Pokémon Tool card (TCG)

Pokémon Tool cards (Japanese: ポケモンのどうぐ Pokémon Tools) are a subclass of Trainer cards that were introduced in the Neo Genesis expansion. Between the Black & White and Scarlet & Violet expansions, Pokémon Tool cards were further considered a subclass of Item cards. (In the Japanese TCG, during the LEGEND era, Trainer cards that were not Supporter cards or Stadium cards were considered Items. However, no Pokémon Tools were printed in the LEGEND era, so this classification only applied when interacting with older cards.) From Scarlet & Violet onward, Pokémon Tool cards are their own category of Trainer card, distinct from Item cards. All Pokémon Tool cards introduced in prior expansions were given an erratum, reclassifying them as no longer being considered Item cards. Before this errata took place, cards that referred to Item cards could also affect Pokémon Tool cards. Afterward, cards that affect Item cards do not affect Pokémon Tool cards.

Pokémon Tool cards as of the Scarlet & Violet Series

Pokémon Tools depict held items, typically from the Pokémon games such as the Exp. Share and Leftovers. They can be attached to a Benched or Active Pokémon, and provide a positive effect to that Pokémon as long as they remain attached. Some effects are passively applied to the Pokémon, such as increasing their HP or reducing their Retreat Cost. Others only activate when something happens to the Pokémon that a Pokémon Tool is attached to, or when that Pokémon is in the Active Spot. Many early Pokémon Tools are discarded after having their effect, but this has largely been phased out as in favor of the majority of Tools remaining in play even after activating. (Some Tools, such as Sitrus Berry and Bursting Balloon do have self-discard clauses based upon being consumed or otherwise spent.) When a Pokémon is Knocked Out, Pokémon Tools attached to them move to the discard pile as well.

Some Pokémon Tools, such as the Scrolls, have an attack or Ability printed on them. While such a Pokémon Tool is attached to a Pokémon, that Pokémon can use the attack or Ability on the Pokémon Tool instead of an attack or Ability on their own card. Usually, there is an additional criteria that also has to be met. Some examples of criteria that are used are the name of the Pokémon the Pokémon Tool is attached to or the classification of Pokémon the Pokémon Tool is attached to.

Starting from Paradox Rift, Technical Machine cards are a subset of Pokémon Tools instead of a subtype of Trainer cards. They allow the Pokémon that they are attached to to use the attack printed on the Technical Machine card. However, they act similarly to past cards where Technical Machine is a card type by being discarded from play at the end of the turn.

Players are allowed to play as many Pokémon Tool cards from their hand as they wish during their turn. However, each Pokémon can only have one Pokémon Tool attached to it. There are some exceptions that allow more than Pokémon Tool to be attached to a Pokémon. One such exception is the Ancient Trait "θ Double" from the Ancient Origins set.

Much like how Supporter, Item and Stadium cards are color-coded as orange, blue and green, respectively, Pokémon Tool cards are color-coded as purple. This color only starts to appear with Tools released from Scarlet & Violet onward, as it goes with the division from Items. Many Pokémon Tool cards have seen multiple releases and illustrations. There are currently 227 different Pokémon Tool cards, though many have been printed multiple times with different artwork.

Team Flare Hyper Gear

Jamming Net, one of the two Team Flare Hyper Gear cards

Team Flare Hyper Gear (occasionally also known as Pokémon Tool F) are a subtype of Pokémon Tool found in the Phantom Forces expansion. There are only two, Head Ringer Team Flare Hyper Gear and Jamming Net Team Flare Hyper Gear. Unlike regular Tools, these cards have a negative effect on the Pokémon that they are attached to. This is because Team Flare Hyper Gear cards are attached to the opponent's Pokémon-EX instead of a player's own Pokémon. Team Flare Hyper Gear cannot be attached to any other kind of Pokémon, including regular Pokémon, and discard themselves if they are ever somehow attached to a Pokémon that is not a Pokémon-EX. (Usually, this is due to an effect that switches a Pokémon in play for a Pokémon out of play, such as that of Ninja Boy.)

As Pokémon can only have one Pokémon Tool attached to them at a time, attaching a Team Flare Hyper Gear to a Pokémon prevents them from having a different Tool attached by their owner. However, if a Team Flare Hyper Gear becomes unattached from a Pokémon for any reason, it moves to the discard pile of the owner of the Team Flare Hyper Gear instead of going anywhere else.

Team Flare Hyper Gear cards are visually very distinct from Item cards, likely to help players remember if a Team Flare Hyper Gear is attached to an opponent's Pokémon and retrieve the card from their opponent when necessary. (Team Flare Hyper Gear cards have not been printed after the Scarlet & Violet Pokémon Tool errata.) They have a red border and the frame of the card is tinted red. Both cards have a "Flare" watermark over their text box. The normal section containing the Pokémon Tool ruleset is replaced by a Pokémon Tool F section, which is reddened compared to a Pokémon Tool section.

List of Pokémon Tool cards

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English cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Focus Band   Neo Genesis 86/111
Gold Berry   Neo Genesis 93/111
Miracle Berry   Neo Genesis 94/111
Berry   Neo Genesis 99/111
Balloon Berry   Neo Revelation 60/64
EXP.ALL   Neo Destiny 93/105
Counterattack Claws   Neo Destiny 97/105
Strength Charm   Expedition 150/165
Healing Berry   Aquapolis 125/147
Memory Berry   Aquapolis 128/147
Time Shard   Aquapolis 135/147
Crystal Shard   Skyridge 122/144
Star Piece   Skyridge 139/144
Lum Berry   EX Ruby & Sapphire 84/109
Oran Berry   EX Ruby & Sapphire 85/109
Balloon Berry   EX Dragon 82/97
Buffer Piece   EX Dragon 83/97
Strength Charm   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 74/95
Team Aqua Belt   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 76/95
Team Magma Belt   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 81/95
EXP.ALL   EX FireRed & LeafGreen 91/112
Balloon Berry   EX Deoxys 84/107
Crystal Shard   EX Deoxys 85/107
Strength Charm   EX Deoxys 92/107
Lum Berry   EX Emerald 78/106
Oran Berry   EX Emerald 80/106
Curse Powder   EX Unseen Forces 80/115
Energy Root   EX Unseen Forces 83/115
Fluffy Berry   EX Unseen Forces 85/115
Protective Orb   EX Unseen Forces 90/115
Sitrus Berry   EX Unseen Forces 91/115
Solid Rage   EX Unseen Forces 92/115
Cessation Crystal   EX Crystal Guardians 74/100
Crystal Shard   EX Crystal Guardians 76/100
Memory Berry   EX Crystal Guardians 80/100
Mysterious Shard   EX Crystal Guardians 81/100
Buffer Piece   EX Dragon Frontiers 72/101
Strength Charm   EX Dragon Frontiers 81/101
Amulet Coin   Great Encounters 97/106
Leftovers   Great Encounters 99/106
Bubble Coat   Legends Awakened 129/146
Energy Link   Stormfront 83/100
Memory Berry   Platinum 110/127
Team Galactic's Invention G-101 Energy Gain   Platinum 117/127
Bench Shield   Arceus 83/99
Buffer Piece   Arceus 84/99
Expert Belt   Arceus 87/99
Lucky Egg   Arceus 88/99
Eviolite   Noble Victories 91/101
Rocky Helmet   Noble Victories 94/101
Exp. Share   Next Destinies 87/99
Dark Claw   Dark Explorers 92/108
Giant Cape   Dragons Exalted 114/124
Rescue Scarf   Dragons Exalted 115/124
Exp. Share - Dragon Vault 18/20
Rocky Helmet   Boundaries Crossed 133/149
Crystal Edge   Boundaries Crossed 138/149
Crystal Wall   Boundaries Crossed 139/149
Rocky Helmet   Boundaries Crossed 153/149
Eviolite   Plasma Storm 122/135
Victory Piece   Plasma Storm 130/135
Float Stone   Plasma Freeze 99/116
Team Plasma Badge   Plasma Freeze 104/116
Life Dew   Plasma Freeze 107/116
Rock Guard   Plasma Freeze 108/116
Reversal Trigger   Plasma Blast 86/101
Silver Bangle   Plasma Blast 88/101
Silver Mirror   Plasma Blast 89/101
G Booster   Plasma Blast 92/101
G Scope   Plasma Blast 93/101
Hard Charm   XY 119/146
Muscle Band   XY 121/146
Protection Cube   Flashfire 95/106
Focus Sash   Furious Fists 91/111
Sparkling Robe   Furious Fists 99/111
Gengar Spirit Link   Phantom Forces 95/119
Head Ringer   Phantom Forces 97/119
Jamming Net   Phantom Forces 98/119
Manectric Spirit Link   Phantom Forces 100/119
Trick Coin   Phantom Forces 108/119
Aggron Spirit Link   Primal Clash 123/160
Exp. Share   Primal Clash 128/160
Gardevoir Spirit Link   Primal Clash 130/160
Groudon Spirit Link   Primal Clash 131/160
Kyogre Spirit Link   Primal Clash 132/160
Weakness Policy   Primal Clash 142/160
Weakness Policy   Primal Clash 164/160
Gallade Spirit Link   Roaring Skies 83/108
Healing Scarf   Roaring Skies 84/108
Latios Spirit Link   Roaring Skies 85/108
Rayquaza Spirit Link   Roaring Skies 87/108
Wide Lens   Roaring Skies 95/108
Ampharos Spirit Link   Ancient Origins 70/98
Lucky Helmet   Ancient Origins 77/98
Sceptile Spirit Link   Ancient Origins 80/98
Tyranitar Spirit Link   Ancient Origins 81/98
Assault Vest   BREAKthrough 133/162
Float Stone   BREAKthrough 137/162
Glalie Spirit Link   BREAKthrough 139/162
Heavy Boots   BREAKthrough 141/162
Houndoom Spirit Link   BREAKthrough 142/162
Mewtwo Spirit Link   BREAKthrough 144/162
Bursting Balloon   BREAKpoint 97/122
Fighting Fury Belt   BREAKpoint 99/122
Gyarados Spirit Link   BREAKpoint 101/122
Scizor Spirit Link   BREAKpoint 111/122
Aerodactyl Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY99
Mawile Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY105
Alakazam Spirit Link   Fates Collide 90/124
Altaria Spirit Link   Fates Collide 91/124
Audino Spirit Link   Fates Collide 92/124
Bent Spoon   Fates Collide 93/124
Energy Pouch   Fates Collide 97/124
Power Memory   Fates Collide 108/124
Gardevoir Spirit Link   Steam Siege 101/114
Steelix Spirit Link   Steam Siege 106/114
Beedrill Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY159
Blastoise Spirit Link   Evolutions 73/108
Charizard Spirit Link   Evolutions 75/108
Pidgeot Spirit Link   Evolutions 81/108
Slowbro Spirit Link   Evolutions 86/108
Venusaur Spirit Link   Evolutions 89/108
Garchomp Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY169
Salamence Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY172
Exp. Share   Sun & Moon 118/149
Poison Barb   Sun & Moon 124/149
Camerupt Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY199
Sharpedo Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY201
Lucario Spirit Link - XY Black Star Promos XY211
Choice Band   Guardians Rising 121/145
Bodybuilding Dumbbells   Burning Shadows 113/147
Weakness Policy   Burning Shadows 126/147
Wishful Baton   Burning Shadows 128/147
Bodybuilding Dumbbells   Burning Shadows 161/147
Choice Band   Burning Shadows 162/147
Dashing Pouch   Crimson Invasion 92/111
Fighting Memory   Crimson Invasion 94/111
Psychic Memory   Crimson Invasion 98/111
Wishful Baton   Crimson Invasion 121/111
Ancient Crystal   Ultra Prism 118/156
Electric Memory   Ultra Prism 121/156
Escape Board   Ultra Prism 122/156
Fire Memory   Ultra Prism 123/156
Escape Board   Ultra Prism 167/156
Metal Frying Pan   Forbidden Light 112/131
Metal Frying Pan   Forbidden Light 144/131
Hustle Belt   Celestial Storm 134/168
Hustle Belt   Celestial Storm 179/168
Dragon Talon   Dragon Majesty 59/70
Dragon Talon   Dragon Majesty 75/70
Choice Helmet   Lost Thunder 169/214
Counter Gain   Lost Thunder 170/214
Fairy Charm G   Lost Thunder 174/214
Fairy Charm P   Lost Thunder 175/214
Fairy Charm F   Lost Thunder 176/214
Fairy Charm N   Lost Thunder 177/214
Spell Tag   Lost Thunder 190/214
Choice Helmet   Lost Thunder 229/214
Counter Gain   Lost Thunder 230/214
Spell Tag   Lost Thunder 235/214
Buff Padding   Team Up 136/181
Fairy Charm UB   Team Up 142/181
Grass Memory   Team Up 143/181
Metal Goggles   Team Up 148/181
Water Memory   Team Up 157/181
Metal Goggles   Team Up 195/181
Fairy Charm Ability   Unbroken Bonds 171/214
Fairy Charm L   Unbroken Bonds 172/214
Metal Core Barrier   Unbroken Bonds 180/214
Metal Core Barrier   Unbroken Bonds 232/214
Flyinium Z: Air Slash   Unified Minds 195/236
Giant Bomb   Unified Minds 196/236
Karate Belt   Unified Minds 201/236
Normalium Z: Tackle   Unified Minds 203/236
U-Turn Board   Unified Minds 211/236
Giant Bomb   Unified Minds 251/236
Karate Belt   Unified Minds 252/236
U-Turn Board   Unified Minds 255/236
Beastite   Cosmic Eclipse 185/236
Dragonium Z: Dragon Claw   Cosmic Eclipse 190/236
Island Challenge Amulet   Cosmic Eclipse 194/236
Island Challenge Amulet   Cosmic Eclipse 265/236
Air Balloon   Sword & Shield 156/202
Big Charm   Sword & Shield 158/202
Lucky Egg   Sword & Shield 167/202
Lum Berry   Sword & Shield 168/202
Sitrus Berry   Sword & Shield 182/202
Vitality Band   Sword & Shield 185/202
Air Balloon   Sword & Shield 213/202
Burning Scarf   Rebel Clash 155/192
Cursed Shovel   Rebel Clash 157/192
Big Parasol   Darkness Ablaze 157/189
Billowing Smoke   Darkness Ablaze 158/189
Cape of Toughness   Darkness Ablaze 160/189
Struggle Gloves   Darkness Ablaze 171/189
Big Parasol   Darkness Ablaze 199/189
Hero's Medal   Vivid Voltage 152/185
Memory Capsule   Vivid Voltage 155/185
Rocky Helmet   Vivid Voltage 159/185
Telescopic Sight   Vivid Voltage 160/185
Cape of Toughness   Vivid Voltage 200/185
Hero's Medal   Vivid Voltage 201/185
Memory Capsule   Vivid Voltage 202/185
Telescopic Sight   Vivid Voltage 203/185
Rusted Shield   Shining Fates 061/072
Rusted Sword   Shining Fates 062/072
Exp. Share   Battle Styles 126/163
Rapid Strike Scroll of Swirls   Battle Styles 131/163
Single Strike Scroll of Scorn   Battle Styles 133/163
Tool Jammer   Battle Styles 136/163
Exp. Share   Battle Styles 180/163
Fire-Resistant Gloves   Chilling Reign 138/198
Galarian Chestplate   Chilling Reign 141/198
Justified Gloves   Chilling Reign 143/198
Rapid Strike Scroll of the Skies   Chilling Reign 151/198
Rugged Helmet   Chilling Reign 152/198
Single Strike Scroll of Piercing   Chilling Reign 154/198
Weeding Gloves   Chilling Reign 155/198
Rugged Helmet   Chilling Reign 228/198
Digging Gloves   Evolving Skies 145/203
Elemental Badge   Evolving Skies 147/203
Full Face Guard   Evolving Skies 148/203
Moon & Sun Badge   Evolving Skies 151/203
Rapid Strike Scroll of the Flying Dragon   Evolving Skies 153/203
Ribbon Badge   Evolving Skies 155/203
Rubber Gloves   Evolving Skies 156/203
Single Strike Scroll of the Fanged Dragon   Evolving Skies 158/203
Snow Leaf Badge   Evolving Skies 159/203
Spirit Mask   Evolving Skies 160/203
Full Face Guard   Evolving Skies 231/203
Farewell Bell   Fusion Strike 234/264
Spongy Gloves   Fusion Strike 243/264
Blunder Policy   Brilliant Stars 131/172
Choice Belt   Brilliant Stars 135/172
Cleansing Gloves   Brilliant Stars 136/172
Hunting Gloves   Brilliant Stars 142/172
Pot Helmet   Brilliant Stars 146/172
Supereffective Glasses   Astral Radiance 152/189
Choice Belt   Astral Radiance 211/189
Box of Disaster   Lost Origin 154/196
Panic Mask   Lost Origin 165/196
Windup Arm   Lost Origin 170/196
Box of Disaster   Lost Origin 214/196
Earthen Seal Stone   Silver Tempest 154/195
Emergency Jelly   Silver Tempest 155/195
Forest Seal Stone   Silver Tempest 156/195
Leafy Camo Poncho   Silver Tempest 160/195
Leafy Camo Poncho   Silver Tempest 214/195
Sky Seal Stone   Crown Zenith 143/159
Defiance Band   Scarlet & Violet 169/198
Exp. Share   Scarlet & Violet 174/198
Rock Chestplate   Scarlet & Violet 192/198
Rocky Helmet   Scarlet & Violet 193/198
Vitality Band   Scarlet & Violet 197/198
Bravery Charm   Paldea Evolved 173/193
Choice Belt   Paldea Evolved 176/193
Patrol Cap   Obsidian Flames 191/197
Vengeful Punch   Obsidian Flames 197/197
Big Air Balloon   151 155/165
Leftovers   151 163/165
Protective Goggles   151 164/165
Rigid Band   151 165/165
Ancient Booster Energy Capsule   Paradox Rift 159/182
Cursed Duster   Paradox Rift 161/182
Defiance Vest   Paradox Rift 162/182
Future Booster Energy Capsule   Paradox Rift 164/182
Luxurious Cape   Paradox Rift 166/182
Technical Machine: Blindside   Paradox Rift 176/182
Technical Machine: Devolution   Paradox Rift 177/182
Technical Machine: Evolution   Paradox Rift 178/182
Technical Machine: Turbo Energize   Paradox Rift 179/182
Technical Machine: Crisis Punch   Paldean Fates 90/91
Heavy Baton   Temporal Forces 151/162
Hero's Cape   Temporal Forces 152/162
Maximum Belt   Temporal Forces 154/162
Rescue Board   Temporal Forces 159/162

Japanese Cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Berry   Gold, Silver, to a New World... -
Gold Berry   Gold, Silver, to a New World... -
Miracle Berry   Gold, Silver, to a New World... -
Focus Band   Gold, Silver, to a New World... -
Balloon Berry   Awakening Legends -
Counterattack Claws   Darkness, and to Light... -
EXP. ALL   Darkness, and to Light... -
Strength Charm   Base Expansion Pack 056/128
Memory Berry   Wind from the Sea 080/087
Healing Berry   Wind from the Sea 081/087
Time Shard   Wind from the Sea 082/087
Crystal Shard   Split Earth 081/088
Star Piece   Split Earth 082/088
Oran Berry   ADV Expansion Pack 055/055
Balloon Berry   Rulers of the Heavens 053/054
Buffer Piece   Rulers of the Heavens 054/054
Strength Charm   Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitions 069/080
EXP. ALL   Flight of Legends 081/082
Crystal Shard   Clash of the Blue Sky 077/082
Solid Rage   Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean 099/106
Sitrus Berry   Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean 100/106
Energy Root   Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean 101/106
Curse Powder   Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean 102/106
Fluffy Berry   Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean 103/106
Protective Orb   Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean 104/106
Memory Berry   Miracle Crystal 069/075
Mysterious Shard   Miracle Crystal 070/075
Crystal Shard   Miracle Crystal 071/075
Cessation Crystal   Miracle Crystal 072/075
Strength Charm   Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends 066/068
Amulet Coin   Moonlit Pursuit -
Leftovers   Dawn Dash -
Energy Link   Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky 086/092
Memory Berry   Galactic's Conquest 087/096
Team Galactic's Invention G-101 Energy Gain   Galactic's Conquest 088/096
Lucky Egg   Advent of Arceus 084/090
Expert Belt   Advent of Arceus 085/090
Bench Shield   Advent of Arceus 086/090
Rocky Helmet   Red Collection 064/066
Eviolite   Red Collection 065/066
Exp. Share   Psycho Drive 050/052
Dark Claw   Dark Rush 067/069
Rescue Scarf   Dragon Blast 049/050
Giant Cape   Dragon Blade 049/050
Crystal Wall   Freeze Bolt 059/059
Rocky Helmet   Freeze Bolt 065/059
Crystal Edge   Cold Flare 059/059
Victory Piece   Plasma Gale 070/070
Rock Guard   Spiral Force 050/051
Float Stone   Thunder Knuckle 048/051
Life Dew   Thunder Knuckle 050/051
Silver Bangle   Megalo Cannon 068/076
Silver Mirror   Megalo Cannon 069/076
Reversal Trigger   Megalo Cannon 070/076
G Scope   Megalo Cannon 074/076
G Booster   Megalo Cannon 075/076
Muscle Band   Collection X 057/060
Hard Charm   Collection Y 057/060
Protection Cube   Wild Blaze 076/080
Sparkling Robe   Rising Fist 087/096
Focus Sash   Rising Fist 088/096
Manectric Spirit Link   Phantom Gate 081/088
Jamming Net   Phantom Gate 082/088
Head Ringer   Phantom Gate 083/088
Weakness Policy   Gaia Volcano 063/070
Groudon Spirit Link   Gaia Volcano 064/070
Aggron Spirit Link   Gaia Volcano 065/070
Weakness Policy   Gaia Volcano 080/070
Exp. Share   Tidal Storm 063/070
Kyogre Spirit Link   Tidal Storm 064/070
Gardevoir Spirit Link   Tidal Storm 065/070
Wide Lens   Emerald Break 072/078
Gallade Spirit Link   Emerald Break 073/078
Latios Spirit Link   Emerald Break 074/078
Lucky Helmet   Bandit Ring 072/081
Sceptile Spirit Link   Bandit Ring 073/081
Ampharos Spirit Link   Bandit Ring 074/081
Tyranitar Spirit Link   Bandit Ring 075/081
Float Stone   Blue Shock 054/059
Glalie Spirit Link   Blue Shock 055/059
Mewtwo Spirit Link   Blue Shock 056/059
Assault Vest   Red Flash 055/059
Houndoom Spirit Link   Red Flash 056/059
Mewtwo Spirit Link   Red Flash 057/059
Bursting Balloon   Rage of the Broken Heavens 073/080
Fighting Fury Belt   Rage of the Broken Heavens 074/080
Gyarados Spirit Link   Rage of the Broken Heavens 075/080
Scizor Spirit Link   Rage of the Broken Heavens 076/080
Energy Pouch   Awakening Psychic King 072/078
Twisted Spoon   Awakening Psychic King 073/078
Altaria Spirit Link   Awakening Psychic King 074/078
Alakazam Spirit Link   Awakening Psychic King 075/078
Steelix Spirit Link   Fever-Burst Fighter 052/054
Gardevoir Spirit Link   Cruel Traitor 052/054
Blastoise Spirit Link   Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 080/087
Pidgeot Spirit Link   Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 081/087
Venusaur Spirit Link   Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 082/087
Charizard Spirit Link   Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 083/087
Exp. Share   Collection Sun 057/060
Poison Barb   Collection Moon 057/060
Choice Band - Enhanced Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 049/051
Weakness Policy - Facing a New Trial 045/049
Wishful Baton - Facing a New Trial 046/049
Choice Band   Facing a New Trial 064/049
Hard Charm - The Best of XY 122/171
Focus Sash - The Best of XY 123/171
Bursting Balloon - The Best of XY 124/171
Muscle Band - The Best of XY 125/171
Fighting Fury Belt - The Best of XY 126/171
Power Memory - The Best of XY 127/171
Gardevoir Spirit Link - The Best of XY 128/171
Sharpedo Spirit Link - The Best of XY 129/171
Sceptile Spirit Link - The Best of XY 130/171
Camerupt Spirit Link - The Best of XY 131/171
Alakazam Spirit Link - The Best of XY 132/171
Mewtwo Spirit Link - The Best of XY 133/171
Manectric Spirit Link - The Best of XY 134/171
Lucario Spirit Link - The Best of XY 135/171
Rayquaza Spirit Link - The Best of XY 136/171
Bodybuilding Dumbbells   To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow 048/051
Bodybuilding Dumbbells   To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow 063/051
Psychic Memory   Awakened Heroes 048/050
Fighting Memory   Awakened Heroes 049/050
Dashing Pouch   Ultradimensional Beasts 046/050
Wishful Baton   Ultradimensional Beasts 060/050
Electric Memory - GX Battle Boost 099/114
Ancient Crystal - GX Battle Boost 100/114
Choice Band - GX Battle Boost 101/114
Fire Memory - GX Battle Boost 102/114
Escape Board   Ultra Moon 060/066
Escape Board   Ultra Moon 077/066
Metal Frying Pan - Ultra Force 042/050
Choice Band - Ultra Force 043/050
Metal Frying Pan   Ultra Force 063/050
Choice Band   Forbidden Light 084/094
Dragon Talon   Dragon Storm 046/053
Dragon Talon   Dragon Storm 066/053
Choice Band   Sky-Splitting Charisma 086/096
Hustle Belt   Sky-Splitting Charisma 087/096
Hustle Belt   Sky-Splitting Charisma 112/096
Counter Gain   Thunderclap Spark 053/060
Choice Band   Thunderclap Spark 054/060
Counter Gain   Thunderclap Spark 073/060
Spell Tag   Fairy Rise 044/050
Fairy Charm P   Fairy Rise 045/050
Fairy Charm F   Fairy Rise 046/050
Fairy Charm N   Fairy Rise 047/050
Spell Tag   Fairy Rise 063/050
Choice Band   Super-Burst Impact 084/095
Choice Helmet   Super-Burst Impact 085/095
Fairy Charm G   Super-Burst Impact 086/095
Choice Helmet   Super-Burst Impact 111/095
Metal Goggles   Dark Order 049/052
Metal Goggles   Dark Order 065/052
Water Memory - GX Ultra Shiny 121/150
Escape Board - GX Ultra Shiny 122/150
Grass Memory - GX Ultra Shiny 123/150
Metal Frying Pan - GX Ultra Shiny 124/150
Wishful Baton - GX Ultra Shiny 125/150
Fairy Charm UB - GX Ultra Shiny 126/150
Bodybuilding Dumbbells - GX Ultra Shiny 127/150
Choice Band - Eevee-GX Starter Sets 028/038
Choice Helmet - Eevee-GX Starter Sets 029/038
Buff Padding   Tag Bolt 083/095
Choice Band   Tag Bolt 094/095
Choice Band - Tag Team GX Premium Trainer Box 026/035
Fairy Charm L   Night Unison 047/055
Fairy Charm Ability   Night Unison 048/055
Metal Core Barrier   Full Metal Wall 046/054
Metal Frying Pan   Full Metal Wall 053/054
Metal Core Barrier   Full Metal Wall 068/054
Escape Board - Tag Team GX Deck Build Box 014/029
Counter Gain - Tag Team GX Deck Build Box 015/029
Choice Band - Tag Team GX Deck Build Box 016/029
Wishful Baton - Tag Team GX Deck Build Box 017/029
Karate Belt   GG End 047/054
Karate Belt   GG End 069/054
Normalium Z: Tackle   Sky Legend 044/054
Flyinium Z: Air Slash   Sky Legend 045/054
U-Turn Board   Sky Legend 046/054
U-Turn Board   Sky Legend 067/054
Giant Bomb   Miracle Twin 084/094
Giant Bomb   Miracle Twin 0114/094
Choice Band - Tag Team GX Starter Sets 023/031
Escape Board   Remix Bout 062/064
Island Challenge Amulet   Alter Genesis 085/095
Beastite   Alter Genesis 086/095
Island Challenge Amulet   Alter Genesis 116/095
Counter Gain - Tag All Stars 139/173
Karate Belt - Tag All Stars 140/173
Spell Tag - Tag All Stars 141/173|-
Metal Core Barrier - Tag All Stars 142/173
U-Turn Board - Tag All Stars 143/173
Float Stone - Extra Regulation Box 030/048
Muscle Band - Extra Regulation Box 031/048
Fighting Fury Belt - Extra Regulation Box 032/048
Gardevoir Spirit Link - Extra Regulation Box 033/048
Rayquaza Spirit Link - Extra Regulation Box 034/048
Life Dew - Extra Regulation Box 048/048
Dragonium Z: Dragon Claw   SM-P Promotional cards 359/SM-P
Vitality Band - V Starter Sets 019/023
Vitality Band - V Starter Sets 019/024
Sitrus Berry - V Starter Sets 019/024
Big Charm   Sword 056/060
Air Balloon   Sword 057/060
Lum Berry   Sword 058/060
Air Balloon   Sword 075/060
Sitrus Berry   Shield 055/060
Vitality Band   Shield 056/060
Lucky Egg   Shield 057/060
Big Charm   VMAX Rising 085/070

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