Puzzle Continent

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Puzzle Continent 謎の大陸
Mysterious Continent
Puzzle continent detailed.png
Scan showing the continent and its features.

The Puzzle Continent (Japanese: 謎の大陸 Mysterious Continent) is a region introduced and explored exclusively in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is a known habitat of the unusual Crystal Pokémon, also introduced in the TCG.


The continent is said to be highly mysterious, and contains a large array of environments. Each set is intended to explore different locales within the continent. Starting with the set The Town on No Map expansion onwards, each locale is supposed to be explored in the art of certain cards which depict the Pokémon and geography of this region. The continent holds a lot of secrets, including a link to the legendary bird Pokémon, and contains many mysterious relics and areas, seemingly filled with mystical power. The layout of the continent is laid out in a map, but the map is impressionistic on the scale and size of the locales marked on it, and is considered a figment of the author's imagination. Several 'Miracle Spheres' such as Miracle Sphere α (Skyridge 129) are found on the continent, mirrored and inscribed with runes, that proliferate among different environments throughout, alongside 'Mystery Plates' such as Mystery Plate α (Skyridge 133), similar to, but presumably distinct from, the plates used by Arceus.

Notable locations

The town, from a bird's eye view.
  • The Town on No Map: is the setting for the set of the same name, The Town on No Map which is a port town on the east side of the continent. The symbol of the town is a tall clock tower, which features a red tip with a vaguely futuristic Art Deco style, similarly to the other buildings, and the buildings seem to have a red and white colour scheme. It is said that the town looks as if it spread out from that spot, and the clock is illuminated at night, with traffic running on a loop around it, including red double-decker buses. The town features a lot of water, and seemingly has canals and a fountain with a flower motif inside a plaza. The docks feature a lighthouse and seems to be visited by cruise liners. Somewhere near the town, behind the clock tower, is a Pokémon play park, featuring a slide, fountain with a Pokéball tip, and a swing. There seems to be an autonomous electrical substation, which attracts large numbers of electric type Pokémon.
A view of the ruins, underwater and above it.
  • Undersea Ruins: is the setting for the set Wind from the Sea, found on the peninsula south of the continent, as well as under the sea. Directly underneath the cliffs from which it apparently broke away from due to erosion, some of the columns are still sticking out above the waterline. It also seemed to have featured an amphitheatre at one time, which now sits on the seabed. The forests to the north of the ruins have trees rich in Apricorns of all different types, with a spring flowing from a mountainous area just north of that, ultimately flowing into the sea. Further north, an enormous tree, almost as large as a mountain, looms. Still further north, bordering a large river, crop circles can be found, featuring shapes such as a Pokéball and the Unown with the Mysterious Mountains visible on then horizon beyond here.
The split earth fissure visible, as a battle commences!
  • Split Earth: is the setting named by the set Split Earth, and is found on the western side of the continent, in an arid, mountainous region. A huge fissure stretches from the top of a canyon, all the way down the face of it, and into the ground underneath. Deep below this huge gash in the earth, a cavern with stalactites and an underground lake can be found, with seemingly extinct fossil Pokémon still live. Expeditions in the area revealed that these caves contain ancient cave paintings depicting Pokémon such as Doduo, Pikachu, Tauros and Ho-Oh running, flying and apparently playing alongside humans. The split in the earth terminates just before an area that contain pointed, triangular menhir, and west of here, near the coast is an enormous crater, containing a village, similarly to Sootopolis City. Unlike that place, however, this village is based around an oasis in the otherwise arid surroundings. The buildings appear to be cuboid and have simple designs. Finally, the most iconic feature of this region, to the north of the crater town are the Nazca Lines that form the shape of Ho-Oh flanked by two stars, which seems to indicate veneration.
The ruins atop the Mysterious Mountain, where mystical forces gather!
  • Mysterious Mountain: is the last setting of the continent, used in the set Mysterious Mountains, and is far to the north, with the eponymous mountain and its triple peaks dominating the skyline, surrounded by smaller peaks. Under the peaks, fed by some rushing waterfalls inside a huge caldera, several volcanic lakes are present, as well as several geysers and hot springs. Presumably behind the peaks, a lake, which is surrounded by sparse villages tucked around the trees, is found. In front of the three peaks which represent the three legendary birds, a temple complex rises from the lake directly underneath. Featuring totem poles with the birds depicted roosting, it seems to be a site dedicated to enshrining and venerating these guardian Pokémon.




The totems found throughout the temple at the mountaintop, featuring the legendary birds A meeting between two of the legendary birds, Xatu and Charizard near the peak of the mountains

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