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Pokémon in Albania

Pokémon in Albania
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Albania Flag.png
Flag of Albania
Language Albanian
Continent Europe
Original anime airdates
EP001 Only S01 aired
AG001 Never aired
DP001 Never aired
BW001 Never aired
XY001 Never aired
SM001 Never aired

Only few movies aired in Albania on Çufo. As many Albanian dubs of the channel, they are based on the Italian one.


Pokémon games

The Pokémon games are released in Albania in English. From 1997 to 2015, Nintendo games were sold by Nortec Multimedia.[1] Since 2016, CD Media has been selling games.[2]

Pokémon anime

First season aired on Vizion Plus with subtitles.

Show was airing on Bang Bang in 2007 but it's unknown which season they aired and if it was first broadcast.

Pokémon movies

The movies are dubbed by "Jess" Discographic.

Pokemon: Kthimi i Mjutuse, Pergjithmone Pokemon, Viktini dhe Zerkomi, Kryengritia e Darkait, Arkeus Dhe Xhevahiri i Jetes, Zoroark: Mjeshtri Iluzionis, and Kyremi kundër shpatës were aired with the Albanian dub. In August 2, 2017 the Pokemoni: Dianci dhe Larva e Shkatërrimit movie premiered on Çufo as well. Filmi i Pokemonit: Mjutu kundër – Evolucion got aired on Çufo on August 2020.

The first movie, also known as Pokemoni, Filmi - Mjudi Godet Përsëri uses the Japanese cut but the dialogues are translated from the Italian dub. In fact the same adaptation error of Scyther named Alakazam by the Team Rocket trio is present. The beginning of the movie which represents the story of Amber has been dubbed as well.

Pikachu is dubbed by an Albanian voice actor in the first and the seventeenth movie.

The original Japanese themes are used untranslated in the majority of the movies. Although the cries of Pokémon are in Japanese in many of them, the humans use the English names. The first movie uses English cries and the English theme is used with Albanian subtitles.

Çufo seems not to have the rights for airing many of its anime due to editing of the soundtracks when a character speaks. This is because "Jess" Discographic is recognized for providing "illegal" dubbings.

An Albanian subtitled version of Detective Pikachu was shown in cinemas on May 16, 2019.


  • Pikachu is dubbed in the first, 17th and in the 22th movies.

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