Isle of Armor

This article is about the location in the Galar region. For the expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield, see The Isle of Armor.

Artwork of the Isle of Armor

The Isle of Armor (Japanese: ヨロイ Armor Island) is a large island in the Galar region featured in The Isle of Armor expansion. It is located off the east coast of mainland Galar, close to Spikemuth.

The Isle was once uninhabited and nameless, until it was bought and named by Mustard, who established his Master Dojo there to teach Trainers about Pokémon battles. The island is also home to 110 species of Pokémon not found on the mainland, which are documented in the Isle of Armor Pokédex.

Design concept

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The Isle of Armor is based on the Isle of Man, a British crown dependency.[1] Like Galar proper, the orientation of the Isle of Armor is rotated 180° compared to real-world British Islands; thus, the landmass is located to the right of Galar. Honeycalm Island may be based on the Calf of Man, while some islets surrounding the Isle of Armor bear resemblance to Chicken Rock, the Burroo (also known as 'the Drinking Dragon'), and other notable rock formations in the Irish Sea.

The plot of the Isle of Armor is in accordance with the theme of "strength", and the idea of aiming to be the greatest or the strongest. The presence of the oriental-themed Master Dojo could be a reference to the popularity of martial arts, particularly Wing Chun and Karate, in real-life Britain in the 2010s. It could also be reference to Hong Kong, which was a British colony from 1841 until 1997 when the city was officially handed over to China.



The weather on the Isle of Armor varies between areas, and each area changes weather when the date changes. The weather determines which wild Pokémon can appear, and it may cause certain weather conditions and terrain to appear in battle. The only kinds of weather not present on the Isle of Armor are Snow and Blizzard. Special dates listed below are known dates where the entire region will be forced to have the exact same weather condition.

Icon Weather Common Pokémon Effect in battle Prerequisite Special dates
  Clear (はれ) Normal, Grass, Flying March 15th
September 15th
  Cloudy (くもり) Fighting, Poison, Dark February 15th
November 15th
  Rain (あめ) Water, Bug Rain April 15th
June 15th
December 25th
  Thunderstorm (豪雨) Water, Electric, Dragon Rain, Electric Terrain July 15th
August 15th
  Harsh sunlight (ひでり) Fire, Ground Harsh sunlight May 15th
December 15th
  Sandstorm (砂嵐) Ground, Rock Sandstorm Visit Hammerlocke
  Fog () Psychic, Ghost, Fairy Misty Terrain January 15th
October 15th


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Notable locations

An overview of the Isle of Armor

As with the Wild Area on the mainland, the Isle of Armor is composed of many subareas.

Digging Ma and Digging Pa

Digging Ma is the mother of the Digging Duo. She has the appearance of a female Worker. When the player encounters her, she'll offer one piece of Armorite Ore. In exchange for that piece, she can dig up more Armorite Ore until the player asks her to stop or until her shovel randomly breaks. If the player asks her to stop, she will reward all the Armorite Ores dug up, including the initial one; however, if her shovel breaks, the player will not receive any of the Armorite Ore from that session. Occasionally after her shovel breaks, she may be able to dig up more Armorite Ore instead. After this exchange, Digging Ma will relocate to another area on the island.

The Digging Pa is the father of the Digging Duo, and he always appears in the Training Lowlands just outside Warm-Up Tunnel. In exchange for seven pieces of Armorite Ore, he will dig for Watts. Each time he digs, he will dig up between 800 and 8000 Watts. Similar to the Digging Duo, there is no risk in asking him to keep digging, as if he runs out of energy and finishes digging, the player will get all the Watts he dug up.

In the anime

Pokémon: Twilight Wings

The Isle of Armor appeared in The Gathering of Stars, where Leon visited the Master Dojo to bring Mustard an invitation to the Galarian Star Tournament.

In the manga

Isle of Armor in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield chapter

The Isle of Armor was first mentioned in PASS30. Following the disappearance of Henry and the Rusted Sword and Shield after the battle against Eternatus, Casey was able to figure out that one of the artifacts had wound up at the Isle of Armor, though she was unsure if Henry was there too or at the Crown Tundra.

In PASS31, Casey and Marvin traveled to the Isle of Armor in order to look for Henry. Meanwhile, Henry was found from the Soothing Wetlands by Avery and Klara, who brought him to the Master Dojo to be cured of the poison that was ailing him. After reuniting, Henry and Casey became unofficial apprentices at the dojo, with Mustard entrusting Henry with a Kubfu and telling him to train it while he and Casey simultaneously continued their search for the Rusted Sword and Shield.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 鎧島 Hói Dóu
Mandarin 鎧島 / 铠岛 Kǎi Dǎo
  French Isolarmure
  German Rüstungsinsel
  Italian Isola dell'Armatura
  Korean 갑옷섬 Gabot Seom
  Russian Бронированный Остров Bronirovannyy Ostrov*
Остров доспехов Ostrov dospekhov*
  Spanish Isla de la Armadura



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