
Pokémon Ranger Uncommon Steam Siege 104/114
Special Charge Uncommon Steam Siege 105/114
Steelix Spirit Link Uncommon Steam Siege 106/114
Pokémon Ranger Rare Ultra Steam Siege 113/114
Professor Sycamore Rare Ultra Steam Siege 114/114
Champions Festival - XY Black Star Promos XY176
Karen - XY Black Star Promos XY177
Karen - XY Black Star Promos XY177a
Beedrill Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY159
Blastoise Spirit Link Uncommon Evolutions 73/108
Brock's Grit Uncommon Evolutions 74/108
Charizard Spirit Link Uncommon Evolutions 75/108
Devolution Spray Uncommon Evolutions 76/108
Energy Retrieval Uncommon Evolutions 77/108
Full Heal Uncommon Evolutions 78/108
Maintenance Uncommon Evolutions 79/108
Misty's Determination Uncommon Evolutions 80/108
Pidgeot Spirit Link Uncommon Evolutions 81/108
Pokédex Uncommon Evolutions 82/108
Potion Uncommon Evolutions 83/108
Professor Oak's Hint Uncommon Evolutions 84/108
Revive Uncommon Evolutions 85/108
Slowbro Spirit Link Uncommon Evolutions 86/108
Super Potion Uncommon Evolutions 87/108
Switch Uncommon Evolutions 88/108
Venusaur Spirit Link Uncommon Evolutions 89/108
Brock's Grit Rare Ultra Evolutions 107/108
Misty's Determination Rare Ultra Evolutions 108/108
Here Comes Team Rocket! Rare Secret Evolutions 113/108
Garchomp Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY169
Salamence Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY172
Camerupt Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY199
Sharpedo Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY201
Gym Badge - XY Black Star Promos XY203
Gym Badge - XY Black Star Promos XY204
Gym Badge - XY Black Star Promos XY205
Gym Badge - XY Black Star Promos XY206
Gym Badge - XY Black Star Promos XY207
Gym Badge - XY Black Star Promos XY208
Gym Badge - XY Black Star Promos XY209
Gym Badge - XY Black Star Promos XY210
Big Malasada Uncommon Sun & Moon 114/149
Crushing Hammer Uncommon Sun & Moon 115/149
Energy Retrieval Uncommon Sun & Moon 116/149
Energy Switch Uncommon Sun & Moon 117/149
Exp. Share Uncommon Sun & Moon 118/149
Great Ball Uncommon Sun & Moon 119/149
Hau Uncommon Sun & Moon 120/149
Ilima Uncommon Sun & Moon 121/149
Lillie Uncommon Sun & Moon 122/149
Nest Ball Uncommon Sun & Moon 123/149
Poison Barb Uncommon Sun & Moon 124/149
Poké Ball Uncommon Sun & Moon 125/149
Pokémon Catcher Uncommon Sun & Moon 126/149
Potion Uncommon Sun & Moon 127/149
Professor Kukui Uncommon Sun & Moon 128/149
Rare Candy Uncommon Sun & Moon 129/149
Repel Uncommon Sun & Moon 130/149
Rotom Dex Uncommon Sun & Moon 131/149
Switch Uncommon Sun & Moon 132/149
Team Skull Grunt Uncommon Sun & Moon 133/149
Timer Ball Uncommon Sun & Moon 134/149
Ultra Ball Uncommon Sun & Moon 135/149
Ilima Rare Ultra Sun & Moon 146/149
Lillie Rare Ultra Sun & Moon 147/149
Professor Kukui Rare Ultra Sun & Moon 148/149
Team Skull Grunt Rare Ultra Sun & Moon 149/149
Nest Ball Rare Secret Sun & Moon 158/149
Rotom Dex Rare Secret Sun & Moon 159/149
Switch Rare Secret Sun & Moon 160/149
Ultra Ball Rare Secret Sun & Moon 161/149
Hau - Lycanroc Half Deck 19/30
Great Ball - Lycanroc Half Deck 21/30
Hau - Lycanroc Half Deck 23/30
Great Ball - Lycanroc Half Deck 25/30
Big Malasada - Lycanroc Half Deck 27/30
Potion - Alolan Raichu Half Deck 15/30
Hau - Alolan Raichu Half Deck 19/30
Great Ball - Alolan Raichu Half Deck 21/30
Hau - Alolan Raichu Half Deck 23/30
Great Ball - Alolan Raichu Half Deck 25/30
Aether Paradise Conservation Area Uncommon Guardians Rising 116/145
Altar of the Moone Uncommon Guardians Rising 117/145
Altar of the Sunne Uncommon Guardians Rising 118/145
Aqua Patch Uncommon Guardians Rising 119/145
Brooklet Hill Uncommon Guardians Rising 120/145
Choice Band Uncommon Guardians Rising 121/145
Energy Loto Uncommon Guardians Rising 122/145
Energy Recycler Uncommon Guardians Rising 123/145
Enhanced Hammer Uncommon Guardians Rising 124/145
Field Blower Uncommon Guardians Rising 125/145
Hala Uncommon Guardians Rising 126/145
Mallow Uncommon Guardians Rising 127/145
Max Potion Uncommon Guardians Rising 128/145
Multi Switch Uncommon Guardians Rising 129/145
Rescue Stretcher Uncommon Guardians Rising 130/145
Hala Rare Ultra Guardians Rising 143/145
Hau Rare Ultra Guardians Rising 144/145
Mallow Rare Ultra Guardians Rising 145/145
Aqua Patch Rare Secret Guardians Rising 161/145
Enhanced Hammer Rare Secret Guardians Rising 162/145
Field Blower Rare Secret Guardians Rising 163/145
Max Potion Rare Secret Guardians Rising 164/145
Rare Candy Rare Secret Guardians Rising 165/145
Lucario Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY211
Acerola Uncommon Burning Shadows 112/147
Bodybuilding Dumbbells Uncommon Burning Shadows 113/147
Escape Rope Uncommon Burning Shadows 114/147
Guzma Uncommon Burning Shadows 115/147
Kiawe Uncommon Burning Shadows 116/147
Lana Uncommon Burning Shadows 117/147
Mount Lanakila Uncommon Burning Shadows 118/147
Olivia Uncommon Burning Shadows 119/147
Plumeria Uncommon Burning Shadows 120/147
Po Town Uncommon Burning Shadows 121/147
Rotom Dex Poké Finder Mode Uncommon Burning Shadows 122/147
Sophocles Uncommon Burning Shadows 123/147
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Burning Shadows 124/147
Tormenting Spray Uncommon Burning Shadows 125/147
Weakness Policy Uncommon Burning Shadows 126/147
Wicke Uncommon Burning Shadows 127/147
Wishful Baton Uncommon Burning Shadows 128/147
Acerola Rare Ultra Burning Shadows 142/147
Guzma Rare Ultra Burning Shadows 143/147
Kiawe Rare Ultra Burning Shadows 144/147
Plumeria Rare Ultra Burning Shadows 145/147
Sophocles Rare Ultra Burning Shadows 146/147
Wicke Rare Ultra Burning Shadows 147/147
Bodybuilding Dumbbells Rare Secret Burning Shadows 161/147
Choice Band Rare Secret Burning Shadows 162/147
Escape Rope Rare Secret Burning Shadows 163/147
Multi Switch Rare Secret Burning Shadows 164/147
Rescue Stretcher Rare Secret Burning Shadows 165/147
Super Scoop Up Rare Secret Burning Shadows 166/147
Champions Festival - SM Black Star Promos SM78
Damage Mover Uncommon Shining Legends 58/73
Energy Retrieval Uncommon Shining Legends 59/73
Great Ball Uncommon Shining Legends 60/73
Hau Uncommon Shining Legends 61/73
Lillie Uncommon Shining Legends 62/73
Pokémon Breeder Uncommon Shining Legends 63/73
Pokémon Catcher Uncommon Shining Legends 64/73
Sophocles Uncommon Shining Legends 65/73
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Shining Legends 66/73
Switch Uncommon Shining Legends 67/73
Ultra Ball Uncommon Shining Legends 68/73
Pokémon Breeder Rare Ultra Shining Legends 73/73
Counter Catcher Uncommon Crimson Invasion 91/111
Dashing Pouch Uncommon Crimson Invasion 92/111
Devoured Field Uncommon Crimson Invasion 93/111
Fighting Memory Uncommon Crimson Invasion 94/111
Gladion Uncommon Crimson Invasion 95/111
Lusamine Uncommon Crimson Invasion 96/111
Peeking Red Card Uncommon Crimson Invasion 97/111
Psychic Memory Uncommon Crimson Invasion 98/111
Sea of Nothingness Uncommon Crimson Invasion 99/111
Gladion Rare Ultra Crimson Invasion 109/111
Lusamine Rare Ultra Crimson Invasion 110/111
Olivia Rare Ultra Crimson Invasion 111/111
Counter Catcher Rare Secret Crimson Invasion 120/111
Wishful Baton Rare Secret Crimson Invasion 121/111
Ancient Crystal Uncommon Ultra Prism 118/156
Cynthia Uncommon Ultra Prism 119/156
Cyrus ♢ Rare Holo Ultra Prism 120/156
Electric Memory Uncommon Ultra Prism 121/156
Escape Board Uncommon Ultra Prism 122/156
Fire Memory Uncommon Ultra Prism 123/156
Gardenia Uncommon Ultra Prism 124/156
Lillie Uncommon Ultra Prism 125/156
Looker Uncommon Ultra Prism 126/156
Looker Whistle Uncommon Ultra Prism 127/156
Mars Uncommon Ultra Prism 127/156
Missing Clover Uncommon Ultra Prism 129/156
Mt. Coronet Uncommon Ultra Prism 130/156
Order Pad Uncommon Ultra Prism 131/156
Pal Pad Uncommon Ultra Prism 132/156
Pokémon Fan Club Uncommon Ultra Prism 133/156
Unidentified Fossil Uncommon Ultra Prism 134/156
Volkner Uncommon Ultra Prism 135/156
Cynthia Rare Ultra Ultra Prism 148/156
Gardenia Rare Ultra Ultra Prism 149/156
Lana Rare Ultra Ultra Prism 150/156
Lillie Rare Ultra Ultra Prism 151/156
Looker Rare Ultra Ultra Prism 152/156
Lusamine Rare Ultra Ultra Prism 153/156
Mars Rare Ultra Ultra Prism 154/156
Pokémon Fan Club Rare Ultra Ultra Prism 155/156
Volkner Rare Ultra Ultra Prism 156/156
Crushing Hammer Rare Secret Ultra Prism 166/156
Escape Board Rare Secret Ultra Prism 167/156
Missing Clover Rare Secret Ultra Prism 168/156
Peeking Red Card Rare Secret Ultra Prism 169/156
Beast Ring Rare Forbidden Light 102/131
Bonnie Uncommon Forbidden Light 103/131
Crasher Wake Uncommon Forbidden Light 104/131
Diantha Rare Holo Forbidden Light 105/131
Eneporter Uncommon Forbidden Light 106/131
Fossil Excavation Map Uncommon Forbidden Light 107/131
Judge Uncommon Forbidden Light 108/131
Lady Uncommon Forbidden Light 109/131
Lysandre ♢ Rare Holo Forbidden Light 110/131
Lysandre Labs Uncommon Forbidden Light 111/131
Metal Frying Pan Uncommon Forbidden Light 112/131
Mysterious Treasure Uncommon Forbidden Light 113/131
Ultra Recon Squad Uncommon Forbidden Light 114/131
Ultra Space Uncommon Forbidden Light 115/131
Unidentified Fossil Uncommon Forbidden Light 116/131
Bonnie Rare Ultra Forbidden Light 128/131
Crasher Wake Rare Ultra Forbidden Light 129/131
Diantha Rare Ultra Forbidden Light 130/131
Ultra Recon Squad Rare Ultra Forbidden Light 131/131
Beast Ring Rare Secret Forbidden Light 141/131
Eneporter Rare Secret Forbidden Light 142/131
Energy Recycler Rare Secret Forbidden Light 143/131
Metal Frying Pan Rare Secret Forbidden Light 144/131
Mysterious Treasure Rare Secret Forbidden Light 145/131
Acro Bike Uncommon Celestial Storm 123/168
Apricorn Maker Uncommon Celestial Storm 124/168
Beast Ball Uncommon Celestial Storm 125/168
Bill's Maintenance Uncommon Celestial Storm 126/168
Copycat Uncommon Celestial Storm 127/168
Energy Recycle System Uncommon Celestial Storm 128/168
Energy Switch Uncommon Celestial Storm 129/168
Fisherman Uncommon Celestial Storm 130/168
Friend Ball Uncommon Celestial Storm 131/168
Hau Uncommon Celestial Storm 132/168
Hiker Uncommon Celestial Storm 133/168
Hustle Belt Uncommon Celestial Storm 134/168
Last Chance Potion Uncommon Celestial Storm 135/168
Life Herb Uncommon Celestial Storm 136/168
Lisia Uncommon Celestial Storm 137/168
Lure Ball Uncommon Celestial Storm 138/168
The Masked Royal Uncommon Celestial Storm 139/168
PokéNav Uncommon Celestial Storm 140/168
Rainbow Brush Uncommon Celestial Storm 141/168
Rare Candy Uncommon Celestial Storm 142/168
Shrine of Punishment Uncommon Celestial Storm 143/168
Sky Pillar Uncommon Celestial Storm 144/168
Steven's Resolve Rare Holo Celestial Storm 145/168
Super Scoop Up Uncommon Celestial Storm 146/168
Switch Uncommon Celestial Storm 147/168
Tate & Liza Uncommon Celestial Storm 148/168
TV Reporter Uncommon Celestial Storm 149/168
Underground Expedition Uncommon Celestial Storm 150/168
Apricorn Maker Rare Ultra Celestial Storm 161/168
Bill's Maintenance Rare Ultra Celestial Storm 162/168
Copycat Rare Ultra Celestial Storm 163/168
Lisia Rare Ultra Celestial Storm 164/168
Steven's Resolve Rare Ultra Celestial Storm 165/168
Tate & Liza Rare Ultra Celestial Storm 166/168
TV Reporter Rare Ultra Celestial Storm 167/168
Underground Expedition Rare Ultra Celestial Storm 168/168
Acro Bike Rare Secret Celestial Storm 178/168
Hustle Belt Rare Secret Celestial Storm 179/168
Life Herb Rare Secret Celestial Storm 180/168
PokéNav Rare Secret Celestial Storm 181/168
Rainbow Brush Rare Secret Celestial Storm 182/168
Blaine's Last Stand Rare Holo Dragon Majesty 58/70
Dragon Talon Uncommon Dragon Majesty 59/70
Fiery Flint Uncommon Dragon Majesty 60/70
Lance ♢ Rare Holo Dragon Majesty 61/70
Switch Raft Uncommon Dragon Majesty 62/70
Wela Volcano Park Uncommon Dragon Majesty 63/70
Zinnia Uncommon Dragon Majesty 64/70
Blaine's Last Stand Rare Ultra Dragon Majesty 69/70
Zinnia Rare Ultra Dragon Majesty 70/70
Dragon Talon Rare Secret Dragon Majesty 75/70
Fiery Flint Rare Secret Dragon Majesty 76/70
Switch Raft Rare Secret Dragon Majesty 77/70
Adventure Bag Uncommon Lost Thunder 167/214
Aether Foundation Employee Uncommon Lost Thunder 168/214
Choice Helmet Uncommon Lost Thunder 169/214
Counter Gain Uncommon Lost Thunder 170/214
Custom Catcher Uncommon Lost Thunder 171/214
Electropower Uncommon Lost Thunder 172/214
Faba Uncommon Lost Thunder 173/214
Fairy Charm G Uncommon Lost Thunder 174/214
Fairy Charm P Uncommon Lost Thunder 175/214
Fairy Charm F Uncommon Lost Thunder 176/214
Fairy Charm D Uncommon Lost Thunder 177/214
Heat Factory ♢ Rare Holo Lost Thunder 178/214
Kahili Uncommon Lost Thunder 179/214
Life Forest ♢ Rare Holo Lost Thunder 180/214
Lost Blender Uncommon Lost Thunder 181/214
Lusamine ♢ Rare Holo Lost Thunder 182/214
Mina Uncommon Lost Thunder 183/214
Mixed Herbs Uncommon Lost Thunder 184/214
Moomoo Milk Uncommon Lost Thunder 185/214
Morty Uncommon Lost Thunder 186/214
Net Ball Uncommon Lost Thunder 187/214
Professor Elm's Lecture Uncommon Lost Thunder 188/214
Sightseer Uncommon Lost Thunder 189/214
Spell Tag Uncommon Lost Thunder 190/214
Thunder Mountain ♢ Rare Holo Lost Thunder 191/214
Wait and See Hammer Uncommon Lost Thunder 192/214
Whitney Uncommon Lost Thunder 193/214
Faba Rare Ultra Lost Thunder 208/214
Judge Rare Ultra Lost Thunder 209/214
Kahili Rare Ultra Lost Thunder 210/214
Mina Rare Ultra Lost Thunder 211/214
Morty Rare Ultra Lost Thunder 212/214
Professor Elm's Lecture Rare Ultra Lost Thunder 213/214
Whitney Rare Ultra Lost Thunder 214/214
Adventure Bag Rare Secret Lost Thunder 228/214
Choice Helmet Rare Secret Lost Thunder 229/214
Counter Gain Rare Secret Lost Thunder 230/214
Custom Catcher Rare Secret Lost Thunder 231/214
Electropower Rare Secret Lost Thunder 232/214
Lost Blender Rare Secret Lost Thunder 233/214
Net Ball Rare Secret Lost Thunder 234/214
Spell Tag Rare Secret Lost Thunder 235/214
Wait and See Hammer Rare Secret Lost Thunder 236/214
Bill's Analysis Rare Holo Team Up 133/181
Black Market ♢ Rare Holo Team Up 134/181
Brock's Grit Uncommon Team Up 135/181
Buff Padding Uncommon Team Up 136/181
Dana Uncommon Team Up 137/181
Dangerous Drill Uncommon Team Up 138/181
Electrocharger Uncommon Team Up 139/181
Erika's Hospitality Rare Holo Team Up 140/181
Evelyn Uncommon Team Up 141/181
Fairy Charm UB Uncommon Team Up 142/181
Grass Memory Uncommon Team Up 143/181
Ingo & Emmet Uncommon Team Up 144/181
Jasmine Uncommon Team Up 145/181
Judge Whistle Uncommon Team Up 146/181
Lavender Town Uncommon Team Up 147/181
Metal Goggles Uncommon Team Up 148/181
Morgan Uncommon Team Up 149/181
Nanu Uncommon Team Up 150/181
Nita Uncommon Team Up 151/181
Pokémon Communication Uncommon Team Up 152/181
Return Label Uncommon Team Up 153/181
Sabrina's Suggestion Uncommon Team Up 154/181
Unidentified Fossil Uncommon Team Up 155/181
Viridian Forest Uncommon Team Up 156/181
Water Memory Uncommon Team Up 157/181
Wondrous Labyrinth ♢ Rare Holo Team Up 158/181
Brock's Grit Rare Ultra Team Up 172/181
Dana Rare Ultra Team Up 173/181
Erika's Hospitality Rare Ultra Team Up 174/181
Evelyn Rare Ultra Team Up 175/181
Ingo & Emmet Rare Ultra Team Up 176/181
Jasmine Rare Ultra Team Up 177/181
Morgan Rare Ultra Team Up 178/181
Nanu Rare Ultra Team Up 179/181
Nita Rare Ultra Team Up 180/181
Sabrina's Suggestion Rare Ultra Team Up 181/181
Dangerous Drill Rare Secret Team Up 192/181
Electrocharger Rare Secret Team Up 193/181
Judge Whistle Rare Secret Team Up 194/181
Metal Goggles Rare Secret Team Up 195/181
Pokémon Communication Rare Secret Team Up 196/181
Beast Bringer Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 164/214
Chip-Chip Ice Axe Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 165/214
Devolution Spray Z Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 166/214
Dusk Stone Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 167/214
Dust Island Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 168/214
Electromagnetic Radar Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 169/214
Energy Spinner Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 170/214
Fairy Charm Ability Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 171/214
Fairy Charm L Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 172/214
Fire Crystal Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 173/214
Giovanni's Exile Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 174/214
Green's Exploration Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 175/214
Janine Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 176/214
Koga's Trap Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 177/214
Lt. Surge's Strategy Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 178/214
Martial Arts Dojo Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 179/214
Metal Core Barrier Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 180/214
Molayne Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 181/214
Pokégear 3.0 Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 182/214
Power Plant Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 183/214
Red's Challenge Rare Holo Unbroken Bonds 184/214
Samson Oak Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 185/214
Stealthy Hood Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 186/214
Surprise Box Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 187/214
Ultra Forest Kartenvoy Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 188/214
Welder Uncommon Unbroken Bonds 189/214
Green's Exploration Rare Ultra Unbroken Bonds 209/214
Janine Rare Ultra Unbroken Bonds 210/214
Koga's Trap Rare Ultra Unbroken Bonds 211/214
Molayne Rare Ultra Unbroken Bonds 212/214
Red's Challenge Rare Ultra Unbroken Bonds 213/214
Welder Rare Ultra Unbroken Bonds 214/214
Beast Bringer Rare Secret Unbroken Bonds 229/214
Electromagnetic Radar Rare Secret Unbroken Bonds 230/214
Fire Crystal Rare Secret Unbroken Bonds 231/214
Metal Core Barrier Rare Secret Unbroken Bonds 232/214
Pokégear 3.0 Rare Secret Unbroken Bonds 233/214
Blaine's Quiz Show Uncommon Unified Minds 186/236
Blizzard Town Uncommon Unified Minds 187/236
Blue's Tactics Uncommon Unified Minds 188/236
Bug Catcher Uncommon Unified Minds 189/236
Channeler Uncommon Unified Minds 190/236
Cherish Ball Uncommon Unified Minds 191/236
Coach Trainer Uncommon Unified Minds 192/236
Dark City Uncommon Unified Minds 193/236
Ear-Ringing Bell Uncommon Unified Minds 194/236
Flyinium Z: Air Slash Uncommon Unified Minds 195/236
Giant Bomb Uncommon Unified Minds 196/236
Giant Hearth Uncommon Unified Minds 197/236
Great Potion Uncommon Unified Minds 198/236
Grimsley Uncommon Unified Minds 199/236
Hapu Uncommon Unified Minds 200/236
Karate Belt Uncommon Unified Minds 201/236
Misty's Favor Uncommon Unified Minds 202/236
Normalium Z: Tackle Uncommon Unified Minds 203/236
Poké Maniac Uncommon Unified Minds 204/236
Pokémon Research Lab Uncommon Unified Minds 205/236
Reset Stamp Uncommon Unified Minds 206/236
Slumbering Forest Uncommon Unified Minds 207/236
Stadium Nav Uncommon Unified Minds 208/236
Tag Switch Uncommon Unified Minds 209/236
Unidentified Fossil Uncommon Unified Minds 210/236
U-Turn Board Uncommon Unified Minds 211/236
Blue's Tactics Rare Ultra Unified Minds 231/236
Channeler Rare Ultra Unified Minds 232/236
Coach Trainer Rare Ultra Unified Minds 233/236
Grimsley Rare Ultra Unified Minds 234/236
Misty's Favor Rare Ultra Unified Minds 235/236
Poké Maniac Rare Ultra Unified Minds 236/236
Cherish Ball Rare Secret Unified Minds 250/236
Giant Bomb Rare Secret Unified Minds 251/236
Karate Belt Rare Secret Unified Minds 252/236
Reset Stamp Rare Secret Unified Minds 253/236
Tag Switch Rare Secret Unified Minds 254/236
U-Turn Board Rare Secret Unified Minds 255/236
Viridian Forest Rare Secret Unified Minds 256/236
Recycle Energy Rare Secret Unified Minds 257/236
Weakness Guard Energy Rare Secret Unified Minds 258/236
Bill's Analysis Rare Hidden Fates 51/68
Blaine's Last Stand Rare Hidden Fates 52/68
Brock's Grit Uncommon Hidden Fates 53/68
Brock's Pewter City Gym Uncommon Hidden Fates 54/68
Brock's Training Rare Hidden Fates 55/68
Erika's Hospitality Rare Hidden Fates 56/68
Giovanni's Exile Uncommon Hidden Fates 57/68
Jessie & Uncommon Hidden Fates 58/68
Koga's Trap Uncommon Hidden Fates 59/68
Lt. Surge's Strategy Uncommon Hidden Fates 60/68
Misty's Cerulean City Gym